Sunday, 11/27/11, Public Square


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4 responses to “Sunday, 11/27/11, Public Square

  1. Mitt Romney has not appeared on any Sunday news talk shows in over 20 months. Whatcha tryin to hide, Mitt? A Presidential candidate should be making the rounds, speaking to as many people as possible so they can be better informed. The fact that Romney is intentionally dodging interviews should speak volumes about the type of candidate he actually is.

    Romney takes no chances with TV

    Avoids missteps by limiting exposure

  2. The GOP’s dual-trigger nightmare

    Imagine if the Democrats offered Republicans a deficit deal that had more than $3 in tax increases for every $1 in spending cuts, assigned most of those spending cuts to the Pentagon, and didn’t take a dime from Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare beneficiaries. Republicans would laugh at them. But without quite realizing it, that’s the deal Republicans have now offered to the Democrats.

  3. When the repubes [sic] finish off public education they’ll have everyone stoopid enough to vote for their candidates.