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  1. Did you hear Newt is NOW against supporting immigrants. Yep. His constituency didn’t like the stance he took on immigration at a recent debate and after a few days of being criticized he changed it. Well, not so much changed it as said that isn’t what he said at the debate and he was misunderstood and this is what he meant… Anything to get votes. Wonder which side of the fence he’ll come down on if he were to be nominated?

    Guess they’ll have to kiss him to find out!

  2. Don’t they realize that everything they say in public is recorded? It amazes me how often politicians try to say that they DIDN’T say something. Maybe it’s that they really don’t know what they DO say from one moment to the next.

  3. Holiday travelers at Denver International Airport (DIA) were surprised with an entertaining treat when a flash mob broke out in Jeppesen Terminal on November 22nd, 2011. Approximately 100 dancers from Community-Minded Dance (cmDance) performed a Lindy Hop to a medley of Swing classics in the airport’s Great Hall in Denver, Colorado.

  4. Just posted this to my Facebook page:
    Thoughts on Federal Involvement.

    In the midst of a Thanksgiving day political tit for tat my brother voiced his opinion that all assitance should be on the state level. I asked him what about states that are suffering statewide. What if there is no one or group of people able to support the others? His solution was that they all move to surrounding states. This so totally baffled me that I had no response at the time (plus he and my husband continued on to other topics). Having time to think on this, there are questions I would like to hear his answer to. First, how are the surrounding states going to feel about these jobless, moneyless, homeless throngs migrating into their states? What if the other states are just managing to stay afloat prior to the influx? Isn’t this kind of like piling more people on an already overloaded lifeboat? Wouldn’t it be a lot more helpful and easier on everyone in the surrounding states pool their resources to help the state that’s suffering? To help the needy state work on what it needs to lift itself up and build on it’s natural resources therefore benefiting them in the future. You know, give a man a fish – he eats for a day, teach a man to fish – he eats for a lifetime.

    What do YOU think?

    • This may sound flippant (because I just got home from work and I’m tired) but your brother’s logic seems to be this old adage – if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

      But I find this somewhat ironic because the people I hear this from claim to be such good Christians.

      Where in the Bible did Jesus EVER turn away a hungry person?

      But I can understand not wanting to continue the cycle of having people and their children, and their children become dependents on the state for survival. But when there are no jobs paying a living wage – then how in the Hell can anyone expect people to not only survive but thrive and prosper?

      Our priorities are wrong in this country – IMHO. We seem to have no problem with giving all taxpayer money to these corporations making record-breaking profits but yet at the same time we are telling our fellow Americans to just pull up and move to another state because we do not want to help you?

      That is wrong – just plain wrong. I’d like to ask any of these Conservative Christian Republicans – which corporation do you think Jesus would take the taxpayers’ money and give it to just so they could lay off Americans and pay their CEO a fancy bonus?

      Nevermind the moral issue in this scenario – just the simple economics of such a policy is stupid – and we have been doing this nonsense for the past 30 years. No wonder our country is in such bad shape.

      • The thing is, indy, he doesn’t oppose helping people out. He says his church has a food bank and they help people all the time. His problem is that he doesn’t think the federal govt should be doling out the help. If he was being truthful I think he would say that the govt shouldn’t be involved with helping out at all, that the churches should do it. As it is, he says it should all be handled on the state level. I just don’t know how they fail to see how it is far more beneficial to have more people chip in from a larger area to help those less fortunate. There are areas of the country that are far better off than others.

        Then the complaint comes up that the govt is forcibly taking their money to pay for these programs. I look at that totally differently. People with money think nothing of paying dues to their country clubs to be members. Well my elite club is the U.S. of A. and I gladly pay my dues to be a member.

      • It sounds like your brother feels like I do sometimes – the abuse of the government assistance programs is what bothers me.

        I don’t mind helping people out but it does chap my hide to see able bodied people who refuse to work because the government will pay them to have kids, house and feed those kids and they get the medical card for those kids.

        And then if these folks do work, they tend to qualify for day care assistance. At what point does it become a way of life to some people? That is what I call the abuse of the system.

        But I do not want to throw out the baby with the bath water either – so I fully support keeping the government assistance programs.

        What does your brother think about these mega churches who DO NOT help anyone? I know alot of those churchy people.