Friday, 11/25/11, Public Square


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  1. I feel sorry for my two oldest daughters. They spent their Thanksgiving dinner with Republican in-laws. My daughters remained silent, wanting to keep peace on a holiday, when all around them they heard about how awful liberals are. It’s probably a good thing that I spent yesterday at home, re-arranging my office. I’m not able to keep my lips zipped anymore. I guess I’m just getting old.

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday–I did!–no matter with who or how you spent it. Bountiful blessings on all.

    • wicked – I’m fortunate in that my brother is the only thickheaded Repub in our family that regularly attends our get togethers. We were additionally fortunate in that there was no mention of any of the typical triggers till most everyone had already left. My dear son-in-law stupidly said “Obama” in a sentence and that was all she wrote. My husband and my brother were at it. Neither could PROVE anything to the other. My sil and daughter silently watched TV in the living room (turning the volume up 3 times) while the debate raged on in the kitchen. Grandson came from HIS room and told me that he was having a difficult time hearing his computer with his headphones on. Just Thankful it happened at the end of the evening.

      • Just curious – is your sister-in-law the type of woman who will vote against her husband once she is in the voting booth?

        I know quite a few women married to thick-headed Republican men – and they just sit and laugh at their husband (while they’re at work or out with the girls) because their theory is – her vote just wiped out his.

        Of course, in Kansas, Republcans outnumber Democrats but in this woman’s immediate world – she relishes in the fact that her vote canceled out at least his vote.

      • Not real sure how my sister-in-law votes. I know she doesn’t agree with a lot my bother says, but doesn’t argue with him. I’m afraid she may be a one issue republican (abortion). đŸ˜¦

      • I was married to a Republican (& family) for over 20 years, and after the first few, I voted the way I wanted to, whether I was registered Republican or Democrat. When he asked who I voted for, I told him, only to hear that I’d canceled out his vote! LOL Funny, because I always voted early in the day, while he waited until he got off work. So just who cancelled who?

        I wonder if he still thinks I voted for Ross Perot….because that’s what I told him.

  2. The least thing I worry about a possible President Romney is his hair.

    Personally, I think Romney has the appearance of a Stepford Wife – you know, from the movie where all the macho manly men get their wives turned into an army of the same-looking , same talking robots.

    And from the rhetoric coming from Romney’s mouth – maybe there is a GOP robot-machine cranking out those Stepford Wives (or Men) somewhere?

    God, please help us find that machine and destroy it before these robots destroy America.

    • On second thought – Romney is the perfect GOP Stepford Wife for the establishment of old, wealthy, white males who are determined to never let go of theri power grip.

      Actually, there is a another word more suitable for Stepford Wives – and it goes with our upcoming holiday – HO, HO, HO….

      think about it…..LOL

  3. Everyone knows about Emma Sullivan that tweeted about Brownback and got chastised for it from her principal, right? Here’s her Twitter page…!/emmakate988
    She’s really making the most of all this! Good for her! She has said that when she sent the tweet she only had 60 followers and they all had the same political leanings. Last I looked she now has over 1,000 followers.

    I do hope that her principal is REALLY feeling embarrassed now. Not for Emma’s tweet, but for his and Brownback’s attempted violation of her 1st amendment rights.

    Everyone needs to sign off all posts (twitter, FB, etc…) with some phrase containing “Brownback”. Like “Don’t Back Brownback” or “Brownback Mountain” or if it is not offensive to your audience “Brownback sucks” maybe “Brownback blows” and all these references from everywhere would totally disable their search.

    • She now has a Facebook page. Go LIKE her if you’re on Facebook…

      • Freebird1971

        Same here

      • The day Brownback and/or his staff denounces that college girl from Texas (Lauren Pierce) that was head the campus Republican group for her tweet last week stating that an Obama assassination was ‘tempting’ – THEN Brownback and/or his staff can go after Emma Sullivan.

        Of course, this Pierce girl said it was just a joke.

        I do not find assassinations funny and I do not find this Emma’s tweet all that horrible.

        I guess Republican college girl can say what she wants – IOKIYAR

      • Emma said that she was joking with her twitter friends, also, when she tweeted the now infamous tweet. Because she didn’t actually speak with or to Brownback.

    • Husband just told me that KSN ch3 said “Fallout continues over HS girls tweet…” more on 10pm news.

      • The only “fallout” going on should be Brownback falling all over himself to apologize to the girl for his minions spying on her and everyone else. I noticed that the comments on KAKE’s website were running about 50-1 against Brownback. Too bad their votes didn’t do the same.

      • I’ve seen this story in several places and the best comment I read was – the only person that made this a controversy was Brownback’s staff that had to run and tattle on this student to her principal.

        I wonder if this person really understands just how much this has ticked off the average American around the country?

        Besides – what did she say that was so terrible? I just don’t get it.