Wednesday, 11/23/11, Public Square


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  1. All these Republicans saying that the OWS are just lazy people that have this Socialist idea that they want everything someone else has KNOWS that is the not the truth.

    But, what do we expect these REpublicans who are proud to defend and protect the 1% going to say about the OWS protests?

    If these folks admitted that the OWS movement has a valid point, then these same folks would have to stop defending and protecting the 1% and actually start helping to resolve our budget problems by proposing the 1% pay a few more dollars in taxes.

    God Forbid…….

  2. Far too many close their eyes, turn their backs and stick their fingers in their ears, chanting La La La, to keep from knowing the truth. They don’t want to know it, because if they let even a tiny bit of truth into their heart and brain, they’d explode. Or cry. đŸ˜‰

    • LOL – Last thing we need is a bunch of exploding Conservative Republicans.

      As for their crying – I’ve seen an example of Conservative Republican men blubberign at their forum last week …

      Glenn Beck was a very good at turning on those crocodile tears when it suited his purpose…..kinda like Jimmy Swaggart and other televangelists do when they get caught tomcatting around – remember?

  3. N.Y.P.D Stops Reporters With Badges and Fists

    It may be almost Thanksgiving, but we can’t forget that there are people out there protesting for us. Of this I am thankful.

  4. Taking a break here, before granddaughter leaves and I start moving furniture in my office. This is a long vacation for me, and I intend to put it to good use.

    Egypt: American Tear Gas, Policy Loom Over Tahrir Square

  5. Forall of you wondering about theTwilight phenomenon, I offer the following:

    If any of you would be interested, I have read a very long and exhaustive review by areviewer with the nom de plume of “The Hulk”, a link to which I’ll be happy to post on request. It is extremely funny and on point, imho, but it contains some rough language and not-so-good grammar in places.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  6. Seems like I’m always finding something to post here late at night when most sensible people have gone to bed. Just saw this post about a High School girl being told to delete a post she had sent out about Brownback and that she has been told to write apology letters because of it!!

    • Freedomwriter

      Did staffers in Brownback’s office really waste time searching out this girl? How ridiculous! And, why oh why did the principal over react. She used her personal phone and did not disrupt the school event. Has Brownback’s administration really stooped this low?

      • We REALLY need to stop this nonsense. I did see one suggestion that I thought was super, except I don’t tweet. The way the staffers found the tweet was by doing a search for Brownback. All we need is for everyone that tweets to add “Brownback” to every tweet they send out. If they could drown them in useless tweets, maybe they’d stop looking.

    • I saw the article about the same time you posted here, Moonshadow. Ridiculous state of affairs by Brownback’s staff. As Freedomwriter said, it was her personal phone. Are we now being spied on, then tattled on? Has freedom of speech now been revoked and nobody told us?

      The girl owes no one an apology. If she wasn’t supposed to be using her phone, then the school should handle it in a way they usually would, but only because she used her phone during “class time.” Otherwise, butt out.

  7. This is ridiculous and then some!

    Another idea is for a large group of tweeters to substitute Brownback for another oft-used word. It would be best if it could be a ‘santorum-type’ happening, but even if the meaning of the word couldn’t be spectacularly fun it would keep the tweet nazis busy.

    What are some of the words brownback could be used to replace?


  8. I did a search for brownback and found a link for Twitter. It lets me go back to Nov 17, but I don’t think that’s far enough. Of course there’s been a lot of tweeting since then about the current asinine incident. Check it out. It’s not like anyone really gives a rat’s patootie about him, and he isn’t as “special” as he thinks he is.!/search/%23Brownback?q=%23Brownback

    When you get there, at the top of the page you’ll see:

    Results for #Brownback

    beneath that, in small letters, you’ll see: Twitter and next to it in blue is a link that says Top . click on the down arrow to the right of that and select All.

    I wish it went back farther, but I don’t really think there’s a lot of people tweeting #Brownback. Not even in Kansas. I think we could come up with many reasons why. LOLOLOL

  9. While Republicans are denouncing this high school senior for her Tweet regarding Brownback – let’s see these same folks also denounce this College Girl who happens to be the President of the College Republicans for her tweet last week that stated the assasination of Obama was ‘tempting’.

    Seriously, this is getting out of control. Besides – is there nothing else better to do for Brownback’s staff that to sit and censor American citizens’ tweets?

    • If you read through these comments in this link about that College girl’s tweet – you will notice that majority of Conservative Republicans think it was not a big deal that this college girl obviously thought that an Obama assassination sounded ‘tempting’.

      Thast was her word – not mine..