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  1. This is a good overview of why we’re where we are! It addresses effective tax rates, capital gains taxes, and the country’s fiscal UNbalance.

    Did U.S. Tax Policies Increase Economic Inequality?

    Why, yes, they did, and still do!

    It’s why the citizens are waging a revolution! Congress critters, you listening? Why, yes, I think you are! It’s why we hear Newt (who was responsible for repealing the Glass-Steagall Act now saying that repeal was a mistake. It’s why we now hear a few braver republican congress critters saying tax cuts shouldn’t be off the table. Tom Coburn, R-OK, is very vocal about the many ways our tax system is skewed toward the wealthiest. Today we’re even hearing congress critters admitting their oath to Grover Norquist wasn’t smart r good and doesn’t serve Americans.

  2. Let me see if I have this —

    The republicans made up a story (which they all believe) that says Fanny / Freddy was responsible for America’s financial collapse in 2007. They tell their little made up story all the time.

    Now, the front-runner for the republican nomination in the 2012 presidential election is found to have been a highly-paid advisor — to the tune of nearly $2 million, for this organization the republican story says caused the economy to crash, millions of Americans to lose jobs, homes, lifetime savings…

    And there you have republican economics and UNwisdom.

    Newt Campaign Backs Off Releasing Freddie Mac Records

    Newt Gingrich acknowledged on Wednesday that his career as a high-paid consultant for Freddie Mac is fair game for the press. But that does’t mean he has to play it. The Republican candidate’s spokesman told reporters that he has no plans to release any records relating to his reported eight-year stint with the mortgage giant.

    • Newt Gingrich is on record (and videotape) calling for Barney Frank and Chris Dodd to go to prison over their dealings with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

      Pay particular attention to the wording Newt used for Barney Frank in regards to dealing with the mortgage giant’s lobbyists.

      So, I guess Newt is now wanting Barney Frank to go to prison for dealing with Newt?

      This guy is unbelievable but then again, with this current crop of Far Right Wingers who are so hellbent crazy consumed with hatred of everything Obama – these buffoons will still vote for Newt.

      And I say let them – Newt will be creamed come general election time.

      • This is pricelesss….

        Jack Abrahmhoff calls Newt Gingrich’s dealing ‘corruption’ – and wouldn’t Abramhoff be the expert to ask?

        Seriously, I think it is karma that Jack Abramhoff is now the one lecturing Newt Gingrich about corruption.

        I bet all those Republicans who high-fived Abramhoff a few short years ago are now cussing him up one side and down the other.

      • Back in 1997 Newt was ‘reprimanded’ by his colleagues and paid a $300,000 fine. He was a crook then, and is a crook now. The investigations only went so far, and left much covered up and unpunished. If anyone outside Congress had done what Newt did they would still be in prison.

        This is the best the republicans can come up with?

        Ethics Panel Supports Reprimand of Gingrich

        Cole also said that while the committee had not reached a conclusion about whether Gingrich had violated tax laws, that matter will be left to the Internal Revenue Service. The committee plans to make available its files to the IRS.

        In addition, the panel has not yet resolved complaints that Gingrich received improper gifts, contributions and support from GOPAC, a political action committee he once headed.

        Cole disclosed that in its original statement of alleged violations, the investigative subcommittee had charged Gingrich with three counts of violating House rules, two for having failed to seek proper legal advice on the tax laws and one for providing the committee with inaccurate information.

        But Cole said committee members were anxious to bring the ethics case to a swift conclusion without a lengthy disciplinary hearing, which he said could have “put the House in some turmoil for up to six months.” So the members encouraged him to enter into negotiations with Gingrich and his lawyers.

        As a result of those negotiations, completed on Dec. 20, the three counts were combined into a single count of engaging “in conduct that did not reflect creditably on the House of Representatives.” In return, Gingrich agreed to admit to the violations, and face a reprimand and the financial penalty.

  3. A thought just popped into my head – the OWS Movement should enlist Jack Abramhoff into being their spokesman.

    This guy seems sincere in what he is saying (I know, I cannot believe I am saying this either).

    But Abramhoff knows where all the bodies are buried and all their secrets. Who would be better than Abramhoff to try to clean up these politicians?

    • I’m only trusting Abramoff as far as I can throw him. He is a convicted criminal. He did his time and I hope his life is better now, that he goes forward following the laws of the land, but I will temper his words because of his past. Yes, he knows all the tricks.

  4. This made me giggle.

  5. WSClark

    Where is Kim Kardashian on the popularity graph?

    • You think she’d be more or less popular than congress critters?

      • WSClark

        Much more popular – I am surprised that Fidel is actually below Congress.

        At least Kim is reasonably pleasant to look at – have you seen some of those Congress Critters? Enough to put you off your food.

      • Last I heard, Congress’ approval rating is 9%.

        Wow – and yet the REpublicans still think they are popular? The low rating started at the debt ceiling debate but when the Republicans took us down to the wire to default – adn then several Tea Party Republicans publicly called for the US to default – that is when the 9% rating stuck.

        I wonder what the Congress will do when the rating gets really bad?

        Maybe – just maybe – Republicans are proud of the 9% approval rating?

        These folks seem to live in an upside-down world…

  6. The former businessman Cain said when Americans’ spirit is ignited — in his words — “they make things happen, just like they made things happen in 2008, when the Republicans took back control of the House of Representatives.”

    That year actually was a banner year for Democrats, putting Barack Obama in the White House as his party gained seats in both chambers of Congress.

    I thought the collection of ‘bush the lesser quotes to laugh about’ would stand as THE champion list for years and years. I didn’t give Cain the credit he seems to deserve.

    • IOKYAR …….

      Sore Loser Republicans are still talking about Obama and the 57 states comment.

      IIRC – There was Sore Loser Republican who tried to insist that Obama said his father fought in WWII – when it was quite obvious that Obama was talking about his grandfather, which which Obama lived with this grandparents for quite a few years.

      But – you know – those SLR’s are so consumed with hatred towards Obama that these same folks do not care which Ten Commandment they have to break to spew their hate – ie bearing false witness …

  7. Gingrich: The most unlikely non-Romney candidate yet

    Being the non-Mitt Romney candidate in the Republican field is like being the No. 3 leader of al-Qaida: You don’t keep the job for long. Newt Gingrich’s rise starts a Doomsday clock, which counts down the minutes from the time a campaign begins to rise until it collapses. This unscientific number is based on the flameout rate of Romney’s opponents. According to the RealClearPolitics poll averages, it took two months from when Michele Bachmann started her rise to when she started to fall. That was about the same amount of time it took for Herman Cain (though his zoom back to earth is still ongoing and presumably could reverse). For Rick Perry, it took three months for the turnaround.

    Gingrich’s climb started two months ago, which means he’s already passed the expiration date of two of his rivals. His ascent has been slower, but he has a month to go before setting a record for longevity.

    • When do you think Mitt Romney will finally get the message that the Evangelical Christians are in charge of the GOP and these folks do NOT want him?

      We all know that Mitt Romney is the annointed one for the 2012 GOP nomination – he is, after all, the next wealthy white male in line and it is his turn.

      I heard a television pundit the other day talking about the upcoming REpublican Convention.

      How is Mitt Romney going to unify the party behind him? Is Mitt really going to allow any/or all of these other Far Right Winger candidates up on the same stage and spew their Far-Right nonsense?

      And if he does – how will that play to the independent and moderate REpublicans?

      And God help us all if if the nominee is Newt Gingrich. The circus will certainly make a comeback – LMAO.

      I’m sure the comedians are all chomping at the bit to see any one of the Far Right Wingers get their chance at showing their levels of intelligence- everytime they are offered the chance.

  8. WSClark

    File under: WTF?

    Perry said. “He never had to really work for anything.”

    My, my, is it too late to pray for a Rick Perry nomination for president? I would PAY to watch a Obama-Perry Presidential Debate.


  9. Someone is obviously feeling the walls closing in.

    What the sad part is – this is just a newspaper, what would Herman Cain do if he was on the national stage as the US president?

    God, help us all if that should ever happen.

    • national stage = global stage

      If we thought GWB was an embarrassment – we ain’t seen nothing yet if Cain gets in.

      • That can be said of most of those vying for the 2012 nomination for POTUS candidate with the little “R” beside their name!

        What does this tell you about republicans? These are the best their party has.

        Pass the popcorn!

      • I agree but with one exception – Jon Huntsman.

        I do not know very much about this man but I’ve never heard him spew anything near Far Right Wingerisms.

        While I am sure I would not agree on everything Huntsman would propose if he got into the White House (which I do not think is a real possibility), I don’t think our country would ever be embarrassed by Huntsman.

        Huntsman is too nice of a person to be surrounded by these FAr Right Clowns and Mitt Romney.

      • I’m with you, except for the fact that Huntsman supports the Paul Ryan plan which would do away with Medicare. I don’t think any republican candidate supports Medicare or Social Security in the current form. There are many cuts that could be made but those two programs should be off limits. If we can provide health care to the countries we’ve broken, we should be able to provide at least that many benefits to this country’s citizens!

      • I did not know Huntsman was a Paul Ryan fan. Huntsman has not had very much scrutiny about him – because all the other Circus Clowns have been sucking up all the oxygen in the room trying to out-do one another as the best Reagan impersonator.

        IIRC – Reagan was a union leader that used collective bargaining to get health care for all his fellow SAG members.

        And Reagan also stated that millionaires should pay their fair share of taxes.

        Wow – wouldn’t we we wished all these Reagan wannabe’s would emulate the real Reagan?

  10. These mega church preachers are not going to like this Republican -proposed tax plan.

    As for me, we usually take the Standard Deduction, so according to this article, my taxes should go down.

    Woo-hoo…….I would vote for this if it meant some fake Christian Conservative Republicans could not deduct their ‘charitable donations’ to their mega church.

    BTW – I always wondered why giving money to the mega church just so they can buy yet another tacky, huge golden cross to sit prominently on their campus next to huge buildings is anything that resembles – charity?

    Or maybe a better example would be if that mega church buys more exercise equipment for the church members-only gym? Exactly what charity does this entail?

  11. NYPD are blocking a sidewalk and asking for corporate identification in order for people to get through. A man not protesting trying to access public transportation is denied and told to move out of the way. Police check points and identification — SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!

    Is this America?

  12. The Daily Caller’s Michelle Fields faced abuse from the NYPD and help from protesters

    (from the article) Daily Caller reporter Michelle Fields — who faced off with actor Matt Damon earlier this year over education policy — and videographer Direna Cousins both claim they were attacked by the New York Police Department (NYPD) while covering the raucous protests in the Financial District today. Fields added that Occupy Wall Street protesters immediately came up to her to offer their help:

    “Direna had a camera in her hand and I had a microphone, and we were being hit,” she said. “When I fell to the ground I said at one point, ‘I’m just covering this! I’m covering this!’ And the officer just said, ‘Come on, get up, get up,’ before pulling me up by my jacket.’” “The protesters came up to me right away and asked if I needed any medical assistance. They were actually very kind and helpful. It was the police officers who were very aggressive,” Fields added.