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Economic Suffering

To define poverty, US has a new (and improved?) formula.


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  1. If you missed last night’s debate, you didn’t miss much. It was boring. None of the candidates sounded presidential.

    Six of the eight republican candidates all promised a return to the policies of George W. Bush. They would wage war, they would torture — while their constituency cheer loudly if the debate audience reflects republicans at large! They had no ideas, they had no solutions. So they said Obama often. No they didn’t say I would do this differently, they just said Obama does it all wrong. When all else fails, bash Obama — it really pleases those who would vote for them who need no ideas and don’t expect solutions from their candidates.

    Everybody but Ron Paul wants war with Iran.

    Michele Bachmann spoke about a worldwide nuclear attack on Israel, and her desire to emulate China. Seriously, Bachmann used China as a role model to claim that the Chinese don’t have Social Security, Medicare, or food stamps. The fact that China’s government is resolutely socialist appeared to be lost on her. Bachmann wants to compete with the Chinese by turning America’s poor and elderly into starving peasants.

  2. Freedomwriter

    A lot of people will look at the photo in today’s thread and say people who complain about today’s economy don’t really know what its like to be poor!
    Back when this photo was taken, the U.S. was a different place. There were few social programs to help families fill in the gap between what they managed to earn and what they needed to survive. Governor Brownback’s new program and policy changes are removing or limiting many of those supports that have helped Kansans keep their heads above water.
    When I look at my own financial situation, I see the decline in earnings over time, even though I put in more hours, than ever before. I see my retirement funds dwindling, because they have become survival funds to fill the gap between earnings. I realize that at least half of my close friends are facing the same dilemmas. A recent news article on boomers indicates that many will not be retiring, because their retirement funds are minimal or non-existent. I know younger families that are under employed or unemployed and are already relying on social services to survive. When employers post job openings, there are hundreds who apply, even for low paying positions. By the time Brownback and his sidekicks are done with their slash and cut —race to zero-plan, we may be closer to the kinds of poverty that the photo above depicts. Wake up Kansas, Brownback and others are in a race to change life as we know it, using their cost cutting mantra. The reality is Kansas maintains a 200 million dollar surplus, we’re not broke, but everything he does to save money actually costs each citizen. Many more Kansans will find themselves on a rapid slide into poverty long before we can vote him out of office.

    • At the national level from what we heard at last night’s debate, if a republican is elected to the presidency we will have deeper cuts to all social programs and more and more of our tax monies will go to pay for war.

  3. Freedomwriter

    World War I was supposed to be the “world to end all wars”, but war just begets more war. When will people recognize pulling out weapons against fellow human beings accomplishes nothing in the long run. People banding together in rational discourse with. sincere intent to come to an agreeable compromise has to be our main thrust. Most conflicts occur because of ignorance and lack of understanding. We need to educate ourselves and get rid of the old frameworks that create division.

  4. Freedomwriter

    Typo correction: “war to end all wars”

    • And, of course fear is the result of ignorance. Republicans have spread fear and waged war which made some very wealthy even more money. Soldiers were just collateral for the all-important dollar.

  5. Seems Newt might be ‘the pick of the liter’ now. And guess what? Yep! I knew you would guess that his past is his past and has absolutely nothing to do with today. Besides, it’s mostly just all made up stuff. 🙂 Newt was censured by his own House Ethics Committee. Three wives is OK! Changing to your next wife before getting rid of the current one is OK too! One of them was very ill when Newt delivered the news? No problem. You shouldn’t expect any of those marriage vows to actually mean anything! Sanctity of marriage only means something if it’s two people of the same sex wanting to be married. What in the world does it have to do with being president anyway? Clinton proved that! Those people who think time began on January 20, 2009, are now trying to convince everyone else that they didn’t at one time see Clinton’s moral failings as all that mattered! Yes, then it mattered so much he couldn’t be president no matter what! Now that we’re talking about Newt… Seems what is acceptable changes as quickly as who is in favor.

    Pass the popcorn!

    • Freedomwriter

      Huntsman was the only Republican that showed any merit in my opinion. None of the others even qualify for the job of Commander in Chief–we’d eternally be in global conflicts due to their pro war mentalities. I agreed with several of Ron Paul’s answers, but disagree with him on too many other issues. And Newt—-I don’t even listen to him anymore! He’s not even entertaining.

      • I agree that foreign policy is one of Huntsman’s strengths. He is a rational thoughtful man who knows diplomacy. He agrees with the Paul Ryan plan of economics, and I find that unacceptable.

  6. Fascism is capitalism in decay.
    Vladimir Lenin

  7. Where is the logic in spending trillions to destroy and rebuild other countries, but being unwilling to spend a nickel rebuilding American infrastructure?

    Where is the logic in paying to be sure all citizens of those nations we destroy have available health care but being unwilling to do the same for American citizens?

    Where is the logic in paying to rebuild schools in Iraq while defunding public education in America?

  8. The GOP’s Foreign-Aid Fallacy on Debate Night

    …foreign aid comes to 1 or 1.5 percent of the budget. A taxpayer who earns $50,000 and pays around $6,900 in federal taxes, which is a typical or average amount, pays $1,375 to support the Pentagon; $1,335 for Social Security; $173 toward law enforcement and homeland security; $57 on agricultural subsidies; and $42 on foreign aid. (Look here for the full breakdown.) Barack Obama, to his credit, largely tried to spare foreign-aid programs from the knife in his 2012 budget, but there’s every reason to think that it will emerge from the supercommittee in tatters, that is if the supercommittee presents a plan.

    • Freebird1971

      Cutting foreign aid is a great place to start trimming as well as defense spending. Keep our money at home!

      • Defense spending — there’s some BIG bucks. Did you listen to last night’s debate? How much cutting of the defense budget wold be possible if one of those republicans takes us to war with Iran? That’s what they want to do! Romney called Iran Obama’s biggest failure! War with Iran is the center piece of most of the candidate’s foreign policies!

  9. Why do we pay for the District of Columbia? I think they have enough high dollar homes that are owned by/for congresscritters that they could raise plenty of property taxes to support themselves.

    Not to sound insensitive, but I think that the Native American fund should be re-evaluated what with all their casinos doing so well. From the beginning of history one clan/civilization has taken over another, it’s how we operate. I can’t go back and hit up Russia for what Stalin did to my German ancestors (though there are those that actually suggested doing this). At some point the past needs to be just that, the past.

  10. WSClark

    At last nights CON debate, Michele Bachmann said that President Obama had made a “very fatal mistake” regarding withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    Very: In a high degree; extremely – The FreeDictionary.

    An extremely fatal mistake?

    Really? Is English her native tongue? WTH? Who prefaces ‘fatal’ with ‘very?’ The last time I checked, fatal was an either or proposition, either you were dead or you were alive.

    I know it’s a petty point, but given her history for stupid statements, how is this person even considered to be a viable candidate by as much as 4% of Republicans?

    • Several of their candidates make conservatives / republicans (whatever it is they call themselves) look really bad, but they don’t seem to notice so I’m going with the old axiom of ‘don’t interrupt an opponent who is self destructing.’

      Enjoy the show. 🙂

  11. Guess books O’Reilly writes are about as factual as ‘news’ shows he hosts.

    According to Ford’s Theatre, the historic site that commemorates the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Bill O’Reilly’s new book about the 16th president, Killing Lincoln, is so factually flawed that it shouldn’t be sold at its bookstore.

    For instance, O’Reilly references the Oval Office, but that wasn’t built until 1909. He also goofs on the date that the theater burned down and inaccurately states that Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee met only once. The site’s deputy superintendent issued a four-page critique, concluding that the book shouldn’t be sold at the theater’s store.

  12. FACT CHECK: Misfires on Iran, China in GOP debate

    Herman Cain contradicted himself on torture, Mitt Romney offered a prescription for challenging China that didn’t add up and Newt Gingrich seemed to forget about crucial help by Pakistani intelligence in running down terrorists.

    Factual missteps in the latest Republican presidential debate suggested that on some the knottiest foreign policy and national security issues of the time, contenders were out of their comfort zone. Several raised the prospect of an eventual war with Iran that the U.S., by any current measure, is ill-prepared to start.

  13. “Every game has rules, and this is really about where are we going to set the rules. Are the rules going to be that you can be so big and so powerful that the U.S. tax payer ends up guaranteeing you, too big to fail, without any regulation? That’s a crazy set of rules. If you’re going to be that big, if you’re going to put my future at risk then I want to be able to say that somebody has to watch you and make sure you don’t take risks with what could turn out to be my money.

    That’s not “Socialism.” That’s just good sense. If you can put me at risk, then I want some restrictions on what you do.” — Elizabeth Warren

  14. Singer crashes Obama summit with ‘Occupy’ song

    A popular Hawaiian recording artist turned a top-security dinner of Pacific Rim leaders hosted by President Barack Obama into a subtle protest with a song in support of the “Occupy” movement.
    Makana, who goes by one name, was enlisted to play a luau, or Hawaiian feast, Saturday night for leaders assembled in Obama’s birthplace Honolulu for an annual summit that is formulating plans for a Pacific free-trade pact.
    But in the midst of the dinner on the resort strip Waikiki Beach, he pulled open his jacket to reveal a T-shirt that read “Occupy with Aloha,” using the Hawaiian word whose various meanings include love and peace. He then sang a marathon version of his new song “We Are The Many.”
    “I was pretty nervous. In fact I was terrified. I kept thinking ‘what are the consequences going to be?'” Makana, 33, told AFP.
    “It was incredibly comical. I was terrified but also enjoying it,” he said.
    Makana, who was born Matthew Swalinkavich, said the song prompted awkward stares from a few of those present but the Obamas appeared too absorbed with their guests to notice what was happening.

    • When even one American
      — who has done nothing wrong —
      is forced by fear to shut his mind
      and close his mouth — then all
      Americans are in peril.

      Harry S. Truman

  15. WSClark

    My 300 pound, six foot four, little boy proposed to his girlfriend tonight. She is now proudly wearing a beautiful diamond.

    Congratulations, Dylan and Leslie!