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  1. Score another victory for the people thanks to the Democratic Party Senators who didn’t allow the Republicans to benefit the corporations over the people!


    Senate Rejects GOP Bid to Overturn Internet Rules

    Senate Democrats on Thursday turned back a Republican attempt to repeal federal rules designed to prevent Internet service providers from discriminating against those who send content and other services over their networks.

    Republicans argued that “net neutrality” rules announced by the Federal Communications Commission last December were another example of federal regulatory overreach that would stifle Internet investment and innovation.

    But Democrats, and the White House in a veto threat, said repealing the FCC rules would imperil openness and freedom on the Internet. “It would be ill-advised to threaten the very foundations of innovation in the Internet economy and the democratic spirit that has made the Internet a force for social progress around the world,” the White House said.

    The vote to against taking up the bill, along party lines, was 52-46.

  2. Wisconsin Republicans plan to become felons! Yes, their plans to pass themselves off as those circulating petitions to recall the governor would violate Wisconsin statutes.

    Graeme Zielinski the Wisconsin Democratic Party spokesman had this to say:

    “Destroying petitions or engaging in the acts you describe are serious felonies. However, these threats are intended to sow confusion. We won’t let them win, especially not like this. Petitions will be clearly marked and the circulators will be identified by a lanyard, but if anyone thinks they were tricked, they can come to one of our 30-plus recall offices and sign a petition, which we will make sure is scanned properly and sent to our collection site. But again, the behavior you describe would be highly illegal.”

  3. There’s another debate tonight!

    And then, of course, TAX CUTS for the rich!

    8pm ET / 5pm PT on CBS – Live Stream
    Location: Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina
    Sponsor: CBS News, The National Journal and the South Carolina Republican Party
    Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

  4. Here’s a bill “Mr. Keep Government Small and Out of Your Way Ron Paul” introduced —

    Yeah, what else is he lying about? ‘Get government out of your way’ is just a few words he strings together but doesn’t believe.

  5. I am a college professor, I have no student or other long-term debt. I own my house free and clear, have decent health care and decent health, and together with my wife I have a wonderful life.

    But I couldn’t sleep tonight. In my dreams I see what has become of our country and I can’t sleep. I see friends, or friends of friends, who wee once as comfortable as I, who, through no fault of their own, are struggling or who have lost everything. I hear the desperate voices of those who call family or friends in tears because the banks are threatening to take their houses. I see people who have had the bad fortune of becoming seriously ill and who can no longer even think of sending their kids to college because the college fund is gone. I see people choosing between medicine and food in the richest country on earth. I see veterans who have risked the ultimate for this country kicked to the curb. I see millions of people who have done everything “right,” who have played by the rules, worked hard, and now have less than nothing to show for it. I look at all of this and think, “There but for the Grace of God go I.” Because I know that if fate twitches, I could be one of the lost, the dispossessed. I live in bated breath. And when I go to bed I can’t sleep.

    But worse, in my dreams I see my students, whose dreams are being stolen from them. I see student loans drying up, state education systems being stripped of their resources, a political system utterly indifferent to their fate, and an insatiable economy that devours people, families, homes, jobs, communities, nature, hope. What do I tell them? That there is no such thing as the “American dream”? That we are immersed in a long national nightmare? Where do I tell them to look for hope?

    I am the 99%

  6. Last night was the season finale of Real Time. Bill will be back again January 13. With everything going on, I’m really going to miss watching, even more than usual.

    The one thing he does every week is “New Rules” and never fails in the final, closing “rule” to nail whatever the subject is. This week’s was even more creative than usual. Don’t miss it.

  7. Mitt Romney: Maybe Veterans’ Health Care Should Be Privatized

    It is well-known that Romney wants to take away seniors’ Medicare and turn it into a privatized voucher system, but it is unfathomable that on Veterans Day he would even hint at privatizing their VA health care,” said Protect Your Care spokesman Eddie Vale. “Although I guess that is the kind of thing they should expect from someone who in the past said his sons also served their country by campaigning for him.”

    Vale was referring to remarks Romney made in the 2008 campaign, when he defended his five sons’ decisions not to enlist in the military by saying they were serving their country by helping to get him elected.

  8. I would like to make a comment about something I saw last night as I passed by a telelvision.

    I saw President Obama and his wife Michelle at some game – I do not know which one – but they were in a huge stadium.

    The camera was focused on these two and our great President leaned over and whispered something into his wife’s ear and then gave her a kiss – not a big showy kiss, just one of those little kisses that married couples give one another to show how their affection for one another.

    That struck me as such a wonderful thing to be able to see. Our president simply beams when he is around his wife and I think this is a man who truly represents what a strong man can be and should be.

    Then I thought about these past two weeks watching Herman Cain demonize women, dodging the questions about sexual harassment allegations and then I remembered Herman Cain and that video where he was getting such a big laugh with his fellow Neanderthals about Anita Hill.

    I prefer President Obama and the way he treats his wife – because I suspect he did not even know the camera was on them at that moment.

    Maybe these self-professing Family Values Republicans neee to remove their blinders of hate for one moment and learn from our beloved president what a real man looks like?

    • Boy do I understand how proud it feels to have this good loving kind intelligent family man as our country’s leader!

      Ten Reasons for Obama’s Comeback

      1. Growing public doubt that republicans offer a serious alternative

      The Perry / Cain spectacle is a turnoff

      2. The economy has bottomed out

      Hiring may inch up

      3. Occupy Wall Street has changed the national conversation

      Economic inequality is on the table

      4. Progressives are less obsessed with what the president is doing wrong

      Big picture issues are finally getting attention

      5. The vote in Ohio shows conservative over-reach

      Cops, firefighters, teachers and nurses are not the problem

      6. Americans like the guy

      He’s honest and decent and he’s learning the ropes

      7. Michelle and the girls

      A beautiful family all Americans can be proud of

      8. The European crisis is scary

      It’s tough here but thank God we’re not Greece

      9. The election’s a year away

      The tea party takeover of the House didn’t work out

      10. Troops coming home

      Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down

  9. prairie pond

    Because it’s just that good, I’m reposting this here from yesterday. And it is appropriate to the header.

    Thanks, Wicked, for doing the original posting. I can’t afford HBO anymore, so here is where I find the links.

    This is just so true it could make you cry!