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  1. A two-hour campaign commercial showing voters the wisdom of reelecting President Obama
    Wednesday, November 9, 2011
    8pm ET on CNBC – Live Stream 7 – 9 p.m. Wichita time
    Location: Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan
    Sponsor: CNBC, the Michigan Republican Party and Oakland University
    Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

    Romney is on record for state “personhood” amendments — a concept so radical it went down in flames in the conservative state of Mississippi. I expect Romeny to change his position any moment now.

  2. I know that yesterday’s election results weren’t a mandate. I remember when Anthony Weiner’s seat went to a republican and they crowed and crowed about how that was a mandate and a ‘rejection of Obama’s policies.’ It wasn’t a mandate then and isn’t now. Yesterday did show that when pushed too far both the middle class and women will vote. It was the largest turnout Ohio has had in an off-year election for over 20 years. At some polling places people waited in line 4+ hours to cast their vote.

    As I said last night I think the 2010 mid-term elections may have been the best thing that’s happened recently for the Democratic Party going forward. Lots of people in lots of states are seeing what republicans do when elected and not liking it one bit.

    When you couple the over reaching republicans elected in the fall of 2010 with the weak slate of candidates for the 2012 republican presidential candidate, it looks good for President Obama. Now, we must continue to fight the good fight and stay very motivated! All the voter-suppression laws and regs are a hurdle we can jump! The republican vision for America that rewards big corporations and the wealthiest at the expense of middle class families is going down!

    Tonight those ‘wanna-be-pres folks’ are putting on another show! Pass the popcorn!

    • Romney’s campaign spokesman was on MSNBC this morning with Chuck Todd. Chuck asked him what Romney thought of the Ohio people rejecting Kasich’s anti-union bill by such a wide margin.

      The response – that issue is a state issue – has nothing to do with national issues. The guy also blamed the AFL-CIO and SICU for getting their people out to vote the bill down.

      Hmm, I guess this guy does not read the papers or listen to the media – does he?

      The American workers all over this country are fed up with Republicans – just like Kasich – in the fact they are out to destroy the working class Americans.

      But, of course, we can always count on good ol’ Mitt Romney to support the working class – after all, Romney made himself alot of personal wealth by buying companies, outsourcing good-paying American jobs.

      Yeah – Mitt is a ‘regular’ guy just like the 99%….

      What a joke….

      • If the republicans want to ignore reality that’s their business. I actually encourage that tactic and they are soooo good at it. 🙂

      • I really think the Republicans have overplayed their hand since midterm 2010 elections.

        These folks, once again, thought the people were giving them their blessings and a mandate to bulldoze everything in their path.

        Republicans were wrong then and Democrats would also be wrong in overplaying their hand from the results of yesterday’s elections.

        The majority of Americans want a balanced approach to our budget spending AND they want the increased revenue to pay for the government services we all demand.

        That increased revenue could be done through these corporations and/or banks sitting on those trillions in cash to hire Americans – thereby we would have more tax revenue coming in, more customers for these corporations and it would be a win-win.

        Or we could tax just the wealthiest to make up the difference.

        What a painted corner the Republicans have created for themselves. if they actually were to encourage these corporations and/or banks to use their trillions in cash to create jobs – then that would make Obama look good and these Republicans cannot stand that thought.

        And BY GOD these same Republicans will NEVER allow the wealthiest to pay a penny more in taxes.

        So – I guess they are stuck with their current strategy of JUST SAY NO and obstruct everything until they can get their ‘boy’ into the White House and then continue on their current quest for total domination.

        OH, but wait a minute – the elections from yesterday did show where working Americans are FED UP with that GOP total domination theory.

        What to do…..oh, what to do….

      • The thing is that some of those who were cheering for cuts in “entitlements” such as medicaid, medicare, social security, and others are discovering that they’re on the verge of needing those things in the here and now or the near future.

        While it’s true that the squeaky wheel always gets the grease, the wheel is on the other axle now, and people who might not have paid attention before are adding louder squeaks, much of that coming from OWS and thanks to OWS.

        But this is what made me give a loud, unladylike snort:
        The guy also blamed the AFL-CIO and SICU for getting their people out to vote the bill down.

        So it’s against what law to encourage people to vote? Union support is usually voted on by, if not the entire union, at least by delegates. While a union can announce “support” for particular candidates and laws, each member of that union vote for whomever and whatever each wants. That’s why we have voting booths. But all Republicans have to do is SAY unions are telling who to vote for or “getting their people out to vote” (note nothing needed saying about WHO or WHAT, and the GOP followers will follow along repeating the same, over and over. They have no clue what the word “truth” means.

      • indypendent

        what’s the difference between unions organizing voters or these evangelical churhes organizing their followers to vote?

        That is what democracy is all about – IMHO

        I suspect Republicans only like democracy when the vote goes their way.

  3. The nation’s biggest retailer is planning to offer a wide range of medical care in U.S. stores. A Wal-Mart document seeking partners for the effort says the company aims to become the “largest provider of primary healthcare services in the nation.”

  4. That didn’t take long!

    Kansas technology chief resigns over questions about degree

    The administrator recently hired by Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to oversee computer projects and systems for most of state government resigned Tuesday, a day after questions arose about his academic degree.
    Jim Mann stepped down from his $150,000-a-year job as chief information technology officer for the executive branch. The announcement came hours after Brownback acknowledged that his administration hadn’t thoroughly examined Mann’s entire educational background.

    Read more:

    • Wow – I guess my Paul Harvey moment of …..the rest of the story….did not even take a full day.


      Hmm, why do I suspect this man was a personal friend or maybe one of those fellow Evangelical types ?

      • Over on the WE website – the Republicans are demonizing anyone that dares to question why Brownback would hire this guy. After all, what does it matter if someone has a college degree or not?

        Why do these Republicans hate education so much?

        Is the result of so many Evangelicals home schooling their kids and now these kids think they know everyhting?

        I went to college with home schooled kids – and believe me, these were the not the brightest bulbs on the Christmas tree.

        But they did have an abundance of self esteem – one might even classify it as arrogance.

      • is this the result of….

  5. ‎(from the article) The measure – similar to others across the country – calls on the U.S. Congress and state leaders to amend the U.S. Constitution to say that “corporations are not human beings.” It earned 10,729 votes in favor and 3,605 against.

    The resolution isn’t binding, but it does send a message that’s gaining momentum nationwide. Wolken said she planned on being satisfied to capture more than 50 percent of the vote, “really happy” with more than 60 percent, and “over the moon” with anything more.

    Missoula voters say corporations are not people, ask for constitutional amendment

    Read more:

    • Of course, Mitt Romney is on record saying “Corporations are people.” Wonder when he’ll change that deeply-held conviction? I predict as soon as he realizes most people don’t agree with him.

      • The Democrats in Michigan are running that ad where Mitt Romney is saying let Detroit go bankrupt.

        Even with that – Romney’s spokesman today took credit for the auto industry’s comeback and said that Obama finally took Romney’s advice and took the automakers through a managed bankruptcy and that is what saved Detroit.

        MItt is trying to be like that greased pig – one can never really pin him down.

        But I don’t think Romney’s act is playing well in GOP Land. Romney’s numbers have never really surged – even with Herman Cain’s troubles – Romney is just not that well liked in GOP Land.

      • They simply don’t like magic underwear.

      • indypendent

        I hear tell they are scratchy….. It’s been known to make people do the flip flop two-step.

  6. I believe we should thank the Occupy protests for shedding light on the influence corporations have today. I know Missoula, Montana is a tiny place, but those who believe it’s our right to be represented and no amount of money should be able to buy our government aren’t a tiny number of people.

    • I still think the OWS should broaden their scope and Occupy Congress next.

      Because corporations could not have wrecked our economy without the help of government’s lack of enforcement of regulations and now the threat by the GOP to get rid of all regulations.

      • Protesters (not OWS) occupied Mitch McConnell’s office last week – IIRC.

        I would love to see that being done to all the Congress Critters – Democrats included – to make the point that the 99% are the ones that drive this country – not the 1% who use and abuse our tax system.

      • I’m not sure anyone could accurately describe any agenda of the Occupy protests. One thing I’ve heard is that they want the influence of money to be smaller than the influence of people in all aspects of our government. Maybe they’re so fully aware that Congress Critters are bought and paid for they’ve just skipped over them and are going for their corporate masters directly?

      • I’m afraid that if the OWS protesters do not broaden their scope or to further define their agenda, the movement will wither on the vine.

        And I would hate to see that happen….

  7. Somehow I managed to get on Pompeo’s newsletter mailing list. I would appreciate help in getting to the truth about that he writes:

    While the President demands that we ‘pass this bill,’ his so-called jobs bill cannot even get a majority in the Democrat-controlled United States Senate. Conversely, the Republican-led House of Representatives has passed *over 20 pro-jobs bills* only to watch them languish in the Senate. Harry Reid refuses to take up these bi-partisan job growth bills and instead responds to our nation’s jobs crisis with inaction. All of these bills address real issues facing small businesspeople and would help spur job creation right away. House Republicans know that ‘we can’t wait’ and will continue to pass commonsense legislation to help remove regulatory burdens and create jobs for the millions who remain out of work. But unless the Senate acts, the stagnant job market will continue.”

    Can someone explain to me how ANY of these help with job creation. The Disapproval of FCC’s Net Neutrality Regulations really upsets me.
    (I’ll break this up into a few posts to make it easier to reply to specific items.)

    • It’s the Trojan Horse theory – Republicans want ALL regulations taken away so then the ‘right’ people can totally take their corporations and do whatever the hell they want – and don’t think for a minute the jobs they are talking about creating will go to Americans.

      If special tax cuts translated into jobs – then those Bush tax cuts should have produced more jobs than they did.

      But those special tax cuts sure did produce those record-breaking profits – didn’t they?

    • I’m on his email list for two reasons — I’ve emailed him in the past and I’m a registered republican. I think it’s an exercise in futility to communicate with Pompeo. He is a Kochhead and ‘the people’ are just useful tools to the Kochs.

      Nevertheless, I will continue to write letters, call and email so he can be reminded there are people in Kansas who don’t march in lockstep with protecting corporations and the wealthy while average Americans suffer. I’m sure my missives go in the circular file but I’ll continue speaking against him and his republican agenda.

      Besides he can so easily fool his constituency he has no need to explain why none of those bills contribute to job creation.

  8. Pompeo Newsletter cont:

    “In that same vein, just last week, I introduced yet another piece of legislation aimed at limiting the size of government and growing private sector jobs. My Energy Freedom and Economic Prosperity Act (EFEPA, H.R. 3308) would repeal all energy tax credits, and it would use resulting revenues to lower the corporate tax rate in our country to encourage job growth. It’s time for the government to be removed from the business of picking winners and losers in our energy sector. Learn more about my legislation by reading a Heritage Foundation briefing memo HERE:
    You may also want to watch my appearance from last week on Jon Stossel’s FOX BUSINESS program. We need to scale back federal spending by eliminating government interference and eliminating agencies like the Economic Development Administration (EDA), as I have proposed in my Economic Development Administration Repeal Act (H.R. 3090).”

    This is the kind of reasoning that my brother gets on his soapbox with and no amount of stats showing otherwise seems to penetrate the mantra. Other than the obvious, that the Heritage Foundation is just another Koch brothers conservative Think Tank, anybody have any good links to show the faults in these proposals?

    • I’m curious – when Pompeo says to get rid of all energy tax credits – does that include oil and gas companies?

      • Why do I get the feelling that Koch loyalists want only the alternative energy tax credits to be repealed?

        And as for repealing energy tax credits – I’ve heard Obama state he wants to get rid of the oil companies’ tax credits – so it sounds like Pompeo and his corporate masters should be in agreement with Obama on this issue.

        Oh my, did I blaspheme this morning and suggest that Koch Bros and Obama agreed on something???

    • Cut taxes — especially corporate taxes — and eliminate regulations are the two plays republicans have in their playbook. Bush the lesser and a majority republican Senate and House carried out those two plays to excess and crashed our economy. You remember The Great Recession — the worst economic disaster America has endured since The Great Depression? The one that caused average Americans to lose their jobs, their homes, their life savings while the wealthiest became even more wealthy?

      And they want to do the exact same things again?

      Time didn’t begin on January 20, 2009. All except the far right wingers still have intact memories and we know what those two republican tactics did to our country.

      • Sad to say – I think this economic mess started in 1980 under Ronald Reagan.

        And then to add salt to the injury – St. Ronnie Raygun unleashed the Religious Right into the Grand Old Party.

        I’ve watched the Religious Right hijack the GOP and with their ever increasing power – the GOP is about to split wide open.

        And GOD I hope so…..LMAO

        I have some very good and dear friends that are Republicans. But they are of the old school Republicans – of course we had our differences, but wew have never come to blows and outright hatred of one another like I’ve witnessed these Religious Right Republicans doing in the past decade.

        There is something very wrong in the GOP. But I guess that is to be expected – GWB had these Religious Right Republicans on his speed dial. Reagan invited them into the GOP to get their votes but he never put them on his speed dial.

    • This last ditty I will tack on to this one because it’s, more or less, just a recap. BUT it contains my brother’s “scary regulations” mantra in it:

      “I remain focused on removing barriers to job creation. Nothing stands in the way more than over-regulation emanating from Washington actors like the EPA and the current Obama Administration. I spoke about these very points, as well as my EFEPA Bill, last Friday at Americans For Prosperity’s “Defending the American Dream Summit.” I was honored to lead a panel entitled “Extreme Power Abuse: The EPA’s Job Crushing Regulatory Assault.”

      When I tell my brother that it’s the 1% sitting on their money and sending jobs overseas that is killing our economy his response is that they’re afraid of some unknown (because they haven’t been written yet) multitude of regulations that seem to be just waiting for them to open the money floodgates. ???

      • Can I ask what your brother does for a living? Is he one of the 1% that is benefiting from the use and abuse of our tax system?

      • BTW – Was that Americans for Prosperity conference Pompeo was proud to be attending the same place that Herman Cain proudly boasted that he was the Koch Brother by another mother?

        Wow – just wow….

      • You remember recently when the NRA said that it was a massive Obama conspiracy NOT to ban guns?

        There is no reasoning with people who choose unreasonable stances on issues. They’ve chosen to believe what they want and it’s best just to leave them alone with their delusions. Why would you want to be dragged down to their level?

      • Indy, my brother certainly ISN’T one of the 1% (though he aspires to be). He started working asphalt during the summer when he was in High School and worked his way up the ranks to where he dresses nice and drives a company truck. He also is a co-owner of a body shop that belonged to his best bud’s uncle, again working in it on weekends and spare time from High School on. My brother is one of those “Good ol’ Boys”, do about anything for anybody, church on Sundays, doting grandpa. But he’s stuck on that stupid talk radio rhetoric coming from the right. He’s considered me a hippy freak since the ’70s (but he also came home from JuCo asking if I could get him some weed. LOL).

      • Do you think the talk radio and/or the church’s influence is behind your brother’s thinking?

        I have absolutely no problem with anyone having their own political idealogy but I see talk radioa dn some of these Evangelical churches as being one-sided in thier view and anything that might dare to upset their apple cart is immediately demonized.

        I, for one, would not have a problem with Reagan’s trickle-down economic theory if it worked.

        But the last 30 years has proven that this theory simply does not work.

        Besides – anyone knows that any thriving plant gets its nourishment from its root system – not the top leaves and/or branches.

        As I said before – I would not have a problem with any theory if it worked. But there comes a time to pull the plug on a theory if it is based on logic from Fantasy Island.

  9. If tax cuts and relaxed regulations were effective America would be enjoying an economic Nirvana.

  10. Pompeo Newsletter cont:

    This one really ticked me, what a waste of time and money.

    “Last week I also led the House effort to keep the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating coarse particulate matter—known to Kansans as farm dust! Any farmer or rancher from South Central Kansas can agree with me that punishing farmers for kicking up dust—an intrinsic and natural part of the job— is senseless and harmful to job growth within the agricultural community.”

    This one I posted at the O.D.D. group on Facebook with this link…
    Farm Dust Frenzy: A Misleading and Distracting Regulatory Myth​de/11885

    • I lived in western Kansas where the feedlots were so bad that the entire town and surrounding towns could not even drink the local water.

      And Pompeo wants to get rid of the EPA???

      Seriously, we were told to never drink the local water . And why would I – it was yellowish brown when it came out of the tap.

  11. Remember this Republican Congressman – Joe Walsh from Illinois? This is the guy that is infamous for his ex-wife hauling him into court for non-payment of child support.

    This is the guy that the Family Research Council (Evangelical Christian group) recently recognized as such a Family Values man.

    Seems to me, this guy is too defensive – what do you think?

    BTW – Since I am a native of Illinois and still have family there – I try to keep up on the political scene. This Joe Walsh guy won his current seat in 2010 (first time in office) by only 100+ votes. Do you think he got a mandate from the voters of Illinois to carry on like he has been doing?

    Also – Joe Walsh was one of those infamous Tea Party Republican Congress Critters that wanted America to default on its debts and become a deadbeat during the debt ceiling crisis.

    Hmm, deadbeat country that does not pay her bills……and being hauled into court for non-payment of child support……… things to ponder..

  12. Republicans have made much ado about nothing (but their constituency falls for it hook line and sinker) with regard to ‘regulations’ that suppress job creators.

    Here’s some facts —

    Accusations of runaway regulation by the Obama administration have become a common line of attack from conservatives who warn over-regulation is stifling job creation.

    • There you go again – trying to use facts with folks that put their fingers in their ears and go la-la-la-la-la

      There are folks that do not care about facts. They only want to win and if that means spreading lies, cheating, stealing and anything else that goes agaisnt the Ten Commandments (that, ironically, these folks want posted everywhere) – then so be it.

      After all – God has told them that they are His favorites – did you not get that memo?

      Heavy sarcasm///

  13. Yes, It’s MotherJones, but it’s well cited. Or do a google search and you’ll get enough hits to choose the source.

    Do Regulations Really Kill Jobs? Not So Much.

  14. A growing number of Americans suspect that the American economic system is rigged in favor of the rich and merely affluent. That growing number of Americans is right.

    How the rich rig the system

    From low capital gains taxes to stock buy-backs, here are the ways the elites ensure the markets benefit them

  15. The War Against the Poor

    The growing masses of America’s poor have been largely ignored—until now. Occupy Wall Street is changing that.

  16. But, hey, if the Supreme Court and regressive Republicans insist big corporations are people and want to treat them as American citizens, then why not demand big corporations take a pledge of allegiance to the United States?

    And if they don’t take the pledge, we should boycott them. (Occupiers — are you listening?)

    Here’s what a Corporate Pledge of Allegiance might look like:

    The Corporate Pledge of Allegiance to the United States

    The [fill in blank] company pledges allegiance to the United States of America. To that end:

    We pledge to create more jobs in the United States than we create outside the United States, either directly or in our foreign subsidiaries and subcontractors.

    If we have to lay off American workers, we will give them severance payments equal to their weekly wage times the number of months they’ve worked for us.

    We further pledge that no more than 20 percent of our total labor costs will be outsourced abroad.

    We pledge to keep a lid on executive pay so no executive is paid more than 50 times the median pay of American workers. We define “pay” to include salary, bonuses, health benefits, pension benefits, deferred salary, stock options, and every other form of compensation.

    We pledge to pay at least 30 percent of money earned in the United States in taxes to the United States. We won’t shift our money to offshore tax havens and won’t use accounting gimmicks to fake how much we earn.

    We pledge not to use our money to influence elections.

    Companies that make the pledge are free to use it in their ads over the Christmas shopping season.

  17. Another executive order. This morning, President Obama will sign an Executive Order that will cut waste and promotes more efficient spending across the federal government. With this Order, the President is directing agencies to reduce spending on travel; limit the number of information technology devices (e.g. cell phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops) that can be issued to individual employees; stop unnecessarily printing documents that can be posted online; shrink the executive fleet of the federal government; and stop using taxpayer dollars to buy swag — the plaques, clothing, and other unnecessary promotional items that agencies purchase. Overall spending in the areas covered by the Executive Order will be reduced by 20 percent.

    I love this “We Can’t Wait” stuff! And, President Obama is correct! We can’t wait on those congress critters! He says the Executive Orders will keep coming. 🙂

    • You know, on the surface this all sounds good, cut waste, rein in spending. But in the long run, doesn’t it do just the opposite of what is needed? Or maybe it’s that this stuff needs to be bought locally. Pay a local company for the swag. If it’s not made in the U.S. find something to replace it that is. Stopping the spending won’t help the economy, we need the money circulating.

      • I suspect Obama is using the Republicans own words against them..

        Republican profess they want to cut spending – so let’s cut spending and then see those companies that were previously selling their products and/or services to the government start yelling.

        And if the affected companies yell loud enough – something will have to happen.

        Of course, Republicans can always blame it on Obama is just on his campaign-mode – I’ve heard that GOP talking point since Obama has taken his current ‘if Congress won’t do their job, I will do it for them’ nationwide tour.

      • Yes, we do need money circulating. But cutting waste isn’t a bad idea ever. It would be a bunch better if the wealthiest, most protected by government policies, actually circulated some money. Especially since they made money off taxpayer ‘seed’ money. The rest of us don’t have much more than it takes for necessities and too many don’t even have that.

      • I do like the idea of buying locally – that makes sense.

        We can put Americans back to work – increase our tax revenue – circulate money into our economy – and again strive to be a country that makes things.

  18. Anybody ever been to this site?

    LittleSis* – is a free database of who-know-who at the heights of business and government.
    *opposite of Big Brother

  19. I think Republicans overplayed their hand during the debt ceiling debate fiasco. These folks may think they won political points but they are losing the war in the eyes of the American people.

    As is pointed out in this article, Ronald Reagan even called on the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

    But, wait, all the GOP 2012 presidential candidates claim to worship Reagan – don’t they?

    I hate to break these Repubs’ heart – but Reagan was also a union leader that collectively bargained for health care for his fellow Hollywood SAG union members.

    Joe, tell me it ain’t so……Reagan was a union-loving Socialist that pushed for healthcare for everybody?

    • Reagan would be called a RINO (at best) by this batch of wingers. They’ve gone off the deep end into a radical point of view beyond understanding by reasonable people.

      • Maybe all these Reagan Golden Idol worshipers are like the Great Wizard in that scene from The Wizarrd of Oz.

        ”Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”

        BTW – That beloved old movie was on this past weekend – did you happen to catch it?

      • Speaking of The Wizard of Oz. Does anyone go to the casinos across the Oklahoma border?

        My husband and I go about once a month – just as entertainment. The Native Lights casino has a Wizard of Oz slot machine. Boy is it fun to play.

        The first time, during its debut promotion, I won about $100 but the last time I played, I lost my $20 (that is my limit to lose).

        But I did play for about 2 hours on that $20 – so I call that about even with an entertainment night at the movies or dinner out with the hubby.

        If you have not guessed – we play the penny slots….LOL

      • I just had a good chuckle – what would my professors at that Fundie Baptist College think of me going to the casino?

        I suspect their first remark would be – don’t tell the preacher I’m here…….LMAO

  20. I am not a college football fanatic – but when I hear about the scandal at Penn State I have to wonder……is this result of way too much money in college sports?

    Does money play a factor to keep things – hush, hush – or maybe a better term is to – not rock the boat – because we never want to run the risk of losing all that money piling into the sports program?

    I am just posing this question – because I am not all that involved in college sports.

    In fact, I have my favorite professional teams but that is due to my being born and raised in Illinois. Someone has to cheer for the Bears, Cubs, White Sox and Blackhawks (althought the Blackhawks did do a great job).

    Even then – I would not consider myself a fanatic .

  21. Well, lookie here….Mark Block, Cain’s campaign manager (the infamous smoker taking that long drag in the tv ad) went on Sean Hannity and told a lie. So is it a lie or did Mr. Block simply ‘made stuff up’ as is so often the insult hurled at the liberal media by these Republicans?

    But you know what? If there were not two women who were paid off by Cain’s employer – National Restauant Association – then there would be nothing to report – would there?

    The fastest way for Cain to clear up any lies (if that is indeed what is happening) – then why not let release these women from their confidentiality agreements and let them speak for themselves?

    BTW – this woman who Cain’s campaign manager tried to smear her son (although he had the wrong man) was outed by a NewsCorp owned paper.

    NewsCorp… where have I heard that name before???? Why is it okay for NewsCorp to make this woman’s name public when this woman is not yet legally free to tell her side of the story?

    Personally, I think this entire sexual allegations story came from the GOP side of the political fence (it sounds like a Rovish-type of deal – IMHO). But since Cain has blamed everyone from Rick Perry, liberal media, people who are anti-business, the Democratic machine run by Gloria Allred (wow – now that is a stretch).

    Maybe Cain should take his own words of advice and – just blame himself for the mess he is in?

    • CORRECTION: Mark Block is Cain’s Chief of Staff – not the campaign manager.

      Remember during the press conference yesterday when Cain told his chief of staff to get that reporter a copy of the journalists code of ethics?

      Maybe Mark Block should pick one of those copies up for himself and read it before making such a statement on television.

      But, hey, he was on the Fox News Network – so those guys are fair and balanced – correct? They’ll correct any false statements – won’t they?

    • Is this what republicans refer to as ‘personal responsibility’?

      Or is it just another instance of IOKIYAR?

      I can tell you there isn’t a democrat or supporter of President Obama who wouldn’t relish Cain being the republican candidate. Even before charges of sexual harassment he had no appeal to voters outside the wing-nuts who hoped their black was better.

  22. What’s next on the Conservatives’ agenda to complain about – a tax on every time we sing O Holy Night this Christmas?

    Oh, I forgot, this is the annual propaganda time for the War on Christmas – so nothing Conservatives would do surprises me anymore.

  23. It’s long, it’s wordy — it’s The Rolling Stone. It’s worth every minute it takes to read it!

    How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich
    The inside story of how the Republicans abandoned the poor and the middle class to pursue their relentless agenda of tax cuts for the wealthiest one percent

    Read more:

  24. Conservatives are UP IN ARMS ( decrying Socialism, Communism, and every other -ism over the newly proposed “Christmas Tree Tax.”

    Essentially, every Christmas tree sold in America was going to be taxed extra this year. And here is the kicker, for a whole .15 cents! That’s right! Conservatives are shouting to the mountain tops over not wanting to spend .15 cents, and claim that it is BIG GOVERNMENT trying to ruin Christmas.

    Facts are the only thing that get in the way of this colossal lie! For starters The National Christmas Tree Association ( pushed for this tax, NOT the government! In fact the government will not receive a dime of the money raised because the .15 cents will fund a $2 million fund that is going to raise awareness about trees!

    Conservatives: buying $100 Christmas trees, and complaining about an extra .15 cents, and making up all kinds of things to be afraid of. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  25. It shouldn’t surprise me. I’ve long known republicans don’t honor women and in fact dishonor them. But it still shocks me that in this day and age Herman Cain’s PAC can say these words and then think they deserve any respect or that the man they support deserves any votes.’s-ugly/

    • indypendent

      Nothing surprises me any more with these Republicans. Since that GOP debate when the crowd booed an active duty US soldier simply because he is gay was the last straw for me.

      And then to hear the varied excuses from the GOP presidential hopefuls the next day or even the 2nd day after the debate made me ashamed for the Grand Old Party.

      There is political differences but NO ONE should sit by and allow their fellow colleagues to boo an active duty soldier. Repubicans are incapable of feeling shame – IMHO.

  26. Referring to Nancy Pelosi as “Princess Nancy” should put all those sexual harassment allegations to bed!

    • I suspect all Cain’s followers just chuckled with delight when they heard their hero call her Princess Pelosi.

      You know, if I close my eyes and listen to these folks for awhile – I would swear I am back in junior high next to the Mean Girls Club.

      Juvenile, boorish, arrogant and ignorant behavior. When will the GOP parents take these juveniles to the woodshed for a ‘Come to Jesus Moment’?

      • I did not watch the debate – but I heard Michael Moore talking about the moderator, Maria (?), asked Cain the sexual harassment question.

        As I understand Michael Moore to say – the audience booed Maria for asking the question and then cheered when Cain answered?

        Seriously, can anyone with one working brain cell actually imagine what a President Cain would do on the world stage by acting in the same way he has conducted himself throughout his campaign?

        Just how many wars would Cain get us involved in within the first month in office?

      • “Just how many wars would Cain get us involved in within the first month in office?” And without realizing it. God save us all.

      • Yes, the audience was as boorish as they’ve been at all the previous debates. It’s the kind of poor behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable just witnessing it.

      • I suppose they feel that since they pay a few hundred to be there, they can be as boorish as they want to be. To bad they don’t realize how the world sees them. Then again, they wouldn’t care.


  27. At tonight’s debate they did a good job with some very specific, and at times hardball questions. I can’t say the same thing about the answers.

    Rick Perry. That. Was. Bad.

    Maybe the republicans will finally admit their nominee is Mitt Romney?

    • Nobody wants to take Mitt – I am starting to feel sorry for the little fella…

      • Well if it’s not Mitt it will need to be someone who hasn’t yet entered the contest. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a weak slate of candidates. They are unprepared and it comes off as being unqualified.

        There’s still my prediction that Sarah will wage a write-in campaign.

      • I just listened to Sen. Jim DeMint (SC) say there were several great GOP candidates and that is why he has not endorsed anyone of them yet.

        Maybe this man’s standards of greatness are greatly lowered than mine?

      • I like them all! And I like their chances too! 🙂

        I really like the Romney who supports a woman’s right to choose, knows man-made global climate change must be addressed, understands that America is of a diverse population of immigrants and supports gays right to marry!