Tuesday, 11/08/11, Public Square

“Observers will be dispersed throughout the crowds with whistles. If an officer is seen acting inappropriately or in any way violating our rights, a whistle will be blown ordering our protesters to immediately sit on the ground quietly so the officer can be identified and his actions observed.”

Here is the full letter to police from Occupy Dallas.


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  1. A photographer is getting film of police and then suddenly, for no reason, an officer fires a round and strikes the photographer!

  2. In addition to poll results that are interesting, there is an “Interactive Graphic” tab with good info too —

    Poll Finds Voters Deeply Torn

  3. Poll: Even Wingers Think That Wingers are Tanking the Economy

    Do you think the Republicans are intentionally stalling efforts to jumpstart the economy to insure that Barack Obama is not re-elected?

    What’s interesting isn’t just that half of all voters think the answer is yes, it’s the breakdown: A quarter of all Republicans and a third of all conservatives also think the answer is yes. In other words, this isn’t just a liberal conspiracy theory. Even a lot of conservatives recognize what’s going on.

    • Remember this statement from a link posted yesterday —

      So next year’s election will turn largely on one question: who does the American people hold responsible for what will likely still be a lousy economy?

      More Americans are aware of the republican blockades to anything and everything that might improve our nation’s economy and the lives of her citizens. I realize a few of the right-wingers see this obstructionism as a positive. They are far outnumbered by Americans who expect elected officials to do what’s in their power to improve our country’s economy.

    • I know I am like a dog with a bone about this issue – but I really do think these Evangelical Republicans are the folks that are Far Right Wingers who have absolutely no problem with tanking our entire country simply to claim ‘victory’ for themselves.

      If you ever want a deep feudal war – get involved in the Evangelical Christian movement. These are generally the folks who see only black and white.

      And once you’ve dared to question any of them – then you are declared ‘the enemy’ and they have no problem with killing all their enemies – because, after all, only they are serving the ‘right’ God.

      This is exactly why religion and politics should NEVER mix.

      I’ve never known a devout Evangelical Christian to ever be capable of beign tolerant. That old saying ‘live and let live’ does not enter these folks’ fantasy world.

      • Thanks, but no thanks on the suggestion to get involved in the Evangelical Christian movement. I’ll take your word for it. I’m not into the kind of behavior Jesus taught against and will stick with love, empathy, doing unto others…

      • Freebird1971

        You never met my Mother

      • My Mother was a true loving Christian woman. She knew how to live as Christ taught! Love was her abiding rule just as it was for Jesus. She shined with that love. Treat others as you want to be treated was how she lived her life and because of that everyone in her presence knew she loved them and that love was always returned.

      • Freebird – if your mother was a loving and tolerant Evangelcial Christian – then she must not be one of those I’ve witnessed in some of these churches – and esepcially in the political world nowadays.

        Evangelicals think it is their God-given duty to ‘save’ everyone and if anyone dares to refuse them or question them – then that person is deemed a heathen or a Jesus hater.

        That is what I mean by being intolerant.

        Does your mother go around trying to ‘save’ everyone?

        My personal pet peeve is some Billy or Betty Bible that thinks it is okay for them to get into my face and tell me that I’m a heathen and going to Hell just because I do not believe exactly as they do.

        Actions speak louder than words – and the Billy and Betty Bibles of this world show exactly what they are each time they ‘think’ they are saving someone.

        If their Heaven is filled with people just like them – I’ll take Hell any day of the week.

  4. Americans go to polls in last major elections before 2012

    (Reuters) – Americans began voting on Tuesday in the final major elections before presidential contests begin in 2012, with most attention on ballot initiatives in Ohio to curb union power and Mississippi that could outlaw abortion.

  5. We’ve all read hundreds of explanations. This one is succinct.

    What caused the financial crisis? The Big Lie goes viral.

    • Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis must have been a Communist

      Heavy sarcasm///

      You do know that facts never enter the Far Right Wingers’ fantasyland. These folks are too busy rewriting the Bible, rewriting the Constitution and by God, they are doing away with all those pesky regulations to keep our air and water clean. Or our food safe.

      Who needs those things when the 1% wealthy needs their butts kissed?

  6. Do you think this will help with their reality tv show ratings?

    Personally, I do not care how many kids this couple have but let’s not put the blame on God. We all know what makes a baby and I doubt very much if God was doing the shooting.

    I may sound flippant here – but I believe God gave us all a brain with which to make good decisions. And, really, a 20th child at age 45 is a good decision?

    Especially after the last one that had a lengthy hospital stay. I wonder who paid for those expenses?


    • Clarification – if using their logic that God gave them this baby, then God must also like to give babies to drug addicts, child abusers, poverty-stricken parents.

      So if God gives babies to these people – then that must mean that God wants those babies to suffer during their lifetime?

      Is that REALLY what these religious people want us to believe?

      Personally, I believe a child is a gift from God but with it also comes responsibilities.

      But I also know that basic biology comes into play – sperm meets egg at the right moment and BINGO – a fertilized egg that will be a baby when it comes to term.

      I know, I know …..I am one of those ‘liberal’ people who actually paid attention in my science classes.


  7. Make the rounds of right-wing media and blogs and you’ll see / hear Newt Gingrich’s name more and more often. Yep, he hasn’t imploded publicly during this election cycle. I don’t think he’ll be explaining how his 500k credit line at Tiffany’s shows he is a man of the people. I doubt he’ll tell us about how conflicted he was when he was investigating President Clinton for adultery while at the same time he was cheating on his deathly ill wife. More likely since those things happened before time began on Jan 20, 2009 he won’t have any need to address those issues with ‘family-values republicans.’ After all he doesn’t have a little “D” beside his name so IOKIYAR.

    Is Newt Gingrich the Republican Party’s Next Hope?

    How long do you think it will take before republicans / conservatives (whatever they call themselves) admit that Romney is their candidate? One thing you can be sure of is that as soon as they finally admit that fact Romney will have become the next best thing to sliced bread. They’re so easy to predict!

    • That is why I have to laugh every time it is pointed out that Cain is keeping his support strong – even after these allegations.

      The simple fact is – nobody on the Far Right is really wanting to jump on Romney’s bandwagon – which is why Romney’s support numbers never really change.

      I wonder how it feels to be Romney knowing that not all that many Republicans (your own kind) like you….

      • I also wonder if the Far Right is gearing up to split the GOP and form their own third party for 2016…

        If all it takes is arrgoance and ignorance to set up a third party – these are the folks to get it done…..


  8. Long before the OWS protests began two months ago I had become increasingly concerned about police brutality and the attitude of many LE officers. This article addresses that concern.

    How the War on Terror Has Militarized the Police

    The most serious consequence of the rapid militarization of American police forces, however, is the subtle evolution in the mentality of the “men in blue” from “peace officer” to soldier. This development is absolutely critical and represents a fundamental change in the nature of law enforcement. The primary mission of a police officer traditionally has been to “keep the peace.” Those whom an officer suspects to have committed a crime are treated as just that – suspects. Police officers are expected, under the rule of law, to protect the civil liberties of all citizens, even the “bad guys.” For domestic law enforcement, a suspect in custody remains innocent until proven guilty. Moreover, police officers operate among a largely friendly population and have traditionally been trained to solve problems using a complex legal system; the deployment of lethal violence is an absolute last resort.

    Soldiers, by contrast, are trained to identify people they encounter as belonging to one of two groups — the enemy and the non-enemy — and they often reach this decision while surrounded by a population that considers the soldier an occupying force. Once this identification is made, a soldier’s mission is stark and simple: kill the enemy, “try” not to kill the non-enemy. Indeed, the Soldier’s Creed declares, “I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat.” This is a far cry from the peace officer’s creed that expects its adherents “to protect and serve.”

    • I have several family members and friends who are retired/active police officers.

      I’ve heard the retired ones talking about how much this field has changed in the past decade. I’ve also heard the current ones talking about how they are even thinking of leaving this field due to the pressures of the job and sometimes the political B.S. that is coming down the pike.

      But the current ones are also talking more about the new recruits coming into their ranks. These rookies are coming in and they seem to be meaner and ‘looking for a fight’ – rather than what law enforcement used to mean – to protect and serve.

      There are bad apples in every group – and law enforcement is no different.

      But, sadly, I think this attitude of ‘Us and Them’ is not just confined to police officers – that is everywhere nowadays.

      If you doubt that – just look at some of these Evangelical mega church preachers/televangelists – they get paid millions to divide people into the US and THEM groups.

      Then throw in politics – and that US and THEM attitude has disastrous results.

  9. Thirty companies paid no U.S. income tax 2008-2010

    Thirty large and profitable U.S. corporations paid no income taxes in 2008 through 2010, said a study on Thursday that arrives as Congress faces rising demands for tax reform but seems unable or unwilling to act.


    • The last poll I saw had 75% of Americans thinking the country is on the wrong track.

      While Republicans and other pundits think that is a reflection on President Obama – I think it is more of a reflection on the Do Nothing Congress.

      Americans are fed up with the way things are currently.

      • I’ll even go further – I also think the people upset with Obama is largely due to his ever-present appearance of always bending over backwards to get the Republicans to join him in passing some jobs bill.

        I’ve noticed, Obama’s favorable ratings have jumped since he has been going around the country and pushing his current jobs bill. Every time Obama says – if Congress will not do its job, I will do my job – I see a jump in the polls.

        A nice guy can only extend the olive branch so many times. Boehner and McConnel have both made it perfectly clear how they feel about Obama – they want the man out of the White House at any cost – even the demise of our country, if need be. How Sad…

      • Americans know who is to blame. Every poll shows an increasing number of Americans blame the republicans and are well aware of how low they’ll stoop, how little regard they have for who they damage in their quest to defeat President Obama.

        I laugh when republicans drag out the number of people who aren’t pleased with President Obama and I know many of those are displeased with him expecting republicans to do what’s best for our country. I’ve seen that change since he’s taken charge! I like him taking it to the citizens, enacting Executive Orders and making it clear that he must do what Congress won’t.

  10. World War II Veteran Verne McGrew, from the village of McIndoe Falls, VT, sounds off on the problems in America today. More than 300 people jammed Sen. Bernie Sanders’ town meeting at Montpelier High School on Sunday about how to save the U.S. Postal Service. Read more here: http://sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/news/?id=9cf1ae68-de5b-4137-8c43-19dae7aeda62

    • Really cool!

      But about that question posed in the article — how much more is being missed? 😦

      • I saw that also. Makes me wonder. I guess I could always turn to some televangelist trying to predict the End of the World. LOL

        Nah, I’ll just keep on living my life one day at a time and enjoying every moment.

        And try to follow the teachings of my Christian faith – love my neighbor and try to do some good in this world while I am in it.

        To do otherwise would just be moot – IMHO.

  11. “I live in Australia…

    *My student loans from our gov. are not subject to interest, they do not increase each year
    *Our minimum wage is the eqv. of $14,000 and out working week is limited to 38 hours by LAW
    *Welfare is available to whoever needs it. You do not have to wait years to qualify
    *Every citizen automatically receives health cover for life-threatening or severe and chronic illnesses
    *Any medicines that are vital to survival are subsidised
    *Our Gov is not in recession
    *Our corporations still make an insane profit
    *We are looked after


    We support the 99%”

  12. Brownback’s latest hire, a Chief Information Technology Officer, is a consultant from Florida with a degree from an unaccredited institution and will earn $150,000 a year. “This is one of the key areas of how we can improve the efficiencies within state government,” Brownback said during a press conference. Really? Because we think our state government can be improved with a new governor who employs Kansans with legitimate qualifications.

    Kan. gov. introduces new executive branch IT chief


    • As Paul Harvey used to say……and this is the rest of the story…

      My first question to Brownback would be – was there no one in Kansas qualified to do this IT job?


      • P.S. – I’ll be waiting for further info to come out about this Florida guy. That is what I meant by the ‘rest of the story’.

        Something just sounds fishy here………

  13. I laughed out loud when I saw this so I thought someone else might enjoy it too.

    • Thanks for sharing…

      You know, ironing is one chore I do not miss. With all the new fabrics we have today, ironing has become almost obsolete.

      • Ever once in a great while I get out the ironing board and iron, dust them off and try to remember how to do that. 😦 Used to be second nature, now there’s a learning curve and it takes so much time.

  14. Can campaign finance reform unite OWS?

    As the movement searches for an agenda, it gives new life to an issue recently thought to be a lost cause

    As the Occupy Wall Street movement, which is often criticized for lacking a focused agenda, begins to hone its message, one issue has emerged as a possible catch-all: campaign-finance reform.

    It’s not sexy. The phrase conjures memories of Sens. John McCain and Russ Feingold droning on about its importance a decade ago on Capitol Hill.

    But now new life is being given to a cause most reformers had abandoned as unattainable.

    Central to the frustration of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators is corporate influence on politicians, which, they say, has led to most of the other concerns on their list, such as deregulation of the financial sector, unequal distribution of wealth and environmental destruction. Campaign-finance reform, some Occupiers believe, would address the root of the problem.

    “It is one thing to say, ‘If you don’t vote with us, you won’t get our $5,000.’ It is a whole other thing to say, “If you don’t vote with us, we will spend $250,000 in support of your opponent.”

    • Speaking of Russ Feingold…….here is an article about his current involvement on the issue of campaign finance reform.

      I heard Russ Feingold being interviewed early on during the OWS protest movement. Mr. Feingold was supporting the OWS protesters and IIRC he has some sort of activist group since he lost his seat in the Senate.

      I’ll have to do some research on his group…..

      Isn’t it ironic that John McCain joined Russ Feingold a decade ago about campaign finance reform and now McCain has joined the dark force of the GOP that believes in the more money, the better…


      • You’re going back to the time McCain was attractive to voters — before the bush team ruined him and his reputation in order to get bush the lesser appointed by SCOTUS.

        Most everything President Obama proposes is from the one-time Republican playbook. Back when they had more than “No,” and “Defeat Obama,” in their repertoire. That’s one of the reasons it’s easy for Americans to see that they are obstructing and doing everything they can to keep the economy from improving. The world may have begun for republicans on January 20, 2009, but all the rest of us have intact memories. So, it’s either their party has really changed a lot or they’re opposing what they once supported for no better reason than now it’s President Obama supporting those plans and initiatives.

  15. Judges block Texas redistricting map

    A three-judge panel has blocked Texas’s redistricting maps, a blow to Republicans that will most likely give Democrats more seats in the House and a better shot at retaking control of Congress next fall.

    The court’s decision to reject the state’s request to approve the maps without a trial clears the way for a hearing on the issue. It also means that a Texas court will draw a temporary map for the 2012 election due to time constraints.


  16. Read multiple accounts of the appeals court’s decision. It’s interesting to me to see how the same story can be spun in different ways and this link gives you several (CNN, Politico, Bloomberg, The Hill, The Wall Street Journal, AP…) —

    Appeals Court Rules Health Law’s Individual Mandate Constitutional


  17. One of the women first reported to have made a sexual-harassment settlement with the National Restaurant Association over Herman Cain’s behavior has now been identified. The Daily reports that Karen Kraushaar is a 55-year-old former journalist who now lives in Maryland and works as a communications official in the Treasury Department. She is a registered Republican and a graduate of Brown University. Kraushaar would not comment on the settlement, and relatives said it would be “extremely painful” for her to revisit the incident with Cain.


    • She is pictured at the above link — another blonde, white woman.

    • So now it seems we have she said X 4, he said, and her attorney said and his attorney said.

      Everyone says they’re telling the truth.

      I was put off by Cain’s attorney’s remarks. Then when Cain got to the microphone and told us he decided to address these issues directly and not have anyone speak for him — right after I had heard someone speaking for him — I kinda wondered what universe Cain is in.

      Did anyone hear Cain present any evidence of innocence? Was there any factual evidence or just more words?

      Did anyone hear anything that moved us beyond ‘he said / she they said’?

      • If there are two women that received settlements when they left National Restaurant Association and they are now forbidden to talk about it – then why not just let these women talk?

        If there were no sexual allegations made at that time – then just let the women talk.

        Or perhaps that is precisely the reason these women are not allowed to talk?

        Herman Cain may think he is above answering questions – but he is not.

        If anything – a public official should be under more intense scrutiny – so there would be no more of Cain simply not wanting to answering questions because ‘how dare any of us to question him’.

        Me thinks the Cain Train has hit a very big bump in the track and it is about to go over that cliff…..

  18. If you think “both parties are equally to blame,” you have not been paying attention.

    In Ohio people are voting to block republican legislation that would suppress workers rights. (http://tiny.cc/3b1cx)

    In Alabama people are voting to stop republican legislation that would make having a miscarriage criminal manslaughter. (http://tiny.cc/i6bxp)

    In Michigan republicans are attempting to pass a law that says bullying is ok as long as you have a religious reason. (http://tiny.cc/iracp)

    And those injustices represent just today. What will the Republican Party be doing tomorrow?

    Both parties are to blame? Not even close. Not even in the same galaxy.

    • How much do you think it will cost citizens of these states where republicans are overreaching to defend any of these measures if they pass. You know they’ll go to the court systems and it won’t be cheap.

      • Oh, but these folks’ God will provide the money – through the taxpayers trough.

        Bet those budget deficit spending REpublicans will be only too happy to gouge the taxpayers to pay for these silly lawsuits.

    • Reminds me of republicans and their regard for women.

      Which probably tells you a little about why republicans are at a disadvantage when it comes to women voters.

      • This is EXACTLY what I saw during my time in the Evangelical Christian church and my college days.

        God help me – I do not know how I survived….LMAO

        Did yoiu notice there were all men behind this guy and it sounded like only men in the audience cheering him on.

        I would like to remind this arrogant (of which he said he was proud to be arrogant) preacher man that it was the WOMEN in the Bible that attended to Jesus’ body after his crucifixion – not one single MAN seemed to care.

        It was the WOMEN who went to tell the good news that Jesus’ body was no longer in the tomb. Where were your perfect MEN then Mr. Preacher Man?

      • BTW – I know of this Hammond Baptist Church – it was a favorite feeder church into my Baptist College.

        God – I marvel now as to how I ever managed to get out of that place without going stark raving crazy……

  19. I’m beginning to think the best thing that happened to the Democratic Party recently was the republican wins in the 2010 mid terms. The republicans elected such idiots they put the spotlight on exactly what republicans are and what they do when elected. At every level.

    • From the various election results from around the country – it appears the Republicans have overplayed their hands in their current quest for total domination.

      Now this is what a democracy should look like….

  20. http://theoatmeal.com/comics/sex_map

    I laughed out loud when looking at this; just what I needed tonight.