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  1. The Modern-day Robin Hood.

    I’m surprised he isn’t wearing a lab coat and posing as a doctor.

  2. Is this an example of free-thinking? Yes, this woman isn’t a follower, and she wouldn’t be egged on by the reporter! NO! She believes only facts after carefully analyzing all she hears from many different sources. 😉

    • Let’s see – can I sum this woman’s hatred up in one word? The Jewish man George Soros (she did not even know his name for sure) is the billionaire who is spending his billions to ruin this country.

      But yet this woman is a devout Tea Party Republican who believes every word they say?

      Do you think this woman knows that the Koch Brothers are billionaires who are spending their billions to continue to use and abuse the US taxpayers to keep their wealth?

      And in doing research on the Koch Family, I learned that Daddy Koch worked with Communists and that is how the family fortune got started. Also, IIRC – Daddy Koch admired Mussolini. Hmmmm…..

      I had to laugh when this woman ranted about Al Gore making millions off scamming people about global warming – what does this woman think these televangelists have been doing for years ? Televangelists have used scamming tactics for years – and they are quite wealthy.

      And last but not least – do you think this woman uses Medicare? If she does, then she needs to stop using that socialist government program.

      Bottom line – these people have a deep seated hatred of Obama and living with that much hatred will eventually consume the hater.

    • I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

      “The democrats want to screw it up like they did big government.”

      But she wants smaller government.

      I wonder if she has a copy of the Constitution…and has read it.

      The interviewer certainly knew what topics to bring up and how.

    • Freedomwriter

      If only his revelations would lead to change….

    • Seems Americans are too busy trying to prove one another wrong and we don’t see the forest for the trees.

      “Oh, yeah, that’s right. That’s what’s it’s all about, all right. But talkin’ about it and bein’ it, that’s two different things. I mean, it’s real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace. Of course, don’t ever tell anybody that they’re not free, ’cause then they’re gonna get real busy killin’ and maimin’ to prove to you that they are. Oh, yeah, they’re gonna talk to you, and talk to you, and talk to you about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it’s gonna scare ’em.”

      Easy Rider is a 1969 film about two counterculture bikers who travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans in search of America.

  3. The republican ‘wanna-be-pres’ campaigners debate twice in the upcoming week: Wednesday, November 9 and again on Saturday, November 12 —

    November 9, 2011
    8pm ET on CNBC
    Location: Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan
    Sponsor: CNBC, the Michigan Republican Party and Oakland University
    Participants: Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Huntsman, Paul, Perry, Romney, Santorum

    November 12, 2011
    8pm ET on CBS
    Location: Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina
    Sponsor: CBS News, The National Journal and the Republican Party of South Carolina
    Participants: TBD

    I like the Romney that is for a woman’s right to choose, supports the new health care law (which is modeled after his plan) and supports gay’s right to marry. I don’t think that’s the Romney you’ll see in debates.

    • Romney is pandering to the REpublican base during the primary but I suspect he will try to flip flop come general election time.

      Will the flip flop work?

      • Here is what Jon Huntsman has to say about Romney’s flip flops – I found it rather amusing – the Waffle House? LMAO

        I find Huntsman to be the type of Republican I could live with – if he should be able to move Heaven and Earth and win the GOP nomination (which is highly unlikely since Huntsman seems to have at least one working brain cell and does not appear to be all consumed by this pure hatred the other Republicans seem to possess).

        But even when Huntsman considers Romney a flip flopper – Huntsman still says he will support the flip flopper if he should be the GOP nomination. I guess some people are tied to their political party regardless of how the party acts.

      • I think most republicans will definitely support whoever ends up being their nominee. They all have great enthusiasm for unseating President Obama! The problem is their numbers aren’t large enough to elect anyone at the national level without attracting votes outside their party. The independent voters will once again decide the election in 2012. All this pushing to out ‘conservative’ one another does is turn off the independent voter. The further right they push the less likely they are to look attractive to anyone but the far right wingers.

  4. A Kansas blog — by a guy whose job it is to oversee groundwater issues for 3.11 million acres that sit atop the Ogallala Aquifer.

    Hydraulic Fracking in Kansas – 2

  5. If the younger generation is our country’s future – what the Hell is awaiting us down the road?

    And I’ve got two young grandkids (5 yrs and 1 yr old) – I do not even want to think what their lives will be like if something does not break soon in this current political nonsense.

    I believe in fiscal responsbility and I am also a social liberal.

    I suspect that is where most Americans are on the political spectrum – where is my voice in all this political posturing?

  6. More and more Americans are aware of who is responsible for the lousy economy.

    The Republicans in Congress have made a wager. They’ve bet the political ranch that they will destroy Barack Obama’s chances for re-election if they can block his proposals to produce jobs.

    In fact, it’s the GOP that could lose big when the votes are counted a year from now.

    Republicans completely control the House. In the Senate they can use the filibuster to prevent anything from passing.

    Last week, for the third time this fall, Republicans successfully blocked Obama’s jobs program in the Senate. Of course this came as absolutely no surprise, since Senate Republican Leader told the world earlier this year — in no uncertain terms — that his top legislative priority was to prevent the re-election of the president.

    McConnell, and his House counterpart, John Boehner, don’t lose a wink of sleep over concerns that their intransigence harms the economic prospects of everyday Americans. In their view, the worse the economy gets, the more likely the voters will be to boot President Obama out of the Oval Office.

    But a good case can be made that these guys will end up being too cleaver by half — that in fact they are providing fuel for precisely the argument that could defeat them in 2012.

    McConnell and Boehner are right that it is very hard for an incumbent president to win re-election in a bad economy. And unless something dramatically changes, most Americans won’t think much of their own economic circumstances when Election Day rolls around next year.

    So next year’s election will turn largely on one question: who does the American people hold responsible for what will likely still be a lousy economy?

    Republicans are relying on the simple proposition that the guy in charge — the president — is to blame. But every day of intransigence increases the odds that in fact, they themselves will get the rap.

    Not only has the GOP refused to support Democratic measures to put Americans back to work, their alternative “jobs program” features no direct, measurable job creation whatsoever. Instead it relies on the same “trickle down” economic theory that didn’t create one net private sector job in the eight years before the Great Recession – and the same unwillingness to rein in the big Wall Street banks that led to the worst financial collapse in 65 years.

    But that’s not all. Everyone agrees that the Republican House Majority was swept into office last November precisely because of the terrible economy. But instead of job creation, they’ve busied themselves focusing on trying to defund Planned Parenthood, protecting Americans from the imaginary threat of Sharia Law, and fending off non-existent attack on the use of “In God We Trust.” The Republican controlled House hasn’t voted on a single job creation measure since John Boehner and his colleagues took power last January.

  7. Looks like another woman is coming forward about Herman Cain and his alleged sexual harassment problems.

    When I heard who the lawyer is for this woman – Gloria Allred – I suspect Cain’s sympathizers/supporters will only be assured that the ‘liberal media’ is out to get Cain – simply because she is Gloria Allred.

    I really do not know the true facts of the sexual harassment allegations and it would be nice to hear from the two women that National Restaurant Assocation obviously paid off to go away quietly (and the NRA as not yet released these women from their confidentiality agreements).

    Just let everyone involved tell their story – Cain is doing all the talking now and is that really fair?

    I don’t think so…

    • It seems to increase Cain’s popularity with the right wingers to be involved in this controversy. It also allows the party of old white men and the women who do their bidding to further denigrate females.

      Yep, Gloria Allred will allow the republicans yet another excuse and another way to deflect any personal responsibility Cain should accept.

      Didn’t you know where there’s smoke around a republican there is no fire? It’s the women’s fault! It’s what used to be a joke is now considered harassment because of ‘political correctness.’ It’s just another baseless attack from the left. If the liberal media would leave it alone it would go away. It’s actually Clinton’s fault!

      Republican personal responsibility in action!

      Oh, and not a peep from Cain supporters on how poorly he has handled the controversy. He, and he alone, is telling the absolute truth no mater how different what he says today is from what he said yesterday!

      • In all seriousness – I think this Cain controversy has been started by someone with the establishment GOP. Cain was getting too close to the top of the ladder and the good ol boys needed to slap him down.

        But you know – if there was no history of two women being paid off to go away quietly – there would be nothing to use against Cain, huh?

        I know alot of business men who have conducted themselves without ever being accused of sexual harrassing women , and certainly do not have a history of their workplace having to pay off women – so why is Cain treating this like it is no big deal?

        I heard someone just the other day make the statement that Cain’s support has always been around the 25% that we are currently seeing. So I do not think Cain is gaining supporters – he is just not losing the same supporters that he has always had.

        And as the the same person said – with Rick Perry’s decline in the GOP favorability polls – Cain has been the benefactor.

        Let’s face it – these Tea Party/Evangelical Republicans do not like Romney…

      • As for Cain’s handling of this entire controversy – I’ve always had the feeling that Cain is arrogant and a bully type of person.

        His handling of this entire thing kinda just goes with those two characteristics – IMHO.

  8. The facts we have are that two women who worked at the NRA in the 1990’s accused Cain of sexually harassing them. The NRA settled with them. There is a third woman who worked for NRA that has also accused Cain of harassment but she never lodged a formal complaint at the time and she has remained anonymous claiming to be afraid of retaliation. Now we have a fourth woman making an allegation, publicly. And there is a Republican pollster that is claiming to have witnessed some of Cain’s harassment

    Those are the facts.

    I don’t know anything about the fourth woman other than she used to work at the NRA and claims to be a registered Republican and tea party supporter. She could be lying but she seems to be taking a pretty big risk actually holding a press conference about the alleged abuse. She has to know that everything about her life will be scrutinized and dissected endlessly on cable and talk radio. And, if she is truly a tea party supporter, she probably knows many Cain supporters, and could lose friends by coming forward with this story. The rush to find vulnerabilities in Bialek herself -— not only her story -— typifies the character-based scrutiny that accusers of sexual harassment or assault face.

    We have no idea what is true and what really happened. But we should get more of an idea about what really happened over the next few days.

    If this woman’s story is true, Cain should lose the respect of those who hold Clinton in disdain. I don’t expect that to happen. I expect many of those who hold Clinton in disdain to continue to support Cain. It’s crazy to me, but I accept it as a fact.

    Two more facts:

    America’s adult population is more women than men.

    Republicans are at a disadvantage when it comes to women voters.

    • I know how proud I feel about President Obama being a good, loving, faithful family man. I smile when I see pictures of him and his family! This is a picture of our president and his wife on the occasion of their recent 19th wedding anniversary. It makes me feel very good, happy, proud.

      I don’t want another man who is unable to keep his zipper closed calling himself a leader. I don’t care what other qualities he may have, he is a despicable example of mankind.

      • From all I’ve heard and read – President Obama lives what these Family Values Republicans can only seem to preach down to others – actual family values that means he loves his wife, they have two great kids and he has even lived with his mother-in-law for years – and he seems to enjoy that arrangement.

        For that fact alone – the man deserves an extra brownie point – doesn’t he?

        And speaking as a mother-in-law, I know that would be difficult at times. LOL

  9. I don’t seem to be any good at explaining time change to my two cats and my dog, Ginger. They seem to think they know when they’re hungry and what time it should be. Any of you have better luck, suggestions?

  10. Was he being reckless and indifferent to what these terrorists did? Did he just not know these were dangerous people who believed in treason? If so, how was it possible for him and his staff to be that utterly unaware? A two minute search online could have told them.

    While Perry certainly is quite hostile to the federal government he now wants to lead, it does seem unlikely Perry truly agrees with these secessionists about their violent terrorist tactics. Perhaps Perry is what many of his critics have long said, someone who will say anything to anyone to get votes. In this case, that even means seeking the support of violent terrorist traitors.

    Rick Perry’s Ties to a Terrorist Militia

  11. Sexual harassment in the workplace is an issue of power: As long as working women are silenced, alienated, shamed and blamed as victims of sexual harassment, we cannot claim that we are a society that has achieved gender equality. That is why Anita Hill’s courageous account of her harassment by then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas before a congressional hearing in October, 1991, remains so profound a moment in the history of women speaking truth to power.

    Twenty years after Anita Hill boldly brought workplace sexual harassment to the American public consciousness, The Nation celebrates the progress we have made in the two decades since and reflects on the challenges we still face. In this video produced by Francis Reynolds and Emily Douglas, The Nation invites playwright Eve Ensler, the Domestic Workers Alliance’s Ai-Jen Poo, former director of 9 to 5 Ellen Bravo, Hollaback!’s Emily May, The Nation’s Katha Pollitt and the African American Policy Forum’s Kimberlé Crenshaw to talk about the significance of Anita Hill’s legacy and how the urgent need to address issues such as sexual harassment against domestic workers and women of color remains to this day.

    • I still do not understand how Clarence Thomas can sit on the Supreme Court and not recuse himself from any cases concerning anything that his wife, Ginny, has been involved in with her activist/lobbyist job(s).

  12. 102 Things NOT To Do If You Hate Taxes

    So, you’re a Republican that hates taxes? Well, since you do not like taxes or government, please kindly do the following.

    1. Do not use Medicare.
    2. Do not use Social Security
    3. Do not become a member of the US military, who are paid with tax dollars.
    4. Do not ask the National Guard to help you after a disaster.
    5. Do not call 911 when you get hurt.
    6. Do not call the police to stop intruders in your home.
    7. Do not summon the fire department to save your burning home.
    8. Do not drive on any paved road, highway, and interstate or drive on any bridge.
    9. Do not use public restrooms.
    10. Do not send your kids to public schools.
    11. Do not put your trash out for city garbage collectors.
    12. Do not live in areas with clean air.
    13. Do not drink clean water.
    14. Do not visit National Parks.
    15. Do not visit public museums, zoos, and monuments.
    16. Do not eat or use FDA inspected food and medicines.
    17. Do not bring your kids to public playgrounds.
    18. Do not walk or run on sidewalks.
    19. Do not use public recreational facilities such as basketball and tennis courts.
    20. Do not seek shelter facilities or food in soup kitchens when you are homeless and hungry.
    21. Do not apply for educational or job training assistance when you lose your job.
    22. Do not apply for food stamps when you can’t feed your children.
    23. Do not use the judiciary system for any reason.
    24. Do not ask for an attorney when you are arrested and do not ask for one to be assigned to you by the court.
    25. Do not apply for any Pell Grants.
    26. Do not use cures that were discovered by labs using federal dollars.
    27. Do not fly on federally regulated airplanes.
    28. Do not use any product that can trace its development back to NASA.
    29. Do not watch the weather provided by the National Weather Service.
    30. Do not listen to severe weather warnings from the National Weather Service.
    31. Do not listen to tsunami, hurricane, or earthquake alert systems.
    32. Do not apply for federal housing.
    33. Do not use the internet, which was developed by the military.
    34. Do not swim in clean rivers.
    35. Do not allow your child to eat school lunches or breakfasts.
    36. Do not ask for FEMA assistance when everything you own gets wiped out by disaster.
    37. Do not ask the military to defend your life and home in the event of a foreign invasion.
    38. Do not use your cell phone or home telephone.
    39. Do not buy firearms that wouldn’t have been developed without the support of the US Government and military. That includes most of them.
    40. Do not eat USDA inspected produce and meat.
    41. Do not apply for government grants to start your own business.
    42. Do not apply to win a government contract.
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    45. Do not save your money in a bank that is FDIC insured.
    46. Do not use Veterans benefits or military health care.
    47. Do not use the G.I. Bill to go to college.
    48. Do not apply for unemployment benefits.
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    50. Do not live in homes that are built to code.
    51. Do not run for public office. Politicians are paid with taxpayer dollars.
    52. Do not ask for help from the FBI, S.W.A.T, the bomb squad, Homeland Security, State troopers, etc…
    53. Do not apply for any government job whatsoever as all state and federal employees are paid with tax dollars.
    54. Do not use public libraries.
    55. Do not use the US Postal Service.
    56. Do not visit the National Archives.
    57. Do not visit Presidential Libraries.
    58. Do not use airports that are secured by the federal government.
    59. Do not apply for loans from any bank that is FDIC insured.
    60. Do not ask the government to help you clean up after a tornado.
    61. Do not ask the Department of Agriculture to provide a subsidy to help you run your farm.
    62. Do not take walks in National Forests.
    63. Do not ask for taxpayer dollars for your oil company.
    64. Do not ask the federal government to bail your company out during recessions.
    65. Do not seek medical care from places that use federal dollars.
    66. Do not use Medicaid.
    67. Do not use WIC.
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    69. Do not use electricity or any service provided by the Tennessee Valley Authority.
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    83. Do not expect convicted felons to remain off the streets.
    84. Do not eat in restaurants that are regulated by food quality and safety standards.
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    87. Do not apply for a patent when you invent something.
    88. Do not adopt a child through your local, state, or federal governments.
    89.Do not use elevators that have been inspected by federal or state safety regulators.
    90. Do not use any resource that was discovered by the USGS.
    91. Do not ask for energy assistance from the government.
    92. Do not move to any other developed nation, because the taxes are much higher.
    93. Do not go to a beach that is kept clean by the state.
    94. Do not use money printed by the US Treasury.
    95. Do not complain when millions more illegal immigrants cross the border because there are no more border patrol agents.
    96. Do not attend a state university.
    97. Do not see any doctor that is licensed through the state.
    98. Do not use any water from municipal water systems.
    99. Do not complain when diseases and viruses, that were once fought around the globe by the US government and CDC, reach your house.
    100. Do not work for any company that is required to pay its workers a livable wage, provide them sick days, vacation days, and benefits.
    101. Do not expect to be able to vote on election days. Government provides voting booths, election day officials, and voting machines which are paid for with taxes.
    102. Do not ride trains. The railroad was built with government financial assistance.

    The fact is, we pay for the lifestyle we expect. Without taxes, our lifestyles would be totally different and much harder. America would be a third world country. The less we pay, the less we get in return. Americans pay less taxes today since 1958 and is ranked 32nd out of 34 of the top tax paying countries. Chile and Mexico are 33rd and 34th. The Republicans are lying when they say that we pay the highest taxes in the world and are only attacking taxes to reward corporations and the wealthy and to weaken our infrastructure and way of life. So next time you object to paying taxes or fight to abolish taxes for corporations and the wealthy, keep this quote in mind…

    “I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes