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  1. Is there a phrase that means the opposite of Dream Team? It would come in handy to describe tonight’s face-off between Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. The Texas showdown has been advertised as a revival of the exalted Lincoln-Douglas debates, but a better description at this point might be What Women Don’t Want.

    The Cain-Gingrich Debate 2011 has set a record for advance sales of tickets, which range from $150 to $1,000.

    Their 90-minute mano-a-mano encounter tonight is designed to bust out of the constraints of the normal debates. It is moderated by Iowa Rep. Steve King, who, like the two candidates, is known for colorful utterances. Anything could happen, and C-Span will be there to make sure millions are witness to it. Republicans who don’t see Cain or Gingrich as the future of their party may want to cross their fingers and hope this Lincoln-Douglas reenactment will be little noted nor long remembered.

  2. Although there are many details to be ‘fleshed out,’ Romney’s Plan seems to be Paul Rayns plan — ya know, the one that ends Medicare as we know it.


    How Mitt Romney’s new plan would change Social Security and Medicare

    Mitt Romney unveiled his fiscal plan to a tea party-aligned group Friday. It would cut some federal programs, and it could mean significant changes in Social Security and Medicare.

  3. Shame on the Chamber of Commerce for spending $150k to bring the war criminal George W. Bush to Wichita, Ks.

    • Shame on the Chamber for bringing him, and shame on those who paid money to see the man whose eight years as President were instrumental in helping to bring down our country’s current financial mess.

      Too bad the crowd singing wasn’t larger.

    • Freebird1971

      Has he been tried and convicted as a war criminal?

      • Nope! And never will be in this country. He just needs to be careful about where he travels.

      • Freebird1971

        Well I guess we will see. Bush coming to Wichita is IMHO atrivil issue to get upset over.

      • Well, I agree! It didn’t upset me. I thought it was a really silly way to spend money. I didn’t go. I’m pretty sure those who did go thought it was a great way to spend money.

      • The hilarious thing is – the Chamber of Commerce Republicans really do not like the Fundies calling the shots in the Grand Old Party.

        I heard an analyst the other day, when it was pointed out that Herman Cain’s popularity among the Republicans is still running high, that a major factor in Cain’s popularity is the fact that not too many Fundy Republican like Romney….

        I suspect the CoC loves Romney – because he will keep the taxpayer-funded government subsidies and those special tax cuts for all the ‘right’ people flowing IF and when he becomes president.

        IMHO – that is a very big IF….

        I still laugh because even Republicans don’t like Romney….that boy just cannot catch a break – can he?

        After all, it his HIS turn…..he’s wealthy, male and white…..

  4. At least 650,000 consumers have already joined credit unions since Sept. 29, the day Bank of America (BAC, Fortune 500) announced plans to impose its controversial $5 debit card fee, according to a nationwide survey of credit unions by the Credit Union National Association.

    Bank dumping days begin

  5. Romeny says he will “repeal ObamaCare, which would save $95 billion in 2016.” FALSE!! When the CBO looked at the first 10 years of repeal, from 2012 to 2021, it found that repeal added $210 billion to the deficit. So the deficit would actually be lower if the law is not repealed.

    • They don’t care. They know that all they have to do is spout certain things, and the morons will follow. To hell with truth and the facts!

      I don’t think these current Republicans care if the country defaults. Or comes close to it. Look what happened earlier. By digging their heels in and not budging, they were able to force changes they wanted. And as any parents knows, giving in to a child’s tantrum will only make matters worse in the long run. Hey, it worked before, they figure it’ll keep working. If it doesn’t and the country implodes, they’ll be able to blame Obama and the Democrats, and enough people will believe them to keep electing them. Although if this keeps happening, there won’t be elections. They’ll just install themselves into whatever seats they want.

      Obviously I didn’t come here in a cheery mood this a.m.. LOL

  6. So many unloved pets in the world. The Kansas Humane Society is having free cats/kittens today and half off dogs. If you can, adopt a loving pet today and give it a good home! Bring home your new best friend today. And please spay or neuter your pets to bring an end to the overpopulation of shelters.

    • We went to the last KHS free kitten/cat giveaway in September and brought home Toby. He was the last cat left and wasn’t even present, since he was being fostered. My daughter had seen his picture on the KHS website several weeks before, so when she saw the picture of him on the poster on the wall that said he was available, she was determined to wait, and sure enough, it was announced that he was the last one available. I spoke up quickly and am glad I did.

      He’s a great cat (about 2 1/2 years old) and big, but our oldest cat has taken a HUGE dislike to him. She’s a KHS cat, too, but a bought and paid for one. In fact, KHS is where we get most of our feline friends.

      If this giveaway is as successful as the last one, There won’t be any left by the end of the day. That’s a good thing. 🙂

  7. Boehner, where are the jobs?

  8. How would you caption this photo?

    • I can’t, but Laura should have noticed that the tie doesn’t “go” with the jacket. (Yes, I’m picky, picky, picky.)

      Also, I never realized he was somewhat cross-eyed. Probably from all that booze and cocaine. 😉

  9. Republicans should find Herman Cain an embarrassment. He’s even worse than Dubya, and I didn’t think there could ever be a presidential candidate worse than him in the IQ department.

    What rock do they find these people under, anyway? And why do they pull them out of there?

    • They don’t find him an embarrassment; they find him highly qualified.

      They blame the women (who haven’t been able to tell their sides of the story). Republicans have proven overandover how little regard they have for women. They blame ‘political correctness,’ they blame the media. But they don’t blame Cain.


      I think he would make an excellent candidate for the republican party!

      We know Romney is going to be the nominee. Those who call themselves ‘conservative’ won’t yet admit this, but it’s a foregone fact. I’m pretty sure Romney’s candidancy is already bought and paid for.

      Pass the popcorn!

  10. Asher Bob White

    Geo. W. Bush will come to Ruby-Red-Kansas because (1) it is a safe place for Greedy Obstructionist People, and (2) it is the Chamber of Commerce hosting (another villian in KS)!
    Strange! How can so many really good people live in a place with so many villians? Mass misguidance.

  11. A reminder —

    Saturday, November 5 at 6 p.m.

    Finally, they have the debate stage to themselves: The philosopher-politician vs. the businessman-preacher.

    Newt Gingrich, the onetime House speaker whose appeal is his endless buffet of ideas, and Herman Cain, the former restaurant executive whose appeal is his folksy simplicity, first locked arms in the mid-1990s over their mutual abhorrence of health-care reform and adoration of welfare reform. If any two Republican presidential hopefuls may be brothers from different mothers, as Cain referred to his relationship with the wealthy Koch brothers, they are Gingrich and Cain.

    On Saturday night, the amiable duo will seek to unleash their intellectual and rhetorical firepower on a ballroom of tea party activists in this Houston suburb. They will square off in a 90-minute debate designed to signal a departure from the it’s-my-turn-to-speak gotcha slugfests that have dominated the GOP presidential debate circuit.

    Modeled after the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858, there are two candidates and no ground rules, other than pledges of civility. The event is hotly anticipated as Cain, after surging in the polls, finds himself struggling to steady his campaign amid reports that two female subordinates of his at the National Restaurant Association once filed official sexual harassment complaints against him.

    There can be only one Republican nominee, and Gingrich and Cain each stands in the other’s way. Both Georgians are vying to emerge as the conservative grass-roots alternative to the party establishment front-runner, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, and ultimately do what both men most relish: take the fight to President Obama.

  12. Freebird1971

    I know I will be taken to task for this but so be it. I see as much hate and contempt on this blog for leaders on the other side of the aisle as I see from the right. Seems to me there isn’t a whole lot of difference in the attitudes on either side.

    • Why in the world would anyone be taken to task for their opinion? We all have them.

    • Hate = no. Contempt = yes.

      It takes alot of energy to hate someone else and, frankly, these Republican leaderrs are not worth wasting my time to hate them personally.

      BUT I do ‘hate’ what they are doing (or NOT doing in Congress) when it comes to solving the country’s problems.

      I’m just exercising the same logic that Fundie Evangelical Republicans use when they state they hate the sin – not the sinner.

      I hate the SIN of these Republican leaders for not even lifting one finger to be of help to solve the problems. Either help or get out of the way – IMHO

      • I really could care less what House Speaker John Boehner and Sen. Minority Leader MItch McConnell do in their personal lives.

        But while they are on the taxpayers’ payroll – these folks need to step up to the plate and DO THEIR JOB….

      • Freebird1971

        Following your logic I hold both sides in utter contempt,when it comes right down to it none of them give a tinkers’s damn about solving the problems facing this country. A politician is ,simply put, is high priced whore ,and the average person can’t afford them so we get nothing.

  13. Legendary author Stephen King supports the Occupy movement and released this statement,”It’s time for the wealthy to pay their fair share before the middle class becomes the forgotten class. And it’s time for the banks to give back what they were given.

    There are those in politics, particularly those on the conservative side, who can’t get enough of telling people that the wealthy 1% must not be taxed because doing so kills jobs. The real job-killers are corporate greed and political expediency. It’s time for working people in Maine and all across the country to take back the American dream.”

    • Bless George Carlin. He knew exactly what was going on before any of us could put it into words, and he shared it complete with all the gory truth.

  14. Republicans loudly protest that Obama is causing ‘class warfare’ by daring to propose the wealthy pay more taxes.

    BUT didn’t the wealthy get ‘special’ Bush tax cuts for 10 years and Obama even agreed to extend those ‘special’ tax cuts for 2 more years?

    I just want the SAME special tax cuts these wealthy people are getting.

    Anything less would be class warfare…….

    • Freebird1971

      No tax cuts for anyone or any entity.

      • My point was – Boehner claims Obama is playing class warfare – so let’s stop giving special tax cuts to the wealthy.

        What part of that is not okay with you?

        Do you think it is okay for ONLY the wealthy Americans to be given special tax cuts?

    • I agree it’s time the wealthiest put some skin in the game. The tax cuts we all received were bigger for them, they also enjoy a tax system that gives only those with great wealth additional breaks which sometimes allow them to pay zero federal taxes.

      Taxes are at the lowest point in the last 50+ years and during the last 30 or so all but the most wealthy have lost ground economically — while the rich have gained even greater wealth everyone else has slipped backwards. It’s time for the big banks, that used taxpayer money to recover, to quit sitting on the profits they made from that seed money and begin loaning.

      It’s definitely time to remember these words: “For everyone to whom much is given, of him shall much be required.” — Luke 12:48

      • Freebird1971

        That means EVERYONE,rich or poor

      • The Bible also says it is easier for rich man to go through the eye of a needle than to get into Heaven.

        But yet I suspect some of those wealthy Americans that get those special Bush tax cuts also claim to be such godly Christians