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  1. Looks like everything and everyone is lining up to make Mittens the republican nominee. Wasn’t this always the expected outcome?

    Cain had some serious problems with his 9-9-9 plan, and was about to challenge Romney for who could flip and flop better, even before personal ‘challenges’ entered the picture. It really doesn’t matter whether it was Perry who ‘leaked’ info as Cain’s camp charges — Perry is a snake in the grass if you’re staying kind in describing him. Gingrich has his own version of a flat tax in order to make the rich richer and sock it to the middle and poorer classes among other ways he would like to take our country back a few centuries. None of those ridiculous plans will appeal to voters once the light of day is shone on them. Oh the republicans don’t seem smart enough to understand but they don’t have enough voters to win at the national level so they’re easily ignored.

    Morning Joe said yesterday the republicans would rather lose than elect Romney. Which is probably only true of rational republicans who are capable of critical thinking skills. The wingnuts, which make up the majority of the Republican Party nowadays, are asking what Joe’s been smokin’.

    I think we’ll see the Ron Paul voters stay home when Romney is nominated, voters who were looking for a better candidate will either join those Paul folks or will suck it up and vote for Obama since the republicans couldn’t come up with anyone better.

    We’ll chalk this up to who would be crowned was decided long ago and continues to be an exercise in futility (although highly entertaining!). On the plus side, the campaigns are adding much needed spending to our economy.

    • The tried and true GOP nomination process – the next white wealthy guy in line who has waited for ‘his turn’.

      Wasn’t that the same process McCain went through?

      The only guy that did not happen with was George W. Bush. And Dubya got in simply because of his last name.

      (and he was somebody you could have a beer with). heavy sarcasm///

      • ON second thought – GWB was also useful as a puppet in the hands of Dick Cheney.

        Those Neo Conservatives like to do their handiwork from behind the scenes – that way, the puppet will get the blame.

  2. Several times this week I’ve read / heard such words as, …probably won’t do Cain any harm among his supporters in Iowa; in fact, it will probably help. If these words aren’t just journalistic descriptions pulled out of thin air to make the whole situation more ‘scandalous,’ what do they tell you about republicans? What does it say if a voter still supports this man to hold the office of president of the U.S.?

    • The same people who still support Cain (or supports him even more) are the same people who think it was ever so clever to boo that active duty US soldier simply because is gay.

      How can one reason with anyone who thinks like that?

      THWTA….To Hell With Them All….

    • What it might say is the candidate is a human with failures. I can accept that. Unless the next thought is how immoral our country is and we need to remember we’re a ‘Christian’ nation, that family values are all important, that …

      You get the picture.

      Wouldn’t republicans need to stop judging Muslims, gays, women, and even welcome minorities if they don’t want to be hypocrites?

  3. prairie pond

    “What does it say if a voter still supports this man to hold the office of president of the U.S.?”

    Uh, that the repukes don’t care about women?

    I think that’s not exactly news. Why women continue to vote for repukes mystifies me.

    • Republicans don’t like women, homosexuals, non-Evangelical Christians, poor people, minorities and donkeys (Democrats)

      Have I left out anybody?

      • “Have I left out anybody?”

        Yeah, themselves, because anybody who hates that much has to have the lowest self-esteem possible. Thus the reason for hating everyone else. Being hate-filled makes them feel less self-hated.

      • wicked – you may have hit the nail on its head.

        I was told a long time ago by a very wise man (my grandpa) that hating someone else takes so much more energy out of you than it hurts the one you are hating.

    • I know women who vote republican because that’s how their ‘man’ tells them to vote. Most have serious challenges like keeping their ‘place’ in order to avoid the severe punishments their man doles out. Politics isn’t the hill they’ve decided to die on. Very sad.

  4. prairie pond

    Heh, Indy. That’s a pretty comprehensive list. But I think it’s fair to say they don’t much care for liberals, immigrants, Momons or blacks, either!

    I don’t doubt, as Will said yesterday, that there is fire behind the smoke about Cain and sexual harrassment.

    I do wonder, though, if this has Rove’s fingerprints all over it? You know, the hillbilly, ignorant repukes will buy into the stereotype of the over sexualized black man lusting after their white women.

    After all, isn’t that what they said about Clarence Thomas? That invoking sexual harrassment charges against him was a “high tech lynching” because it used the stereotype of the hypersexual black man? Just sayin’.

    Rove is one of the few people to go that low to win an election, and Rove is firmly in the Romney camp. It’s always stunning how they can use an argument one way, when it benefits them, and with no sense of irony, use that same argument in the opposite way if THAT benefits them.

    They truly love to have it both ways!

    • prairie pond

      Hee hee. Do I get the randomly generated pink triangle avatar for obvious reasons or was it really random?


      • There you go! Trying to push that ‘gay’ agenda —

        7:00 breakfast
        7:30 off to work
        5:30 stop by store on way home
        6:00 begin cooking dinner
        11:00 after having watched news, washed laundry, paid bills, mended, cleaned, ironed, cared for pets, maybe read, you’re off to bed and sleep.

        I’ve heard warnings…

  5. prairie pond

    I see Occupy Wichita made the front page of Crooks and Liars today.

    Good job, Wichita!

    I wish I was there.

  6. Covering Their Tracks: Firm Linked To Ponzi Scheme Erases Tagg Romney From Website

    Yesterday, ThinkProgress released the investigation of the Romney family’s investment firms, including Solamere Advisors and its parent company, Solamere Capital, which is run by Mitt Romney’s son Tagg. The report found that Tagg founded his firm using $10 million of Mitt’s money, and later partnere…

    • Maybe that article in the checkout newspaper I was telling you about a few days ago is on to something? IIRC – that article said that Romney’s campaign would be rocked by a perrsonal IRS scandal.

      IIRC – it was one of those check-out newspapers that first leaked the story about John Edwards’ having that affair and his love child.

      And we all know how that story turned out…..

  7. Big surprise. Heavy handed tactics by Goldman Sachs bank against a tiny credit union for aiding Occupy protesters. Why go after a tiny bank? The only explanation is the bank fears protesters and wants to thwart them at every opportunity. It’s too late. The people are learning more and more about their treachery everyday.

    Goldman Sachs Threatens Small Community Bank For Banking With OWS Protestors | MTR

  8. 40 House Republicans Sign Letter Saying They’re Open To Tax Increases

    Forty House Republicans joined 60 Democrats today in a letter calling on the congressional super committee to consider “all options” in crafting a deficit reduction package, including increasing revenues. As the AP notes, the “letter puts about one-sixth of House GOP lawmakers on record as saying the supercommittee should consider collecting more taxes.”

    • Do you think it’s possible for republican voters to actually realize who is calling the shots? Will a single one of them acknowledge they didn’t vote for Norquist?‎

      (from the article) Yesterday, former Republican Senator Alan Simpson, the co-chair of President Obama’s deficit-reduction commission, appeared before the super-committee and begged the Republicans to break their pledge to Grover Norquist.

      “He can’t murder you. He can’t burn your house down,” he told the MSNBC host. “The only thing he can do to you is defeat you for re-election. And if that means more to you than your country, you really shouldn’t be in Congress.”

      • Ray Lahood – the Republican Transportation Secretary – is saying basically the same thing to these Congress Critter Republicans.

        But do you think Boehner, McConnell and Eric Cantor are going to stop doing their JUST SAY NO dance anytime soon?

      • No, I don’t think so. It’s more difficult to unseat an incumbent president if the economy improves. They have no intention of helping make anything better.

  9. Wow – a third woman is now coming forward about Herman Cain? And it appears there was a witness to some incident.

    According to this article, Cain’s campaign is blaming Rick Perry’s campaign for leaking this story.

    Earth to Cain – if there was nothing to leak, there would be no story.

    Even before all this sexual harrassment issue came out – I never liked Cain simply because he seemed arrogant, rude and a bully type of a man.

    I don’t like bullies…

  10. Don’t know if you’ve seen this video…..

    My first thought was – there is such a thing as disciplining a 16-yr-old and then there are things like this.

    I was raised in the 50’s and 60’s and spankings were just the general rule of the day. But I have never been beat like this with a belt. And certainly not when I was 16 yrs old.

    What bothered me the most was when the guy said he shouldbeat her into submission. That is what bothers me the most.

    But, again, alot of Fundamental Evangelical Christians believe in this stuff. Just like they believe that women should be submissive to their husband.

    Again, I see this as bullies getting off on their so-called power to beat up on someone powerless against them.

    • One good thing to come out of this – this guy is a Texas Judge that handles family cases. And he is now under investigation.

      This guy is getting alot of unwanted attention from alot outraged Americans.

      But I suspect we will also hear from the Fundies in their defense of this guy simply doing what God wants fathers to do – spare the rod, spoil the child.

      Where is the common sense????

  11. Elizabeth Warren is one classy lady……

    Pay close attention to the last sentence in this article. Elizabeth is not only class but she is smart.

    • It’s better than having to actually ‘use’ your phone in some way, but I don’t think it is an improvement in convenience or safety over what we have now. It might be faster. I’ll admit reluctance to change is often my first reaction and wait and see on this one. When the cashiers ask for my zip code or phone number I always decline to give that info out loud. I don’t think I’d feel safer or more inclined to giving my full name in public.

    • Speaking of technology, this is a good read —

      How Technology Is Eliminating Higher-Skill Jobs

      • Sad to say, but sometimes when I get an automated message on a customer service department, I have more success with the computer than I do a live person – especially if that person is a foreigner based in Bangladesh or Pakistan.

        I still remember my last call to an insurance company and all I wanted to know was did my last quarterly premium payment post because it had not cleared my bank yet and the due date was fast approaching.

        I was so frustrated with the person because it was obvious I was dealing with a foreigner named – Butch (?) and I finally asked him where he was located. After stammering for a minute – he said ‘Pakistan’.

        That was when I asked for an English speaking supervisor and after being transferrred, I ended up with a nice woman named Susan from Pennsylvania in the U.S.A.

        I’m sure this scenario has been repeated multiple times throughout America ….

        I’ll take the automated system anyday over a live person…..

  12. I thought Republicans ran in 2010 on the promise of creating jobs?

    Pay close attention to President Obama’s response to this legislation. Once again, Obama has hit the nail on its head.

    BTW – I wonder if these Republicans who profess to love God so much even realize that they are using a broad term for God? Because I suspect these folks who push this agenda are really wanting America to worship only the correct ‘Christian’ God.

    There are many different Gods in this world. Muslims have their own version of God – so I guess these Republicans who push this agenda are saying being a Muslim is okay?

  13. Be sure you check out what people in (swing state) Florida had to say!

    (from the link) “With 51% of voters saying that jobs and the economy are the most pressing issues in the nation today, 49% said they believe that the Republicans are intentionally hindering efforts to boost the economy so that President Barack Obama will not be reelected.”

  14. WSC

    Well, Herbie has had a bad week, what with all those horrible women not respecting his right to make suggestive comments and/or invitations and those evil liberal or conservatives or drunk Texans outing him. Further, he seems to have failed to read the newspapers back in 1964 when China actually did go nuclear. All of the CONtroversy has taken the heat off Cain’s tax plans which seem to evolve daily from Nine-nine-nine to nine-oh-nine to something with deductions allowed to whatever else he can think of when faced with criticism.

    I think that Mr. Cain is just now finding out, as did Bachmann and Perry, that you can’t just spout Tea Party nonsense and expect to have a viable campaign for the most powerful office on Earth.

    As an aside, has anyone besides me noticed that little jump thingie that Perry does when trying to make a point? He looks like someone has goosed him when he rocks up on his toes like that. Hey, maybe someone DID goose him – anyone see Mitt’s hands?

    But, anyway, watching the Cons have at it over the GOP nomination has served to both amuse me and to rededicate myself to voting for Barack Obama. Honestly, could anyone truly imagine themselves voting for one of the numskulls that the Republicans have offered?

    Herbie is quite the singer, so I have a suggestion for him for his next tax plan: “Mr. Cain, all of your tax plans have been shot down as a huge tax increase on the working poor and a huge tax break for the wealthy. What is your next tax plan?”

    (For rock trivia fans, this song was written in 1957 by John Lennon, his first songwriting attempt, when he was just 17.)

    • I only noticed Rick Perry doing that jumpy thing in that disastrous NH speech.

      Some people have asked if he was drunk or maybe he was taking pain pills for his recent back surgery as the reason for his giddiness and odd behavior.

      But you know what I think? Considering Rick Perry’s target audience for the GOP nomination are people who seem to think junior-highish behavior is okay when running for president – is Perry’s giddiness and his demonization and/or poking fun at others really that far off base for the current GOP base?

      Me thinks not….

    • Did you see the British Bobbies? No billy clubs, just nice, neat, black gloves they smack in their palms. LOL

  15. I am watching the different media coverage about this Cain sexual harassment fiasco.

    Now it seems that Cain is blaming the Perry campaign and the Perry Campaign is blaming the Romney campaign.

    Doesn’t anyone want to talk about the real elephant in the room – which is the fact there were two women paid who were paid settlements and they are not allowed to talk – but Cain is?

    Earth to Cain – if nothing happened, then there would be no story to leak…

    And I heard this morning there is a third woman who wants to come forward.

    • If Cain really wants to be an honest and upfront guy – then he could tell the National Restaurant Group to release the women from their non-disclosure agreements and let these women tell their side of the story.

      • WSClark

        The simple fact is that no company or organization is going to pay out a full years salary in severance for a single, unsubstantiated, accusation of sexual harassment.

        It just doesn’t happen – ever.

        In all cases of sexual harassment in the workplace, where there is smoke there is fire.

  16. This group of protesters are not with the OWS group – but perhaps this group could help the OWS protesters to locate their own Congress Critters’ offices and do the same?