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  1. In addition to being flaky and perhaps unbalanced he has no clue! He has no understanding of what the Occupy movement is about, he has no understanding that America is no longer the country where anyone / everyone can find success, he doesn’t comprehend that millions of Americans lack shelter, that they’re hungry. No Occupier cares how much money anyone makes, but they all think no amount of money should be adequate to buy our country’s government. What a disconnected doofus!


    Rick Perry on income inequality: Money is ‘highly overrated’

    “You know, we have young people who are today occupying Wall Street, that there are some people out there that are making too much money,” the Texas governor said at an education forum in Des Moines, Iowa. “And if somebody were to ask me what the best advice that I could give them? It would be that money is probably the most highly overrated thing in the world.”

    CNBC’s John Harwood pointed out to Perry last week that his recently unveiled flat tax plan could actually worsen income inequality.

    “I don’t care about that,” the candidate said. “If that’s what comes, I’ll take that criticism.”

    • Perry is a Republican and I am thoroughly convinced Republicans are incapable of feeling shame and/or embarrassment.

      These are the folks that DO NOT CARE if 99% of their fellow Americans are paying for the top 1% to become and stay wealthy.

      These are the folks that DO NOT CARE when their GOP crowd boos an active US soldier simply because he is gay.

      I know I keep harping on this booing incident – but seriously, the Republicans have shown time and time again they are people who DO NOT CARE.

      And that booing of an active duty soldier really took the cherry on the top of their hypocrisy sundae.

      I don’t see one Republican worth my breath to tell them to STFU.

  2. if they don’t come up with anything, yes, an automatic $1.2 trillion in cuts (across the board) kicks in. BUT, it also puts us in a position to have our credit rating downgraded, again. They have 21 days to come up with something.

    Experts warn US deficit panel about failure

  3. Don’t miss the charts at this link that help illustrate a large discrepancy in this country: America has the highest incarceration rate by population, but is only 6th in the world when it comes to college degrees. Our government’s spending reflects that fact accordingly.

    One year at Princeton University: $37,000. One year at a New Jersey state prison: $44,000.

    Prison and college “are the two most divergent paths one can take in life,” Joseph Staten, an info-graphic researcher with Public Administration, says. Whereas one is a positive experience that increases lifetime earning potential, the other is a near dead end, which is why Staten found it striking that the lion’s share of government funding goes toward incarceration.

  4. Did anyone notice that when Gloria Cain ‘stands by her man’ this is a good thing? Remember when Hillary CLinton did the same thing and it was a bad thing? Boy, those republicans are a laugh a minute and they do know how to spin a story!

    • I’ve been visiting right-wing blogs to see what they’re saying about the women who accuse Cain of harassment. Seems the women brought ‘it’ on themselves. Ya know, a handsome, wealthy man is always worth pursuing and since women can’t be trusted or take care of themselves they go huntin’ for the best meal tickets.

      • That attitude of women bring it on themselves was used for many years in cases of rape – IIRC.

        But this attitude comes right from the Fundies – women belong in the kitchen and should be making those babies for their ‘master’.

        Anyone remember MIchelle Bachmann’s ‘submissive wife’ statement?

        I graduated from a Fundie Baptist College and a mandatory class for women was Marriage and Courtship. Imagine my thoughts when the professor told all the women in the classroom to never cut our hair and always wear a big pretty bow for your man – cause men love those bows.

        Damn……I just about bit my tongue off that day. LMAO

        But the next day I just about rolled with laughter because many, many women were wearing those big pretty bows.

        Fundies – God love them because they make it very hard for the rest of us to even tolerate them.

  5. WSClark

    Well, the tabloids and mainstream media is going a bit nuts with stories of Herman Cain and the sexual harassment that is in his past. The Cons defend him and denigrate the accusers, and the smarter libs sit back and watch. Herbie, it appears, wanted to deliver more then just pizza during his business career.

    There is no honest way to minimize sexual harassment in the workplace. None. It is not funny, or just “boys being boys” or misunderstandings or in anyway acceptable.

    Being a man and a former business manager/executive, I know that few sexual harassment cases reach the level that the Cain episode did. Payouts aren’t made over a few isolated incidents. A single accuser making a single accusation over a misunderstanding just doesn’t happen and those that attempt that line of reasoning are lying. Notice that I didn’t use weaseling words like “ill-informed” or “unfamiliar” or “naive.” To deny that there is fire with this smoke is just flat out lying.

    Long before mandatory policies, any manager worth the title knew that there were boundaries that you did not cross. Those boundaries were understood even if they somewhat ambiguous – you knew what you could not say or do even if you couldn’t draw a clear picture.

    I respect women – not because I have daughters that would kill me if I didn’t – but because I choose to respect all people. I also like sex. Well, I love sex. I also love bantering, I love flirting, I love complimenting people, I love a good dirty joke, I love teasing. I also know that there is a time and place for those things and that there is a limit to be observed.

    As a business manager, I knew the workplace or work related events were not the time and place for those activities or behaviors. Herman Cain most certainly knew that, too, but he chose to use the appearance of his position to sexually harass subordinates.

    To claim anything else is a lie.

    • “I respect women – not because I have daughters that would kill me if I didn’t – but because I choose to respect all people.”

      Simply, eloquently, without question because women are people. Just like all people. That is respect!