The rich get richer


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  1. Asher Bob White

    I firmly believe that if 99% of all voters made an example of the 440 Congresspersons & Senators in the highest net worth levels by merely voting to replace them with whomever runs against them, our gov’t would suddenly improve vastly compared to what we put-up with, now. We do not need a law because a majority of voters can impose term limits, easily, by never voting for any incumbent.

    • But the problem is – even when the current approval of Congress is at an abysmal 9% – those same polls show that people are (for the most part) happy with THEIR individual Congress Critter.

      I don’t know who takes these polls – because I’ve never been contacted. LOL

      This Do Nothing Congress is worthless – IMHO. But it is very hard to unseat an incumbent. I suspect the system is set up that way to ensure the incumbents learn to ‘play the game’.

      I think WE the PEOPLE should demand all the perks the Congress Critters gets should be taken away.

      Let’s put a referendum on the ballot for the entire country to vote on that is similiar to what these Republican governors are pushing for their state employees.

      Let’s reduce the Congress Critters’ pay, get rid of the taxpayer-funded health insurance and pension plan.

      I wonder how many of these same Republicans who are bellyaching about the budget deficits would hop on this referendum plan – because reducing all that government spending would be a huge budget cut – and isn’t that what every good little ‘Republican’ wants?

  2. Asher Bob White

    REPY TO INDY … You are correct! And that is the point, exactly! Who would vote out their incumbent? Especially (1) if well liked, and (2) if not familiar or confident in the opponent. Would you? Therein lies the power of the people. We must act together with near unanimity if we are to change this Oligarchy. Take the risk. Be bold and change the things that are not working for us like re-electing those who govern. Make it a citizens’ government, again, not a corrupt profession. We can control it.