Friday. 10/28/11, Public Square

It is time to share the life rafts!


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  1. Boehner! Where are the jobs!? Hey, how about just introducing a jobs bill?? How ’bout you and yours perform YOUR jobs??

    House Democrats say GOP wants too many days off

    ‎(from the article) Under the tentative calendar, the House would have only six voting days in January. There would be three working days in August, when Congress usually takes off, and the House would be off from Oct. 5 until a week after Election Day on Nov. 6. The last scheduled session of the year would be on Dec. 14.

    In 2008, the last presidential election year when Democrats controlled the House, the House met for 119 days.

    “The American people deserve better,” House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California said at a news conference, referring to congressional inaction on creating jobs and the House’s six-day schedule in January. “We have work to do.”

    Hoyer said the House has had only 111 days of legislative business this year and the floor schedule “has prevented the House from getting anything done to create jobs.”

    • Hey, Johnny Boehner is obviously not up to the same standards that Nancy Pelosi had when she was House Speaker.

      It’s time for Johnny B. to move over and let the woman get something done.

  2. What to do…..What to do….

    Rick Perry has found himself in quite a pickle. There is an execution coming in 2 weeks and many people are calling for DNA testing.

    Hmm….but Rickie wants to win the GOP nomination for president and he knows that he got quite a bit of applause for his previous 234 executions.

    What to do,…..What to do….


    An inside look at the Cain campaign. For someone who is running on his executive and management skills, this leaves a lot to be desired. One thing is for sure….Cain is definitely NOT ready for prime time. I think he got in the campaign to sell books, and now thinks he is actually presidential material.

    As Cain Promotes His Management Skills, Ex-Aides Tell of Campaign in Chaos

    • The GOP base is majority of Evangelical Christians and these Fundies do not care as to how someone treats others.

      These people only want to WIN.

      Winning is everything to them – even if they have to cheat, lie and/or steal.

      Isn’t this why these CONS are rewriting the Bible to fit their OWN agenda?”

      I have watched the Grand Old Party ever since Reagan gave Jerry Falwell (MOral Majority back then) the secret handshake to the inner sanctum of the GOP.

      The decline of the GOP has been steadily going down and down and the result is what we see today – there is no depth in the sewer too low for these so-called religious rightees to stoop when it comes to their never-ending quest for total control – of power and money.


    Herman Cain is getting smarter every day. Someone get the man a lollipop and a gold star!

    Remember when President Obama’s experience was called into question, after serving as a State and US Senator? And yet, it is acceptable for the GOP front runner to be ‘getting smarter’ about the issues? Three years ago they decried on the job training, and now they embrace it. The contradictions never end.

    Cain’s Foreign Policy Guy Thinks He’s ‘Getting Smarter Every Day’


      Now that there is no one eligible to be elected president with as much experience as President Obama experience isn’t important any longer.

      Pass the popcorn! Their theater gets more entertaining every day! 🙂

      • For President Obama not having experience – isn’t he the president that has knocked off quite a few of those terrorist Al Queda guys?

        And even for that – these sore losers Republicans cannot seem to find it within themselves to give Obama a drop of credit.

        I’ve said it before – Repubilcans are incapable of feeling shame. Pure hatred will do that a person.

    • The Foreign Policy Guy sounds alot like the 9-9-9 genius. We remembe this guy, don’t we?

      Richard Lowrie – works for Wells Fargo Mortgage branch. IIRC – this guy has no degree in economics but if you research his past associations, he is involved in those billionaire brothers named Koch.


      I always find it so laughable when Republicans demonize George Soros for spending his billions to influence politics – while at the same time praising the billionaire brothers named Koch for spending their billions to influence politics.

      Republicans just don’t like it when the other guy has as much money as they do. Maybe that is why these folks fight so damn hard to give the 1% all the taxpayers money?

  5. Very interesting article about Herman Cain’s Campaign Manager (the guy with the cigarette in Cain’s latest television ad).

    About halfway through the article – take special note of the fact in 2005 this guy was hired to the Wisconsin Director of Americans for Prosperity – a Koch Bros funded group.

    Hmmm…….another person tied to the Koch Bros in the Herman Cain’s campaign. Do you think it is just a coincidence that Cain wants to protect and even further enhance the wealth of the 1%?

  6. Are the big banks backing down on the debit card fees because light has been shined in the places they wanted kept dark? I think so! OWS is indeed putting big banks ‘in the news,’ and it’s obvious they have made obscene profits off our money!

    • I think it is time for the OWS Movement to broaden their scope of protests.

      Since government is obviously in bed with these corporations and their quest for free taxpayer money without having to create one single American job – maybe it is time for the OWS protesters to set up house in front of the Congress.

      I’m sure House Speaker Boehner would love to have to sit there and listen to the 99% express their freedom of speech.

      The 9% favorable rating for the current Congress is the result of the Do Nothing Congress.

      So, perhaps, these Congress Critters (in both parties – but especially the proudful boastful Republicans who relishs their role in obstructing Obama on EVERYTHING – even proposals they themselves proposed earlier) need to be forced to look at and listen to the OWS protesters.

      Hey – Democracy is a beautiful thing – unless, of course, you’re in that 9% approval rated Congress.