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    • Asher Bob White

      Very good characterization of a typical Republican, especially one in Kansas such as Gov Brownie.

      • Yes, and isn’t it great that Brownie wants us to be more like Texas than California? Ya know how freaky those Cali people are, while those Texans are so brilliant and God-usinfearing…like Dubya and Ricky!

  1. The House GOP has hit upon a way to undercut President Obama’s attacks on them and advance conservative policy goals all at once. This week, they’ll pass legislation that includes perhaps the least stimulative measure in President Obama’s jobs bill and pay for it with perhaps the most regressive measure in a recent package of deficit reducing proposals he submitted to the joint deficit super committee.

    It’s a case study in the perils of offering concessions to your opponents before negotiations have begun. And it will force Democrats in both chambers, but particularly in the Senate, to decide whether to pass a proposal comprised of measures Obama’s backed in the past, even though they’ve been cherry picked to essentially constitute a Republican piece of legislation. If Senate Dems block the measure, Republicans will accuse them of wanting to pick political fights instead of passing Obama jobs legislation. If Dems pass the measure, and Obama signs it, the GOP can cite it as evidence that they’re not simply standing in the way of action on the economy.

    • It’s obvious Republicans enjoy playing with our lives.

    • Wait a minute – isn’t this what these same Republicans accused Obama of doing by proposing his jobs bill that he KNEW would not pass through their lockstepped parade of brown boots on the ground?

      Politics is politics.

      IIRC -Bob Dole even changed his vote afterwards on the ‘recorded’ votes in order to be on the ‘right’ side of the issue. Before that time, I did not know any Congress Critter could vote – and then change their vote later.

      I’ll have to do some research on this……….I might be mistaken, but when this Congress Critter did that, I wondered WTH…..

      • Here is a link to several instances of when a vote has been changed.

        Bob Dole’s changed vote is the last one on the page. But do read through this listing, it was interesting.

      • BTW – Dole changed his vote in 1995 in order to bring up the Balanced Budget Amendment proposal in the future.

        All we hear today from these Republicans is how we need a Balanced Budget Amendment.

        Excuse me, but weren’t Republicans in total control from 2000 to 2006? If the Balanced Budget was so important to these folks, then why was it not proposed during all that time?

        But the same could be said about their self-proclaiming desire to ban abortion. In all those 6 years of total control – not one single Republican tried to ban abortion.

        But NOW all of a sudden, it’s a hot topic again.

        Republicans like to get out those whipping boys of abortion, gay marriage and balanced budgetment amendment every election cycle – but quietly puts them back when the dumb lemmings line up to vote for every little ‘r’ they see.

  2. Why OWS Is the Next Republican Boogeyman

    The Republicans have been, since the 1930s, the party of the Boogeyman. They led the fear-based crusades against Communists, first with the Blacklist, then Joe McCarthy’s hearings, then the twin fears of Communist Mao and the Communist USSR. With the death of the Soviet Union, and the corporate embrace of still-Communist China, 9/11 let them turn their fears to “radical Islam.”

    But when President Obama killed Bin Laden, it took the steam out of their movement. And to make matters worse, Obama had earlier gone to Egypt and said, in essence, “Tear down these dictators!” – helping spark the Arab Spring and totally deflating the Republican fear machine, which now sputters along on the fringes trembling about Bachmann’s gays, Santorum’s fertilized eggs, and Perry’s immigrants. The likelihood of Mormon Romney’s presidential candidacy means they can’t even add “God” to their traditional “Gays, Guns, and God” trinity of GOP fears.

    Without something or someone to be afraid of, the Republicans are truly lost, wandering in the wilderness. And no matter how hard they try to gin up fear of the “dreaded deficit bomb,” it just doesn’t make Americans jump the way the USSR’s nukes did two generations ago, or 9/11 did a decade ago. So now they’re trying to whip up fear of the Occupy Wall Street folks, but so far OWS has the sympathy of average Americans; it’s just not working for the Republicans.

    But the Democrats aren’t doing much better.

    • I listened to Newt Gingrich on The Early Show (CBS) this morning. He was talking about the OWS protests and said that these people have a right to be angry but they are directing their anger at the wrong place.
      (which must be the latest GOP talking point because every good little brown shirt lockstepper is regurgitating this same message).

      Then Newt when on to say that some of the OWS signs are anti-Semitism.


      Is this the newest GOP talking point? Let’s stir the hatred pot a little more by throwing in that OWS protesters hate the Jews. Is that their strategy?

  3. indypendent

    I just read on the WE website about Dr. Abay filing a lawsuit against the practice that he built and renamed for his parents.

    I worked for this wonderful neurosurgeon back when he was in private practice. I left when Dr. Abay brought in his first partner. But now, as I understand, there are several doctors in that practice and a brand new building was built.

    IIRC – Dr. Abay is involved in that practice that concentratres on giving medical care to those without insurance (it was located at his old building off E. Douglas),

    the article stated that Dr. Abay feels he has been pushed out by the rest of the practice doctors due to his public service and charity work. Because they do not generate income.

    I do not claim to know the details of this lawsuit or what has taken place at the new practice, but I do know Dr. Abay from my days of working with him in his private practice off E. Douglas.

    And this doctor is what doctors should be (and used to be) . He was compassionate, caring and not money-hungry. He truly is a wonderful surgeon and he is in the health care business for the right reason – to help people with their medical needs.

    I understand that health care providers need to make money to stay in business, but I also know that there are alot of health care providers that are making alot of money and sometimes the true reason for being a doctor is the second thought – with money being the first thought.

    Dr. Abay is not the type to file a frivolous lawsuit – and I will be watching to see what happens with this case.

  4. Wow – just imagine finding your brother after 30+ years and thinking he was an unfortunate victim of one of the most horrible infamous serial killer.

    One never knows what life is going to bring from one day to the next.

  5. Wonder how Republicans are going to spin this story? But, then again, these are the same folks that sat by and watched as their followers booed an active duty US soldier serving in Iraq was booed during their GOP debate simply because he was gay.

    These are scary times, my friends. Scary times indeed.

    • sorry for duplication of words in comment – I am STILL so infuriated with these Republicans and their total lack of class during their GOP debates.

      What a bunch of morons…

  6. When Romney demonizes Obama for the Solyndra fiasco – just remember this little tidbit of knowledge.

    I guess the color of money is green no matter whose party is licking their lockstepped boots…

  7. WSClark

    Both Michele and Rick are dropping like stones in the Republican race which begs the question of what is SNL going to do for comic material? Cain will soon join Bachmann and Perry and Palin saved time for everyone by quitting before she started, so the writers at Saturday Night have to be searching for a perfect candidate.

    Newt is about as funny as stale bread and equally as interesting, the Ron Paul ‘cranky old Uncle’ jokes are worn out and no one gives a damn about Santorum. That leaves only Mitt.

    Mitt Romney is not actually a human being. Mitt was put together by a team of media professionals and Hollywood make up artists to play the part of a President. There is nothing beneath the facade. He flips according to the radio waves that are directed at his head, like a RC toy, and he flops when the flip doesn’t play to the base. He has sound bytes for and against every position on every subject.

    There just isn’t enough Romney there for a comedic writer to work with, nor would an actor have to work. It is up to the GOP to offer a better candidate for comedic purposes. SNL is depending on them.

    • I just listened as Rick Perry tried to tell the media to ‘lighten up’ because he was just having some fun with Obama and poking him about his birth certificate.

      NO, Rickie, you were playing the illegal immigrant card and trying to say that your President is NOT a ‘real’ American.

      Isn’t it sad that this is what you become since you’re now at 6% in the GOP polls?

      BTW – Rickie – since you profess to be a born-again Christian – I want to see your birth certificate.