Tuesday, 10/25/11, Public Square

The red lines are President Bush's last year in office. The yellow are President Obama's first year, and the green lines are the last 18 months of job growth.


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  1. Good morning!

    **** Swiss Banks are set to reveal the names of thousands of American tax evaders.

    **** A federal judge temporarily blocked Florida’s new law that requires welfare applicants to pass a drug test before receiving the benefits on Monday, saying it may violate the Constitution’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures.

    **** JP Morgan is the largest processor of food stamp benefits in the United States. JP Morgan has contracted to provide food stamp debit cards in 26 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. JP Morgan is paid for each case that it handles, so that means that the more Americans that go on food stamps, the more profits JP Morgan makes. They make money off everything!

    **** Herman Cain’s latest ‘flip-flop’: A federal gay-marriage ban
    Just six days after asserting that same-sex marriage is an issue best left to the states, the GOP hopeful argues that the feds should ban it.

    **** Desperate, Perry will join the flat-tax crew (but only if you want to), one day after he announced several new hires to his presidential campaign. The hires include senior adviser Joe Allbaugh, who was George W. Bush’s 2000 campaign manager and a close associate of Karl Rove. These moves just in case casting renewed suspicion on where President Obama was born and wether he’s a citizen isn’t successful. It’s entertaining to watch!

    **** A ballot initiative to define embryos as persons in Mississippi’s state constitution could outlaw some in-vitro practices—and many women with fertility problems are panicking ahead of the November vote.

    **** A majority of News Corp independent shareholders voted to remove him from the company’s board. That wasn’t enough to boot him, as the Murdoch family and the supportive Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal control at least 47 percent of all shares.

    **** And, if we cross our fingers and toes and hope ‘just right,’ we may get some much-needed rain! 🙂

    • If the ballot initiative passes in Mississippi, and some zealot decides to push it, Mothers who miscarry (no matter how much they wanted the pregnancy to continue) could be accused of murder, scientists too. And there is no one who could deny there are zealots just that crazy. A few of those crazies are leaders of the Republican Party while others are candidates for POTUS on the republican ticket.

      There is a huge difference between a fertilized egg an early term embryo and a fetus, and a huge difference between an early term fetus and a late term fetus. You can’t freeze and revive babies. You can’t divide them to grow more than one “human being.” You can do both with a blastocyst.

      • WSClark

        In related news, sperm have been determined to be half-a-person and therefore protected under the soon-to-be new law. This means that killing sperm or neglecting same will also be considered murder according to the new statute.

        Every thirteen year old boy from Tupelo to Biloxi is now under surveillance and women are being advised to avoid that nasty habit of fellatio with their partners. Homosexual relations are, of course, outlawed and “pulling out” prematurely can lead to capital punishment.

        Roaming bands of vigilante sperm hunters have been spotted in Mississippi, searching for the remains of neglected and murdered sperm.

        The law is clear in Mississippi; if your monkey is bad, the only appropriate punishment is ‘time-out.’ No spanking of your monkey will be allowed under penalty of law.

      • Mothers who miscarry (no matter how much they wanted the pregnancy to continue) could be accused of murder, scientists too.

        fnord – I have a devout and Pro-Life Catholic friend whose daughter miscarried. My friend called the Prayer Line at her church and simply asked for prayer during that sad time.

        Guess what the answer was – FAther will have to think about this.

        What is there to think about? One of this priest’s followers was hurting and reaching out for comfort through prayer and then she is told Father will THINK about praying.

        My friend asked me what I thought about that response. Do I really need to repeat my exact words I used about this priest and his so-called church?

        Religion is man-made – faith is spiritual. We have way too many religions and so-called relgiious people in this damn world.

        I’ve always wondered if this same priest had to think about covering up the child molestation within his beloved Catholic Church?

        Oh, what am I thinking……a miscarriage is ALWAYS the woman’s fault – silly me.

        heavy sarcasm/

  2. Renewed efforts to nominate a candidate who is unelectable seem to be the direction republicans are headed! Like we didn’t already know.

    Herman Cain tops Mitt Romney in latest CBS/NYT poll

    Businessman Herman Cain is now atop the field of Republican White House hopefuls, squeaking past former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the latest CBS News/New York Times poll.

    Cain garnered 25 percent support of Republican primary voters in the poll released Tuesday, compared to Romney’s 21 percent.

    In early October, the two men were tied at 17 percent.

    The poll was conducted Oct 19-24 among 1,650 adults. 1,475 interviews were conducted among registered voters and 455 voters who said they plan to vote in a Republican primary. The margin of error among primary voters is plus or minus four percentage points.

  3. The Republicans stand firmly in the corner of the 1%!

    Funding plan for jobs bill would impact just 1 in 500 taxpayers

    ‘We stand against the 499ers! We’re always for the top 1%ers’

    Most of the talk about President Obama’s jobs plan has focused on its proposals for creating jobs, and rightly so. But his plan is also fully paid for, and while Republicans would have opposed the plan even if it weren’t paid for, their rhetoric has focused on the fact that it would raise taxes.

    Keeping that in mind, it’s worth noting that the plan (as supported by a majority of the Senate and as offered in individual component pieces) would only impact 1 in 500 American taxpayers—and not until 2013. Courtesy of Greg Sargent, here are the numbers:


  4. Just another day in the GOP political fantasy land that Obama is at fault for everything.

    Never mind the fact that 8 years of George W. Bush (of which 6 years were TOTAL control of Republicans) did some real damage to our country.

    Boehner said once that giving more money to Congress is like giving more cocaine to an addict.

    Well – let’s review the budgets durings those 6 years of total control by Republicans – seems to me alot of money was given to those particular addicts.

  5. Rick Perry is sucking up to Donald Trump in pushing that Birther issue – again.

    Of course, we all know it’s because Perry is dropping like a stone in the GOP polls.

    But let’s see how the general population reacts to the Birther issue – and the majority of Americans think the birthers are more than a little crazy.

    While pushing this birther issue might be a good GOP primary strategy – when it comes to the general election – that will be the largest stone that will totally drown the GOP candidate.

    WHEN will these Far Right Wingers get it through their thick heads??

    • You would think someone in their camp would explain anything and everything they say in the attempt to secure the nomination is fodder for the general election. Are they all bat-shit crazy, without a single rational thinking person on their team?

    • Freebird1971

      The birther issue is a non issue for anyone who has even a tiny bit of intelligence,I think those that bring it up are Hilarius

      • But yet it is STILL a big issue on the GOP 2012 presidential candidate scene.

        That about sums up any of the current GOP presidential candidates.

        Because, as we have seen, Perry is stirring the birther issue up to get his sinking poll numbers up above 6% .

        Sad to say, nothingis hiliarious about people who demonize Obama for not being presidential but yet themselves indulge in the Sewer of the Ridiculous just to get a few more GOP primary votes.

        What a sad commentary for what was one called the Grand Old Party

  6. Freebird1971

    From a good friend of mine:

    why are we are obsessed with trying to find intelligent life on other planets, when we cannot even find intelligent life in the government?

  7. Asher Bob White

    Today’s post of the US Employment Recovery, in spite of the tremendous and malicious GOP effort to prevent any and all success of the Obama Administration, still demonstrates evidence of small progress. Think of the greater service to the voter and to our US economy that could take place if there was no GOP opposition. Vote them out. Even typical citizens can do less harm that the professional, corrupt and re-elected GOP Congresspersons and Senators.

    • Freebird1971

      Sounds like you are against any dissenting opinion. GOP does not have the corner on the corruption market in the real world

      • WSClark

        Like in society as a whole, there are good apples and bad apples in every group. The problem arises when one tries to assign the characteristics of one person to the group as a whole. Truthfully, there are Democrats that make me cringe every time they open their mouths.

        Until Lindsey Graham (R – SC) started whining about Obama ending the War on Iraq, I thought he was one of the ‘good’ Republicans. In the same vein, Harry Reid (D – Idiot) is such an embarrassment, I was rooting for him to lose his seat in 2010 until the GOP came up with an even bigger idiot in Sharron Angle.

        In my view, there is a long list of Con Sons of Bitches. Also in my view, there is a shorter list of Democrats that earn the same label on a daily basis. Maybe one day, the little ‘D’ or the little ‘R’ will be replaced by something that is more representative of society as a whole. Until then, we owe it to ourselves to continue to identify the SOB’s, regardless of Party.

        And Mr. Graham? You earned an SOB label for the week.

      • Freebird1971

        To label an entire group as bad or good depending on your particular bias tells much more about the individual passing judgment than it does those being judged.

      • It is also wrong for the Evangelical Christian Republicans to demonize all other religions.

        But I don’t see anyone on the Far Right seeing anything wrong that …

        Just my opinion- of which I am entitled to in this great country.

  8. indypendent

    Freebird – the GOP has proudly boasted from Day One of Obama’s adminstration that they are against anything and everything he is for – and their ONLY goal is to make him a one-term president.

    How, then, does that make these Republicans anything but obstructionists?

    As has been pointded out – there is good and bad in every group but wehn the GOP are PROUD to be obstructionists simply based on the theory they HATE Obama – then there should be people on the left side of the aisle that points out that very fact.

    As for not wanting dissenting opinion – evidence of not tolerating dissenting opinion was when these same Republicans labeled all Americans opposed to the Iraq War as ‘traitors’ or not ‘real’ Americans.

    So, all this talk about which party tolerates dissenting opinions and which ones do not is moot – IMHO

    • Freebird1971

      Great thing about this country we don’t always have to agree and I don’t on this issue.

      • Think of the greater service to the voter and to our US economy that could take place if there was no GOP opposition.

        What Bob was referring to was this deliberate attempt by the GOP to oppose Obama on any jobs creation, as has been demonstrated by their lack of offering any job creating bills.

        These folks have offered alot of social issue bills – but not single job creation bill.

        And exactly why is that? Because if jobs are created during Obama’s term – then they’re afraid Obama will get the credit for it.

        That is so obvious even a blind man could see that a mile away.

        But that’s only my opinion – which I am entitled to in this great country.

      • Freebird1971

        Neither Obama or any candidate from the other side has shown me one God damned thing that would make me vote for them.

      • I would be happy to vote for a fiscal conservative Republican – as soon as one is found…

    • Robert

      Indy, This may sound harsh, but I call it like I see it. High treason constituted a serious threat to the stability or continuity of the people or state, and when turtle head came out the first few months after Obama was elected and said job one is to eliminate the president I’ll call it High Treason. I never heard anyone saying get rid of Bush after 911. The ecconomic calamity of 2008 should have been reason enough to rally around the president to solve are problems.

      • I agree 100%

        If these sore losers, sour grapes Republicans cannot seem to put their big boy pants on and start helping clean up the mess their boy GWB made – then they need to stop their pooping in their diapers and get out of the way.

        I just saw a montage of all the Al Queda terrorists that Obama has succeeded in sending on their way to those supposedly 40-virgins (I am trying to be funny here) and yet not ONE single Republican can give Obama one ounce of credit.

        The LIbya operation is a classic example of how Obama takes his job as Commander in Chief seriously. We helped the other countries and not one single American had to die to get Gaddafi off this planet.

        And what do we hear from these Republicans? Nothing but criticism

        Oh yeah, I forgot, they are obviously okay with their audience booing an active duty US soldier serving in Iraq simply because he is gay.

        NOW that booing IS treason……IMHO

      • Oh, what am I thinking? Of course these Republicans don’t like the way Obama handled Libya.

        You see, a ‘real’ Republican would have have sent in more of our US troops (of which are already spread out) on the ground and tried to get all that Libyan oil – even if it meant thosands more killed and even tens of thousands more wounded.

        After all, the control of the oil IS the most important thing to any ‘real’ Republican. (eyes roll)

        Enough said……

  9. Right now the Republican leadership in both the House and Senate have made no secret their number one goal is to make President Obama a one-term president. Every day they prove they’re willing to do anything, no matter how destructive, to achieve that goal. They’re going against the will of the majority of people with every vote. It all boils down to how difficult it is to unseat a sitting president and it simply cannot be done if the economy improves. Not this one anyway — he remains popular, he has met with great success in achieving the agenda he ran on. The Republican Party is further handicapped by the doofus candidates they’ve got going for them. So their only path to winning is to make absolutely sure the economy doesn’t improve. It wouldn’t matter what little letter was behind their name, it would be obvious that Mitch McConnell and Eric Cantor are willing to destroy America to obtain a win.

    Will, I agree about Harry Reid. I too was hoping he would lose reelection until the tea baggers dredged up Sharon Angle. And there are many other congress critters with a little “D” beside their name who I think little of. But they aren’t out to destroy America like this current batch of republican congress critters are.

    • Whenver an entire political party is lockstepping together – to even vote against the very proposals that they themselves propsed a short few years ago – has to be seen for what it is – pure, unadulterated hatred of Obama.

      And pute hate never accomplishes anything but destruction.

    • Robert

      I hate to say it, but with Reid you feel like he has to be dragged to the party. Why is it we can’t get rid of people like Reid in a primary? Some of these guys have stayed beyond their welcome and it’s like a given that their re-elected. The primary not the idea that everyone has to go is what will get us were we need to be with the right people in office.
      Fnord, I couldn’t think of a better name for these GOP candidates. DOOFUS

  10. Does a viable and worthy presidential candidate need to sit and say that it is fun to poke at Obama about his birth certificate?

    Seriously? This says alot more about Rick Perry than it does President Obama – IMHO

    But more than that – this goes to the deeper issue of Obama hatred. Hm, I remember the 2008 failed VP candidate Sarah Palin labeling Obama as he is ‘not one of us’.

    This deep hatred and deep division is NOT what this country needs.

    But let’s put this another way. Both Rick Perry and Sarah Palain claim to be born-again Evangelical Christians. I would like to see proof of their salvation. Because my Bible tells me that a saved person lives his/her life in the way of the teachings of Jesus.

    Where exactly does the Bible say that Jesus ever hated someone with so much deep-rooted hate?

    And where did Jesus single someone out as ‘not one of us’?

    Jesus’ teachings were of compassion, justice, empathy and unconditional love.

    I fail to see any of these prominent holier-than-thou Evangelical Christian Republicans demonstrate even one of those traits that Jesus embodied.

    Am I to assume they are all just fake Christians – as they assume Obama is a fake American? Even though Obama and the Hawaiian officials have supplied the birth certificate.


  11. prairie pond

    Ewww. I wanna be gay in the next life too. I don’t want those mf’ers as my potential partners! I hope they repent, and soon!