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We bailed out the banks and we got new debit-card charges.


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  1. Know the candidates!

    Ron Paul plans to ‘eventually’ end all federal student aid

    from the article) “As you well know, you have a lot of support among young people,” Gregory noted. “They’re borrowing to pay for college at record levels. Would you abolish all federal student aid?”

    “Eventually,” Paul admitted. “But my program doesn’t do it. There’s a transition in this.”

    “But that’s your ultimate aim?” Gregory wondered.

    “Yes,” Paul replied.

    • Amazing. While other countries provide higher education of some kind for everyone, we’re on a downward road to allow only those with money to attend college. I’m not sure we’re in the 21st century, anymore.

      • Not only do these countries provide higher education for everyone, it is strongly encouraged and expected.

        And what do we get? An entire political party – the GOP – who are happily ready to dismantle our public education system. Some of these folks are foaming at the mouth at the mere expectation of getting rid of all those lazy, overpaid public school teachers.

        What a sad commentary….

      • Robert

        Wicked, I’ve come to believe are 1% have decided that with global communication they don’t need a Harvard or Yale anymore. Sorry they need Harvard or Yale just not necessarily are children. They buy the brain pool with all the money they’ve accumulated from the world now.
        My older son went to France, job related a few months ago, and now thinks he might like living their. I really think he would just like to see this country back the way I’ve told him it used to be!

      • Zippy

        The really scary thing is not that these people are selfish and greedy. We will always have selfish and greedy people.

        What’s really terrifying is that they seem to think that accumulating capital for the sake of accumulating capital–wealth and power as ends in themselves, a permanent “Spring Break” mentality–won’t entail huge costs to everything that matters: society, infrastructure, environment.

        A toddler playing in his own shit. Running things.

  2. I hear President Obama will announce executive actions to revamp housing and student-loan regulations, and tell Americans the truth: Congress isn’t doing their job and Americans deserve better.

    Good for him!

    Did you all read the article False Equivalence Watch: Et Tu, PBS?

    ‎”The mainstream press has internalized and “normalized” the historically unprecedented idea that the Senate minority will block everything by filibuster. The media should not lose sight of the fact that this is a deliberate strategy, that it is historically unusual, and that it is a change in Senate practice so marked as to represent a de facto amendment to the Constitution. PBS NewsHour is the best, sanest, and most thorough part of mainstream TV news. So I’m saying that “even” the PBS NewsHour can without realizing it convey the wrong idea. Just as “even” the NY Times had a “jobs bill fails” headline. We look to them both to set the right example.”

  3. Everything The Media Told You About Occupy Wall Street Is Wrong

    Top Ten Myths About Occupy Wall Street.

    • Robert

      From what I saw of Kake TV reporting this weekend maybe the rally should be held around the station. Kake only proved that the media is owned by the 1% and will report the will of the 1%. I’m mad as hell after watching their portrayal of OccupyAmerica having nothing but crazy and homeless people in the rallies.

      • Hmmm. I didn’t see it. I didn’t even watch any news this past weekend. I’ll have to go look. I think you are absolutely correct that the media is controlled by the 1%! If they all keep their heads buried in the sand, they’re in for a BIG surprise!

  4. Rich People Create Jobs!

    And five other myths that must die for our economy to live.

  5. I read a few articles about the speeches the republican wannebepres candidates made in Iowa this past weekend. They all tried to ‘out conservative’ the others. Gingrich made me laugh right out loud.

    On Thursday, just over 17-years after he unveiled the first “Contract with America,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich officially proposed another campaign contract.

    Flanked by two huge banners emblazoned with the title “21st Century Contract with America,” Gingrich stood alone on stage and spoke to insurance company employees in Des Moines, Iowa. If he is elected president, Gingrich said, he’d immediately begin to act on the new campaign contract. But said he would need two full presidential terms to fully implement it.

    Stuck in the past.

    I have to ask.

    Will it take eight full years to bring America down? I think Gingrich would accomplish it more quickly.

  6. I don’t think George W. Bush’s handling of Katrina was due to his having a ‘race problem’.

    I have always thought George W. Bush’s inept handling of Katrina was due to his lack of concern for poor people. From the videos I was watching at that time, there were a majority of black people – but there were poor white people also.

    And, as the Republicans have proven time and time again, this is the party that caters to, and fights to protect, the wealthy.

    If the color of money is now considered a ‘race’ – then I would say that GWB had a race problem. But I’ve not seen race identified as money green or gold bullion.

  7. The Koch Brothers funded a study to “debunk” climate change – and then the study ended up *confirming* climate change.


  8. What does one do when their poll numbers are dropping within the GOP presidential primary campaign – go have dinner with Trump and then bring up the birther issue again.

    Perry is dropping like a stone so now he has to stoke the fires of the Birther Obama haters to try to salvage his fledgling campaign.

    So, what else is new with this bunch of GOP circus clowns?

    What’s next? Another prayer event featuring Evangelical preachers who demonize anyone that does not look like them, talk like them, walk like them and most of all – worship the same God as them?

  9. Here’s another one of the republican *stars* letting the public know how little he knows.

    Herman Cain says If a pro-life constitutional amendment “comes to my desk I’ll sign it.” The problem is that the President doesn’t sign constitutional amendments.

    Cain would autograph life amendment

    Herman Cain tried to clean up the running confusion over his position on abortion last night, but in the meantime opened questions about his grasp of the Constitution.

  10. Why would a constitutional amendment be needed to ban abortions? Old Hermie needs to brush up, not only on the U.S. Constitution, but the Supreme Court and decisions made by same.


    • Why would a constitutional amendment be needed for traditional marriage?

      If these traditional marriages are so wonderful – then why are these mega cchurch pews filled with divorced people, multiple-married people and those who are just plain living in sin and let’s not forget the adulterers.

      I know, I know…..these people bring the favorite drug of choice for these mega church preachers on a weekly basis – cold hard cash……

      • P.S. – I do not want to imply that I look down on divorced people, multiple-married people and people living together without being married – but I do look down on adulterers.

        But what I really hate is this fantasy world of these mega churches that preach one thing and then live the complete opposite.

  11. WSClark

    Beware of the Flat Taxers!

    I read an article – okay, just a little bit of it – on HuffPo where Sarah Palin praised Rick Perry’s soon-to-be proposed Flat Tax Plan, Herbie Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan and a relic from the past, Steve Forbes’ Flat Tax Plan from 1999.

    All of the Flat Tax Plans have one thing in common – if you are already rich, you will love them. If you are a member of the working poor class, retired, middle class, etc., you will get SCREWED.

    And you won’t like it a bit.

    • They also hide the agenda of getting rid of social security and Medicare. It surprises me how many seniors support the republicans and proves to me they aren’t paying attention.

      • For proof of seniors not paying attention – just look at Republican Rick Scott won the governor’s job in Florida.

        Do some research on Rick Scott and his days at Health Care Corporation. Some HCR senior level management people went to prison but Rick Scott got his golden parachute.

        It walsl all reported before the 2010 election and this Rick Scott still won in Florida.

        Talk about sleeping at the wheel – or is it just one big CON job?

      • Side note – When Rick Scott was in the health care business of long-term care – he was known as Richard Scott and he was from Texas.

        Imagine that…..what does Texas put in their water to give us the examples of so-called great politicians? LMAO

  12. Robert

    Oil is in the water. Once it gets to the brain all you can think of in wealth regaurdless of the pollution to the ground we live off or the air we breath. It makes you think of undemocratic things like buying up all the senators and reps. who will make it possible to get more wealth. I’ve even seen them get religious and donate large somes of money to a church. It helps clear the conscious. The church will help the poor once they have the wealth distribution going their way.
    I doubt if there’s a cure once you have it!

  13. I know I’m a former classmate of Fred and Wilma Flintstones from the Dinosaur Age, but this article really made me think.

    Now some of those student activities that were described, IMHO, might be going to extreme for those kids in 5th grade might be too extreme.

    But whenever I pass by a school or see some school bus letting kids off – have you seen the way these kids are dressing nowadays? Some look like they came right off Hooker Alley.

    As far as the subject of Sex Education – I’m all for it; but I do wish the emotional part of sex was stressed. I raised my kids to know what sex is but I’ve always told them that sex should not treated like a contact sport. Just because you know how to play, does not mean you should play with anyone that walks onto the field.

    Besides – don’t most kids nowadays know all this sex stuff already – from the movies, their music and from watching Mom and Dad surfing the Internet for their porn – especially those Fundies, these folks are the kinkiest. LMAO

    • I think they need to know all there is to know. Not that all of them will pay attention. And there will be those parents who will think it will be harmful to be aware of some things. What they don’t know is that most kids are already aware of things that would shock their parents, but they don’t always know enough to be safe.

      So let’s take a look at a couple of female teachers in a school not far from here, who are in big, BIG trouble. It isn’t the babysitters parents have to worry about now. It’s the teachers. Makes me wonder how many guys’ lost-my-virginity stories will change.

      Sorry, can’t help myself. Having attended said school, I’ll be the first to admit that things have definitely changed. I danced with the just-out-of-college Sociology teacher at prom, but that was it. One time. Fast song. LOL

      • I saw that on television last week – what is going on?

        What I wonder about is the double standard we seem to have in our society.

        Somehow it is ‘not as bad’ for a female teacher than it is for the male teacher doing the exact same thing.

        There were a few cases that went national news with female teachers. I remember all the comments on blogs about how the teenage boys were doing alright if they made it with the teacher and/or how hot the teachers are nowadays, etc.

        What happened to the boundaries that used to be in our society?

        Is everything so sexualized now that it does not seem to be a big deal anymore?

        But, like I said, male teachers do seem to get the demonization more than the female teachers.

      • Sometimes it’s the other extreme — so forbidden that young people want even more to see what it’s all about. I remember the preacher’s kids from my youth. They were kept on too tight a rope and when they had they chance boy did they go overboard!

        Indy, I noticed the double standard still exists and was sick to my stomach about that! I raised both boys and girls and had the same expectations of both sexes.

      • Yes, fnord, and not knowing the facts can be dangerous, whether it’s sex or anything else. Misinformation abounds, especially where sex is concerned. Each of us, male or female, should know about how our body works, and it wouldn’t hurt to know how the other gender does either. The U.S. is so far behind other countries about this, it’s no wonder we have the problems with STDs and teen pregnancies that we do.

        But I’ve raised teenagers, not to mention been one–back in the Dark Ages–and am familiar with the it-can’t-happen-to-me attitude of the young. None of which mean we shouldn’t keep trying.

  14. Mitch McConnell Blames Obama For The GOP’s Refusal To Create Jobs

    ‎(from the article) The interviewer, CNN’s Candy Crowley reminded McConnell of a recent Gallup/USA Today poll that found that 75 percent of Americans supported President Barack Obama’s plan to provide additional money for teachers, police and firefighters. Crowley asked McConnell how he justified Republican opposition to the will of the people and their support for the President’s jobs plan and he said that he was sure Americans do support Obama’s plan but questioned whether the federal government “ought to be raising taxes in order to send money down to bail out states for whom firefighters and police work. They’re local and state employees. The question is whether the federal government can afford to be bailing out states. I think the answer is no.”

    Ummm, but we can bail out banks?!?!

    (from the article) Crowley also told McConnell that Americans overwhelmingly support the surtax on millionaires and billionaires to fund the part of President Obama’s jobs plan for infrastructure improvements that would “help put people back to work on roads and bridges and rebuilding and that sort of thing,” Crowley noted. “It seems to me that politicians are always talking about doing the will of the American people, and that the Republican Party can be seen at least politically as going against that.” The reply from McConnell was so unbelievable that even a dysfunctional dolt would shake their head in utter disbelief. The turtle-turned-man said, “Yeah, these bills are designed on purpose not to pass, I mean, the president is deliberately trying to create an issue here. Look, the American people don’t think, I’m sure, that it’s a good idea.”

    Well, if 75% of the American people support raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires by a prohibitive 0.5%, then wisdom dictates that Americans overwhelmingly do think it is a very good idea. Yet McConnell claims we have no idea what we think is a good idea. He’s off his rocker!

    • Whenever I hear McConnell or Boehner talk about how Obama is pushing a bill knowing that the bill is going to fail, I just have to laugh.

      How many times have Republicans did the exact same thing?

      GOD, help us from these moronic Republicans who seem to think everybody has forgotten the 8-year-reign of George W. Bush. Which, in fact, is the reason we are in the mess we are in today.

  15. Zippy

    Robert Reich points out correctly that we — (that means me, unfortunately) — have to do more. I support Obama’s jobs plan, but only because it’s pretty close to the least we can do. Doing something is better than the business-as-usual.

    I remain deeply skeptical of the recent trade deal, despite Sandy Levin’s support.

  16. I wouldn’t have guessed I would be agreeing with Pat Robertson, but this time he is absolutely correct!

    Even Pat Robertson Thinks Republican Voters Are Too Extreme

    Today on The 700 Club televangelist and past Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson warned that the Republican primary base is pushing their party’s potential nominees to such extremes that they will be unelectable.

    • What a sad commentary to think Pat Robertson thinks the crazees have gone too crazee….

      • That was my first thought. Then I was surprised Robertson was able to recognize it as way beyond what any rational person could accept. My expectation remains they will nominate someone who is unelectable and if they behave afterwards as they did in 2008 they’ll scream about their nominee not being ‘conservative’ enough. They’ll double down.

        Pass the popcorn.

  17. Always remember this wealth gap can’t be attributed to hard work and ingenuity on the part of a few! Nope! They got all the breaks and while everyone else was suffering and losing lifetime savings they were making money off our losses.