Saturday, 10/22/11, Public Square

The word "News" must always be quotes if it follows the word Fox!


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  1. GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum said he’d die to prevent same-sex couples from getting married.

    “I’ll die on that hill,” GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum said when asked about his pledge to fight for a federal ban on same-sex marriage.
    He said that he felt equally strongly about repealing all federal funding for contraception, calling it “a license to do things in a sexual realm.”

    • Isnt’t this the guy that has 7 or 8 kids? I don’t care how many kids anyone has but I have to wonder – how does he pay for all these kids while he is on the road campaigning for president?

      And why are Evangelicals so pre-occupied about sex?

      There is something wrong…..

    • I’m all for encouraging the stability of the family – but I differ with Mr. Santorum about the description of a family.

      I suspect his description would be heterosexual male, submissive heterosexual, contraception-free female and a child born every year.

      I know alot of families that do not fit Santorum’s picture of the family.

      And guess what – these families are more stable than the ‘ideal family’ that so many of these Evangelicals profess to have for themselves.

  2. It’s a start! And, it’s so refreshing when legislators … legislate. 🙂

    Senate votes to end millionaire farm subsidies

    Democrats and Republicans are in rare accord on one thing: Growers with million-dollar incomes shouldn’t reap farm subsidies.
    Eighty-four senators voted Friday to discontinue certain farm subsidies for people who make more than a million dollars in adjusted gross income. The vote represents a sea change in how the heavily rural Senate views farm support. Many previous votes to limit subsidies have failed in the Senate.

    • Thank you!

      I talked to 6176 earlier this week and he knows today was a celebration of the life of my brother-in-law. My sister is in a fog. I hope she remembers the many people who spoke lovingly of her husband, the positive impact of his life and how he will be missed by so many. Last Saturday I held her while she held him and he took his last breath. He died too young but cancer didn’t care (he and I often joked because his birthday was almost two months before mine and although we were born the same year I contended he was muuuccchhh older than me).

      I’m exhausted. I can’t even imagine how my sister continues on.

      • fnord – I am so sorry to hear this. I did not know what you and your family was going through.

        There are no words to help in this situation.

        If you ever need someone to listen to or just ‘scream’ at – you’ve got my address.

      • Thank you, Indy. Sometimes there just aren’t any words. None you can put on a public blog anyway! 6176 just happened to call me and kindly, lovingly listened to my hurts. It wasn’t that I wanted to pile on, he just happened on me in my misery and was kinda STUCK. I try hard to keep a positive outlook because attitudes are contagious.