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  1. I am so FED UP with these damn fake holier-than-thou Republicans who are sitting around and talking about how poor little Gaddafi met a violent death and somehow Obama is to blame.

    These are the same godly folks who applaud at 234 execution, cheer for an ininsured man in a coma to die and boo an active duty US soldier simply because he is gay BUT now these damn morons are demonizing Obama for Gaddafi’s death?

    Is our country really this f__d up in the head??

    I just watched John McCain demonize Obama for not putting in the full force of our military (boots on the ground is what this moron means) and then McCain went on to imply that Obama is responsible for many deaths and many wounded.

    WTF…..I guess little Johnnie would rather spend a trillion like his good buddy GWB and have OUR soldiers dying in Libya?

    Is that deal JOHNNIE and the rest of these moronic Republicans?

    I swear – the GOP professes to be the Party of God and Pro-Life – but I guess they only mean that when it is THEIR god and the unborn are sacred. Everybody else is just fodder for the GOP war killing machine?

    I am FED UP and I am damn MAD…….

    • Sorry for the rant –

      Let’s just say, I hope this feeds into the OWS movement somehow.

      And with all the Republicans voting against that jobs bill that covered teachers and first responders (two Democrats joined them and, of course, Joey Lieberman had to join his BFF Johnnie McCain) – it is quite clear that the Republicans DO NOT CARE about anything but defeating Obama.

      The GOP hatred of Obama is so apparent to everyone – and I hope their little political game backfires on them all.

    • I just watched John McCain demonize Obama for not putting in the full force of our military (boots on the ground is what this moron means) and then McCain went on to imply that Obama is responsible for many deaths and many wounded.

      Wow. Talk about talking out of two sides of his mouth. First McCain wants a full-blown war, and then he bitches because there have been too many deaths? Contradict yourself much, McCain?

    • He doesn’t get my pity. He’s managed to ruin the lives of some of the easily led and obviously weak people who believed him.

      I’m not so sure God is real happy with him, either. Don’t mess with the Big Guy by professing you know His mind. 😉

    • And he is generous without advertising it. He’s a good man. That may be why we hear the most ludicrous criticisms of him (ie, birthers…).

  2. I saw this live on Real Time a couple of weeks ago, then saw a Tweet for the YouTube link a few minutes ago. This must be shared! Alan Grayson is the BOMB!!

    Stupid thing won’t embed. 😦

  3. Just like the warning: Don’t get sick, because obviously republicans encourage you to die if you’re not wealthy enough to live, there’s a new warning: Don’t get old! If you do get old, don’t plan to rest or retire. Republicans also want to make that dependent on wealth!

    Rachel Maddow explains why Wall Street is to blame for what our country is suffering through. And she offers the simplest explanation of how Wall Street heisted ‘retirement.’ This is truly a must see show (aired Wed., 10/19/11). She goes through pensions, 401Ks, savings, social security — all the ways we have for achieving retirement being eaten by Wall Street. She explains how the retirement accounts of working people have become the monetary playground for corporations and a bottomless pit of cash for their executives. Yes, pensions are disappearing and often replaced by 401K accounts which are invested in Wall Street. And, republicans push to get social security withholdings to join those 401K funds and let Wall Street get its hands on that money too.

    If the link above doesn’t take you directly to this show, you’re looking for the link titled, “faith in wall street puts retirement at risk.”

    Here’s another link to how Wall Street stole your pension. Text, plus a video — all excellent information to inform you of what ‘privatization’ entails.

    And, finally, if your time is tight, check out Rachel’s blog post on this subject:

  4. I’m having trouble typing because I’m laughing so hard.

    Michele Bachmann 2012 Campaign Staffers in NH quit

    Don’t miss the comments. Even better than the story!

  5. Robert

    Hey, theirs a lot in what John Lennon said! Be there saturday.

  6. There’s an email going around (you’ve probably all seen it) quoting
    Warren Buffett as saying, “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election.”

    The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971…before computers, e-mail, cell phones, etc. Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land…all because of public pressure.

    I don’t know whether Mr. Buffett said that or not. It doesn’t matter to me. It makes sense. In fact, anything that might bring accountability and maybe even honesty to this bunch of congress critters makes sense to me.

    • Sounds like this should be the goal of all these Tea Party Republicans – if they are serious about reducing our deficit.

      But I wonder how many of these TEa Party Republicans are serious about helping our country or just lining their own pockets with the corporate master Tea Party Express money?

  7. badbiker

    WSClark is sending out a note thanking the British and French for helping to overthrow that dude in Tripoli. Thanks, folks, the Arabs couldn’t have done it without you!

    Yeah, yeah, I know that last week it was all Obama’s fault that we were engaged in another war that we can’t afford, although I really liked the last one that Bush got us in, but now it is obvious that the Frenchy’s and the Limey’s deserve all the credit.

    Well, unless the Muslim Brotherhood or some other organization that I can demonize takes control, then it will be Obama’s fault.

    By the way, ya’ gotta thank George W Bush for those Predator Drones that he invented while serving with TANG in that dangerous war zone over Texas in the ’60’s.

  8. The gap between the United States’ rich and poor continued to grow last year, according to new government wage data.

    With pay down and fewer jobs available, the Social Security Administration’s figures highlight one of the major issues of the Occupy Wall Street movement – widening income disparity, the Associated Press reported.

    The SSA said 50 percent of workers made less than $26,364 last year — and most Americans have fewer job opportunities available to them. But the wealthiest Americans are relatively unscathed, with those earning $1 million or more jumping 18 percent from 2009.

    Read more:

  9. (sigh)

    I’m going to have to turn off Twitter. Huffpost is just too busy sharing have-to-reads.

    New Jersey State Senate Candidate, Apologizes After Defending Sex Tip Tweet

    As one comment put it, shouldn’t these Republicans focus on politics instead of other people’s sex lives?

    • Republicans are very good at talking a good game about family values – but when it comes right down to it, they fail miserably.

      I suspect when the GOP was hijacked by Fundamental Religious Righties , that pre-occupation with sex was bound to become a big problem.

      Have you ever noticed that the more fundamental religious some cult leader claims to be – the more the guy is involved in all kinds of sexual perversion – usually involving children.

  10. President Obama just announced ALL troops will be withdrawn out of Iraq by end of the year.

    One hell hole down and one hell hole to go (Afghanistan).

    I wonder if people who think Republicans are the best choice for the White House in 2012 realize that these same Republicans are foaming at the mouth for their war on Iran?

    I still remember McCain singing his little bomb, bomb, bomb Iran song during the 2008 presidential campaign.

    That desired Iran War is NEVER far from these Republicans’ agenda – just listen very carefully to everything these folks say.

  11. From Huffpost on Twitter…
    Rupert Murdoch meeting angry shareholders, many of whom want to vote him out of his own company.

    Maybe there is a God, after all. 🙂

  12. Interesting sentence in the middle of this article. Walmart officials said this change is NOT due to the federal mandated health care reform.

    • Around here it’s more than just the pens. Or maybe I should admit my memory (along with most everything else) isn’t what it used to be? 🙂

    • Pens I can find. It’s my mind I have problems losing. 😉

      • Lucky for you you have deep and vast resources when it comes to brain cells! 🙂 Some people have too few to lose any! Now about that wacky part — I’ve always found it to be one of your more endearing qualities.

      • Hey, fnord, from your lips to God’s ear. Try to talk to me after, oh, eight or even nine p.m. if I haven’t had a nap. Even I can’t make sense of what I’m saying.

        I remember my dad and then my mom taking snoozes in their recliners, therefore I refuse to have a recliner. (See, I’m not totally blonde.)

  13. If you have HBO and don’t have plans tonight at 9 or even 10, this might be worth watching.

    Tonight’s Real Time guests are Thomas Friedman, Rachel Maddow, Andrew Sullivan, Lisa Jackson and Toure.

    • Boy, that sounds like a great crew! I don’t have HBO so I’ll watch for clips…

      • Robert

        Fnord, I think you can practically watch the whole show on Bill Maher overtime and that site will allow you past episodes. Bill Maher is about the only reason I have HBO and everytime he takes breaks I wrestle with the thought of dropping HBO. I hope Rachel literally stands up like she did the last time on his show when someone kept talking over her.

      • I’ve considered dropping HBO, too, since Real Time is my main reason for watching. Love the guests, even when I hate them. We don’t watch a lot of movies anymore, either, since getting Netflix (which I’m not crazy about). Then I got hooked on Game of Thrones, although it won’t be on again until spring. That was followed by discovering that I can watch all of John Adams on HBOGO. Saves me from having to buy the DVD set. Now if I could just find the time…

      • Cool! I’ll try to find it, Robert! Thanks!

    • Yes, I have. It’s interesting, ro me, how this seems to be working out. It s accepted dogma that Missouri’s desire to become a part of the Big 10 is, in part, what began the exodus of NU and CU from the Big XII. Then aTm bolts to the SEC. Poor Mizzou; it looked like they would remain behind, although thet kept searching. Now, the SEC to the rescue (apparently). A bit of a slap in the face, as Mizzou really wanted to be in the Big 10 (for its academic reputation), but the bigger SEC paycheck will salve the wounds a bit.

  14. Wasn’t the main appeal for greedy, mean-spirited republicans their pleasure at socking it to those at the bottom income levels whom they say don’t pay taxes? Well, they aren’t going to find as much evil pleasure in this change —

    Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan Become 9-0-9

    That’s a pretty big change to a catchy plan. GOP hopeful Herman Cain has altered his 9-percent corporate income tax, 9-percent personal income tax and 9-percent sales tax plan by dropping one of the numbers, after being attacked that the proposal would raise levies on most Americans. While speaking in Detroit, he explained that he won’t raise income tax on the poorest Americans. “If you are at or below the poverty level, your plan isn’t 9-9-9. It’s 9-0-9. Say Amen, y’all,” Cain said. In response to concerns that the government would be able to abuse the sales tax and make it higher, he said that since he’ll be president (he’s, uh, sure about that), he won’t sign a bill that would do so.

    • Yeah, right. LOL And we all know that what the president wants, the president gets. Apparently the black-wanna-be-president hasn’t been watching his brother the black(and white)-already-is-president.

      (None of the above is meant in a racist manner.)

      I do love that the Republican candidates are doing such a good job of providing us with some humor.

      • I havve come to believe that Republicans and the Tea Party are not racists because Obama is the first black president.

        I suspect these folks are more bothered more by the fact Obama is half white.

        Just go back and listen to the many examples of these Republicans insisting they are not racist because Obama is, after all, half white.

        I also suspect even being bi-racial would be okay if the ‘right-white’ half was dominant..

      • Robert

        I did get a good laugh at Perry when he called Cain brother. The only thing better would have been if he’d started calling him BRO.

      • Some are racist — it didn’t end in the 60s just because a new law was passed, but mainly the republicans just can’t stand losing. They are absolutely the sorest losers ever witnessed. Most Americans know when things are OK and it doesn’t matter whether that’s because of a democrat or a republican. In fact, rational people are Americans first. That isn’t how hard-core republicans view the world — they hate, they hate with a vengeance. Luckily, they are fewer and fewer in number. Many from the old GOP see what the Party has become. The number of “Independents” has risen because the Republican Party is no longer fiscally conservative and the extremists have taken over — there’s nothing grand left.

        Members of the GOP are as disappointed as we are. Those whose philosophies don’t embrace these new extremists — the birthers, those who are one-issue voters (gun and abortion nuts), and the haters who proclaim their morality loudly — remember what the letters GOP stood for and know that isn’t represented today. I make a distinction between GOP voters who I admire and republicans who give me no reason to.

      • I took the ‘brother’ as a name many church people refer to one another with. Ya know, Sister _____ and Brother ______. I would have still been laughing if he’d said, “Bro!”

  15. TPM’s Brian Beutler takes on the Republicans’ favorite lie of the moment, that 47 percent of Americans (the rabble-rousing class warriors, apparently) don’t pay any taxes. Here’s how much of a lie that is.

    While 47 percent of recession-era American households don’t pay federal income taxes, they pay plenty elsewhere, and more to the point, have picked up a larger and larger share of the nation’s tax burden over the last half century.

  16. Herman Cain is quickly gaining ground on Mitt Romney as the biggest flip-flopper in the GOP race.

    Raging Feminist Herman Cain Is Your New Pro-Choice GOP Candidate

    We are beginning to wonder if Herman Cain actually understands what “policy positions” actually are. Here is Herman Cain explaining to CNN’s Piers Morgan that he believes there should be “abortion under no circumstances” like a dutiful Republican drone, but when Morgan presses him on whether he would force a daughter or granddaughter to carry a pregnancy to term after being raped, he explains that he is against the government having a say in the matter, a position widely known as “pro-choice.” So which is it?

    • Some of the comments are great! Like these two:

      Apples = what’s good for me. Oranges = rational, consistent policy.


      She wouldn’t have to get an abortion, she could just get a D&C. Dan Quail explained all this years ago. Rich girls don’t need to get abortions, they can just go on a trip to europe.

      I suspected this bunch would be great entertainment, and they aren’t disappointing. Like clowns at the circus, they can be counted on for laughs!