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  1. Be Grateful And Tighten Your Belt. This Liberal Freeloader Has Had A Revelation

    — We need to dismantle Social Security because Corporate America can do better.

    — We need to dismantle Medicare because Corporate America can do better.

    — We need to dismantle Medicaid because Corporate America can do better.

    — We need deregulation of everything. Regulations strangle Corporate America.

    — We need to stop paying people for being unemployed. If they lose their job, they simply need to find another.

    — We need to eliminate all estate taxes especially on million/billion dollar estates. Those are our job creators.

    — We need to eliminate capital gains tax. 15 percent is outrageous. Zero is perfect.

    — We need to eliminate the employer’s contribution to payroll taxes. This tax costs jobs.

    — We need to eliminate all income tax for those making over $250,000 a year. The middle class can take care of the taxes to keep our government running. Taxpayers in the upper brackets need their money because they are the job creators.

    — We need to dismantle any health reforms and let the families, churches and neighbors take care of the sick.

    — We need to have Tort Reform and eliminate a person’s right to sue their doctor. Medical malpractice suits are driving up health care even in California which has had the strictest malpractice reforms since 1975 (MICRA).

    — No one should be allowed to join a Union. Corporate America will take care of us and knows what we need. We don’t need collective bargaining.

    — We need to set up free health clinics funded by the middle class and other charitable people volunteering their time. Health insurance companies need to be allowed to raise premiums as needed.

    — Oil companies need subsidies so they stay in America.

    — Agriculture subsidies are the backbone of our farming industry. We need to leave these subsidies in place.

    — We need to drill in America without any silly regulations preventing the oil companies from drilling anywhere offshore or anywhere they think oil might be found in the United States. We need to be independent of foreign oil.

    — We need to dismantle the EPA and other regulatory agencies that are weakening Corporate America and preventing them from hiring U.S. workers. The EPA is a job-killer and will force Corporate America to send our jobs overseas.

    — We need smaller government and government should stay out of our lives except when dealing with a woman’s reproductive system and then they should spend as much time in her uterus as they can; And they should also regulate all marriages between two humans because that is why the government was created in the first place.

    — To make sure all of the conservative leaders who will keep Corporate America happy are elected, we need to make sure that the elderly, young, disabled and minorities can not vote because they tend to be stupid and vote for liberals. Therefore we need to change voting procedures to disenfranchise these voters. Jim Crow laws worked in the late 1800′s until that disgusting Civil Rights Act of 1965, so Corporate America would ‘suggest’ (and it is only a suggestion but it sure would make them happy and a happy Corporate America is a happy conservative) that something akin to Jim Crow laws be reenacted in the immediate future and certainly before the 2012 election cycle.

    Corporations are people. Good people who take care of their own.

    • No one should be allowed to join a Union. Corporate America will take care of us and knows what we need. We don’t need collective bargaining.

      What is so ironic is the folks that preach the above statement also profess to worship Ronald Reagan.

      Ronald Reagan was a Union leader that collectively bargained for health care benefits for his fellow SAG members in the movie business.

      Who knew Reagan was a flaming Socialist Liberal?

      • It appears I left out a few things the Golden God of Conservativism – Ronald Reagan – accomplished when he the SAG Union leader.

        Reagan negotiated a contract and along with those health benefits, he got pension benefits.

        Reagan also negotiated for residuals to be paid to actors.

        Well, my oh my, if one did not know any better – one might think Reagan was a flaming Socialist Liberal.

  2. Exactly why voter ID laws are needed in South Carolina:

    COLUMBIA — South Carolina’s new voter photo identification law appears to be hitting black precincts in the state the hardest, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.
    For instance, nearly half the voters who cast ballots at a historically black college in Columbia lack state-issued photo identification and could face problems voting in next year’s presidential election, according to the analysis of precinct-level data provided by the state Election Commission.[…]

    [A]mong the state’s 2,134 precincts, there are 10 where nearly all of the law’s affect falls on nonwhite voters who don’t have a state- issued driver’s license or ID card, a total of 1,977 voters.

    The same holds true for white voters in a number of precincts, but the overall effect is much more spread out and involves fewer total voters: There are 44 precincts where only white voters are affected, or 1,831 people in all.

    The precinct that votes at Benedict College’s campus center has 2,790 voters, including nine white voters. In that precinct, 1,343 of the precinct’s nonwhite voters lack state identification, but only five white voters do. The former group accounts for 48 percent of the precinct’s voters.[…]

    A precinct at South Carolina State University has 2,305 active voters, including 33 white voters. There, 800 nonwhite voters and 17 white voters there lack state IDs. More than a third of the voters in the precinct lack state photo identification.

    Disenfranchising huge groups of people—African Americans—is thus “EXACTLY” why Republicans created this law

  3. What is your gut feeling about the reported death of Gaddafi?

    If true, then the world is less one evil person – and that is a good thing IMHO.

    • Gut feeling — it has been reported Gaddafi is dead. Period. I don’t have any feelings about it.

      • I keep hearing the death has not been confirmed. I hope there is definitive proof because we don’t need any more conspiracy theories in the world.

        I know, I know….I am wishful thinking again. As long as there are dictators and power-hungry people in the world, there will be evil.

        Which is why the OWS movement has grown so rapidly and across the globe. I think the 99% are waking up to the fact that the 1% has fixed the game in order to keep their power.

        The OWS is more than just about who is rich and who is not rich – it is about the balance of power in the world. Which is why the OWS has to keep going and then become a viable force to reckon with.

      • I’ve heard that, and some reports are that he was captured.

        Yep! Money has bought power and the 99% won’t ever be able to match the wealth, but we certainly have numbers. I am not advocating violence from those numbers, but knowledge has great power too!

  4. We are the 1 percent: We stand with the 99 percent

    Sometimes people do understand, even if it isn’t them.

    • Wonderful! I have a lot of admiration for those people!

      It is the overwhelming majority opinion that the wealthiest should pay more in taxes (both in percentage and total amounts). The only people I see still protecting against that are the tiny number who make up the Republican Party. Last statistic I saw showed registered republicans represented fewer than a third of our country’s voters. (Just think! Me and Indy are two of those!) 🙂 All the ones who are vying for the republican nomination for POTUS and their supporters are also in that tiny number. Some of them are bought and paid for, others are the puppets of those who are claiming they are the job creators. The support for their policies ends there! Everyone else knows taxes have been at their lowest point for more than 10 years, and the wealthiest also have loopholes (only available to those who enjoy great wealth) which allow many of them to pay no federal taxes at all. Thus, if low taxes is what the ‘so-called job creators’ needed to create jobs we wouldn’t be experiencing high unemployment rates.

      Do not believe Republican lies that a tax increase will hurt small businesses. It won’t! Ninety-seven percent of the 20 million small businesses in America will not be affected because relatively few small business owners earn $250,000—in fact, fewer than 3 percent of the 20 million people who file business income on their personal tax forms (the 1040s) earn that much according to IRS statistics.

      The wealth gap is wide! Although I believe all the people in wicked’s link are wealthy I question whether they are wealthy enough to be in the 1%.

      • While many in the link may not be in the 1%–and there were one or two who admitted they’re in the top 10% or their parents are–the point is that they understand. They’re also young, so maybe there really is hope.

        What rattles my brain is that those 1% may have been war protesters back in the 60s. Somewhere along the way they lost their soul or sold it to the Devil.

      • Yes, fnord – you and I are registered Republicans. LMAO And it felt damn good to see Todd Tiarht get beat in the primary.

        Since my vote apparently does not count in Kansas unless it is in the Republican primary – then I will remain a registered Republican and there is nothing they can do to prevent me from voting.

        And, as a Republican voter, my status in the voting community is safe. It appears the only potential voters these Republicans want to squash are those on the Democratic side.

      • I get a good chuckle each time I see the number of registered republicans in Kansas published or touted. 😉

      • You know how long I’ve been confident today’s youth will turn the world on its heels and make it a better place! They won’t do it with war, they’ll do it with knowledge, empathy, and the true realization that no man is an island.

      • I agree fnord – I think the young people are more socially connected through FB , Twitter and other technology but these are the kids that have also grown up under the failed trickle-down voodoo economics of Reagan.

        These are also the people that know they will be paying for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars for a long, long time and they had nothing to do with the failed policies of war-for-profit and to get the damn oil.

        Young people are also not as tied to religious dogma as the older people seem to be – so they see injustice in a world where fighting over which God can beat up the other God just does not make any sense to them.

        I do have hope for the future when I see so many young people in the OWS protest crowds.

  5. Back in May, longtime Christian Radio figure Harold Camping told the world that he had discovered that the world was coming to an end soon. Using various obtuse and generally illogical numerological formulae, he predicted that the Rapture would be on May 21—all the chosen people would be saved by God. The rest of them would be left behind for a period of tribulation that was going to end five months later—on October 21, 2011. Apparently we’re going to get both the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of the world simultaneously, rather than in two discrete events, and tomorrow is the day!

    • Great! Just think how less crowded it will be with all of them gone. Shorter lines at the grocery store, less traffic, more food and water for the rest of us. God is doing us a favor. 🙂 And maybe he’ll take all those Godly Republicans. Problems solved!

      • If only this was true……..

        Like I said yesterday – if Heaven is filled with these Bible Thumpers, then it would not be Heaven to me. These folks are free to leave at any time of their choosing.

      • badbiker

        Is anyone planning a going away party for Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum? Seems to me that those folks think that they have a direct line to Jesus.

      • Has anyone asked Jesus if he gave these folks his direct line number?

        Maybe Jesus us just as repulsed as the rest of us by these Fundies’ ways?

  6. It really is difficult to unseat a sitting president! You’ve pretty much got to do everything you can to bring America to her knees. Seems that is their plan!


    Tea Party To Businesses: “Stop Hiring!”

    Tea Party Nation sent to their members today a message from activist Melissa Brookstone urging business people to not hire a single person to protest the Obama administrations supposed war against business and my country. Brookstone writes that business owners should stop hiring new employees in order to stand up to this new dictator, the global Progressive socialist movement, Hollywood, the media and Occupy Wall Street.

    Lots more at the link —

    • Uh, haven’t they already stopped hiring?

      Just who is hiring??!! I want to know so I can boycott! It’s unAmerican to hire employees. Hire your family. They owe you.

    • Things (don’t) go better with Koch.

    • The republicans have to count on total economic failure in order to have hope one of their bunch might be elected. Take a look at what they’ve got to choose from. You don’t have to look for long or very closely!

      Mitt touts the success of Romneycare and how popular it is with Massachusetts residents: Yes, it’s great, but the rest of you don’t deserve it! I’ll repeal Obamacare which was pattered off this highly popular and successful program.

      Cain’s 999 plan.

      You get the idea.

      In fact, every time any one of them opens their mouth they write the campaign ads that will be used against them. What is that quote about staying out of the way while your opponent self destructs?

      • Total economic collapse almost happened in 2008 under George W. Bush’s watch.

        But yet all we hear from the GOP bunch is that it is Obama’s fault.

        Yeah, sure.

        I think these folks have been breathing more than just thos tea bags. Of course, pure hatred is more powerful than any drug.

        And hatred is the GOP’s drug of choice…

    • Isn’t Tea Party Nation an offshoot of the Tea Party Express?

      And we all know who funds the Tea Party Express – don’t we?

  7. Sometimes Jon Stewart doesn’t have to do much to make our political leaders look ridiculous. Case in point: Tuesday’s rowdy Republican presidential debate, which provided plenty of easy material for the writing staff at “The Daily Show.”

    Last night, Stewart took evident delight in all the absurdity. He likened Michele Bachmann’s proposed method of dealing with illegal immigration (a “double-walled” fence on the border) to gimmicky razor blades. He joked that Ron Paul, who had dared to ask critical questions of Republican icon Ronald Reagan, was “there to remind people what uncomfortable silence sounds like.” And he politely suggested that Rick Perry should rethink his habit of calling Herman Cain “brother.”

    But Stewart reserved his most scathing critique for Romney, the default leader in the Republican field. On Tuesday night, the former Massachusetts governor defended the healthcare plan he instituted in the state, but insisted that he would not have made it national. Stewart summarized his position this way: “It’s a great Republican idea, that works great, the people of Massachusetts love it. I would never do it again, it’s socialism.”

    The most heated moment in the debate came when Rick Perry accused Romney of knowingly employing undocumented workers at his Massachusetts home. Romney claimed that once he discovered their immigration status, he confronted the lawn-care company that had hired them. “We said look, you can’t have any illegals working on our property. I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake.”

    For a candidate plagued by questions about his authenticity, it was an impolitic moment. Stewart observed that “[it] may be the most honest thing Romney has ever said” and offered some advice: “There is no story that makes you look good that involves you saying ‘I’m running for office, for Pete’s sake.’ ”

    • When I heard Romney’s explanation that he told this lawn company that he could not have illegal immigrants working at his place because he is running for office made me wonder …

      if Romney had NOT been running for office, then hiring illegal immigrants would be okay?

      Either way – Perry was correct when he called Romney a hypocrit.

      But, hypocisy is just another one of those infamous GOP ‘family values’ as evidenced by so much hypocrisy from the entire bunch of Republicans.

  8. I have searched Tea Party Nation and the website describes itself as a social network for conservatives.

    From what I saw, it was a bunch of people trying to make money off other folks. I guess it’s true, hatred is a money-making venture.

    But I also saw this link as I was doing my search on TPN. I wonder if these same folks would stand with Hank Williams, Jr if he had compared George W. Bush to Hitler?

    I suspect Hank would be treated like the Dixie Chicks were treated when they only said they were embarrrassed to be from the same state as GWB.

    Geesh, the Dixie Chicks did not even bring in Hitler’s name….

  9. Tea Party Nation – Judson Phillips – I knew that name sounded familiar. Let’s not forget what Mr. Phillips said about the Methodist Church last December.

    For professing to be such good loyal patriotic Americans – I wonder if these folks know that the Founding Fathers made sure that ALL Americans had the freedom of religion?

    Maybe these folks need to do some remedial reading/comprehension of the Constitutiion they claim to love so much?

    • Interesting reading about the Tea Party Nation’s leader – Judson Phillips.

      IIRC – Mr. Phillips was also the host at that fist convention when Sarah Palin had the infamous Sharpie-written answers to the questions on her palm – does anyone else remember that gaffe?

      As I read through this – I noticed that this Judson Phillips does seem to have some questionable actions he has undertaken. I would like to know if he really owes all that money to that Las Vegas place for cancelling his second TPN convention.

      And if so, then wouldn’t someone in the TPN who doesn’t pay their bills be labeled a deadbeat and not worthy of being an upright, in good standing American citizen – as these Tea Party folks accuse the OWS protesters of being lazy, deadbeats?

      Just wondering… But I find it interesting that other folks have made allegations that Judson Phillips’ TPN sounds like just a money-making venture.


  10. badbiker

    Hit the restroom before you watch – you may be in danger of laughing so hard you wet your pants.

    Nailed it!

    • Republicans don’t have to make sense, because the brainless will continue to follow them…until they, too, get screwed over. And the will.

  11. Next to Jon Stewart – Stephen Colbert is just as genius in what he does.

    I did not hear about this latest – but it seems Rushbo accused Obama of killing Christians (nothing works best than keeping the hate pot stirred)

    This got me to thinking – have we heard what Rushbo and other talk radio shock jock entertainers have said about the Gaddafi killing?

    I would not be at all surprised if these so-called patriotic ‘real’ Americans take the same stance they did when they defended Egypt’s dictator when he was ousted. I still remember some of these shock jock entertainers saying that Mubrarak was not a bad dictator.

    I may be naive – but is there ever a good dictator?

    These Republicans have so much hate in their heart for Obama that even defending a dictator is not beneath them.

    • On second thought – what was I thinking? Of course the US does not care if dictators are bad – as long as the dictators are doing what we want them to do — or allow our corporate interests to make money.

      Money does make the world go round – doesn’t it?

  12. On October 15th Occupy TVNY met with Pullitzer prize-winning author and journalist Chris Hedges in Times Square, New York City where tens of thousands of people assembled on a global day of action. Chris shares his feelings on where the Occupy movement has come from and where it is heading.

    • Excellent.

      Now watching it again, and when it’s over, watch the one with the Marine. Black Marine. He just might have you in tears.

      • No, it doesn’t make them tough to hurt those innocent people. And there is no honor in what the NYPD have been / are doing. No bullets flying. No one armed. Yes, it would be difficult to recognize his own country by their tactics.

        I saw a question posed to Mayor Bloomberg: why is it acceptable for people to camp out on the streets of New York for weeks waiting for the new iPhone, but not in order to express their Constitutional freedoms?

  13. Just saw this while surfing the Internet. I’m not sure how I feel about this proposal.

  14. Planet Money has obtained a secret government report outlining what once looked like a potential crisis: The possibility that the U.S. government might pay off its entire debt.

    It sounds ridiculous today. But not so long ago, the prospect of a debt-free U.S. was seen as a real possibility with the potential to upset the global financial system.

    The report is called “Life After Debt”. It was written in the year 2000, when the U.S. was running a budget surplus, taking in more than it was spending every year. Economists were projecting that the entire national debt could be paid off by 2012.

    This was seen in many ways as good thing. But it also posed risks. If the U.S. paid off its debt there would be no more U.S. Treasury bonds in the world.

    “It was a huge issue.. for not just the U.S. economy, but the global economy,” says Diane Lim Rogers, an economist in the Clinton administration.

    The U.S. borrows money by selling bonds. So the end of debt would mean the end of Treasury bonds.

    But the U.S. has been issuing bonds for so long, and the bonds are seen as so safe, that much of the world has come to depend on them. The U.S. Treasury bond is a pillar of the global economy.

    Banks buy hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth, because they’re a safe place to park money.

    Mortgage rates are tied to the interest rate on U.S. treasury bonds.

    The Federal Reserve — our central bank — buys and sells Treasury bonds all the time, in an effort to keep the economy on track.

    If Treasury bonds disappeared, would the world unravel? Would it adjust somehow?

    • Now there you go again – talking about facts and treasury bonds and everything like that.

      You know Republicans only need simple bumper sticker slogans like 9-9-9 to get their legions of followers to go all Ga-Ga over the current flavor of the week candidate.