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  1. Watching the other Republican candidates struggle to combat the appeal of Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan, I am reminded of a Senate campaign that I worked on in the 1980s, when our candidate was outspoken on a single issue.

    Our pollster came in to brief us and said, “Sixty percent of voters in this state identify our candidate with this one, single issue.”

    Horrified, a colleague sputtered, “How can we win if the voters think of our candidate as a single-issue candidate?”

    The pollster smiled: “You don’t understand. Yes, in the voters’ minds, our candidate is connected with only one issue, and isn’t yet at two — but all the others in the field have zero issues, and are struggling to get to one.”

    Likewise, in this year’s Republican contest, Cain’s momentum comes both from the 9-9-9 plan itself, and from his focus on at least one clear idea — misguided as it may be — in a field of candidates who have none.

    This is a wake-up call to Cain’s rivals that they won’t be able to stumble through the primaries merely by bashing President Barack Obama and compiling longer and longer lists of administration initiatives to roll back: They are going to have to put forward affirmative proposals.


    • I’m convinced the primary voters will nominate a candidate who can’t be elected. I see Cain fitting this bill!

      The Republican Party: Pitying billionaires while America starves.

    • I read an article that said the 9-9-9 Plan came from Sim City. Yes, that’s right. A computer game. They’re trying to pass it off as coming from something more “substantial,” but Sim City is at the root of it.

      Don’t you all think that a computer game plan is the best for our country? Even if it doesn’t work?

  2. …one point that I think becomes clear is that growing wealth and income inequality, by itself, would not spark massive protests if there were a perception that the top 1% had acquired their gains honestly and legitimately. Americans in particular have been inculcated for decades with the belief that even substantial outcome inequality is acceptable (even desirable) provided that it is the by-product of fairly applied rules. What makes this inequality so infuriating (aside from the human suffering it is generating) is precisely that it is illegitimate: it is caused and bolstered by decisively unfair application of laws and rules, by undemocratic control of the political process by the nation’s oligarchs, and by a full-scale shield of immunity that allows them — and only them — to engage in the most egregious corruption and even criminality without any consequence…

    Anyone who expressed difficulty seeing or understanding what motivates these protests revealed many things about themselves. None is flattering. And anyone expressing confusion about why these protests are erupting is almost certainly someone invested in keeping things exactly the way they are.”


  3. The debate marathon continues tonight, as Republican candidates take the stage in Nevada. The debate airs at 7 p.m. (Central time) on CNN. Nevada, of course, doesn’t have a lot of delegates — the state was to send about 28 to the national convention, but moving its caucus ahead of the Republican National Committee’s schedule cost it half. All eyes will be on Herman Cain again, as he tries to put his “Pizza Jam” behind him and establish his seriousness as a candidate. There may also, however, be some tension as several candidates have pledged to boycott Nevada’s early January 14 caucuses. Jon Huntsman has said already he’ll skip the debate—although that may have more to do with his lagging finances. The rest of the candidates, except for Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul, have said they will or are considering boycotting the Nevada caucuses.


  4. I heard the GOP talking point of the day this morning – Obama is taking his campaign bus tour on the taxpayers’ dime.

    And did I really hear that John McCain called Obama’s bus ‘ugly’?

    Seriously, folks, when GWB flew around on Air Force One and campaigned for re-election, where was their outrage?


    • I wonder if Obama’s bus is as ugly as the Airbus plane that McCain flew around in during his failed presidential campaign?

      Then people wondered why McCain did not want Boeing to get that tanker deal …

      Let’s review – McCain riding in Airbus plane and Airbus was bidding on tanker deal….

      Nah, there is no possibility that McCain was sucking up to Airbus – was there???

      • As soon as the republicans decide who will be their candidate in the 2012 presidential race an identical bus will be theirs. Those blowhards like McCain are just using hateful talking points that resonate with their base. Nothing like a big ole helping of hate to rile em up.

      • I know – that’s the kicker – isn’t it? LMAO

        Do these fools not realize every time they try to ridicule Obama it ALWAYS comes back to bite them in their ass?

        I suspect these same Family Values Republicans hate the fact that Barack and Michelle Obama have a wonderful marriage and two great kids – and he even lives with his mother-in-law and seems to have a good family life.

        How many of these sanctified, holified and pious Family Values Republicans can say the same about their own marriages and family life?

      • Why is it they think it’s taxpayer money? Obama has raised how many million in campaign money?

        I accidentally visited an Obama hating FB page, while trying to see a graphic that was posted on the Over-the-Ditch Dems page. Comments on that hater page made me ill. Dubya apparently never held office for 8 years. And if we were all fair about this crap, it’s the congresscritters who need to be held accountable, not the presidents. All the Ps can do is present their ideas, wants, and wishes. They don’t make the laws. True, some are dumber than others.

      • It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such hate spewed by humans, and in language that would make a sailor blush. They weren’t this hateful during Clinton’s terms. Maybe because he’s white?

  5. Everytime I hear about Cain and his PIzza King title, I just about gag. That’s the same reaction I had when I entered one of the locations here in Wichita.

    I wonder if that is the reason those two particular locations closed up shop?

  6. badbiker

    Grover (who the Hell names their kid after a Sesame Street character?) Norquist says that Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan is dangerous.

    Not because it screws the poor and middle class.

    Not because it pulls money from the economy.

    Not because it is a huge windfall for the rich.

    No, old Grover thinks that the plan is dangerous because it would be easy to raise the rates. Honestly, is there no limit to what the Republicans will do to screw the poor and working people?

    • While I have no love for Grover Norquist – his opposition to 9-9-9 might be a good thing.

      Since 99.9% of all Republicans have signed that stupid Grover pledge…

  7. Thinking of voting for Ron Paul? Here’s the latest from Nevada, where the debates are to be held.

    In a ballroom at the Venetian with a cheering crowd of students behind him, Paul outlined his plan to cut $1 trillion from the federal budget and eliminate five Cabinet departments as soon as he takes office. (The losers: Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Interior and Education.) He would immediately end all foreign aid and end America’s involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Paul also wants to let young workers opt out of Social Security. He would repeal President Barack Obama’s health care legislation as well as major banking and campaign finance regulations. He would reduce corporate taxes, and he also wants to eliminate the Transportation Security Administration because he’s concerned that airport screenings violate civil liberties.


    You can’t make this shit up, folks.

    • No, not planning to vote for Ron Paul, or any of the others vying for the republican nomination. As a Kansas voter my vote doesn’t count but I would know and I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror. All six electoral votes from Kansas will go to whichever one the republicans finally settle on — those votes aren’t in question and won’t have much of an impact.

    • Of course you aren’t voting for Ron Paul, Linda. 🙂 You have a brain and can think for yourself!

      Just letting everyone know exactly how the annihilation of the U.S. and then the world is to be done.

  8. “The best sign of the Occupy Wall Street movement’s growing popularity is that Mitt Romney has taken both sides of the argument about it.” — Jon Stewart

  9. All seven continents now have 99%ers actively occupying!

    • freedomwriter

      Now that’s a beautiful sign! It’s amazing how well technology can communicate a movement, I just wish the we were able to unite everyone here at home (USA).

    • I heard over the weekend that there were 1500 countries involved.

      It’s only going to get bigger.

      Saw an article saying that the Occupy groups need to do some marketing. You know, like they need a brand. WTF? Isn’t OWS a brand? It’s certainly well-known everywhere…kinda like VISA. 😉 I think it’s doing fine. No need to let some greedy SOBs make money off of it, and I believe that’s what the article was written to do.

      Call me cynical.

      • I read something that suggested if OWS did set demands it will give congress critters to opportunity to address some of them and then claim something like, “we gave you 70% of what you wanted…”

        I like very much that they are stating quite clearly nothing in our country is working for 99% of the population and that must change!

  10. Fore! House Speaker John Boehner had some surprise visitors at his Newport Beach, California, golf game Monday: 50 protesters from the Occupy Wall Street movement. The demonstrators were equip with bullhorns, drums and, wait for it—a rented airplane they flew over the golf course with a banner reading “GOP JOBS PLAN = OCCUPY GOLF COURSE? COURAGE CAMPAIGN.” The group picketed outside the golf course where Boehner was participating in the Orange County GOP’s Reagan Cup tournament, urging the Republican leaders to pass President Obama’s blocked jobs plan.


    • 3…2…1…..when will Boehner and his GOP groupies come out and start accusing Obama of hiring that airplane flying that banner?

      I’m sure you’ve all heard that the entire Occupy Wall Street Movement was a plan that the Obama re-election staff concocted in order to make Republicans look badly.

      Hey – Republicans need no help in looking bad – they do a bang-up job of that all by themselves every time they open their mouths. (and routinely inserts their foot and/or feet in their big mouths)

  11. Update on granddaughter – went to PCP today and left lung is still filled with fluid. It is better, but still showing something. The PCP is concerned about one spot that he is not quite sure what we are dealing with since it can been seen from the front view but not the side view. It might just be the fluid but it might also be some sort of puss pocket.

    If that is the case – it will be need to be drained, which is another trip to the hospital. Ughhh….

    He did change antibiotics and put her two stronger ones this time.

    Hopefully we can do this with antibiotics from home.

    Still need prayers, thoughts, good wishes and positive energy sent our way – much appreciated.

  12. Republicans are debating again tonight. And once again, Americans will hear the standard regressive litany: government is bad, Medicare and Medicaid should be cut, “Obamacare” is killing the economy, undocumented immigrants are taking our jobs, the military should get more money, taxes should be lowered on corporations and the rich, and regulations should be gutted.

    Four years ago the most widely-watched TV debate among Republican aspirants attracted 3.2 million viewers. This year it’s almost twice that number. And for every viewer assume a multiplier effect as he or she shares what’s heard with friends and family.

    Americans are listening more intently this time around because they’re hurting and they want answers. But the answers they’re getting from Republican candidates – tripping over themselves trying to appeal to hard-core regressives – are the wrong ones.