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  1. Ray LaHood Calls Out Fellow Republicans

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past 2 1/2 years, you know that the #1 thing on the Republican Party’s agenda is beating President Obama and making his life miserable. It won’t put anybody back to work, or pay for increased infrastructure spending, but it’s still nice to hear a fellow Republican articulate what’s been obvious to every Obama supporter:

    Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, the most prominent Republican in President Barack Obama’s administration, accused GOP House members Friday of putting their hope for the president to fail ahead of working toward solving the nation’s problems.

    Responding to a question about why it was so difficult to get big infrastructure projects built right now, LaHood told a transportation conference that “some people don’t want Obama to be successful.”
    “A big percentage of the Republicans that were elected this time came here to do zero, and that’s what they’ve done,” he said. Those lawmakers, he said, have obstructed other people who are trying to get things done.

    LaHood announced that he won’t be serving in Obama’s second term. Of course, Robert Gates is no longer Defense Secretary. I hope the President has a number of willing and experienced Republicans he can nominate to serve during his second term, and I hope he uses the final months of the campaign to talk about how he’ll continue to have the other party well represented in his cabinet. Won’t convert too many of the Republican flock, but could be a nice way to remind independents of the efforts he’s made to bring the two sides together.

  2. 6 reasons why a Republican should vote for a Democrat

    The 2012 elections will prove to be a major turning point in how our country moves forward. As the Republican Party has moved further to the right, moderates have no place to go. Most of these Republicans would rather sit home on election day than vote for either party. Here are 6 reasons why they should get up off the couch and vote for a Democrat.

  3. Rick Perry says the world has never been as dangerous because of President Obama

    The Holocaust, 9/11, the Crusades, the Inquisition. Those are just four events that inject fear into the hearts of everyone around the world. The thought of those events, or similar events, happening again is something that no one would want to experience. So when Presidential candidate, Rick Perry, decided to claim the world has never been more dangerous because President Obama was the leader of the United States, it turned a lot of heads.

    Perry: So, you’ve got a president of the United States that I think is either incredibly naive about foreign policy or I don’t know else to take out of it. They’re aimless, they’re wavering, and I know this — the world has never been as dangerous as it is today, because of this administration’s lack of focus on dealing with these rogue nations.
    So we have President Obama, the man who finally eliminated Osama Bin Laden, stopped a terrorist plot from Iran and killed Anwar al-Awlaki, all while Rick Perry claims that the entire world is now more dangerous because of him. Rick Perry, like many on the right, once again show their blind spot when it comes to reality. The right-wing hatred for President Obama has grown so much that they simply ignore the facts to push their agenda. If the republicans want to win the elections in 2012, they might want to start looking at the world with 20/20 vision and not with their blinders on.

  4. 10 Things Christians Should Know & Do About The “Occupy” Protests

    After two weeks with a notable lack of media coverage about it, American Christians are learning about an amazing phenomenon that is taking place on Wall Street in New York that has birthed a movement that’s spreading across the land. Hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens are showing up en mass to parks and city squares to protest corporate fraud and exploitation and to express their outrage. But what should Christians make of all of this? We like “lists of 10” so I’d like to offer the following action items for us to consider:“occupy”-protests/

  5. Yeah, I’m oversimplifying, but only a little. The greatest threat to our economy is neither corporations nor the government. The greatest threat to our economy is both of them working together. There are currently two sizable coalitions of angry citizens that are almost on the same page about that, and they’re too busy insulting each other to notice.

  6. Rick Perry’s wife Anita said Friday that she could sympathize with the plight of the unemployed because her son was forced to resign his job to take a more active role on his father’s presidential campaign.

    Anita Perry blamed the Obama administration for her son having to resign his position.

    “My son had to resign his job because of federal regulations that Washington has put on us,” Mrs. Perry said while campaigning for her husband in South Carolina, after a voter shared the story of losing his job.

    “He resigned his job two weeks ago because he can’t go out and campaign with his father because of SEC regulations,” she continued, referring to the Securities and Exchange Commission. “He has a wife… he’s trying to start a business. So I can empathize.”

    “My son lost his job because of this administration,” she said a few minutes later.

    According to press reports, the Perrys’ son, Griffin, worked at Deutsche Bank.

    It was unclear what SEC regulations Perry was referring to, but the commission adopted a new rule last year aimed at limiting political activity on the part of investment advisors.

    • This is just red meat for the Republicans – these folks want NO regulations or rules of any kind.

      BTW – Wasn’t it Ms. Perry that has been recently complaining that her husband has been persecuted because of his Christian values?

      I am so tired of these Evangelical Christians playing that damn fake persecution card.

      Seroiusly Bible Thumpers – read your own Bible where it states clearly that the Christian life is a persecuted life.

      But in this country – Christians are not exactly being crucified, stoned or even put to the death by the state of Texas for being a Christian.

      Or maybe I’ve missied something?

      • Mrs. Perry has become quite a vocal whiner since her hubby didn’t stay put at the top of the field. I have noticed she has many excuses and many to blame! Nothing is Rick’s fault, it all falls on someone / something else! She certainly isn’t much of a class act.

  7. Update on granddaughter..

    Much to our surprise, the attending doctor (not our PCP) discharged her late yesterday. She is still on antibiotics and has not ate very much in the past week but she is drinking fluids.

    When my son asked the attending doctor about those x-rays from the PCP’s office that were to be sent, she said that they were in the computer somewhere but that since the labwork had been done – they really do not need to look at those.

    WTF…….. If one lung was half filled with fluid, I think I would want to look at the x-rays just to see it for myself – but maybe that’s just me being silly….

    The nurse called them once on their way home and told them to watch her very carefully. This nurse then called again (on her personal cell phone) and told them that she felt the doctor discharged my granddaughter too soon.

    This does not make us feel very confident – or comfortable about this situation.

    The PCP’s office told us when they sent her to be admitted to the hospital that the attending doctor questioned the PCP whether the family could not just do this treatment at home – so I get the feeling that this attending doctor always felt like the kid did not need to be in the hospital.

    But wait – they have the largest for-profit health insurance company – so the issue was not money.

    And there were only 6 total patients in the Pediatrics ward.

    So WTH was the problem????

    BTW – the kid is still not eating. The cough is terrible. And now she hates the world because we told her that the hospital would make her feel better – and now she is sent home with basically the same symptoms.

    The only good thing is – the labwork showed a high white blood count which indicates an infection. All the other testing for specific bacteria came back negative – so at least we know what it is not – but we still do not know what it is.

    The PCP thouhgt it was pneumonia – but a sputum test is needed for final diagnosis of pneumonia – and that was one test that was not performed.

    And this health care system is the best our country can offer – and Republicans are fighting tooth and nail to keep this health care system alive and prospering?

    I am FED UP……

    I suspect what we have here is a power struggle between the PCP and some attending doctor (that we never heard of before this hospital visit) as to who is in charge.

    I trust the PCP – this attending doctor poked her head in one time to see this kid – should we trust her? What would you do?

    Thanks for all the good thoughts, prayers and well wishes. You might want to throw in a little prayer for the grandma NOT to choke some attending doctor before this is all through…..LMAO

    • Thank you for the update! I wanted to ask but didn’t want to intrude. Sometimes when I’m worried or stressful I want to get my mind off those challenges for a while.

      I suspect this decision was made my an insurance person. They are in the business of making profits, not of providing health care. Ask any doctor who makes the decisions — him or the insurance company.

      I do hope she is better soon. That is one thing children can do — get well as quickly as they became ill. I know you will all be watching carefully!

      • sorry for my long rant….but this grandma is tired, stressed and worried.

        Hopefully the follow up with the PCP will show some progress on her recovery.

        The poor little thing – she told me she is tired of being sick. I don’t blame her.

        But I’ve heard there are some nasty bugs going around and alot of people are getting sick. And the bad news is – we are just getting into the start of the flu season.