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Tuesday every single Republican Senator voted against The American Jobs Act. In a political environment where jobs and the economy are the #1 concern, Republicans voted against a bill that would lead to immediate job creation? No wonder their numbers are plummeting.


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  1. So let’s see: The solution to large-scale abuses of the financial system, a breakdown of the private sector, extreme economic inequality and the failure of companies and individuals to invest and create jobs is — well, to give even more money and power to very wealthy people, to disable government and to trust those who got us into the mess to get us out of it.

    That’s a brief summary of the news from the Republican Party this week. It’s what Republican candidates said during the Post-Bloomberg debate Tuesday night, and it’s the signal Senate Republicans sent in voting as a bloc against President Obama’s jobs bill. Don’t just do something, stand there.

    Those who have plenty of capital to invest are holding back because consumers don’t have enough cash. But let’s not give potential middle-class buyers jobs and money to spend. No, let’s heap yet more resources onto investors. And if sharp guys made fortunes writing abusive mortgages, let’s repeal all the rules we just passed to prevent them from doing the same thing again.

    There’s no problem that can’t be solved if the federal government just does absolutely nothing about it.

  2. Nation Waiting For Protesters To Clearly Articulate Demands Before Ignoring Them

    NEW YORK—As the Occupy Wall Street protest expands and grows into a nationwide movement, Americans are eagerly awaiting a list of demands from the group so they can then systematically disregard them and continue going about their business, polls showed this week. “The protesters need to unify around a shared agenda with precise policy goals so I can begin paying no attention to them whatsoever,” said Tulsa, OK poll respondent Kaye Petrachonis, echoing the thoughts of millions across the country. “If they don’t have a clear power structure organized around specific demands first, then I’ll never be able to completely tune them out due to a political conflict of interest or an inability to comprehend complex, detailed economic concepts. These people really need to get their act together.” Once Occupy Wall Street has a concrete set of objectives in place, the majority of Americans said they would go back to waiting for the sluggish economy to recover while blindly accepting things the way they are.

  3. I read that Herman Cain now leads in a couple (or more) new polls.

    More proof, where none was needed, that the republicans will protect the wealthy at any cost. The 999 plan dramatically reduces taxes for the wealthy while socking it to those who aren’t. You have to be pretty gullible to be a republican and buy into that nonsense!

  4. Elizabeth Warren may just want to sit back and watch Scott Brown self destruct: A Democratic group in Massachusetts has accused the Massachusetts senator of plagiarism, pointing to some remarks he appears to have lifted verbatim from former senator Elizabeth Dole’s website. Brown’s message to students, posted on his website, used the exact language that Dole used in her 2002 campaign kickoff. Brown’s staff has acknowledged that the words were Dole’s and said Brown’s plagiarism was the result of a “staff-level oversight.” According to his spokesman, Brown’s staff used Dole’s website as a model and transferred the speech inadvertently.

    • Since parents are now legally responsible for what their children do, Brown is responsible for what his staff members do. Hey, what goes around, comes around. Karma, baby.

      These were the same people who, as children, teens, and college students, made sure they had the answers to the tests, copied their friends notes from class, and bought term papers. Lazy and not real bright.

      Wasn’t there something about Elizabeth Dole that wasn’t quite right, too? Or is that just wishful thinking?

    • Oh, I love this.

      Brown’s staff acknowledged yesterday the words originally were Dole’s and said their presence in Brown’s message was the result of a technical error.

      Technical error? Which ‘technical’? Technical=cheating? Technical=stupid? Technical=lazy?

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Scott Brown the one who once posed for Playgirl? And they talk about dumb blondes…

  5. “Our system of economic growth, of ineffective democracy, of overloading planet earth — our system — is eating itself alive. Occupy Wall Street is like the kid in the fairy story saying what everyone knows but is afraid to say: the emperor has no clothes. The system is broken. Think about the promise of global market capitalism. If we let the system work, if we let the rich get richer, if we let corporations focus on profit, if we let pollution go unpriced and unchecked, then we will all be better off. It may not be equally distributed, but the poor will get less poor, those who work hard will get jobs, those who study hard will get better jobs and we’ll have enough wealth to fix the environment.

    “What we now have — most extremely in the U.S. but pretty much everywhere — is the mother of all broken promises,” Gilding adds. “Yes, the rich are getting richer and the corporations are making profits — with their executives richly rewarded. But, meanwhile, the people are getting worse off — drowning in housing debt and/or tuition debt — many who worked hard are unemployed; many who studied hard are unable to get good work; the environment is getting more and more damaged; and people are realizing their kids will be even worse off than they are. This particular round of protests may build or may not, but what will not go away is the broad coalition of those to whom the system lied and who have now woken up. It’s not just the environmentalists, or the poor, or the unemployed. It’s most people, including the highly educated middle class, who are feeling the results of a system that saw all the growth of the last three decades go to the top 1 percent.”

  6. Bottom line in our current reality world is this:

    My son works in a non-union shop and they keep him working until 11pm and then tell him to be at the shop the next morning at 5am.

    But yet these folks profess to be such a family-oriented business.

    I guess his kids are supposed to wait up until midnight to see their daddy?

    And let’s not forget that his wife has to work her job in order to get health insurance.

    This IS the reality world our country is in today…..

    And then the 1% are complaining they do not get enough tax cuts and/or subsidies…

    I am FED UP…….

    • I understand (and abhor) the actions of the 1%. I don’t have any understanding of republicans who aren’t (and never will be!) among those 1% supporting and protecting those same actions! That takes a really special kind of stupid.

      • My oldest announced yesterday that she’s going to have to “hide” the husband of a friend on FB. His rhetoric and downright stupidity has reached a point where it’s either not read his posts or risk ruining a friendship. Apparently he’s convinced that he will be part of the 1%. No mention of how he’s going to do this. He’s currently in the military, and we know how well that pays. My daughter questions how those in the military could support the Republican party. Their pay is abysmal, their health is ignored, yet they continue to vote “against their best interests.”

        As Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

      • I know I sound like a broken record – but I do not understand how the Republicans can continue to beat their chests as the proud defenders of the military when not one single Republican has come out and said in no uncertain terms that the booing of that soldier just because he is gay was WRONG.

        Oh, we’ve heard a flimsy excuses – but not one person said it was downright WRONG….

        I don’t care how many times Republicans profess they respect the military – their actions speak louder than their empty words.

        It seems the only time Republicans want the the military is to fight their for-profit wars and for the occasional photo-ops.

        I am FED UP…..

      • Congress critters who never put their lives on the line get golden benefits from being elected to just one term. They and their families get the best insurance, retirement monies equal to their inflated salaries, while the men and women who actually serve our country get the shaft. Then some people slap a magnet on their vehicles and profess that is ‘supporting our troops.’ Or they wave around a United States flag and profess they are patriotic.

        Different strokes for different folks? Seems not to be so! Gauging on the actions and words of some there is only one way and it’s their way. Different isn’t acceptable. Why not figure there’s always something to learn from ‘different’ that you might not find if you don’t venture outside the box of what you currently accept?

      • What is so interesting about these people that find homosexuality to be such a sin are those who, more than not, are caught committing adultery.

        And adultery is the Top Ten List according these people and did you ever notice that the Top Ten List does not say one word against homosexuality?

        I suspect the real reason these folks like to demonize homosexuality is because if everybody is focused on the guy ‘over there’ – then the real sinners can continue on with their adulterous ways?

        that is, until caught, then if you’re a Republican elected Congress Critter – you can just play the Golden Free Pass that apparently Jesus only gives to the ‘right’ people.

  7. Every Republican needs to be reminded of how their party sat back and allowed an active duty US soldier to be booed simply because he is gay.

    What a shameful act….

  8. WSClark

    I don’t know if you got a chance to see the analysis of the Cain “9-9-9 Plan” on the Lawrence O’Donnell show last night on that evil liberal station MSNBC, but if you didn’t, you need to. Larry and guest dissected portions of the plan and determined that it would fuck everybody except the top wage earners, it would abolish social security and Medicare/caid in favor of going door-to-door, it would abolish EVERY social safety net, it would destroy the auto and construction industries, it would be the largest single tax cut for the rich in the history of the world. Even Warren Buffet would make out under “9-9-9.”

    The guest that was doing the commentary was a former Reagan economic staffer.

    Now, considering that Reagan had no use for those making less than MEGA-BUCKS it is pretty serious that one of his economic advisers would call the Cain plan something less than a bowl of peaches and cream.

    Herbie Cain is now the leading contender for the GOP nomination for President. People need to understand just what this man is proposing to do to America. This isn’t just a simple “bad policy” proposal that can be forgotten next week – this man wants to fundamentally screw the American worker, retiree and middle class in favor of a massive gift to the upper class.

    Seriously. This dude is dangerous. In retrospect, my vulgarities yesterday were far too mild to describe what Cain wants to to to America.

    • I knew yesterday you’d nailed who Cain is.

      When the new polls came out I realized just how low the republican voters will stoop to destroy America and Americans in order to protect the uber wealthy. Or, they are woefully ill-informed. You decide.

      • I think the far right is so hate-filled towards Obama that they only want to win.

        It does not matter who or what these people put into power – they only want to win.

        Or maybe Michelle Bachmann was really onto something when she brought up the idea of turning the 9-9-9 plan upside down and it is 6-6-6.

        This could be the basis for a good Cain is the Anti-Christ conspiracy theory.

  9. Now I’ve seen it all…… fans booing a cancer PSA simply because their perceived enemy hockey players are doing the PSA?

    What a sad, sad country we live in…

    • WSClark

      Listen, to a boy from Detroit, cancer may be serious, but HOCKEY is life!

      (All due apologies to everyone that may be offended by my statement.)

  10. WSClark

    A Cain screw you scenario:

    You’re 64 (!) and going to retire with your spouse very soon. Your ankle-biters have finally moved out of the homestead, you have saved a ton of money and now you are ready for your reward.

    For years you have scrimped and saved (thanks, Paul) and now you’re going to sell the house and build a brand new cottage on the lake. You did without for a long time, and now Dad is going to buy the new boat he always wanted and you’re going to ditch the minivan in favor of that sporty, two-seat convertible you have been dreaming about since High School. The lot you want to buy on the lake is near a Community College, and you’re planning to enroll in those art classes you missed during your undergraduate days.

    You have your plan worked out down to the smallest detail, you are planning on your combined social security and your savings to carry you to your own personal Nirvana. You have saved every nickle you could and finally you and your spouse are ready to realize your dream.

    Herman Cain has another plan.

    The lot, the new house, the sports car and the boat all just went up in price by NINE PERCENT. The tuition at the Community College just went up by NINE PERCENT. That part-time job that your spouse was going to get at the marina? Wage taxed at NINE PERCENT. and anything you purchased at the shop will also go up by NINE PERCENT. Your food bill – you know, the steaks you save for to eat once per week – up by NINE PERCENT.

    You paid taxes on the money you put in savings and now Cain is going to tax them again. And he wants to work to eliminate your Social Security and Medicare. Oh, and by the way, your doctor’s bills just went up by NINE PERCENT, also.

    Remember that dream you and your spouse had? Fuggeddaboudit! Go buy a pizza – juz $9.99 – and get back to work, slacker!

    • WSClark

      And here is the kicker for the above noted scenario – what does this hypothetical couple GAIN under the Cain “9-9-9 Plan?

      Zero. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

      There is no trade off of benefit v. expense. There is no ROI to justify the additional costs. It is/would be just a NINE PERCENT hit to the bottom line for those in that position.


      (BTW, that pizza at $9.99 – the price just went up.)

  11. Cain Has No Idea

    You got to hand it to that 9-9-9 tax plan. It has sure helped the Hermanator rocket to the top of the polls! The plan is so elegantly simple, it’s no wonder it has caught on so well among Republican voters. Under 9-9-9, anyone, from multinational corporation to mom and pop business owner, to modest family of four will be able to dump their accountants, sit down with their smart phone’s calculator, and figure out their tax liability in a matter of minutes, saving everyone a big chunk of change and a few headaches along the way. Best yet, with a tax plan so simple, there will be no need for the hated IRS, allowing us to put even more people out of work.

    But as the now-frontrunner has said, he has a target on his back. And now so does his increasingly-complex tax plan.

    Mr. Cain made it clear Wednesday his plan remained a work in progress. Visiting Concord, N.H., he added several new wrinkles. He would preserve the deduction for charitable donations, making the flat income tax not so flat; he would exempt any used goods, including previously owned homes and cars, from the national sales tax; and he would allow businesses to deduct new equipment purchases from their 9% corporate income tax, as long as the goods were U.S.-made.

    Asked how that would apply to a computer designed domestically but containing Malaysian components and assembled in China, he replied, “I have no idea.”

    I know that Herman Cain had no expectation of doing this well, but if you’re going to run for president, you should at least do your homework. Now, the man is in a really tough spot– he can either admit his simple plan is not so simple, or he can abandon it altogether, and admit that he hasn’t really thought this “running for president” thing through.

  12. Interestintg little article about Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. Play close attention to the link inside this article to the architect behind Cain’s 9-9-9 plan – Richard Lowrie who is a Wells Fargo investment employee from a small town in Ohio.

    Hmmm, Wells Fargo, didn’t the taxpayers bail these people out a few years back?

    • P.S. – also check out the political affiliation of this Richard Lowrie – Americans for Prosperity group – does that ring any corporate master bells for you?

      Think ….Koch…….

      Merely a coincidence?

  13. As a cancer survivor – this makes me angry.

    I do not know the details of this particular case, but when this many people get cancer from a small area – something is definitely wrong on a large scale and needs to be investigated thoroughly.

    But, never fear, Republicans have a solution to these kind of problems – get rid of all regulations. And then get rid of health care reform so the survivors (if you’re lucky) can slowly die from lack of true health care.

    maybe this is the real reason the GOP crowd at that debate yelled for the uninsured man in a coma to die – these folks really just do not care??

  14. I’ve seen this woman on several shows and she seems like a person we need to pay more attention to – she makes sense AND she is a woman.

    (that’s a plus, in my book) Sorry fellas – I admit I would love to see a woman president during my lifetime – and I’m getting older and those years are flying by faster and faster. I don’t have time to wait. LMAO

  15. Mapping the GOP War on Voting

    An interactive map — hover over a state to see more information, click on a state to keep the info open until you’re ready to close it.

  16. I did not see the press conference today. But since when is a foiled attempt at an assassination of an ambassador from Iran considered ‘an act of war?’

    Did I miss something? Aren’t we the ones that foiled this attempt? Aren’t we the ones that really do not know the specifics of this foiled attempt?

    And rather than going off all cowboy-cocky and declare war on Iran like, apparently some Republicans/Fox News wants us to, shouldn’t we just sit down and at least give it some thought?

    Nah, let’s just quote Romney from his ridiculous speech last when he called Obama a weak president and try to get Romney a few more brownie points for his I HATE OBAMA lapel pin?

    • Correction: attempted assassination of the ambassador from Saudi Arabia.

      Allegedly, this foiled attempt was orchestrated by Iran.

      • I just thought – Isn’t one of Fox News big time money man a Saudi Prince?

        Do you think maybe – just maybe – the Saudis are trying to use Fox News in such a way to get Americans to go fight another war -this time with Iran?

        Nah, what am I thinking? Is that even possible……..

        BTW – For Fox News Republicans always yammering as to how they hate Muslims – why do they allow their news source to be tainted by the money of that Saudi Prince?

  17. Here’s why the republicans are waging a war on voting and doing everything they can to keep democrats away from voting booths:

    Blue-State Math Is Boon to Obama, Target for GOP

    Another interactive map —

    With the electoral votes favoring the Democratic Party candidate added to their candidates, the writing is on the wall… No wonder they’re so cranky!

    • I think the Republicans know that this year – especially now since the OWS movement is growing – that their real agenda is crystal clear to anyone with one working brain cell.

      Besides – these are people that cannot be shamed – so is fixing the vote to ensure your side wins really a stretch for these folks?

  18. I know this will make Will’s day…….Paul Ryan or Jim DeMint a heartbeat away from the presidency?

    Or better yet – I wonder what ol’ Jim DeMint’s grandpappy would be thinking about his boy Jimmy playing second fiddle? Now that would be worth scaring up money for a psychic just to be able to hear that conversation.

    I went to college in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the mid 70’s. The most racist folks on my campus were from the Deep South – South Carolina would be a contender in that group. And let’s not forget – I went to a Fundamental Evangelical Christian (mostly Baptist) college. These people will eat their young….

  19. This is what the Republican controlled House did today —

    They continued their war on women. They’ve killed jobs and now they want to kill women.