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  1. A good explanation of the Jobs Bill rewrite, and the BIG difference between the two major political parties —


  2. Seating at tonight’s republican wanna-be-POTUS debate reflects Cain’s rise and Perry’s losses in recent polls. Starting at the left and going right they will be seated as follows:

    Huntsman, Bachmann, Perry, Cain, Romney, Paul, Ginginch, Santorum

    So Cain and Romney share the center.

  3. indypendent

    What do you think tonight’s GOP debate will bring? I am wondering what new low these folks will go take the Grand Old Party after watching these same folks applaud 234 executions, yelling for an uninsured man in a coman to die and booing an active US soldier just because he is gay.

    Based on the most recent news of Rick Perry’s supporter – a Texas Evangelical Christian preacher calling Mitt Romney a member of a cult and Romney is not a real Christian – I suspect the new low will have something to do along the line of ‘my God can beat up your God.

    What a bunch of morons.

    • They’ll continue to tear one another a new one. Don’t they understand those criticisms will be used against their party nominee? Guess not. And mostly they’ll complain about President Obama.

      I would like to hear some ideas and solutions. No, not that 9-9-9 plan that reduces taxes for everyone at the top and drastically increases them for everyone else. That’s NOT a plan, that’s murder! That’s taking food out of hungry people’s mouths, shelter from those who have nothing else. The man should ashamed. But we know he isn’t.

      With the primaries moved up to soon after the first of the year we’ll probably know their nominee by late winter / early spring, which is about the same time we knew McCain was their guy in 2008.

      One thing we know for sure is that no one they nominate will have any experience at being president of the United States.

  4. Christie to Endorse Romney Ahead of GOP Debate

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, just one week after definitively announcing he will not run for president in the 2012 race, plans to endorse Mitt Romney for the job Tuesday afternoon, Fox News has learned.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/10/11/christie-to-endorse-romney-for-president/#ixzz1aV71KBCA

    • I love them all BUT # 7 is my favorite…..


      Isn’t it ironic that Republicans absolutely loved protesters when the Tea Party bullies were disrupting those town halls.

      But, then again, these folks did get to ride those fancy buses financed by their corporate masters.

  5. Dartmouth Doesn’t Want to Be Embarrassed by Its GOP Debate

    How uneasy is the Republican establishment with the party’s rowdy base? Dartmouth, host of Tuesday night’s primary debate, is asking attendees to pretty please not embarrass the college with loud outbursts. The crowd at the last few debate have shouted things that made some Republicans uncomfortable, even the candidates: Rick Perry said he was taken aback when someone yelled “Let him die!” in reference to a hypothetical sick person without health care, Mitt Romney implied he wasn’t totally cool with booing a gay soldier. Fusty old Dartmouth wants to make sure none of that happens tonight.

    …pre-debate, the audience will get a little lecture reminding them to behave themselves and display only “appropriate audience behavior.” And if someone does act out, a spokesman told Politico, “Much like any event like this, there is a procedure if crowd members seem to be intentionally disrupting whatever the event is.” The Washington Post and Bloomberg, who are running the debate, picked the format — candidates sitting around a table, taking questions from public television’s Charlie Rose — to foster “serious and substantive debate,” USA Today reports. That should help calm any overexcited voters.

    On Friday, the college newspaper tried to shame potential debate viewers into behaving. “It would be an enormous black eye for the College and a damning indictment of our maturity and political culture if Dartmouth’s debate were to be characterized by another inappropriate outburst, no matter its ideological origin,” the editors wrote. “Let’s leave the stage and the spotlight to the candidates — after all, these politicians are vying to lead our country. They should be scrutinized with thorough intensity, but not let off the hook by the distracting behavior of their audience.”

    • Hmm, so these GOP presidential candidates did like those rude outbursts at the past debates?

      My, oh my, would one even had known how these GOPPERS felt about anything by their less-than-enthusiastic responses to questions afterwards?

      Seriously – if anyone had booed an active duty soldier at an Obama event – can you imagine the feigned outrage from the same Republicans who now profess to be ‘taken back’ or that it is ‘not totally cool’ to boo a soldier.

      Puh-leze, some morons needs to get a clue…

  6. Herman Cain denounced the OWS protesters as being Anti-American because they are Anti-Capitalsim.

    Here is the definition of capitalism in Merrian Websters’ Dictionary.

    Excuse me, but where does it say capitalism is funded by special tax cuts like those Bush tax cuts to the wealthy and the taxpayer-funded governmet subsidies to these corporations.

    From what I can read – capitalism is when one uses their OWN money and or get peple to invest in their company – then that is capitalism.

    But isn’t the govenrment giving special tax cuts and subsidies being anti-free market (as the definition of capitalism also includes) by picking winners and losers?

    Maybe Herman Cain and his like-minded friends need to learn what real capitalism looks like – because what these folks are wanting is nothing more than socialism for just the wealthy 1%.

    \ˈka-pə-tə-ˌliz-əm, ˈkap-tə-, British also kə-ˈpi-tə-

    Definition of CAPITALISM

    : an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market

    • I suspect the Herman Cains of the world know exactly what they are doing and they know the handwriting is on the wall – which is why their panties seem to be in such a bunch nowadays.

      The top 1% wealthy have trickled down something since Reagan instituted their free ride on the US taxpayers’ backs – but that trickle down substance is NOT prosperity.

      Instead, the top 1% wealthy have treated the 99% like their own personal fire hydrant for when they feel the urge to look down on those who make it possible for them to be a part of the 1%.

      I further suspect, if these folks had to be real capitalists, they would fail – much like they did when they ran their Wall Street companies to the ground anf their boy GWB bailed them out.