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  1. Misrepresentations, Regulations and Jobs

    Republicans have a problem. People are increasingly concerned about unemployment, but Republicans have nothing to offer them. The G.O.P. opposes additional government spending for jobs programs and, in fact, favors big cuts in spending that would be likely to lead to further layoffs at all levels of government.

    Republicans favor tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, but these had no stimulative effect during the George W. Bush administration and there is no reason to believe that more of them will have any today. And the Republicans’ oft-stated concern for the deficit makes tax cuts a hard sell.

    These constraints have led Republicans to embrace the idea that government regulation is the principal factor holding back employment. They assert that Barack Obama has unleashed a tidal wave of new regulations, which has created uncertainty among businesses and prevents them from investing and hiring.

    The table below presents the bureau’s data. As one can see, the number of layoffs nationwide caused by government regulation is minuscule and shows no evidence of getting worse during the Obama administration. Lack of demand for business products and services is vastly more important.

    In August, McClatchy Newspapers canvassed small businesses, asking them if regulation was a big problem. It could find no evidence that this was the case.

    “None of the business owners complained about regulation in their particular industries, and most seemed to welcome it,” McClatchy reported. “Some pointed to the lack of regulation in mortgage lending as a principal cause of the financial crisis that brought about the Great Recession of 2007-9 and its grim aftermath.”

    The latest monthly survey of its members by the National Federation of Independent Business shows that poor sales are far and away their biggest problem. While concerns about regulation have risen during the Obama administration, they are about the same now as they were during Ronald Reagan’s administration, according to an analysis of the federation’s data by the Economic Policy Institute.

  2. We Are All Human Microphones Now

    The thing is—there’s no microphone. New York City requires a permit for “amplified sound” in public, something that the pointedly unpermitted Occupy Wall Street lacks. This means that microphones and speakers are banned from Liberty Plaza, and the NYPD has also been interpreting the law to include battery-powered bullhorns.

    So despite all the attention given to how Twitter, Facebook and livestream video have helped spread the word, the heart of the occupation is most definitely unplugged. But the protesters aren’t deterred one bit; they’ve adopted an ingeniously simple, people-powered method of sound amplification.

    There’s something inherently pluralistic about the human mic too; it’s almost impossible to demagogue, to interrupt and shout someone down or to hijack the General Assembly for your own sectarian purposes.

    The human mic is also, of course, an egalitarian instrument, and it exudes solidarity over ego. No doubt, a great frenzy erupts when left gods like Michael Moore or Cornel West descend to speak, but many people only hear their words through the human mic, in the horizontal acoustics of the crowd instead of the electrified intimacy of “amplified sound.” Celebrity, charisma, status, even public-speaking ability—they all just matter less over the human microphone.

    read more…

  3. A chicken-killing plant in Iraq funded by American tax dollars? An inside look at what our money paid for as part of the “war on terror.”

    Very few people outside the agricultural world know that if the rooster in a flock dies the hens will continue to produce fertile eggs for up to four weeks because “sperm nests,” located in the ovary ducts of hens, collect and store sperm as a survival mechanism to ensure fertile eggs even after the male is gone. I had to know this as part of my role in the reconstruction of Iraq.
    Like learning that Baghdad produced 8,000 tons of trash every day, who could have imagined when we invaded Iraq that such information would be important to the Global War on Terror? If I were to meet George W., I would tell him this by way of suggesting that he did not know what he was getting the country into.

    I would also invite the former president along to visit a chicken-processing plant built with your tax dollars and overseen by my ePRT (embedded Provincial Reconstruction Team). We really bought into the chicken idea and spent like drunken sailors on shore leave to prove it. In this case, the price was $2.58 million for the facility.

    The first indication this was all chicken shit was the smell as we arrived at the plant with a group of Embassy friends on a field trip. The odor that greeted us when we walked into what should have been the chicken-killing fields of Iraq was fresh paint. There was no evidence of chicken killing as we walked past a line of refrigerated coolers.

    When we opened one fridge door, expecting to see chickens chilling, we found instead old buckets of paint. Our guide quickly noted that the plant had purchased 25 chickens that morning specifically to kill for us and to feature in a video on the glories of the new plant. This was good news, a 100% jump in productivity from previous days, when the plant killed no chickens at all.

    read more —“reconstruction”_madness_in_iraq/?page=entire

  4. And let’s not forget to remind all Americans – especially Republicans – that US tax dollars have paid and continue to pay for Iraq’s rebuilding and repairing their infrsastructure and and their new hospitals, doctors offices and the Iraqi people get their health care provided at US taxpayers’ expense.

    But yet what is the main goal of the Republicans – to abolish health care reform.

    WTH…….even with the health care reform we got, we still have to pay the inflated health care costs.

    Iraqi people get their health care at US taxpayers’ expense – where is the justice in that?

    But yet I don’t hear one word of outrage from any Republican about Bush’s handling of the Iraq War.

  5. My dear devoted Repbublican friend recently told me (with a straight face) that George W. Bush could not pass anything when he was in office.


    I guess that total control of Republicans from 2000 to 2006 conveniently slipped his mind?

    • He spent the surplus Clinton left him and bankrupted the treasury. He shattered the record for biggest annual deficit in history. He set an economic record for most private bankruptcies filed in any 12 month period. In his first two years in office over 2 million Americans lost their jobs. I kinda remember a couple of huge tax cuts. Then there was his ‘signature’ domestic policy — No Child Left Behind. By Executive Order he reversed Clinton’s policy of not requiring parental consent for abortions under the Medical Privacy Act. Again by EO, prohibited federal funds for international family planning groups that provide abortions and related services. Expanded the role of faith-based and community organizations in after-school programs. Reduced taxes on dividends and capital gains. Killed the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty. There was that War On Terror that gave him an excuse to start a war of his choosing that we paid for. First president in decades to execute a federal prisoner. After taking the entire month of August off for vacation, presided over the worst security failure in US history. He signed more laws and executive orders amending the Constitution than any president in US history. He cut healthcare benefits for war veterans. He presided over the biggest corporate stock market fraud of any market in any country in the history of the world.

      Did your friend mean he wouldn’t pass anything that actually benefitted Americans when he was in office?

      • I don’t quite know what he was trying to prove. Of course, he made this comment after I said the current Congress’ approval is at 11% because they are the Do Nothing Congress.

        All I said was that we need less partisan politics and more cooperation to get things done – like creating jobs.

        And that is when my friend popped up with his gem of wisdom…..

        As I stated previously….WTH…

  6. Never in my wildest imaginations did I expect the Cato Institute to say “Don’t Blame Obama for Bush’s 2009 deficit.” But here it is, complete with charts —

  7. When you hear a Republican salivating at the idea of catching Obama in a scandal about gun running to Mexico – give them this link that says gun running to Mexico was started under the Bush Administration – 3 years BEFORE the current Fast and Furious Operation scandal we are hearing about today.

    Now, don’t get me wrong – if there was still gun running going on durign the Obama Administration – then I want that stopped and the guilty to be prosecuted.

    But let’s prosecute EVERYBODY that ran guns into Mexico – including those under Bush – okay?;cbsCarousel

    • In the interest of being fair and balanced, I found this article by a self-professed ‘liberal media bias’ news buster website (so exactly how fair and balanced can these folks be?) acknowledging that Bush Administration also had a gun running program into Mexico but this website claims that ALL guns were confiscated BEFORE they crossed back into Mexico.

      And then to further their spin on this story – they cite that according to Darrell Issa (now where have we heard this guy’s name before? saying that prosecution of illegal gun buyers is way down under the Obama Administration is way down – so that proves that Obama is running guns into Mexico.

      Well, let’s review – shall we?

      This webiste is a known Conservative bunch that would love nothing more than to clear Bush’s name.

      And then we have Darrell Issa who is a well known Republican that wants to investigate anything and everything on Obama – simply because, as well have been told by several prominent Republicans – their goal is to bring down Obama at all costs.

      So where is the fair and balanced part?

      Where is the proof of this Conservative bunch saying that ALL illegal guns were confiscated before they crossed back over the border to Mexico?

      But the biggest thing is – how does this CBS interview with the informant jive with the Conservative Republicans’ spin on this story?

      We may never know the truth about any of this gun running into Mexico nonsense – but as I stated before – let’s prosecute EVERYBODY that knowingly ran guns into Mexico.

      And that goes for both administrations – Bush and Obama.

      But don’t hold your breath – partisan politics is at play here – and the truth is nowhere to be found.

  8. WSClark

    Dear American Right Wing – Tea Con Moran,

    To avoid appearing to be a complete MFI, please take a moment or the rest of your life to find out what Obamacare really is before you criticize. Now, it is quite apparent that the wide-spread disease of Dumbfukliaritis infects even the highest reaches of Tea Condom.

    (Isn’t it cute that the homeland of the Tea Party is named after a rubber, but what would you expect of a movement financed by a couple of scumbags?)

    Let’s start with the basics – Obamacare is NOT socialized medicine. If it was, we would have a single payer system, like many of us wanted. Further, it is not FREE. For those of you that missed that class in Second Grade, free means that you don’t have to pay for it – as in $0.00.

    Obamacare is not a “Gub-E-Mint Takeover of Healthcare!” No matter how many times you say it, no matter how many id-e-ats repeat it, it still isn’t the twoof.

    (If repeating it over and over and over again made it happen, I would have woke up this morning with Halle Berry next to me in bed. And the coffee would have already been done.)

    Let me give you an example of Dumbfukliaritis: GOP presidential candidate and pizza gangster Herbie Cain recently told a story that tugged at the heartstrings of America. Well, it tugged at the heartstrings of American that live in the Tea Condom. The rest of us immediately knew better.

    Herbie said that, under Obamacare, he would have been a dead MF because some “nameless, faceless, ugly, god damned gub-e-mint burry-crat that was probably a Democrat” would have decided that Herbie didn’t deserve a CAT or DOG scan and no one would have ever known that ole Mr. Cain the Pizza Delivery Gangster (PDG) had a nasty cancer growing in his bowels. Thanks to the private, for-profit, insurance industry, doctors were able to ID the cancer and save the PDG’s life in a matter of seconds.

    Cute story, a real tearjerker. It is too bad that it is total and complete BULLSHIT but it is cute, nonetheless. The PDG had me going for a second, (well, a half a nano-second) until I realized that Obamacare doesn’t mandate any bureaucrats that decide who can or can’t look into Herbies colon. Mr. Cain’s insurance company has the bureaucrats that make that decision.

    Now, government bureaucrats are generally not the world’s greatest people, but they really don’t have a job related, merit pay based, motivation to screw you without permission. Insurance company bureaucrats, on the other hand, will fuck you in a New York Minute given half a chance – and they will smile and offer to shake your hand while doin’ you.

    So, in conclusion, Hebie Cain is either a MF’ing id-e-at, which makes him a perfect candidate for the Tea Con Nominee, or he has a soon-to-be fatal case of Dumbfukliaritis. Either way, he needs to go stick with “thick or thin crust?” and stay out of politics.

    With due respect,

    William Stephenson Clark

    PS: In future letters, we will discuss why having a hunting camp called “Niggerhead” really isn’t cool and why killing terrorists is generally a good thing.

    • I know as a cancer survivor myself, all the hoops one has to go through just trying to get your health care done and timely.

      I had for-profit health insurance and there were several times that I had to fight to get something paid.

      But as I sat in the chemo treatment room, I met people from various economic, social and ethnic backgrounds. And you know which patients never had to fight to get something paid for – Medicare.

      For being such a bureacratic health insurance program – Medicare does a damn fine job of paying for their patients’ needs.

      As you some of you may remember, I was first assigned to a local oncologist (who was the ‘best’ in his field) and I did not like his lack of caring, concern nor did I like the way his office was trying to make me use a certain supplier (which he was connected to) rather than using the supplier that my for-profit health insurance company wanted to use.

      so, even with that problem – it was not because the insurance company did not want to pay for the needed supplies – they did not want to use the over-priced, doctor-connected supplier that was being forced onto them.

      After a few months of being called by the wrong name by the first oncologist and some questionable office visit experiences, I fired the first oncolgist and went out and found my current oncologist – who is nothing like the first guy.

      My current oncologist saved my life – and he has done that for several of his patients.

      You see, my current oncologist is not ‘one of the clique’ of the ‘best medical corporaiton in the business’, so he is seen as the black sheep in the world of medicine.

      But this is the doctor that accepted a patient from my first oncologist when his for–private health insurance benefits maxed out. This patient was in the process of applying for Medicaid. The first doctor did not want to wait for his money – so he actually had the nerve to refer this patient to my current oncologist – with a request – to send the patient back when his Medicaid was approved.

      My current oncologist accepted this patient – knowing Medicaid would take awhile to be approved .

      Now this is what doctors should do – heal the sick.

      Herman Cain was probably also lucky in the fact that the doctors knew he had money to pay for any and all health care needed.

      So I’m sure that had to be a factor in how fast Mr. Cain’s cancer was detected.

      • BTW – Did I mention my current oncologis is a Muslim….and the first guy was a White Chirstian…

        So, I guess all that nonsense that all Muslims want to kill Christians is a myth – or just a damn lie?

  9. It’s bad enough to live in this landlocked red state, but it’s downright embarrassing to live in this city.

    More on the Kochs

    • Does it surprise anyone that the rich and powerful live by their own rules?

      That does not condone their actions – but it does give an insight into their way of thinking.

      BTW – do some research on the Koch family fortune and there would be more than a few eyebrows raised by these Tea Party folks – if they dared to think outside the box and actually do some independent research.

    • Didn’t Charles Koch’s son get off on a vehicular manslaughter charge? Maybe no one was killed, just hurt, but I remember justice was bought and the young driver went scot free. Now if that had been you or I or one of our children…

      • Wasn’t that on Rock Road near Jimmy’s Diner? We were new to Wichita at that time and did not even know the name of Kochs. But I vaguely remember something about this.

        IIRC – I think a young boy was killed.

      • I just tried to google this. Maybe I’m using the wrong search words, but it seems the news accounts don’t exist.

      • I found what I thought would be a story with a google search,

        This is what came up on google search of ‘charles koch’s son was driving’–

        Bloomberg investigation alleges Koch subsidiaries paid bribes, sold ……/bloomberg-investigation-alleges-koch-subsidiarie…
        The son of Charles Koch ran a red light while driving drunk and killed a kid. Think he was charged with anything? Hell no! He wasn’t even arrested!! The Koch’s …

        but when I clicked to go to the link it said:
        Sorry, the page you requested either doesn’t exist or isn’t available right now!

  10. WSClark

    My usual practice each morning is peruse the HEADLINES! to see what is happening in our world. Today, I was struck by two headline, back-to-back, on MSNBC.

    Texan freed by DNA 25 years after wife’s slaying

    Model who killed, cooked husband seeks parole

    (When she was arrested, Omaima Nelson was busy deep-frying her husband’s hands and his head was in the ‘fridge.)

    Is it just me, but is this more than enough proof that we need to do away with the Death Penalty in the United States?

    • I saw this on MSNBC today and found a link to the story. Talk about the death penalty issue – this makes one think, instead of applauding.

      In the story I heard on television, this kid was so short that he did not fit into the electric chair – he had to sit on books in order for the state to kill him.

      But, this is South Carolina, and it was in the 40’s………

      I still have to wonder – if God believed in the death penalty, then why didn’t he execute Cain when he killed his brother Abel? No self-professing Christian death penalty supporter has ever answered that question yet.

  11. I’ve been watching this Occupy Wall Street Movement and a light bulb went off in my head.

    Remember all the hub bub about the Mayan Calendar for 2012?

    Some people thought the world is going to end. Alot of Republicans were crowing that Obama was going to be defeated and their ‘boy’ would get back into office and their lily white world would once again be theirs to dominate.

    But I did some research into the Mayan calendar for 2012 and what I got from it was this – this will be a period of enlightenment.

    Perhaps this massive 99% of people protesting against the corporatcy domination of the global community is really what the enlightenment is all about?

    The majority of people are rising up – and not just in America, as evidenced by many Arab countrires, England, Greece and other places – because the balance of power has shifted too much to the wealthy and/or their corporations?

    All I can say is – this Occupy Wall Street Movement might just turn out to be driving force of this election cycle – much like the Tea Party was for 2010.

    If so, it’s about damn time………

    Good for these younger generations, middle class, working people who are fed up with the status quo of corporations being considered ‘persons’ when anybody with one working brain cell knows that a corporation only lives by one code – to make more profit than the last quarter and at all costs.

    That is NOT a person…..

    • Good insight.

      Yes, this is a movement to be reckoned with, and unlike the tea baggers these are intelligent young people who are well informed (enlightened if you will).

      I think the Corporate World is shakin’ in their boots, and hoping this goes away real quickly. I don’t think it is going away, but instead growing stronger, spreading world wide with each passing day!

      It’s Day Nineteen! We Are The 99%!

      • I noticed all the usual GOP suspects on the Opinion Line yesterday were making fun of these protesters.

        I suspect while they are making fun of them – they are under-estimating the power in numbers.

        And there are more of us – the 99% – than the wealthy 1% – who seem to have been able to bamboozle their lemmings into thinking they actually matter to the 1%.

        That’s the sad part – the usual GOP suspects on the OL are not the wealthy 1% – they are just the attack dogs the wealthy seem to feel the need to keep on short leashes.

      • Can’t you just smell the fear behind their words of ridicule? I can!

      • Yeah, according to the comments, everyone protesting is lazy, out of work, homeless, and a hippie. I don’t know who one of those posters is that I consider the worst of the lot, but I’d lay odds he screwed somebody over at least once in his life to get what he wanted. And of course nothing financially bad will ever happen to him.

    • Only a few years ago we began to move toward the beginning of the Age of Aquarius–okay, stop singing–at least according to the world’s best astrologers. Each astrological age is about 2150 years, and we’re just about to step into the new age–Aquarius–very soon, some say. (December 12, 2012 has been mentioned.) The ages have been tracked and traced for centuries by astrologers and astronomers, so it isn’t something the Mamas and Papas or anyone else simply made up out of thin air. There is an ancient basis for it, real or not.

      Harmony and understanding
      Sympathy and trust abounding
      No more forces of derision
      Golden living dreams of visions
      Mystic crystal revelations
      And the mind’s true liberation

      Do I believe it? Well, it sure would be nice before I pass from this world into whatever is beyond it to at least see a glimpse of what peace is like. Let’s just say my hope is my belief and leave it at that. 🙂

  12. Who are the 99 percent?

    “I did everything I was supposed to and I have nothing to show for it.”

    It’s not the arrests that convinced me that “Occupy Wall Street” was worth covering seriously. Nor was it their press strategy, which largely consisted of tweeting journalists to cover a small protest that couldn’t say what, exactly, it hoped to achieve. It was a Tumblr called, “We Are The 99 Percent,” and all it’s doing is posting grainy pictures of people holding handwritten signs telling their stories, one after the other.

    “I am 20K in debt and am paying out of pocket for my current tuition while I start paying back loans with two part time jobs.”

    These are not rants against the system. They’re not anarchist manifestos. They’re not calls for a revolution. They’re small stories of people who played by the rules, did what they were told, and now have nothing to show for it. Or, worse, they have tens of thousands in debt to show for it.

    “I am a 28 year old female with debt that had to give up her apartment + pet because I have no money and I owe over $30,000.”

    College debt shows up a lot in these stories, actually. It’s more insistently present than housing debt, or even unemployment. That might speak to the fact that the protests tilt towards the young. But it also speaks, I think, to the fact that college debt represents a special sort of betrayal. We told you that the way to get ahead in America was to get educated. You did it. And now you find yourself in the same place, but buried under debt. You were lied to.

    “Married mother of 3. Lost my job in 2009. My family lost our health insurance, our savings, our home, and our good credit. After 16 months, I found a job — with a 90 mile commute and a 25 percent pay cut. After gas, tolls, daycare, and the cost of health insurance, i was paying so my kids had access to health care.”

    But you look around and the reality is not everyone is suffering. Wall Street caused this mess, and the government paid off their debts and helped them rake in record profits in recent years. The top 1 percent account for 24 percent of the nation’s income and 40 percent of its wealth. There are a lot of people who don’t seem to be doing everything they’re supposed to do, and it seems to be working out just fine for them.

    read more —

  13. Someone needs to be btchslapped. I’d be happy to do it.

    “I don’t have facts to back this up, but I happen to believe that these demonstrations are planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the Obama administration. Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks, if you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself! … It is not a person’s fault if they succeeded, it is a person’s fault if they failed.” Herman Cain

    See it and hear it for yourself.

    • Herman Cain is afraid too. 🙂 If he looks, he sees all those voters who wouldn’t even consider voting for him! Or, for any of those who are opposing him for the republican nomination. They are all protecting Wall Street!

      Herman Cain also credits President Obama with a lot of power to be able to mobilize that number of people all across not just America but the world. WOW! Someone who could do that is a formidable opponent!

    • As for Mr. Cain’s question, “what do ‘they’ want”, I refer you to the link I posted early this morning, and particularly to this part —

      But really, what is the goddamn rush? As my colleague Betsy Reed points out, it’s Occupy Wall Streets’ raw anger and simple resistance to being beat down (sentiments well suited for the human mic) that have captured the public’s imagination, not the elaborate policy proposals of other efforts. As days go by and as the press attention heats up, the occupiers will be under increasing pressure to speed things up: to issue a list of demands, appoint spokespeople, nominate leaders, enumerate an agenda. I’m not sure they should go there—they did manage, over two weeks, to arrive at a consensus for a first statement, which if you think about it is a mind-boggling achievement—but if they do decide on demands, it will be at a plodding pace over the human mic. That’s a good thing; the longer Occupy Wall Street can stay relatively indeterminate, the longer it has to capture the symbolic power of resistance itself.

      The rest we can figure out; the protesters plan to be there through the winter, so we have plenty of time. Think of it as slow growth activism, one that poses a provocative counter-model to Wall Street’s regime of instant profits. After all, it was in the offices and exchanges surrounding Occupy Wall Street that the financiers sliced and diced assets with mind-numbing speed. Enabled by vast and unregulated databases of information, the genius of quants and fancy algorithms and the whirl of flash trades, they ruled the economy on the principles of simultaneity and speed.

      That did not work out so well.

      It is, of course, ironic that New York City’s attempt to crackdown on political protest by restricting “amplified sound” unwittingly ended up contributing to the structural strength of its rowdiest protest in decades. But like in Egypt or Argentina or Belarus or other places where the authorities sought to silence speech, the people found a way to be heard.

      • As I’ve read in many places, if you cut off the head of a snake, you’ve put an end to it. This is why the Occupiers have no head. There’s no way to quickly kill it or the message. If one should leave for whatever reason, another will step up to take his/her place without noticed.

        I like the natural amplification they use, if I may call it that. 🙂 There are a couple of reasons why. Those repeating are forced to pay attention to what is being said. Too many times, those in the crowd are cheering over something said, only to lose what comes after. Also, I’m able to hear and understand better when it from a larger “voice.” And I won’t leave out that it shows not only the cohesive nature of this protest, but also that there is not one head, but thousands. We each are a head, in one way or another.

      • This sounds a lot like democracy! 🙂

        But the greatest hidden virtue of the human mic has been the quality that almost every observer has reflexively lamented: it is slow. I mean incredibly, agonizingly, astonishingly slow; it can take over an hour for the General Assembly just to get through a nightly refresher course on group protocols before starting in on announcements, which precede debate about anything new, like whether or not the occupation should make a list of demands and if so, what those demands should be. Imagine collectively debating and writing the Port Huron Statement, by consensus, three to five words at a time.”

      • I heard on MSNBC that the protesters are not using bullhorns on purpose. That way, they are not disturbing the peace by having loud sounds or it is not seen as a violent and/or radical protest.

        These protesters have it all figured out – they have it down to a science. They are as peaceful as they can be – and in that way, when they are arrested without merit (like those 700 on Saturday on that bridge) – then the public sentiment will be on THEIR side.

        The tide is turning and there is a tsunami coming .

  14. badbiker


    David Bowie

    I still don’t know what I was waiting for
    And my time was running wild
    A million dead-end streets
    Every time I thought I’d got it made
    It seemed the taste was not so sweet
    So I turned myself to face me
    But I’ve never caught a glimpse
    Of how the others must see the faker
    I’m much too fast to take that test

    (Turn and face the strain)
    Don’t want to be a richer man
    (Turn and face the strain)
    Just gonna have to be a different man
    Time may change me
    But I can’t trace time

    I watch the ripples change their size
    But never leave the stream
    Of warm impermanence and
    So the days float through my eyes
    But still the days seem the same
    And these children that you spit on
    As they try to change their worlds
    Are immune to your consultations
    They’re quite aware of what they’re going through

    (Turn and face the strain)
    Don’t tell t hem to grow up and out of it
    (Turn and face the strain)

    Where’s your shame
    You’ve left us up to our necks in it
    Time may change me
    But you can’t trace time

    Strange fascination, fascinating me
    Changes are taking the pace I’m going through

    (Turn and face the strain)
    Oh, look out you rock ‘n rollers
    (Turn and face the strain)

    Pretty soon you’re gonna get a little older
    Time may change me
    But I can’t trace time
    I said that time may change me
    But I can’t trace time

  15. Something just popped into my head. Herman Cain is the “founder” of Godfather’s Pizza, right? Now, I’ve been a Godfather’s fan for over 30 years. I remember eating Godfather’s and then going to see the movie “10” when I was 8 months preggers with my first daughter, who is now 31. Bad idea to do that. Very bad.

    So here’s where Herman Cain comes in. He’s part of the GOP, who promised in the run-up to the last election that JOBS would be a priority. Only we haven’t seen any of that, have we?

    Here’s where that pop in my head happened. There used to be quite a lot of Godfather’s Pizza places in this city, and then a few years ago, I noticed that most of them had closed. I suppose that could be because this is “the birthplace of Pizza Hut,” which was eventually sold to Pepsico and the headquarters moved to…Texas? I don’t recall.

    So why doesn’t Mr. Cain reach out and open more Godfather’s? Look at all the people he could employ, from managers to pizza throwers. I’d say that would be a good show of faith on his part. 😉

    Just a thought. (slinking away)

    • One reason is that might help the economy. No republican wants to do that! They have no plans to do anything positive — that might derail their one goal: make sure President Obama is a one-term president.

    • Just goes to show how my thoughts go off on a tangent. Constantly. Doesn’t matter if it makes sense. Who knows what I’ll be like as an octogenarian?

    • badbiker

      Something just popped into my head.


      Oh, Jesus, here we go again…………………………………..

  16. The knee-jerk reactions to Occupy Wall Street are almost humorous! I’m reminded of the mouth breathers we were talking about earlier who comment at our local newspaper.


    Think Occupy Wall St. is a phase? You don’t get it

    Anyone who says he has no idea what these folks are protesting is not being truthful.

    ‎”So many journalists seem obligated to point out, kids are criticizing corporate America while tweeting through their iPhones. The simplistic critique is that if someone is upset about corporate excess, he is supposed to abandon all connection with any corporate product. Of course, the more nuanced approach to such tradeoffs would be to seek balance rather than ultimatums.

    Yes, there are things big corporations might do very well, like making iPhones. There are other things big corporations may not do so well, like structure mortgage derivatives. Might we be able to use corporations for what works, and get them out of doing what doesn’t?”

    • It isn’t the products. It’s the tax breaks that are kept by the CEOs and other big shots, while the workers aren’t paid what they’re worth. Boycotting only works for certain things. If we boycott these corps, their employees could end up earning less, and that’s something we want to avoid.

      I’m not against corporations or their products/services. I’m against being raped by them.

  17. This doesn’t surprise! I doubt the occupiers are fans / listeners / viewers.


    Fox News Launches An All Out Assault Against Occupy Wall Street

    Occupy Wall Street has grown and now Fox News is stepping up their attacks. The network of the 1% has spent multiple segments today claiming that the protesters are idiotic and don’t understand how the world works.

  18. WSClark

    Does anyone else think that perhaps Ron Paul is headed for some sort of mental breakdown? He now says that if Obama can turn a coupla terrorists into ground al Qaeda, that he could do the same with journalists and academics. I guess in his mind, terrorist and journalists are just about the same thing.


  19. I just read that Steve Jobs has died. No confirmation yet. Sad.

  20. Apple’s press release:

    We are deeply saddened to announce that Steve Jobs passed away today.

    Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.

    His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts.

    • I heard this news at the same time I heard Sarah Palin had decided not to run for president (as if I cared what Sarah does or does not do).

      But you know – those are two examples of two entirely different kinds of people.

      Steve Jobs actually contributed so much to our country and our generation.

      And Sarah, well she has found many who have contributed to her bank account.

      The world needs more people like Steve Jobs – IMHO.

      P.S. – My brother was the same age when he died from liver cancer. Hearing this news today brought back alot of unpleasant memories.

      Life is not fair…..

  21. Elliot Spitzer was on Keith Olbermann tonight and he said the best PR move for the Occupy Wall Street Movement was when the NYPD corralled those 700 protesters on Brooklyn Bridge (?) and then arrested them.

    Spitzer said that moment is when the rest of the 99% Americans saw what happens to 700 peaceful protesters who get arrested but not yet one single Wall Street fat cat has been arrested.

    Spitzer did make a good point. He also said that the Obama Adminstration had better take note of this Occupy Wall Street Movement and get their tail in gear in these investigations of Wall Street fat cats and bring indictments and prosecutions of those who did criminal acts.

    • The leader of the NY Transit Union (I think?) was also on Olbermann’s show tonight and he said that the NYPD commandeered their buses to take those 700 arrested protesters off to jail.

      Let’s just say – this Union Leader was not pleased with the NYPD.

    • The police have loaded up more tonight. Not sure what’s going on. I can’t get back on the livestream site. There was some tweeting done by Occupy Together at about 8 p.m. that said there were some stirrings of trouble. Last I heard on the livestream, they were doing a silent protest.

  22. I thought Godfathers went bankrupt here in Wichita? Do we even have a locaiton here anymore?

  23. Suggest you go to

    More pepper spray, people put in paddy wagons, and more going on.

    • The more the NYPD pepper spray and put in paddy wagons while the live videos are showing a peaceful demonstration – the more that PR that Elliot Spitzer was referring to will really turn the tide of public sentiment against the Wall Streeters.

      Last time I checked, Americans have freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble.

      I also heard the park the NYC protest started in is a private park -does anyone know who owns that park?

      • The police got word of where the original meet was to occur, so the protest was moved to another park. I checked out the location earlier today via Google maps/earth and saw that they’d moved a few blocks to the east. Liberty Square, as it’s now called by the occupy group, is located on Liberty Street about 2 blocks from Ground Zero and right by the twin towers museum of some kind.

  24. cops beating protesters with nightsticks

    • I read an article that Mayor Bloomberg has said that these protesters are targeting the wrong people. Because the people on Wall Street only make $40,000 to $50,000 a year and are struggling themselves.

      Excuse me, but when I think of Wall Street – I am not thinking of the little guys and gals with those coats on working the floor – do you?

      When I hear the term Wall Street – I think of all these global corporations and these too-big-to-fail banks that taxpayers bailed out.

      Bloomberg had better get on board with this movement – it is getting stronger by the day and when more Americans see the live videos of NYPD corralling peaceful protesters and beating with nightsticks – this movement will only increase in strength.

      • WSClark

        $40-50K in NYC? Excuse me, but NFW! Your RENT in NYC will eat up all of your take home pay in the City.

      • I think that was Bloomberg’s point – but like I said, when I hear the term Wall Street, I do not think of the peons on the floor actually working…

        do you?

        Wall Street is more like a symbol of the wealthy and powerful 1% that this movement is targeting.

      • I saw it yesterday and can’t find it yet this morning, but at one of the BIG financial bldgs. in NYC near the protest site the employees put signs in windows reading, “We Are The 1%.”

        Pride goeth before a fall.

  25. I suspect the 1% never envisioned the 99% would have the balls to actually strand up and JUST SAY NO……

    Hey, that just saying no works for other political groups – LMAO

  26. Word on the street is that they’re headed toward Wall Street and think they have the numbers to take it. I would imagine that would mean a mass sit-in. There are over 10,000 people there tonight. The more the police revert to violence, the more people will join. A revolution in the making.

    • I had suspected the revolution that Tea Party people kept yammering about was going to happen – but the targets of the revolution was not going to be just Obama and the Democrats.

      But you know what, if Obama does not come out in support of the 99% Americans – he is on the target list also. The more he plays footsies with Wall Street fat cats – the more his White House Days are numbered.

      If there was a smart politician – he/she (I would prefer a SHE) would get in line with these Occupy Wall Street Movement and form a third party or challenge Obama to a primary….

      That would certainly throw a monkey wrench into the status quo of the US political system – that seems to be more corrupted than we ever really knew.

  27. IIRC – the Wall Street and too big to fail bank bail outs were one of the issues the original Tea Party was against.

    So, if this is true, then why is Fox News and talk radio against the Occupy Wall Street movement?

    On MSNBC – I heard Dylan Ratigan saying that these protesters represented all different political, social and economic groups. He said there were some Ron Paul supporters and several Tea Party people.

    Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that the original Tea Party got hijacked by corporate masters and that long-time career politician Dick Armey – The Tea Party Express was a good Trojan horse, huh?

  28. They’re definitely headed to Wall Street. Cops lining the sidewalks near the buildings. People are staying on the sidewalks. It’s quiet for now. Everyone just walking and talking, with an occasional chant.

    I’m going to keep watching. History may be in the making, one way or another, with or without the MSM reporting.

    • My friend works in the main bank downtown Wichita and she had no idea there was a local protest going on just block away from her building.

      She said the bank president had an all employee meeting this week and whined about how they were only making $2 million more than they did last year – so far. And last year they made $300 million profit.

      Poor little dear……..

  29. I have always believed that success is a matter of balance.

    OUr country needs corporations and we need the working class – because, let’s fact it – without these two components, our country would be sorely lacking.

    But the emphasis has been ONLY on the corporations/wealthy 1% since Ronald Reagan ushered in the Decade of Greed. And it has been growing streadily ever since.

    The balance in our country is way – off and we need to correct it – the sooner the better.
    But, unfortunately, the global economy has become an even stronger factor in our country.

    But, don’t look now – the global economy is not in such great shape either.

    • Those in charge need to remember employees must make enough money to afford their products and / or services. ie, if you’re working at an airplane company in Wichita you should be able to buy the occasional airline ticket AFTER you’ve paid the costs to house, feed and clothe…

  30. Rumor has it that local NYC Fox news guys were maced at OWS tonight.

    Karma, baby.