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  1. I had seen this saying on another blog and I’ve been posting it on the Opinion Line for the past few weeks.

    Needless to say, it does bunch up the old elephants’ ruffled panties to be told the truth. The usual suspects just yammer on how Obama is the one that is keeping milllions out of work because he won’t get rid of all regulations on businesses.

    Excuse me, but I happen to live clean air, clean water, safe work sites and safe food – among alot of other things out taxes pay for through the government.

    • They have two plays in their playbook — cut taxes, eliminate regulations — which brought us to where we are. And the only thing they have going forward is the same! It’s difficult for a thinking person to imagine how anyone could fall for those failed ploys again. It’s impossible to understand how their memories began on January 20, 2009.

      • I just noticed my first comment had two incorrrect words – live = like and out = our

        It’s Monday morning – that’s for sure – LMAO

        Republicans also have a third line they love to yammer on about – privatization.

        Now I wonder why would these folks want to privatize all that Social Security money and to privatize all govenrment services.

        It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out – they want access to all that money with no string attached.

        Kinda like the these Evangelical private schools want the government money for schools given to them with no strings attached.

        Just follow the money….

  2. I think it’s very important to keep track of these people and their route toward America being a Christian theocracy.

    A Leading Figure In The New Apostolic Reformation

    A new charismatic Christian movement that seeks to take dominion over politics, business and culture in preparation for the end times and Jesus’ return is becoming more of a presence in American politics. The leaders are considered apostles and prophets, gifted by God for this role. Several apostles affiliated with the movement helped organize or spoke at Rick Perry’s August prayer rally, The Response.

  3. Notice who is behind this movement – James Dobson and other Evangelical Christian leaders.

    I wonder if at the same time they are denouncing candidates for being against God – they will denounce their ‘preferred’ candidates for their sins against God? And to throw in for good measure – I assume these preachers will also denounce their own churchy followers for all their sins against God – especially adultery and bearing false witness (just to name a few).

    I wonder if these Evangelical preachers will also denounce the booing of the gay soldier at the GOP debate? Or the applauding for 234 executions or the yelling out for the uinsured man in a coma to die?

    You see, I find all those things being sins against God also – but I wish I could find some wealthy sap to bet me that these preadhers will, in fact, denounce their own kind for the sins they commit.

  4. Have we all seen/heard about this latest from Rick Perry? This time the criticism is coming from Herman Cain – so Perry cannot pass this off as just some ‘liberal’ media out to get him.

    Oh wait a minute – they are trying to say something about the Washington Post journalist – but that argument seems weak when a fellow GOP 2012 presidential candidate is the one that is giving this story the legitimate legs to carry itself for the next week or two.

    This was being discussed on a morning news show and the host asked – if the offensive name onthe rock was painted over – why not just remove the rock and be done with it?

    Good question…

  5. I did not realize WalMart has been having a 2-year decline in same store sales – did you?

    I found this interesting article while surfing the Internet…..

    I found it also interesting that this article notes that WalMart is well known for ‘squeezing their suppliers’ –

    Hmmm…..squeezing suppliers to the point where they all go belly up and foreign made products are the only things available.

    I still remember when Sam Walton ran WalMart – I believe their slogan was Made in America – or something like that??

    Does anyone else remember the days of Sam in charge….

    • WSClark

      I no longer darken the doorway of Wal Mart stores – ever. It was just a small incident that drove me away for good – I bought a cheap ($70) Elgin watch there for everyday use. I have a very nice Seiko watch to wear if I want to be stylin’.

      After a month, the crystal popped off the watch and was lost, so I went back to Wal Mart. The jewelry counter clerk told me, quite cavalierly, that the watch wasn’t covered by their return/exchange policy and, even if it was, the crystal wasn’t covered. In other words, “tough luck, Charlie!”

      Policy – even if the crystal falls out while you are walking out of the store after purchasing the watch, it is not returnable or replaceable. Go to a jeweler and have it replaced for $35.

      The watch still sits in my desk drawer to remind me – no Wal Mart visits ever again.

      • I went to WalMarst on Saturday and they had a special sales price on grapes. There were green and red grapes in the same section – and there were also two signs – one for green and one for red with the special price.

        When I checked out, I was charged the regular price for the red grapes. I told the cashier about the sales price and she retorted (or should I share – snorted ) that the sales price was ONLY for the green grapes.

        I told her there were two signs and both red & green in the same section – so somebody needs to get their fat ass back there and take down the sales sign for the red grapes.

        Did I forget to mention this cashier had to weigh 400 lbs and was sitting on a high stool chair to even work the checkout lane?

        Now, the difference in price was only 61 cents – but when they pack the darn grapes into 2.5 lbs – that difference can add up to dollars.

        Customer services sucks big time……..maybe this is another reason why the 99% of Americans are getting fed up and joining the Occupy movement?

        We’re tired of getting pushed around ……

  6. WSClark

    A question for the assembled masses here at Pop: I was reading the HuffPo article about the Koch Bros. yesterday, when something caught my eye. In with all the rest of the crimes and misdeeds of the Kochs was a single mention of Gander Mountain. Nothing else, just a mention.

    That got me to thinking (!) a bit – I distinctly recall being quite pissed to learn that GM got some sort of “assistance” totaling $8M when they moved to the waterfront area downtown. In reading about it, I discovered that other communities did NOT pay a ransom to GM to have them locate in their areas.

    Now, GM is a decent store, good products, but a little pricey. They are not, however, a tourist attraction like Bass Pro Shop. When I have gone there, the lot is mostly empty and the clerk to customer ratio is about 1:1.

    Now, being a curious fellow, I have to ask: “What up?”

    Koch + Gander Mountain + Wichita – $8 million = What?

    Is it just me or is there a connection that is a bit underhanded?

    • Good catch! That didn’t even register when I was reading same.

      As far as I’m concerned if the Kochs are involved it’s absolutely underhanded. They’ve done nothing to make me think they’re capable of more. They’re treasonous crooks.

    • I did not read this article. But I’m with fnord – anything the Koch Bros is involved in has to be suspect. Just look at what they did to the original Tea Party when they hijacked it?

  7. G-STIR

    Slightly off subject, excluding the Army and Congress, has Pompeo ever had a job that wasn’t directly or indirectly influenced by the Kochs?

    • Wasn’t he a lawyer in Washington DC at some time? Or was that being a lobbyist for Kochs and like-minded clients?

      I’m not trying to be flippant here – I am asking a serious question.

      • G-STIR

        I think so, and I think it was Koch related. ??????

      • wiki says:

        Pompeo founded Thayer Aerospace.[2] He sold his interest in Thayer in 2006 and the company is now known as Nex-Tech Aerospace.
        Pompeo serves as a trustee on the Koch Industries-funded Kansas Policy Institute (originally named the Kansas Public Policy Institute and then the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy), a conservative think tank.

        I think he is definitely a Koch ‘lackey.’

  8. What the people are saying in this article was basically what I heard at Occupy Wichita yesterday. Everyone knows the middle class is getting the shaft and we’re not going down without a fight. We are the 99%!

    Occupying Wall Street, demanding accountability

  9. They can teach their children the earth is only 6,000 years old, give them a religious education, and avoid minorities, all in one school day —

    Homeschoolers emerge as Republican foot soldiers

    • And they want the taxpayer money given to them without any strings attached.

      This is basically what the school voucher system is all about .

      Just follow the money….

      I should clarify – I support making all schools the best they can be – and if that was the case, then there would be no need for school vouchers – would there?

  10. I don’t watch Fox News. Did this interview air?

  11. This is hilarious! Andy Cobb ‘makes over’ the Occupy protesters into what is guaranteed to get media attention. Fun stuff!

  12. Freebird1971

    Just curious,anyone remember/reflect on the anniversary that was marked yesterday?

    • Russians launched Sputnik and started the space age.

      Another anniversary coming up on Oct 7th – 10 years of the damn Aghanistan war (this is an anniversary that I could live without)

  13. 1941 – World War II: In Operation Typhoon, Germany begins an all-out offensive against Moscow.

    1944 – World War II: German troops end the Warsaw Uprising.

    1950 – Peanuts by Charles M. Schulz is first published

    1959 – The anthology series The Twilight Zone premieres on CBS television.

    1967 – Thurgood Marshall is sworn in as the first African-American justice of United States Supreme Court.

    1970 – A plane carrying the Wichita State University football team, administrators, and supporters crashes in Colorado killing 31 people.

    1996 – The Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments are signed by U.S. President Bill Clinton.

    2001 – NATO backs U.S. military strikes following 9/11.

    Do I need to do further research on Events of October 2? There are a bunch —

    Or, could you give me a hint?

    • The right side of the cartoon says:


      I will give you a job just as soon as I don’t have to pay any taxes, follow any rules or be liable for anything I do wrong. Oh, and I have to be guaranteed no ‘uncertainty.’ And ice cream — I want ice cream every day, with sprinkles. Maybe then.

      • WSClark

        Give me Private Selection Honey Maple Nut in large quantities at midnight each night and maybe I’ll hire you – that and that tax cut.

  14. Freebird1971

    Oct 2,1970 a plane carrying Wichita State football players and supporters crashed in the Colo mountains killing 29