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  1. Crazy Conservative Contradictions

    There’s a reason liberals look at conservatives like they might be insane. Often, a conservative will say one thing and then, almost immediately, contradict it. Pointing out the contradiction often angers the conservative who then accuses you of either being “stupid” or “twisting their words.” But, because it’s funny to look at crazy people, let’s take a look at conservative contradictions in addition to their biggest one:
    Tax Cuts Increase Revenue.

    Many more examples like example below at link!

    2. Corporations should have all the rights of a person. They should be free to exercise their First Amendment rights and buy influence elections just like any other citizen of the United States.

    The Contradiction: Corporations are not people so they cannot be treated like any other citizen of the United States. You can’t arrest them for manslaughter or negligent homicide even if they DID add known carcinogens to that baby food on purpose.

    Ultimate Contradiction: Unions (basically, a group of people pooling their resources) should not be allowed to influence elections. It corrupts the democratic process.

  2. How’s that austerity plan working for those European countries?

    BBC Speechless As Trader Tells Truth: “The Collapse Is Coming…And Goldman Rules The World”

    In an interview on BBC News that left the hosts gob-smacked (google it… it is the BBC after all), Alessio Rastani outlines in a mere three-and-a-half-minutes what we all know and most ignore. While the whole interview is worth watching, the money shot for us was “This economic crisis is like a cancer, if you just wait and wait hoping it is going to go away, just like a cancer it is going to grow and it will be too late!”

    (See video at link)

  3. I was reading this morning that Palin’s lawyer is ‘threatening’ to sue over the book written about her. He says the book defamed the Palins and contains “a series of lies and rumors.”

    If true, why does he only threaten? Why not get on with the lawsuit, prove lies were told…? Could it be that only threatening keeps her name in the news and nothing needs to be proven?

  4. Anthony Bologna, a New York City police officer who was accused of pepper-spraying women during the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations last week, is still involved in pending legal action for his role in the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. Eighteen hundred protesters were arrested for protests during the 2004 convention. One of the protesters accused Bologna of false arrest and civil-rights violations, and filed suit against him; the case is expected to be heard next year. After the pepper-spray incident, the hacking group Anonymous claimed responsibility for releasing Bologna’s name to the public, saying, “You know who the innocent women were; now they will have the chance to know who you are. Before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice. WE ARE WATCHING!!! Expect Us!”


  5. Well, let’s see……This incident happened under George W. Bush’s watch, I believe.

    But yet to hear Republicans now, it is all Obama’s fault because of the current news stories about Pakistan not exactly being on our side in the infamous War on Terror.

    I wonder how many billions of untracked cash went into Pakistan’s hands all in the name of fighting terror?

    I’m not saying the same thing may or may not be going on currently under Obama’s watch – but you know, Obama was the American president that got Bin Laden and guess where he was – Pakistan.

    Hmmm, interesting things to think about….


    • The American people will never know the truth about what happened during the George W. Bush Administration. I suspect the reason is partly due to the fact that we really do not want to know the truth.

      Because if we knew the truth, then we would have to do something about it?

      Such as, refer to my link to Cheney’s visit to Canada and the protesters he encountered there. That is one reason maybe the American people really do not want to know the truth. If we know it – then we would have to do something about it.

    • Freebird1971

      We should not send one more God damned dime to these azzholes

  6. I listen to KSGL for the music. But this station also carries alot of preachers, evangelists, etc.

    While driving home the other day, I heard a group of people actually discussing the reason America is blessed by God is because we are the only country in the world that is willing to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. And America is to always protect Israel at all costs.


    Then, of course, these folks went on to demonize this president in the White House (this is how they referred to President Obama – not once using his name) spent his first year in office by going around the world apologizing for America.

    In their view, nobody should ever apologize for America because we are the only nation willing to spread the gospel and that God has blessed us above all the other nations just for this reason. And we should never apologize for protecting Israel.

    Again….. WTH…..

    Then, of course, these folks went on to say how in the end times the political leaders of the world all come together and form a one-world government.

    Don’t look now, people, but the global corporations are the best and fastest route to a one-world government. And the SCOTUS just game corporations the green light to spread their gospel of greed and absolute power.

    And yet I never heard one word against any corporations or the GOP for defending the globalization movement – of which I think that is one sure way to get to to a one-world govenrment.

    No, the message was quite loud and clear – President Obama is not liked by these so-called religious people.

    Well, you know what, I don’t like these so-called religious people and these folks really do need to learn their American history.

    • Oh, Indy… I don’t think they’re teachable. Do you ever feel like we’re in the midst of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers?” Who ARE these people. They’ve snatched up my brother, not that he wasn’t already conservative but he’s only recently *gotten religion*.

      We, my brother and I, were raised in the Presbyterian church. My Mennonite grandmother required that we memorize a bible verse/passage to recite whenever we would visit them in Eastern Colorado. But my brother was NEVER what I’d call religious. Didn’t attend church regular and I don’t recall him even being in Youth Group when we were younger.

      Now he’s all on the “We’re a Christian country, founded by devout Christians, based on Christian laws…” Did you know that the main reason anyone came to the New World was for religious freedom? He needs to go back and read his history. The MAIN reason is the same main reason it usually is… money. To better themselves where they didn’t have the opportunity in Europe. Or to add to their empire, gain land.

      Granted we have paternal & maternal ancestors that came to escape religious persecution, the Elder Wm. Brewster of the Mayflower and our Mennonite ancestors. But both of those were after many others had already settled here. For the landed gentry to make money they needed warm bodies to do the work. They needed to entice others to come endure the hardships to work the fields and fish the seas. To set up communities to support whatever money making venture they were growing. They pursued those that were persecuted and/or suffering and presented a land of milk and honey to escape to. This is what our country was founded on.

      It is in our Preamble…
      We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

      …and no where in that Preamble is anyone’s god mentioned. BUT we are to insure domestic Tranquility, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. To me that says that the fighting and bickering in Congress is against the tenet of the Constitution by not insure domestic Tranquility. Defunding programs to help the needy is also unconstitutional because it does not promote the general Welfare. In all this they are not securing the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.

      My brother forwarded my grandson an email that referred to state preambles and constitutions. My brother claimed they were a proof that we were founded as a *Christian* nation. I did more research on it and found his argument to leak like a sieve. It’s said to see someone that I respected so taken in by lies.

      I’ve ranted enough, gotta get out to the garden yet. 🙂

      • Reagan invited Jerry Falwell (Moral Majority back then) into the GOP and from that point on, this group – now called the Religious Right – have bullied their way into more and more power.

        Perrsonally, I suspect it is the Evangelical Christians who are doing the most body snatching nowadays. And I think that is being driven by these televangelists and mega church preachers who are so afraid of losing their grip on power (and the money) that they use the ‘Us and Them’ war strategy.

        The ‘Them’ in their twisted logic are Muslims and since we have a president with that funny sounding name and that Muslim black father, Obama is only the latest ‘sign’ that their desired holy war is ever closer.

        These folks are scary…….very scary.

        Hope your garden was good this year – mine was mostly burned out by that heat.

    • The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party

      Taking Over the Republican Party
      “The Grand Old Party is more religious cult than political organization.”

  7. Just why is it some people cannot live by the Golden Rule? I just don’t get these bullies……if you hate someone that much, then what does it say about you that you’re the one that cannot seem to let others live?

    But in this climate of blind hatred, blind loyalty, blind pledge signing, booing of gay soldierrs at a GOP debate, applauding for 234 executions, yelling for an uninsured man in a coma to die and then not denouncing a so-called Evangelical Christian televangelist when he called Alzheimer victims the ‘walking dead’ – what do we expect ?

    Bullies come in all sizes, shapes and colors – but I suspect these teenage bullies learned from their parent bullies.

    And maybe even some of their preacher bullies?


  8. Republicans are not satisfied with their choices for 2012 presidential candidates. So the buzz keeps buzzing until that darn bee lands on someone – anyone – that can get past the flavor of the week label?


    • It won’t matter who enters the race when the person who can pass the tests for nomination and the person who can win votes outside the wingnut tea-bagger, religious nutjob factions of the party are two different people. There isn’t a single person who can accomplish both the nomination standards and is electable.

      • So true….I just read on the Huffington Post blog that Christie’s brother – was quoted as saying his brother did not tell him he was running for president.

        As if that is any proof of anything???

        Ah, but I gathere Christie is making some speech at the Reagan’s Library and the topic is American Exceptionalism – and the former NJ Govenor Kean (sp?) is quoted as saying Christie is seriously thinking of jumping in the race.

        All I can say is – if Chris Christie is thinking of jumping in – I don’t want to be within shaking distance – that man is one big man…

    • If Christie actually jumped into the race—that is, if he could explain why he spent so many months insisting he’s not “ready” to be president—he, too, would fail the Purity Test. He believes, for instance, that “climate change is real” and “human activity plays a role in these changes.” And when critics savaged him for nominating as a judge a Muslim who defended suspects after the 9/11 attacks—they were later cleared—Christie said he was “tired of dealing with the crazies” and that “this Sharia law business is crap.”

      His stances would attract swing voters, but would be the kiss of death to those who will do the ‘nominating.’

      • Exactly.

        That is where Rick Perry stepped into the manure pile with these TeaPublicans when he said that anyone who would deny children of illegal immigrants state college tuitiion because this kids had no say in when they brought to America to live did not have a heart.

        Remember that from last week’s GOP debate?

        Ever since that time – Perry has been a big No-No on the Republicans’ list of flavor of the month.

  9. Totally off topic – not even political – but if you like to take quizzes – here is a food quiz about American Food. The facts are sometimes interesting. For example – I did not know Coca Cola was purported to be a remedy for impotency – did you?


  10. Has anyone heard what the big campaign announcement Pompeo was supposed to make today?

    I could go research it myself – but it’s only Pompeo, so I am not exactly motivated by that man. LMAO

    Now if Pompeo turns out to be like Todd Tiarht in that Senate primary last year – then I’ll be motivated to go vote against him.

  11. Here is a list of the veteran bills being blocked by the GOP in the House:

    H.R.26 – Veterans Mental Health Screening and Assessment Act

    H.R.28 – Veterans Outreach Improvement Act of 2011

    H.R.79 – Dependent Care Act of 2011- To amend title 38, United States Code, to provide certain abused dependents of veterans with health care

    H.R.117 – Housing, Employment, and Living Programs for Veterans Act of 2011-To amend title 38, United States Code, to make certain improvements in the laws administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and for other purpose 01/04/11

    H.R.136 – To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to allow taxpayers to designate a portion of their income tax payment to provide assistance to homeless veterans, and for other purposes. 01/04/11

    H.R.237 – To amend the Homeowners Assistance Program of the Department of Defense to give the Secretary of Defense flexibility regarding setting the commencement date for homeowner assistance for members of the Armed Forces permanently reassigned during the mortgage crisis.

    H.R.284 – Veterans, Women, Families with Children, and Persons With Disabilities Housing Fairness Act of 2011-To authorize funds to prevent housing discrimination through the use of nationwide testing, to increase funds for the Fair Housing Initiatives Program, and for other purposes. (01-11-11)

    H.R.287 – Homes for Heroes Act of 2011-To provide housing assistance for very low-income veterans. (01-11-11)

    • But, but…….these poor Republican Congress Critters are doing the job their consituents want them to do – protect those wealthy indivuals and corporations at all costs.

      And even press on for even more tax breaks and government subsidies.

      The poor little rich boys and girls – they just cannot make it on those paltry millions.

      Seriously – how could any Republican with a straight face even say they support veterans and our current military when they all sat back and allowed the booing of a gay soldier at their GOP debate last week?

      I’ve heard Jon Huntsman say it was regrettable. But I’ve not heard any other Republican talk about that rude behavior.

      maybe I’ve missed something in the last week?

      • I heard some of them were question about this and the “let him die” outburst. The excuses were, didn’t hear it and things were moving to fast to respond, they had moved on to the next question before they had a chance.

        Otherwise, none of these potential leaders are very quick on their feet. Does not bode well for a leadership postition.

      • Excuse me if I continue to beat this drum – but why didn’t these Republicans voice their opinion to these outbursts at their own debate the next day?

        Or maybe when there was not any hearing problem going on or the debate was going too fast for them, or a million other excuses they have given for not speaking out against this rude behavior.

        I agree – does not bode for any leadership position – not even the local dog catcher.

  12. Just a reminder —

    Tonight is when Dr. Margaret Flowers will be giving a lecture on “Medicare and the Deficit: How to improve health care and sve money at the same time.”

    It is free, open to the public, at The Murdock Theatre, 536 N. Broadway, 7 – 9 p.m. (doors open at 6:30).

    • I went tonight. Other than to tell you how buoyed I am every time I realize how many progressive thinking people there are right here in Wichita, I’ll tell you about it tomorrow. Freedomwriter was there too and may share some thoughts (I hope!). It was well attended! Hundreds of people, many physicians, several of whom spoke. Interesting!