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      • Put down the F’n chalk! Step AWAY from the F’n chalk!!!

        Back when my kids were still in High School, my next to the youngest and a friend of his decided to ‘soap’ the windows at school. Our local Barney Fife confronted the boys and disarmed them of the soap as if they were carrying guns. He would have handcuffed them but his deputy hadn’t brought his. Barney blew a gasket over this, I had been in the big city shopping, and he approached me as I was unloading my van. He wanted me to get my son down there right now and clean up the windows. My problem was that I needed to be to Boeing to pick my husband up from work and needed to leave as soon as the groceries were put away and told Barney I couldn’t do that right now. He stormed off saying something about my priorities. I asked the son what it was they had written on the windows, how bad WAS it? He said, well it wasn’t 2 Live Crew. Later I learned that they had written a “Barney loves (the local crazy lady)” on one of the windows. We talked to the other boy’s grandmother and found that he was to be at the school in the morning to clean up, so we made sure that our boy was there to do his part. The whole event was insane, the school got clean windows, where was the damage to blow a gasket over?

  1. Being in law enforcement has become somewhat a double edged sword – people want you desperately when they need help but when it comes time to pay their taxes for police protection, some people throw hissy fits like 2-yr-olds that believe in just say No.

    On the other hand – I’ve seen several police that overstep their boundaries and intentionally harass people by waiting until they pull out of their driveways onto the road, follow them for ten blocks and then do a U-turn on a busy road because you never did anything wrong.

    That is life in a small suburb of Wichita. But, I must say, when the budget got cut a few months ago and people began complaining about the harassment of certain police – I’ve not seen this happen for quite awhile. I assume those offending police were the budget cuts…..LMAO

    Law enforcement is a noble professional and should be treated as such. But in the last few years, I’ve wondered about a few of them. I think it is because of all that ex-military that seems to gravitate towards the profession.

    • There are still some law enforcement personnel who believe in protecting society, but there are waaayyy toooo many who are on power trips. Yes, I agree the ones that came out of today’s military do seem to be the same ones who are itchin’ for a fight. The standards for today’s military were relaxed too much when bush the lesser decided to start war for his own greedy reasons.

  2. Holy crap. He just walked up from nowhere, sprayed the mace/pepper spray in the eyes of those women who were penned in and doing nothing, and then he walked away. And it was used appropriately? No. Huh uh. Not unless he’d sprayed himself in the face. Now THAT would’ve been appropriate use.

    Heaven forbid that he would’ve been around during the Vietnam protests. Or had been black during Watts. Only then could I understand the animal in cops clothing.

  3. These are younger people — no white haired old ones in these crowds. They’ve gone to school, they have outrageous school loans to repay, and there are no jobs. According to the tiny bits of news I can find, the protests are not only growing but spreading and these young people swear to stay until Wall Street bears the responsibility of wrecking our economy, and the rich who are hoarding their profits begin hiring. I’m reading the numbers protesting on Wall Street are growing and that new protests are cropping up in financial districts of more cities.

    The republicans, at least the minority tea partiers who seem to have everyone else running scared, are protecting tax cuts for our nation’s most wealthy. I don’t think these motivated young people will see that as a winning strategy. Is there a 2012 republican candidate for POTUS who isn’t kowtowing to the Tea Party? Remember they ALL said that no matter what there would be no tax increases.

    “I’m going to ask a question to everyone here on the stage. Say you had a deal, a real spending cuts deal, 10-to-1, as Byron said, spending cuts to tax increases…. Who on this stage would walk away from that deal? Can you raise your hand if you feel so strongly about not raising taxes, you’d walk away on the 10-to-1 deal?”
    All eight candidates raised their hand. Literally all of them, if offered a debt-reduction deal that’s 10-to-1 in their favor, would simply refuse.

  4. 6 Ways the Rich Are Waging a Class War Against the American People

    Denying the very existence of an entire class of citizens? That’s waging some very real warfare against them.

    There hasn’t been any organized, explicitly class-based violence in this country for generations, so what, exactly, does “class warfare” really mean? Is it just an empty political catch-phrase?

    The American Right has decided that returning the tax rate paid by the wealthiest Americans from what it was during the Bush years (which, incidentally, featured the slowest job growth under any president in our history, at 0.45 percent per year) to what they forked over during the Clinton years (when job growth happened to average 1.6 percent per year) is the epitome of class warfare. Sure, it would leave top earners with a tax rate 10 percentage points below what they were paying after Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts, but that’s the conservative definition of “eating the rich” these days.

  5. I found this question interesting. 😉

    Are Men Finished?

    Last year, women made up the majority of the U.S. workforce for the first time ever. There are more women earning college degrees than men. It can’t be long before the script is flipped on our traditionally male-dominated society, with women taking over the position of power. Right?

    Or is our society just rebalancing itself, with women catching up to men but not replacing them?

  6. 32 pictures of police brutality you will not see on the news. The revolution will not be televised, because the media companies are just as culpable as the banks. Is this America?

  7. Privately owned prison populations in the United States grew by 37% between 2002 – 2009. Interestingly, during that same time period lobbyist donations also grew to be 165%.

    Private prison company’s growth went hand-in-hand with political influence

    Private prison companies “game the system,” he said, by pushing to increase market share, which in the private prison business means putting more people in prison.

    For two decades, CCA was a member of a group called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) — a nationwide organization made up of corporations and state legislators. At an ALEC meeting in December 2009, where CCA employees were present, according to NPR’s reporting, the group crafted the model legislation that would later become Arizona’s SB1070 and a host of other similar bills across the country.

  8. Can you live on $9 an hour?

    A computer game called Spent gives you the opportunity to see what it would be like to walk in a poor person’s shoes.

    Play the game

    • I could do it – if the cost of living goes down.

      But I suspect these brainac Republicans have no desire to lower the cost of living while decimating the living wage jobs for Americans?