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  1. Reid: Obama Will Call House Back From Recess If Necessary Over Shutdown Fight

    Harry Reid has an offer for John Boehner and Senate Republicans to keep FEMA’s disaster relief efforts funded and avoid a government shutdown. It goes like this: Democrats will accept the House GOP’s lower funding total disaster aid, if Republicans drop the extraordinary demand that funding recovery from natural disasters be offset with partisan budget cuts.

    Republicans now say the only way to keep the entire government funded after September 30 is if Democrats agree to slash a successful manufacturing program to pay for disaster aid included in the House’s federal funding bill.

    Speaking for his caucus at a Friday press conference, Reid categorically rejected the idea disaster aid should be offset. After the Senate rejected that proposal on a bipartisan basis, Reid urged Boehner to sit down with himself, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to review his offer, in the hope of avoiding a government shutdown. And he said if House Republicans continue intransigently to demand that the Senate swallow their bill, President Obama will call the House back into session from its week-long recess.

  2. Our Constitutional Amendment: Get Money Out of Politics

    We have already gotten a huge response from all over the country about this amendment. Here’s what people have to say:

    Robert Wilson: “Fostered by the influence of money at every level of government, compromise suffers. Nothing ever really gets done. Whether problems are social or economic or whether policies require regulation or deregulation, the job of governing our country should be entrusted to those who aren’t tempted by money. The current system is an insult to the Founding Fathers.”

    Don: “I can’t believe it took this long for someone to propose a constitutional amendment to limit campaign spending. It took me about 1 micro second after the Supreme Court ruling which allowed unlimited contributions from large corporations to political campaigns to figure that out: if the court interprets the Constitution that way, we just have to change the Constitution. I’m really looking forward to seeing how far this goes.

    Gordon: “The corporate manipulation of politics is actually counter to the “free market” concept where the market is free to determine which businesses provide real value to the consumers. A truly “free market” is based on transparency and free from the collusion of lobbying and back room deals.”

    Kylee: “I hear many people say that we can’t accomplish things that sound insurmountable, but if we look back on Americas past, we have to say this just isn’t so…. What we have to remember is that freedom isn’t free and if we sit back long enough, sure enough someone will work to take it away from us, and once again we must fight. “

    Karen Rose: “Imagine if 100 million people not only signed on to asking for a Constitutional Amendment, but also took a pledge vowing not to vote for ANY national candidate unless they voiced public support for this amendment. Corporations may be people in the eyes of the SCOTUS, but, as of yet, they still cannot vote, WE DO!”

  3. “You show me somebody who falls in love with Jesus, and I’ll show you a person who won’t be a problem to society but that will be an influence and a help to those around them,” Pastor Robert Gates of Christian Life Church told the television station.

    Uh, IIRC, Dennis Rader was an elder in his church.

    • To keep things factual – Dennis Rader – aka BTK – was a church leader in the Christ Lutheran Church off North HIllside.

      While I agree – somewhat – with your premise, not all people who follow Jesus’ teachings are bad.

      But the tip off to me is the how this guy worded his argument – ‘somebody who falls in love with Jesus’.

      You see, I am a Christian. To me, Jesus is not relegated to someone who you ‘fall in love with’. That would make Jesus on the same level of a human being – wouldn’t it?

      Rather, I try to follow Jesus’ teachings of compassion, empathy and unconditional love. Which is why I want accessible, affordable health care for everyone, an even economic playing field for everyone, good schools for everyones’ kids, a clean and safe environent and for every American citizen to be concerned about their fellow American.

      I do not want a society that favors only the rich.

      I was in the Evangelical Christian movement for several years in the 70’s and I’ve seen what ‘falling in love with Jesus’ does to people. It is more like an addiction – than a religion.

      I’ve known, and currently know, of several church people who fall into that category. The only reason they are in the church is to be seen with all the ‘right’ people. To belong to the group of ‘right’ people. It’s like their drug ‘high’ when they get to feel superior to ‘that guy over there’ and their preacher pats them on their head while they put their money into the collection plate.

      Too many times, religion has been a dog and pony show – with very little ‘real’ faith to be seen or heard.

      Religion is man-made – but faith is spiritual. There is a BIG difference.

      • Is this the story you’re referring to Moonshadow about that Pastor Gates?

        If you read this carefully, the offender can pick the place of worship. I wonder what would happen if the offender picks a Muslim worship center? Or a Buddhist Temple? Or a Jewish Synagogue (sp?)

        In that case, how would Pastor Gates’ promise of’ people falling in love with Jesus will not be a problem to society – come about?

      • Whoa, Indy! Sounds like I hit a nerve this morning. My mention of Rader was not to imply that all church goers are bad, but that not ALL church goers are good or attending church will make a person change their ways.

        This was all about using church attendance as a trade off for jail time, guess I should have titled it. I don’t agree with it. I’ve certainly seen plenty of people sleep through church.

        I’d be much more agreeable to public service as a trade off.

      • You posted again while I was writing my response. Yes, that’s the article. I join you in questioning their reasoning. What if a person is Wiccan? Would that be a problem?

      • Moonshadow – I didn’t mean to sound like I came unhinged (if I did, sorry).

        I suspect we are on the same page but maybe we are using different terminology and/or analogies?

        As everyone on this blog will tell you, I have little patience for the self-righteous, pious ‘church’ people.

        I’ve known atheists who live a more moral life than some of these dog and pony show Christians.

      • BTW – I have not attended church regularly for a long time.

        When I married a Southern Baptist preacher in 1976, my Fundamental Evangelical Baptist Church members treated me like I had leprosy. I was told by my preacher that my husband was the Devil himself.

        And my husband’s church people treated him the same way. In fact, I was told to my face by several of his deacons and their wives that I was not welcome there because I came from ‘that’ church.

        So, we were in the ministry for 6 months and then got the Hell out.

        I lost my faith in the church – but I did not lose my faith in God. And that’s how I explain it to people.

        This is why I say that religion is man-made but faith is spiritual.

        And I learned from that experience that religion is one of the most divisive things on Earth. Which is exactly why we do not need to mix politics in with religion – IMHO

  4. I have a question. People are throwing a fit about “China building the SF Bay Bridge”, right? On what grounds? Are they claiming that stimulus money funded this?….

    ZPMC Obtains USD250mn Contract from New Bay Bridge.
    SinoCast China Business Daily News
    | July 11, 2006 | Copyright
    (From SinoCast China Business Daily News)
    SHANGHAI, July 12, SinoCast — Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery Co., Ltd. (ZPMC), a world-famous manufacturer of cranes and large steel structures in China, recently made an announcement that it obtained the contract of the steel structures of the San Francisco New Bay Bridge located in America, involving USD 250 million of capital.

    The bridge, a representative building of California with former name of Bay Bridge, was badly damaged during the earthquake happened in 1998 and renamed New bridge.

    Recently, the local government decided to …

    It took me a while but I finally found something that gave me an idea when it was contracted, 2006. Couldn’t have been funded by stimulus money. From what I’ve read, this was/is just more of the same ol’ stuff. It was the Chinese that built our railroads, too. The only time anyone complains is when the economy goes south. Unfortunately, buying cheaper steel bridge parts from China is no different than getting your bargains at Walmart instead of buying the more expensive home store products. I’m as guilty as the next guy.

    • I think the stink is because there are so many unemployed Americans and the fact that Chinese are building this bridge just brings out the anger.

      Which, I can see their reasoning behind that argument. Why should $250 million of US tax dollars be given to the Chinese to build a bridge in America?

      Some on the right would say it is because our unions have priced themselves out of the market. I don’t know enough about this issue to really say one way or the other.

      But whenever we have this many unemployed Americans – the fear, frustration and sometimes desperation can result in some pretty ugly stuff happening.

      As for the Chinese building our railroads – were’nt they basically the Chinese slaves doing the hard labor for US businessmen who would keep the profits?

      Perhaps this is another factor in this SF bridge deal – the profits are going to the Chinese?

      • I pretty much agree with everything you wrote. The Chinese weren’t slaves but they were kept impoverished to the point that they were dependent on the railroads. There’s many ways to enslave people, some don’t even realize they’ve been enslaved.

        I think this quote from a blog I came across pretty much explains it…
        “But with the full financial force of the Chinese government behind its infrastructure companies, the monumental scale of the work and the prices bid, it’s hard for private industry elsewhere to compete.”

        And the rightwingers here won’t agree to back America rebuilding it’s own infrastructure, what choices do we have?

      • More research on the Bay Bridge…

        How is the new Bay Bridge being financed?

        A: Assembly Bill (AB) 144, which was signed into law by Governor Schwarzenegger on July 18, 2005, provides a comprehensive financial plan for the Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program, including the consolidation and financial management of all toll revenues collected on state-owned bridges in the San Francisco Bay Area under the jurisdiction of the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA).

        I don’t see any mention of tax dollars, just tolls.

  5. I watched a documentary a couple weeks ago about religious cults. The running theme throughout these so-called religious groups is sex. And not just sex- but sex with young teenage girls.

    The parents of young girls – some as young as 7 yrs old – were told that God chose their daughter to be a special one for their leader. It was presented that it was the parents’ duty to give unto God their most precious gift in order to make God happy.

    Then these girls would go to live with two women who would teach them how to ‘satisfy’ the leader when it was their turn to give unto God the most precious gift of all – themselves.

    Talk about sickos…

    I also noticed – the more fundamental these groups were – the more perverse they seemed to be.

    Some were polygamist groups but not all of them. But they were all professing Christians.

    And yet these are the same folks that think the Muslims are perverse?

    There are sickos in every religion – but some groups just happen to have more than their share.

    • The pendulum never stays in the middle unless time has stopped. Either they sexualize their women or wrap them up in burqas like mummies. Why do we women allow this to happen? Some even encourage it.

  6. Happy 75th Birthday, Jim Henson. Nobody will ever be able to take your place.

  7. badbiker

    Diana Nyad is back in the water off the coast of Cuba, trying another attempt at the crossing which totals 103 miles. She hit the surf last night about six pm but had repeated problems during the night with Portuguese Man ‘O’ War stings. She has received a shot of Prednisone then spent an hour of treading water to recover.

    It doesn’t look good (my estimation) but we can only hope that she recovers sufficiently to complete the swim. It would be a world record for the sixty plus year old distance swimmer.

    If she fails, Pat Robertson and his ilk would tell you that it is because she is an evil Lesbian.

    Let’s hear it for evil Lesbians! Go, Diana!

    (Pop Blog has our very own evil Lesbian – Pat would be so disappointed……)

  8. prairie pond

    HA! Probably evil enough to keep Pat thinking about me for a looong time!

  9. badbiker

    Diana has begun her second night in the water. She is roughly 48 miles into her 103 mile journey. Friends and coaches on the support boat say that she is swimming well. Let’s hope she makes it through the night!