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  1. House Democrats push legislation to overturn Citizens United ruling

    A pair of House Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling that freed corporations to spend unlimited money on elections.

    Sponsored by Reps. John Conyers (Mich.), senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, and Donna Edwards (D-Md.), the proposal would amend the Constitution to empower Congress and the states to limit corporate spending on political activities.

  2. We weren’t supposed to be back here so soon, but once again the United States is on the verge of a September 30 shutdown after 48 House conservatives revolted against the GOP Wednesday and joined Democrats in voting down the budget bill. Democrats wanted the bill to provide more for disaster victims and auto manufacturers; the conservatives who voted against it, meanwhile, wanted it to make deeper cuts. The unexpected revolt reveals the limits of House Speaker John Boehner’s power; he even went as far as to threaten stripping committee assignments in his efforts to get the bill passed. Republicans will have to rewrite the bill to hold a new vote.

    • indypendent

      Just let all the Republicans’ warts show for the entire country to see.

      The approval rating for Congress is already at an historic low of 12%.

      How low can it go???

      • They’re going to ‘debate’ again tonight. Isn’t it strange to call what they do a debate!? Will they all attack President Obama this time around, or will they attack one another, or is it even possible that one or more of them will actually answer the questions and maybe share their plans, strategies they will implement if trusted with the job?

      • indypendent

        What ideas? They are all pushing the retread of the old tired idea of voodoo economics that Reagan started when he declared war on the working Americans.

        Just more of the same – but I do think Romney, Bachmann and Paul will go after Rick Perry with even more vengeance tonight. If I really cared about this sorry bunch, I might want watch the debate to get a good laugh at how Perry will be dodging all those incoming bullets from fellow Republicans.

      • indypendent

        BTW – Of course they will all attack President Obama. Isn’t that the requirement to be an Evangelical Teapublican these days?

    • Is there a Constitutional amendment that says there must be a budget bill? Am I confusing it with a balanced budget? Or am I just, as always, confused?

    • Man, they’re all in deep doo-doo, aren’t they? It’s almost funny. Almost.

  3. indypendent

    On a serious note – isn’t it sad to think that Christianity has been hijacked by a group of fundamentalists who applaud executions, want uninsured people to die, think Alzheimers victims are the walking dead, hate government entitlements – unless that government check has thier name as the Payee.

    Wow – just wow. I’m surprised the entire world is not seeing monsoons because I suspect Jesus is weeping 24/7 at how some people have twisted his message of love and compassion into something very sinister.

  4. Zippy

    John McCain once called Teddy Roosevelt his hero.
    I guess he was joking.

  5. Zippy

    Question: how is it, in 2011, that a repairs on dangerously-dilapidated bridge, more than 50 years ago, not be “shovel-ready.”

    That’s the real scandal.

    But I guess the Minnestoa bridge collapse is in the momory hole.

  6. And a LOL to the author of the article. Loved it and desperately hope he is right. I also love some of the words he used:

    honeybomb (I’m stealing this one!)

    This entire paragraph had me LOL…for real:
    Then it strikes me. There was that magic word, “evolved.” Oh my sweet goddess, to many Americans, these scientists are totally lying. They are part of some mass liberal conspiracy begun hundreds if not thousands of years ago, specifically designed to ruin homeschooled kids’ minds and taint the blood of virgins and demean angry Almighty God.”

    Yeah, the above describes my main goal in life. LOLOLOL

    • There’s nothing like being a ditz and posting a reply where it doesn’t belong.

      Was replying to How to make a creationist weep. fnord was right. It IS a hoot. 😉

  7. I re-posted this joke from a friend on FB yesterday:

    I met a fairy today who said she would grant me one wish.
    I said, “I want to live forever.”
    “Sorry,” the fairy replied. “I’m not allowed to grant immortality!”
    “Fine,” I said. “Then I want to die after Congress gets their heads out of their asses!”
    The fairy grinned and waved her wand. “You crafty bitch.”

    I get a private message from an old grade school friend who quoted a Bible verse to let me know that accepting Jesus would give me eternal life.

    Excuse me, but being preached to on FB, even in a private message, is stepping into my comfort zone a bit too far. Does anyone have any idea what would happen to me if I went on FB or anywhere and preached my brand of beliefs? I’d be tarred and feathered, then strung up as an example of what happens if you don’t follow in lockstep.

    I’m still trying to think of a reply to (possibly former) old friend.

    • indypendent

      Since I was once in the belly of the Evangelical Christianity beast – I am very familiar with people who think it is their God-given duty to intrude in your personal life and be presumptous to what they call ‘witness’ to get heathens saved from the fires of Hell.

      I do have a question – if it is not too personal? Is this childhood friend a good freind who has kept your friendship alive and would you consider her a good friend who also lives the Christian life that she is pushing?

      I have no problem with any one of my friends who feels the need to share their faith with me but I draw the line at an email message through FB. If she is such a good friend, then she would be your good friend regardless of your faith – wouldn’t she?

      I say this because of one thing I learned when I was in their midst – there are Evangelicals who truly believe they will be getting jewels in their crown for each and every person that get ‘saved’.

      Ironically, it is these same folks that live like the Devil is their twin so that when they get caught doing evil, they simply blame their twin and play that infamous Jesus gave me a free pass card.

      • It isn’t that easy! You must be full of love…

      • It’s a male childhood friend–grade school classmate is more like it, maybe–and I lost track of most in that class in 6th grade. He just happened to be on FB, and we became friends. I’ve been aware that he’s Christian and assume he believes he’s led a Christian life. I think he was a street preacher or something, long ago. Whatever. The whole thing is that I don’t share my thoughts on religion, faith, spiritualism or whatnot with just anybody. For the moment, he is just anybody, because he stepped over my boundary lines and asked about something that I believe is private. I intend to tell him just that.

        I don’t push my beliefs on other people. I get real tired when they push theirs on me. Besides, it was a joke, for cripes sake! Not an invitation to save me.

      • indypendent

        fnord – I try to show love as much as possible, but there are some people in this world who make it very difficult.

        But I know these Evangelicals from the inside out – and alot of times the rosy picture they try to paint about how much the love God is nothing more than a picture made out of invisible paint.

        In other words – those who yell the loudest they love God so much are usually the ones who are the most corrupt, cruel and downright hateful ones in the bunch.

  8. Zippy

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