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  1. Like Indy mentioned yesterday I too hear often about the ‘jobs bills’ that have passed the House, and yet I can’t find a single one. I’ve actually heard there are bills sitting on the president’s desk waiting for his signature. Do Boehner and his gang simply have to say they’ve done something to get republicans to believe them?

    • indypendent

      I posted this late yesterday after commenting about Kansas Congress Critter Tim Huelskamp yammering about those jobs bills Obama is supposedly refusing to sign.

      This link is a reply to a link on Tim Huelskamp’s website. As I read through this, there are trade agreements which is what I assume Huelskamp is calling ‘jobs bills’. As you read through this link – these trade agreements were negotiated by Bush adn Obama made stronger and the current GOP is the hold up.

      Go figure….it seems our Congress Critter has his own particular spin on this story.

      • indypendent

        Pay close attention to the comments section – it seems this Truthbuster person has their links to facts to back up what they are saying.

        And what they are saying is that Tim Huelskamp seems to not mind lying to his constituents – but, then again, he is a Republican – so what else do I expect.

      • What a lying piece of ____ Huelskamp is! Worse is that he can lie all he wants — his constituents aren’t going to delve further than his words. If a republican says it they believe it and pass it along.

  2. You would think you’d find something at Boehner’s website. I didn’t, can you?

  3. Romney’s Chart Fraud

    On Tuesday, Massachussetts Governor Mitt Romney unveiled his “jobs plan,” which unsurprisingly mostly involves tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy. Oliver Willis catches Romney engaging in a pretty blatant example of chart fraud, highlighting job loss during 2007 and 2008, the last two years of the Bush administration, as part of the “Obama recovery.”

    Here’s the thing: With employment still hovering around nine percent, it’s not like Romney needs to lie in order to go after Obama’s record on the economy. Recent polls have shown nothing but grim news for the president on this front. Why be so conspicuously dishonest about it?

    • indypendent

      One reason – Republicans are so used to being dishonest that they think this is the only way they can win?

      Think about how these are the same folks that are trying desperately to keep as many potential Democratic voters away from exercising their guaranteed right to vote.

  4. indypendent

    What did you think about Santorum’s rambling on and on about how the US needs to spread our way of life across the world militarily, of course.

    And then Michele Bachmann had to yammer on and on about how Obama is a demon for daring to tell Israel that perhaps they need to go back to their pre-war boundaries and then restart peace negotiations.

    Then, I could swear, Bachmann said something about the Muslim caliphate happening when she was talking about Libya.

    I swear – if these Evangelicals are so hellbent on going to war against the Muslims – just pick a desert over in the MIddle East and have their frickin holy war. But they are not allowed to ever come back to America – that is, if they survive.

    Why should my tax dollars go to pay for their narrow religion’s quest for blood and war?

    • Those candidates appeal only to republicans and there aren’t enough of them to win at the national level.

      • indypendent

        In a real world, one should never have to worry about one of those Republican candidates getting into the White House – but in today’s society of people expecting everything to be fixed instanteously – I think Obama is vulnerable.

        Let’s face it – Republicans left Obama a plate full of B.S. after GWB’s disastrous two terms. And then since Day One, these same bunch of 2-yr-olds have thrown their hissy fits to not even help him clean up their mess.

        And now these same 2-yr-olds are demonizing Obama because Obama has not turned that plate of B.S. into a plate of gourmet food.

        Unfortunately, the attention span of the average American is only as long as that old saying – what have you done for me lately?

  5. wicked

    Finally something to laugh about.

    Saw this retweet by author Judy Blume originally from @BorowitzReport.
    “In the 1980’s, Ronald Reagan emptied the mental hospitals, and last night we saw the results.”

    Another chuckle via the Borowitz Report.

  6. Yes, the Iraq drawdown is really happening

    Fox News broke the story yesterday that the Obama administration is planning to cut the US military presence in Iraq to about 3,000 at the start of next year, prompting predictable posturing and hand-wringing from politicians and pundits in the beltway. One thing much of the media commentary has neglected so far? The role of Iraq’s politicians and people in making this decision.

    There are currently more than 40,000 troops in Iraq, who in August enjoyed their first month without a man or woman killed in action since 2003. The uniformed US presence has been steadily declining since the peak of the US troop surge there in 2007, when about 150,000 troops were in country.

    The current US Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Iraq, which authorizes the US presence and provides key assurances to America (for instance, that US troops will be subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, not Iraqi law) is set to expire on Dec. 31. The agreement mandated the US withdrawal from major combat roles in Iraqi cities in 2009, a step that was accordingly taken, and was designed to see a complete withdrawal of US forces by 2012 if a new agreement wasn’t reached.

  7. Out Of Step With Rest Of Nation, Only One In Three Tea Partiers Think Global Warming Is Real

    A new survey on global warming by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications finds that self-described members of the Tea Party movement are distinctly more skeptical of global warming than all other Americans. Only 34 percent of Tea Party members say they believe global warming is happening, compared to 78 percent of Democrats, and 53 percent of non-Tea Party Republicans:

  8. Another LOL for ya. 😉

    Last night’s Republican debate in 45 seconds.

    (It was too big to embed. And if my login doesn’t stop disappearing, I’m going to scream.)

    • Almost nothing they want us to believe about Ronald Reagan is true. Since none of us suffer the amnesia problems rampant among republicans it does make for great entertainment to listen to their attempt to rewrite history.

    • Wonder why your login disappears? Indy had that happen to her yesterday. She hasn’t said whether or not it has continued.

      • I changed browsers. I thought I had everything set, and discovered that somewhere along the line I changed to the wrong settings. I’ll figure it out one of these days. LOL

      • indypendent

        I think my problem was because I had a login with my first nic and with a different addy – but it is still making me login each time if I come and go like like I usually do.

        I just have to remember to use the same login each time.

        Our computer sometimes has done some funky things – I think it is when the 5-yr-old granddaughter has been using it …..LMAO

      • indypendent

        P.S. – Even if it is not the grandkid – that sounds like a plausible excuse – doesn’t it?

  9. The conservative’s hero —

    • indypendent

      Newt lavished praise on Reagan last night for raising revenue but yet Reagan still managed to triple the deficit.

      Just think – even with all that much more money – this guy outspent what he had gotten in 3 times!!!

      Big spender, ex-Union leader that collectively bargained for health care, Hollywood actor – If I did not know any better, Reagan sounds like a Liberal.

      • Compared to the conservatives of today Reagan was a liberal. He wouldn’t pass the tea party tests today. They’d look at his record and call him all kinds of unkind words.

        Nobody electable will pass the tea party tests.

  10. indypendent

    Did you hear John Boehner disrespect President Obama today about nobody should be forced to listen to his speech. Then he said something to the effect that everybody would rather watch football. Then, of course, Johnny B and his fellow GOP Gang laughed .

    Can you imagine the outrage if that had been Nancy Pelosi speaking about George W. Bush?

    I wonder how those unemployed Americans and the working Americans that are barely surviving think about how Johnny B and Gang think that a jobs crisis is such a joking matter.

    Even with the points of the speech coming out ahead of time – these same Republicans that loudly stated during the debt fiasco that they did not want anyones’ taxes raised are the the same folks that intend to block Obama’s propsal to extend the payroll tax hoiday.

    I guess us working Americans don’t count as ‘anyone’ in the Republicans’ world.

  11. Daham!

    Where has this president been?

    Now he needs to go on the road and repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat as many times as it takes for the average American to hear and understand.

  12. He’s even using their own talking points! I am sooo enjoying this!

  13. What I like most is that he isn’t leaving anything OFF the table! He’s bringing it all, laying it out and leaving NOTHING for anyone else to claim. 🙂

  14. “We shouldn’t be in a race to the bottom…”

    Yep! He spelled out clearly where the republicans want to take us!

  15. the next election is 14 months away and the people who sent us here don’t have the luxury of waiting 14 months

  16. He will take that message to every corner of America!

  17. I’m sure glad Nancy shared with Obama! I’m pretty sure that’s where that pair he had tonight came from. 🙂

  18. It is going to be more difficult for the republicans to discredit government and to keep the economy depressed going forward! They will be hard pressed to find ways to obstruct all the many proposals President Obama will be peddling to Americans! I like the marketing plan of taking it to every corner of America.

    • indypendent

      And he should take a video camera with him to show every crumbling road, bridge, highway, school building and simply say – do you want this fixed? Then simply put the names of that district’s Senator and Congress Critter and their direct telephone numbers. And this goes for both parties.

      I remember during the debt fiasco when Obama told the American people to start calling – and the telephones were overloaded. But more the point, the Republicans were absolutely furious about that. Remember when they tried to paint Obama as beign ‘political’ when he told the American people to call their elected officials.

      Why, that is downright un-American – only if you’re a Republican.