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  1. We have the opportunity to see all (well most, even in debates they exclude some) of them tonight. We’ll hear a lot about tax cuts, relaxing regulations and ‘security.’ It’s the same ole story, and the reason our economy is struggling to come back from the last time one of them was POTUS. Mostly they’ll wonder why President Obama hasn’t fixed what they broke and they’ll bitch and moan, denigrate and complain — just like the cartoon above spells out so well.

  2. Romney Just Totally Melted Down During His Jobs Speech

    2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney unveiled his much-anticipated jobs plan this afternoon, but instead of the bold, sweeping proposals he promised, the candidate’s ideas came off as scattered and disjointed.

    The unabridged plan is fully outlined in 160 PDF pages, complete with a foreword and end notes, but Romney appeared to have a hard time summarizing it into a coherent speech.

    After amusing the crowd by showing off a scribbled notepad and promising not use a teleprompters, Romney soon made it clear why some presidential candidates should definitely use cues. His speech was rambling, with Romney criss-crossing the stage as he jumped from one unrelated proposal to the other.

    Here are the highlights from the speech:

    Read more:

  3. G-STIR

    Here’s a link to an article in the latest Rolling Stone about the GOP’s efforts to control voter access/reistration in the upcoming elections.

    These guys are capable of anything. It’s pretty scary stuff, IMHO.

    • indypendent

      If the GOP has to resort to low-down tactics to keep the opposition party from voting – what does that say about them?

      I know what I’ve called them from day one – bullies, thugs, cheaters, liars and thieves.

      But I do find it interestign that alot of this is coming from the so-called Evangelicals.

      I thought Jesus hung out with the outcasts from society – I wonder if this group fo evangelicals would keep Jesus from voting?

  4. Jesus Christ Files Lawsuit Against GOP For Slander

    Jesus Christ filed a lawsuit today in the New York Supreme Court against the Republican National Committee for what he is calling “egregious misrepresentation of his statements and image.”

    One of the attorneys representing Christ had this to say:

    “For years Republicans have proclaimed their love for and loyalty to Jesus, yet their actions are highly contradictory to what Mr. Christ preached. Instead of helping the poor and the sick GOP instead punishes the poor and the sickly.

    Our client isn’t telling the GOP what their agenda should be, he simply wants them to stop using his name when their actions contradict everything he stood for.

    If the GOP would like to continue using his name they have to start making a significant effort to help the poor and the sick, instead of the rich, and start promoting a more peaceful agenda.”

    When asked about the lawsuit, House Speaker John Boehner made the following remarks:

    “Mr. Christ is entitled to his opinion, however the GOP believes that the underlying message in the Bible is that giving tax cuts to the wealthy is the true path to happiness.

    I don’t know where Mr. Christ thinks the Bible says to help the poor and the sick, but that sounds awfully socialistic to me, and we are not a socialist country.”

    The lawsuit goes even further than just spoken word references to Jesus. According to the suit “images that inaccurately depict Jesus Christ, who was born in Middle Eastern country, as a Caucasian man with light skin, can no longer be displayed by political officials who claim they understand the Bible.”

    Sarah Palin was at an event in Iowa today, and on camera, when a member of the crowd asked how she feels about Mr. Christ’s lawsuit. The crowd member simply asked her “have you heard that Jesus Christ is suing the GOP?”, to which former Governor Palin replied:

    “Well, ya know, I don’t think Mr. Christ has a real understanding of what the GOP is trying to do to save America from the socialist death-spiral Obama has put us into.

    In the Bible it states “work hard, and pull yourself up without any Government aide. If you need help from Caesar you are probably doing something wrong”, which clearly shows that Jesus wants Americans to hunker down and pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

    In the Bible it also states “go to the market and purchase good wares. Reward merchants with money, and God will smile upon you” which, I believe, shows that Jesus really wanted us to live in a free-market society.

    Don’t forget the story of Noah’s Ark where God commanded Noah to build an Ark and take everyone except the poor and sickly away from people who were trying to steal their hard earned Gold.

    Also, I’ve read the Bible plenty of times and I’ve never heard him say we should give welfare and food stamps to lazy people who don’t deserve it, which is what this Obama Administration is trying to do. They’re trying to make this country lazy and since Jesus was a man who did quite a bit of walking I would hope he would oppose such things.

    Times have changed and I, for one, believe Christ is just confused and should probably re-read that most holy of books, the book that so many good, real Americans swear by, and just see, just really see, if he can get in there, ya know, and figure out if possibly he might have missed something. That’s what I would suggest Mr. Christ do.”

    The media was quick to point out the many factual inaccuracies in former Governor Palin’s statement, but she fired back on Fox News today saying it was a “gotcha question” from the “liberal elite media.”

  5. Analysis: Is Congress hurting the economy?

    “I don’t think they have any appreciation about what’s going on out in the public,” Maloney said of Congress. “They seem to be totally ignorant of how this economy is driven by employment.”

  6. When in the world are those judges going to understand the U. S. Constitution needs to be rewritten to more closely resemble the BIble? /sarcasm


    Courts Put the Brakes on Agenda of G.O.P.

    Ever since the elections last fall, the few surviving Democrats in Kansas hardly qualify as speed bumps for conservative legislation. The new governor, Sam Brownback, is a Republican and, even if he were not, the ranks of his party have swelled to a 124-to-41 supermajority in the Legislature.

    As a result, a series of anti-abortion bills, including those that had been stymied or watered down in previous sessions, were turned into law at race-car pace. Then they hit the courts.

    In recent weeks, two federal judges in Kansas imposed injunctions preventing two of those new laws from taking effect, pending the outcome of suits against them. The rulings were neither unusual nor unexpected, given that the battle over abortion rights has been mediated in courts for decades.

    But in a year in which expanded Republican majorities in many states have been able to operate without the usual obstacles presented by divided government — threat of veto from a governor, split chambers or even minority opposition large enough to force compromise — these court challenges amount to the first real efforts to slow the crush of conservative legislation.

    Federal judges have issued injunctions temporarily blocking all or parts of laws on contentious issues including abortion restrictions (South Dakota and Texas), financing for Planned Parenthood (Indiana and North Carolina) and immigration enforcement (Alabama and Georgia).

    “As a supermajority, they didn’t have to listen to us,” said State Representative Marcel Black, a six-term Democrat in Alabama, where Republicans took control of the Legislature for the first time in more than a century and now have a supermajority. “But now they’re having to listen to the courts.”

    • indypendent

      I’ll bet you a dime to a donut that Republicans are blaming those ‘activist judges’ for all these rulings. Which is why they are really wanting a Far Right Republican to win the White House because then he/she will be appointing yet another Far Right Winger Judge to the Supreme Court.

  7. Rabid Dog Briefly Mistaken for Tea Party Candidate
    Receives Standing Ovation at Missouri Rally

    A rabid Doberman Pinscher jumped on stage at a Tea Party rally in Missouri on Labor Day and barked at the crowd for nearly twenty minutes before people realized he was not a candidate.

    Gwendolene Thomason, 42, a Tea Party supporter from Jefferson City, was one of the hundreds on hand who were convinced that the Doberman was a Tea Party candidate until he was outed as a dog.

    “I liked what he had to say,” she said. ”He reminded me of Glenn Beck, only furrier.”

  8. Look here! DeMint thinks President Obama should do the job DeMint was elected to do! Yep! DeMint thinks President Obama should be a legislator. DeMint is probably so used to lobbyists writing legislation for him he doesn’t even remember when ‘lawmakers’ didn’t depend on anyone else to do their jobs and did it themselves.

  9. Here is a list from Mother Jones of all those who donated $1 million or more to aid the Koch Bros. and ALEC in their systematic destruction of democracy in America and the destruction of the non-wealthy. These are the people who have declared class war on middle class America.

  10. indypendent

    The US fell in it’s global competitiveness ranking. As you will notice from th article – it is not due to the productivity of our labor force. It is due to our national debt AND our lack of confidence in our government.

    Hmm, do you think all that wrangling over the debt deal made the world look at us like a bunch of 2-yr-olds that cannot do anything but poop in our diapers and then blame the guy in the White House because you got poop in your diapers?

    And with that debt debacls – I blame both sides of the aisle. But the Tea Party Republicans were the ones that publicly stated they wanted America to default on its debt and become a Deadbeat. Maybe that is where our lack of confidence in our government comes in?

    One can only hope that if Obama win re-election that Republicans will finally concede to the guy and start working with him to fix our problems – but don’t count on that happening.

    The cartoon above lays out their strategy – they are nothing more than bullies and bullies do not care about anyone else – they just want that power.

  11. One of the more interesting — and potentially, in debate context, entertaining — rivalries of the 2012 race is the emerging tension between Ron Paul and Rick Perry. The two Texans have sniped at each other a bit in recent days and in a memo this morning, Paul adviser Jesse Benton suggests that the zingers against Perry’s conservative bona fides are a preview of more to come:

    Governor Perry, let me be clear: It is not that you supported Al Gore that worries us.

    It is that you supported Hillary Clinton’s health care plan.
    Continue Reading

    You pushed for federal bailout and stimulus funds.

    You support welfare for illegal immigrants.

    You tried to forcibly vaccinate12-year-old girls against sexually transmitted diseases by executive order.

    You raised taxes twice.

    And, state debt has more than doubled in your tenure as governor, pushing Texas to the brink of our constitutional debt limit.

    It’s that you supported ALL of these bad ideas that are inconsistent with how most Republicans understand conservatism, yet you now try to swagger your way into the Tea Party.

    Read more:

  12. indypendent

    Here is an article about Gov Rick Perry signing that executive order for the
    STD vaccine for all the young girls in Texas.

    Two things to look for:

    Perry’s ties to the lobbyists and the maker of the this vaccine.

    This is an exeutive order which cannot be repealed unless it is done by Perry or his successor. The State Legislature cannot overturn this decision.


  13. The problem with Romney’s jobs plan
    The GOP hopeful’s proposal fails to address our most pressing economic issue: high unemployment

  14. It is happy news to see Rick Perry leading in all the polls. I’m counting on the republicans to nominate someone who doesn’t appeal to anyone but them.

    • indypendent

      I wonder how he will do the back-pedal boogie when it comes time to woo the independent and moderate voters who thoroughly dislike the Far Right Evangelicals quest to turn our country into a theocracy financed by corporatcy?

      • Back peddling seems second nature to him. Have you been hearing the flip flops between what he wrote in his book a few months ago vs what he says now? Seems to be no problem saying whatever is needed at the time and depending on the audience.

      • indypendent

        I have often found the ones that pray the most flowery prayers in public are often those who can flip flop, say two different things at the same time out of the same big mouth.

      • His only real audience at this primary time are those FAr Right Evangelicals that sponsor a huge prayer event with the banner – Only Christians need Apply – and then feign outrage that they’re proclaiming persecution that we ‘heathens’ refuse them the right to pray.

        Please, just give me a barf bag now….

        Like I said at the time – anybody that wants to pray for our country – please, be my guest. Our country and it’s leaders need all the help they can get.

        But wouldn’t it have been a nicer thing if ALL religions had been included in that prayer event down in Texas?

        That is what America claims to be – a country where one can worship God as they choose.

        Maybe that is the next thing on these Far Right Evangelicals’ agenda – get a Constitutional Amendment passed that only their version of the hate-filled Christian god can be worshipped.

        But my Bible tells me of a loving God – so where do the bullies come into play here?

  15. indypendent

    Here’s an interesting tidbit of knowledge one might want to read before they listen to Gov Rick Perry talk about those wildfires his state has been and is current experiencing.

    Is this really what we need on the federal level?

  16. indypendent

    I did not watch Andrea Mitchell’s show today – so this is sad to hear she of her diagnosis of breast cancer.

    As a colon cancer stage III survivor myself, I know what it feels like to be told those dreaded words – it literally changes everything in your life.

    But I was one of the lucky ones that had health insurance. And even with that good health insurance, our savings quickly disappeared because not everything is covered.

    So while Andrea MItchell is correct in saying everyone needs to get screening and preventive health care, exactly how does one go about it without access to health care and/or the money to pay for that health care insurance?

    And I still hear the ranting of the Far Right/Tea Party Republicans that their first goal is to repeal Obamacare. But they never say what they will replace it with – do they? Therein lies the rub. Republicans had their chance to reform health care with total control from 2000 to 2006 and what did they give us – unpaid wars and a crashed economy.

    But I don’t hear any outrage from the Far Right/Tea Party Republicans about what their side did for those 6 years of total control.

    • They’ll leave all funding they cut from the federal level to the states. It’s magic!

      • indypendent

        Magic like we’ll all get a purple unicorn to ride to the money tree in the back yard to pay for all those upcoming and much desired wars for those Far Right Evangelical Republicans?

    • indypendent

      BTW – I was in hospital for 32 days in the time span of 3 visits.

      I was in Wesley hospital for 3 days and the bill was $25,000 – they were paid $12,000 and I had to pay $2,500

      I was in St. Joseph hospital for 14 days and then 15 days – don’t remember the total billed but they were paid $168,000..

      Now think about this – $168,000 for 29 days. This was for the room, surgical services, medications, nursing care, etc.

      And then I had the surgeon, oncologist, anesthesiologist, outpatient CT scans and various other health care providers because I went home on an intravenous antibiotic that my husband had to administer twice daily.

      So who do you know among your family and friends could possibly afford to pay all those costs by themselves – if they had to.

      And now that I am a cancer survivor – I could not even think about changing health insurance companies because I was not wanted by anyone as a potential customer.

      My workplace had the AFLAC health insurance rep come into the office to offer their policy that duck infamously markets. They never asked me about my previous health conditons, but when I asked them how my cancer diagnosis would affect my availability to get their insurance (I had been in remission for 3 years) – the woman literally took the application form and brochure out of my hands and said ‘NO WAY’. Not until you can prove you’re cancer free for 5 years.

      Wow – doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy to think we have TEa Party/Far Right Republicans who are still defending the old health care system and they want us to return to that?

      Kinda reminded me of when my young 5-yr-old son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes in 1985. Talk about fighting just to get him some health insurance to keep him healthy.

      But I guess when a country values corporate profits over its people – this is what we get.

      • indypendent

        P.S. – Those costs listed above do not even begin to tell you the costs of chemotherapy and all those CT scans and weekly lab tests.

        Again – We were the lucky ones that had health insurance.

        When I would sit in the chemotherapy room getting my treatment – I was sitting next to more than a few people who had exhausted their health insurance limits and were forced to go on Medicaid or Medicare (if they could qualify for disability).

        I refuse to believe that in a country as wealthy as America – that this kind of insensitive treatment to those who need health the most is the best we can do.

  17. indypendent

    I just watched Congress Critter Tim Huelskamp from Kansas on the Al Sharpton show on MSNBC.

    Sharpton was asking Tim if he would vote to extend the payroll tax cut . Tim then went on to say that extending tax cuts did not create jobs when Obama tried it. Then this guy went on the usual GOP diatribe of getting rid of all regulations on businesses is the way to create jobs.

    Excuse me, but if extending tax cuts does not create jobs – then why did the Republicans fight tooth and nail to extend those special Bush tax cuts for the wealthy?

    Then at the end, Sharpton asked Tim if he felt like his 3 colleagues that have announced they are not going to attend Obama’s speech tomorrow night were being disrespectul – and, of course, Tim would never say they were being disrespectful.

    But when asked if he was going to attend – Tim had a laughing smirk on his face and said – well, my favorite NFL team is not playing tomorrow night, so I’ll be there. (or something like that).

    WTF……I guess watching a bunch of overpaid, UNION footballs players is more important than the president trying to get the Do-Nothing Congress to get serious about creating jobs is more important?

    And how arrogant of Tim Huelskamp to be laughingly smirking when he just said that he opposed extending unemployment insurance , as well as opposing the payroll tax cut holiday.

    BTW – Tim Huelskamp stated that the House has passed 10 jobs bill and Obama just has to pick up the pen and sign them.

    What are these 10 bills he is yammering about?

    He stated that these jobs bills created green energy jobs – driling for oil and gas. Since when is oil and gas being counted in the green energy category?

    Next thing you know – Timmie will be wanting to classify ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches.

  18. badbiker

    God damn. I just watched the Tea Con Debate and really truly need to be kept from sharp objects and open flames. I wanna poke holes in my ear drums and burn my eyes out. If it wasn’t for the fact that Rachel is on my television right now, I probably would have done it.

    Honestly, I am beginning to doubt that President Obama will be reelected. The GOP does not seem to have a problem with lying and much of the American public seems to be quite willing to believe the lies and the most simplistic of solutions.

    I honestly feel that our country will be doomed should we elect one of these idiot from the Republican Party as President.

    • indypendent

      How did you like Perry’s response about those 234 executions?

      Or maybe his reference to Gallileo is more to your liking?

      Or maybe Santorum’s insatiable thirst for going to war with Muslims was more your taste?

      Or maybe Michele Bachmann’s demonization of Obama for daring to put a spending cut to the military budget on the table. How dare that man in the White House to put a cap on the Pentagon’s spending. It’s not like we another $60 billion to lose to fraud, waste or to just watch it walk away with no questions asked.

      But how about Newt’s loving tribute to Reagan and how much revenue Reagan raised? But one big glaring question is this – if Reagan brought in so much revenue – then how the hell did this guy manage to triple the damn deficit?

      God, that Ronnie Raygun was sure a big spender….

      • indypendent

        Was I hearing things or did Michele Bachmann talk about that infamous Mulslim caliphate when she was yammering on about Libya?

        I know she demonized Obama (oh, what a surprise – eye roll) when she was talking about Israel and how Obama wanted them to go back to the pre-war boundaries. Isn’t this pretty much what the consensus has been for quite awhile now among all the people that really know the Middel East situation?

        Well, I guess we cannot have peace i the Middle East unless the US wastes some more trillions of dollars on the Chinese Credit Card.

        wow – for being such godly Far Right Evangelicals – these people are jsut blood thirsty.

        Especially when the crowed actually applauded the fact that there were 234 executions in Texas under Perry’s watch.

    • If American voters put one of those losers in the White House then our country is already ruined.

    • …and a full room of republicans cheered capital punishment without regard for justice, truth… It was a new low even for them.

      Jesus wept.

      • indypendent

        That bothered you also? I wonder how many of those applauding 234 executions call themselves good Christians?

        What bothered me the most was how callous and cold Rick Perry was in answering that question. I think I even saw him smirk when the applause broke out.

        Even if I know a person is guilty of murder (as in the case of Timothy McVeigh because he boasted about his crime) , just the fact that an execution is carried out should never be a moment of celebratin – IMHO.

        Personally, I am not for the death penalty because it is not up to me to be the judge and executioner.

        But I also have to ask all these so-called Christians who applaud the death penalty one question – why did God allow Cain to live after he killed his brother Abel? If God wants the death penalty, then God should have executed Cain right there on the spot.

        But rather than applauding 234 executions – why is no one asking why there are were so many execution and with many more people on death row.

  19. badbiker

    Do corporations think that all Americans are idiots? I just saw an Exxon commercial that said “our gasoline works at the molecular level…. yada, yada,” implying that their product was better because of this fact.

    All gasolines work at the molecular level – that’s why they burn in your engine’s cylinders.

    Fire = combustible material + oxygen + ignition source.


    • indypendent

      But, but biker….they use that science talk to confuse the teabots – you know that by now, don’t you?