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    • This is exactly how those who oppose The Affordable Care Act sound!

    • Pay close attention to how many republican governors cut education benefits! Pay close attention to how many republicans are for vouchers, for privatizing education so they can better control who has access. It’s as if somehow we can’t educate the poor like somehow we couldn’t educate blacks or women.

  1. Eric Cantor Kicks the Jobless Out of His Version of A Townhall

    Last night in Virginia, over 200 desperate citizens struggled to have their voices heard by their representative Eric Cantor (R-VA) during what he claimed was an “open meeting” and is the only type of “townhall” he does.

    The announcement on the Richmond Tea Party website (because all of Cantor’s constituents are members of the Tea Party and they all have access to the internet.):

    Got anything to say to Eric Cantor ?

    Here’s your chance…CANTOR ADVISORY COUNCIL MEETING AUGUST 31, 2011

    Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia’s 7th District invites his constituents to attend the next Cantor Advisory Council Meeting. (This is what he calls a Town Hall)

    Turns out, this wasn’t really your chance to say anything to Eric. That is, unless you already agree with him. You know that’s how we roll in a democracy! This is Cantor’s version of taxation with representation, people, because when his constituents showed up in the same hotel as his advisory council, having rented a ballroom room upstairs from their out-of-touch and unreachable representative in order to demand jobs, they were thrown out of the hotel.

    • indypendent

      This sounds like a typical Evangelical Christian takeover of any church. If you do not agree with them – then you are out of the group. And not only that – you are are labeled a heathen and you are going to Hell.

      End of story.

      I’m telling you folks, all this crazy nonsense began when Reagan invited the Religious Right (Jerry Falwell and Moral Majority) into the inner sanctum of the Grand Old Party.

      Just look back over the past 31 years – hasn’t the GOP gone over the cliff of sanity – and it is not looking to get any better.

  2. CapnAmerica

    Hehehe . . . once they get past the Fox News-Rush Limbaugh talking points, they got nothing.

    Surprise, surprise.

    • indypendent

      But they don’t want anything else – that is the sad part.

      Just give these folks a chance to hate Obama and they will be regurgitating the hate venom 24/7.

      That is really all they have – their insane hatred of Obama.

    • Fox News told them what they want to know! Why should they listen to anything more? They are funny ignoramus, aren’t they!?

  3. More Solid Proof That Obamacare Is Working

    Recent data provided by the nation’s largest health insurance companies reveals that a provision of the Affordable Care Act – or Obamacare – is bringing big numbers of the uninsured into the health care insurance system.

    And they are precisely the uninsured that we want– the young people who tend not to get sick.

    The provision of the law that permits young adults under 26, long the largest uninsured demographic in the country, to remain on their parents’ health insurance program resulted in at least 600,000 newly insured Americans during the first quarter of 2011.

    Wellpoint, the nation’s largest publicly traded health insurer with some 34 million customers, reports adding 280,000 new members in the first three months of 2011.

    Add in the results of some of the other large health insurers including Aetna, who added just short of 100,000 newly insured to their customer base, Kaiser Permanente’s additional 90,000, and Highmark’s 72,000 new customers, and we begin to sense our health insurance pools are filling up with some badly needed young blood.

    • The republicans aren’t going to find it easy to repeal a program so many Americans benefit from. They might not find as much opposition as they do when they say they’re going to end Medicare, but it will be a totally different demographic of much younger voters who will fight for The Affordable Care Act.

      So, let’s see, they piss off the elderly, the middle class, people of minority race, women, young adults and their parents… Who do they have left? Oh! The old white males and the females who do their bidding. Well, that should get them a few votes.

  4. If you can correctly pronounce every word in this poem, you will be speaking English better than 90% of the native English speakers in the world. After trying the verses, a Frenchman said he’d prefer six months of hard labour to reading six lines aloud. Try them yourself.

    • Spelling/pronunciation was always my forte. Straight A’s for this in elementary school. It all just seemed to come natural for me, I instinctively knew where words came from and therefore their spelling and pronunciation. Loved the poem. 🙂

  5. U.S. to sue big banks over mortgage securities

    The Federal Housing Finance Agency, which oversees mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, is expected to file suit against Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, among other banks, the Times reported, citing three unidentified individuals briefed on the matter.

    The suits stem from subpoenas the finance agency issued to banks last year. They could be filed as early as Friday, the Times said, but if not filed Friday it said the suits would come on Tuesday.

    The government will argue the banks, which pooled the mortgages and sold them as securities to investors, failed to perform due diligence required under securities law and missed evidence that borrowers’ incomes were falsified or inflated, the Times reported.

    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac lost more than $30 billion, due partly to their purchases of mortgage-backed securities, when the housing bubble burst in late 2008. Those losses were covered mostly with taxpayers’ money.

    The agency filed suit against UBS in July, seeking to recover at least $900 million for taxpayers, and the individuals told the Times the new suits would be similar in scope.

    • indypendent

      I will wait to see the results of all these lawsuits before getting my hopes up that taxpayers will get money back.

      I say the next time any Wall Street fat cat holds their hands out for taxpayer money – promptly tell them to sit down and STFU

  6. CapnAmerica

    That was fun . . . some of the words reflected an English pronunciation though.

    In American English, actual and victual do rhyme. British English, victual is pronounced like /vik*tshul/ instead of our /vik*tshU*el/

    There’s a chew sound in our victual.

  7. WSClark

    Happy last (?) day of 100 degree weather for 2011!

  8. I don’t think any poll is as valuable as election results 😉 but it does seem large majorities of people know the uber wealthy must pay something and those that are currently paying something must pay more. The more wealth a taxpayer has the easier it is to find loopholes that cut their taxes — oft times even receiving refunds.

    82% of Obama Voters Will Vote To Reelect Him If He Raises Taxes On The Rich

    A new survey of Obama voters by Survey USA found that by a margin of 82%-18% they are more likely to support him again in 2012 if he raises taxes on the rich.

    • Do not believe Republican lies that a tax increase will hurt small businesses.

      They won’t.

      97% of the 20 million small businesses in America will not be affected. Relatively few small business owners earn $250,000 a year — in fact, fewer than 3 percent of the 20 million people who file business income on their personal tax forms (the 1040s) earn that much.

    • indypendent

      For all this bravado talk about no new taxes – my little City of Belaire has voted to raise their tax rate by 6.83 mills. In a surprised moment, many citizens voiced their support of raising taxes rather than to get rid of certain city services they like.

      But the end result is – me and my husband will be paying more in taxes and this was necessary because the city’s budget had a very deep deficit.

      So there are spending cuts AND raised taxes – that is what is called the balanced approach.

      I may not like it – but if I choose to live in a nice little city with relative few crimes being committed – then I need to pay for that privilege.

      Rather than telling me why corporations and wealthy should not pay their taxes, tell me why these corporation and wealthy are not grateful enough to the very same country that made their corporations and wealth possible by all those special tax cuts and/or subsidies?

      I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s and there were corporations proud to be American – and they did what they could to be good American citizens.

      Now it is all about the money and global power – there is no pride any more in being an American corporation – unless there is a t.v. camera nearby and/or a Tea Party parade passing by. Fake patriotism makes one want to vomit.

  9. Boehner has been Speaker of the House for 239 days. Not one — nada, zilch, zero — jobs bills have been introduced!

    Boehner, where are the jobs?

    “The unemployment rate stayed steady at 9.1 percent. The number of long-term unemployed held at an appalling 6 million. The labor force participation rate and employment-population ratio were unchanged — both strong indicators of an economy trapped in quicksand.

    The number of involuntary part-time workers rose by 400,000. Worst of all, average weekly hours and weekly earnings both fell. Payroll growth numbers for June and July were revised downward, by a total of 58,000.

    Cue the double dip recession warnings and get ready for another round of political recriminations and blame-slinging as we head into the Labor Day weekend. Now, more than ever, would be a good time for the President to propose an aggressive job creation program, even if the chances of anything meaningful passing Congress are about the same as the number of new jobs created in August: A big fat zero.”

  10. A judge ordered a Wichita pastor to stay away from the Islamic Society of Wichita, as part of a sentence for loitering and disrupting business.

    Sedgwick County District Judge Phil Journey this morning sentenced Mark Holick to serve 12 months unsupervised probation, pay $300 in fines and stay at least 1,000 feet from the Islamic Center, where he was arrested in August 2010.
    Holick, pastor of Spirit One Christian Ministry, and more than a dozen followers had gone to the Islamic Center as members there were trying to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan. Holick said they were there to hand out Bibles. Police said he was causing a disturbance and blocking access to the center.

    Police had said they asked Holick to move to a public sidewalk. In one instance, cited by Journey, Holick marched in place in response to police orders to move.

    “The only reason you were the one arrested is because you were the only one who disobeyed the police orders,” Journey told Holick.

    The case reached district court on an appeal from a conviction in Wichita Municipal Court. Holick asked for a a jury trial. Jurors found Holick guilty early last month on two counts of loitering and disrupting a local business.
    Journey’s sentence followed the recommendations of Assistant City Attorney Michael Hoelscher.

    During the hearing, Holick gave a 15-minute speech, quoting Bible verses and accusing the city of violating his First Amendment rights.

    “Wichita is confused,” Holick said. “I am not your enemy. Islam is. The Lord said there will be no other gods before me.”
    Journey told Holick that the First Amendment guaranteed his rights to express his religious beliefs but allowed laws to regulate how he practices his faith.

    “I want you to think about this,” Journey said. “What if the shoe had been on the other foot and someone from the Islamic Center had come to your place and tried to convert your members and had blocked your driveway?”

    Spirit One has been a street and online ministry since a month after his arrest, Holick said, when he sold his building in south Wichita to another church. First Freewill Baptist now resides at 1515 E. Harry.

    The judge reminded Holick that the Constitution provides protection for people of all faiths, not just Holick’s.
    “I hope you will reflect on the choices you made,” Journey said. “There’s nothing wrong the proselytizing or holding your beliefs. It’s the manner of how you carry them out that’s the problem.”

    Holick could face a six-month jail term if he doesn’t follow the conditions of his probation.

    Read more:

    • The Honorable Judge Journey spoke to this man as if he could understand such concepts as equal protection under the law, equality, common sense, the protections offered everyone under the U. S. Constitution, and behaving in an adult manner.

      • indypendent

        The sad fact remains – these religoius zealots want to be be martyred – so then they can point to the authorities (government) as being the big boogeyman.

        Radical Islamists are called jhadists – but what are Radical Christians called? As I said earlier – sad to say, some of these folks are called heroes and martyrs.

  11. In 2004 when this hypocrite’s own district needed federal help there was no mention of spending cuts or anything but get the federal money here now!

    August 31, 2004

    The Honorable Tom Ridge

    Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

    7th and D Street, SW

    Washington , D.C. 20528

    Dear Secretary Ridge:

    I am writing to ask your help for my constituents in Central Virginia and the Richmond area that have suffered huge losses after the remnants of Tropical Storm Gaston struck the Central Virginia area yesterday. With 10-to-14 inches of rain falling in four hours, our area suffered significant loss of lives, heavy flooding, and property damage.

    I respectfully request immediate action be undertaken by your Department to determine if Richmond and the Central Virginia region affected by yesterday’s storm meets the criteria for a federal presidential disaster declaration. Time is of the essence, and it is important to start working on this matter so my constituents can receive help in this time of need.

    Damage in certain areas of Richmond have resulted in twenty city blocks being condemned due to flooding. Richmond City officials have estimated the damage will be easily in the millions. Virginia ’s governor has also declared a state of emergency and put the Virginia National Guard on standby for possible action.

    Again, your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (202) 225-2815. I await your prompt response.

    With kind regards, I am


    Eric Cantor

    Member of Congress

  12. WSClark

    Someone, anyone, please tell me what the specifics are of any of the Republican’s plans. Please. I am on the verge of yanking my eyeballs out when reading the news stories about Mitt or Cowboy Rick or Michele or any of the others. Just one time – just once – can they stop with the string of pretty, patriotic words and tell us what their plan is to accomplish a given goal.

    A plan is NOT telling us what the results will (wink, wink) be if we sprinkle magic dust on the problem as they claim. A plan is NOT making references to flag or country or great people or apple pie.

    Really. How do you say it without cursing? Enough with the sound bytes – what’s the fuckin’ plan!?!?!?

    “Well, under my plan, true Americans will return to work building the American dream out of recycled bootstraps so that our children and our grandchildren can fly Old Glory on that shining hill that has always stood for what it stands for – this great nation of Godly people, inspired by our Founding Fathers, dedicated the the philosophies and principles of the great Ronald Reagan that, with ketchup in our bellies, fiber in our diets, and fire in our eyes, we can defeat the forces of evil that would keep us irregular and divide us!”

    All together now:

    “What the fuck?!?!?!”

    • indypendent

      Will – tell us what you really think. LMAO

      I agree with everything you said – but why expect these Republicans to actually come up with a specific plan? They have always hoodwinked people by their silver-tongued, Hollywood-esque, fancy pageant walking, flag waving and even apple pie eating ways.

      Reagan ensured that all Republicans could continue on with his gift of the silver tongue by letting the Religious Right Evangelicals into the inner sanctum of the GOP – that way, God is their leader. And who can ever fight against God and win?