Sunday, 8/28/11, Public Square


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  1. Freedomwriter

    Love the sign! Seems to me there are a lot of “false prophets” running for office these days.

  2. indypendent

    Good see at least Baptist Church does not follow the dogma of hatred.

    Of course, this is a Texas church and I’ve heard more than one analyst/pundit state that Rick Perry is not loved by his own people in the great State of Texas.

    A Texas newspaper journalist and a Texas professor was on one show and they each talked about Rick Perry has Houston filled with all his ‘allies’ and the only way to do business in Texas is to Pay to Play. They both characterized Perry as the top guy that makes all the decisions. Kinda sounds like the Godfather – huh?

    But yet Obama is the one the Far Right loves to demonize as the Chicago Mob guy.

    Come to think of it – didn’t all those Godfather and Mafia movies have their own selected priest around to bless them in all the ventures?

    Maybe that is why the Religoius Right is in such demand in the GOP – that is these folks’ way to justify their agenda.

    • Texas is one of the reddest of red states and no one should be surprised they elected this guy as their governor. Same scenario as Kansas electing Brownback. Thankfully, there are a bunch of states who wouldn’t elect either Perry or Brownback for anything.

      I was reading an article earlier this morning about some census data showing that red states are growing in population faster than any others — sometimes in great enough numbers to increase their electoral votes. The deal is they were already red states and they’re becoming more populated which is great — corral em all in a few areas. πŸ˜‰ The author of the article I read contended that if ‘things’ were wonderful in more liberal states people wouldn’t be moving from them.

      Here’s a snip from the piece

      “The shift in national demographics has already rearranged the playing field for the upcoming presidential election. States that Barack Obama carried were the biggest losers in the reapportionment that followed the 2010 Census, with New York and Ohio dropping two electoral votes each. Texas, meanwhile, gained a whopping four votes all by its Lone Star lonesome self. Even in the unlikely event that Obama carried exactly the same states he carried in 2008, he’d still win six fewer electoral votes in 2012. Even more tellingly, if the epic Bush-Gore battle of 2000 played out on the new Electoral College map, with the two candidates carrying precisely the states they each won 11 years ago, the result would have been a far more clear-cut GOP victory margin of 33 electoral votes (instead of the five-vote nail-biter recorded in history books).”

      To the contention: Even in the unlikely event that Obama carried exactly the same states he carried in 2008, he’d still win six fewer electoral votes in 2012, I feel it’s appropriate to point out President Obama won the electoral votes by a wide enough margin that six votes hardly matters.

      Obama 365 McCain 173

      And, we can all rest assured that all six electoral votes from Kansas will as always go to whoever the GOP nominates.

      • indypendent

        Don’t most of those red states also received more tax dollars than they send in to the US Treasury?

        I heard someone on MSNBC just the other day talking about that very issue.

        Maybe that is why the red states are gaining in population – all the leeches are gathering for one big ME-ME-ME party at the working class Americans’ expense?

    • If Ohio is losing ‘conservative’ votes that only means they will be more liberal. πŸ™‚

  3. Scott transition team knew of e-mail deletions in March, records show

    TALLAHASSEE β€” Gov. Rick Scott said he learned within the past two weeks that state transition e-mail accounts could not be recovered from a private computer server, potentially erasing records that state law requires be kept.

    But documents show that Rackspace, the Texas company that provided the e-mail service, notified Scott’s transition team as early as March 14 that records no longer existed from 44 of 47 e-mail accounts, including Scott’s.

  4. As much as I love the header photo, I’ve heard that there are websites where you can create your own church signs as if they were real. I truly hope the one posted is real, but being Baptist, I have my doubts. (No offense to Baptists. Just one of those things. πŸ™‚ )

    • It’s at least as real as the cartoons I usually post. I wasn’t aware of the websites you mention, but now that I am I agree it probably was never a sign at a Texas church. Most churches steer clear of advertising the fact that they push political agendas. I’m not saying they don’t push them, they just keep quiet about it and protect their tax exempt status.

    • indypendent

      That was why I said my comment about this being a Baptist church.

      I was raised a Baptist and I have those same doubts that you have…LMAO

      • I was raised a Southern Baptist. They made me feel like a sinner by the time I was around 6 or 7, and by the time I was a teenager I always felt guilty inside even tho I was a pretty good kid. I thought about sinful things, I wanted to dance, I even enjoyed playing card games… It was all hell fire and damnation, nothing kind, forgiving, loving and compassionate. Sure, if you ‘came forward’ and confessed to being a sinner and accepted Jesus into your heart you would have eternal life… Oh, what a horrible way for a kid to be raised!

      • Ah, well, I was raised Catholic. ‘Nuff said. πŸ˜‰

      • I do thank that early upbringing for teaching me that we’re all humans and none of us are perfect. We all fight our battles. We’re all trying. I feel ashamed of and embarrassed for those who aren’t supporting we the people. You see, I learned compassion by seeing the hate. I learned love by seeing the intolerance.

      • indypendent

        I’m always amazed at how these Evangelicals are so willing to give any of their numerous Republican males a free pass when they get caught in sex scandals and use the excuse of ‘man is imperfect’ or ‘we are all sinners’.

        But yet we know if Obama was caught in a sex scandal – do you think these Evangelical Republicans would be giving Obama that same free pass?

        I highly doubt it.

        That free pass card works quite for them and their own kind – you know. Wink-wink

      • indypendent

        fnord – Baptists like to use that fire and brimstone followed closely by hell damnation.

        That Fundamental Baptist college I graduated from was so godly that girls were not allowed to wear pants or shorts. We had to wear dresses at all times and then they had to be a certain length right below the knee. The Dean of Women even carried a measuring tape for that express purpose.

        And playing cards, movies, dances were strictly forbidden. I mean, seriously, Elvis was declared the Devil himself and the Carptenters music (Richard and Karen) were banned from any wedding performed at the campus chapel or main church.

        But you want to know something? If you wanted drugs or booze – the only game in town was closer to the College President than he might have wanted known publicly. Can we call him Junior ?

        That is exactly how things were in that college – and I still to this day do not understand how I made it out alive – with a degree no less!!.

  5. Asher Bob White

    Authentic or not, it is a great message to readers about Rick. And today, there are more comment about the actual posting. Personally, I love the message and its creative effort.

  6. Freedomwriter

    I just assumed the sign was photo shopped—it’s still a great message!

    • indypendent

      Whether photo shopped or not – there might be an actual Baptist church in Texas that feels this way.

      Not all Baptists are bad..

  7. indypendent

    fnord wrote: You see, I learned compassion by seeing the hate. I learned love by seeing the intolerance.

    Amen…Totally agree 100%