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  1. Do I remember correctly that this tea party governor Rick Scott signed his majority stake in Florida’s largest drug testing company over to his wife after he was elected?

    Florida’s new drug-tests-for-welfare-applicants program just yielded its first batch of results: 98 percent passed.

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who rode his own fortune and the tea party’s adoration to office last year, has stated publicly several times that people on welfare use drugs at a higher rate than the general population. So at Scott’s urging earlier this year, the legislature implemented a policy requiring all temporary cash assistance applicants pass a drug test before getting any help.

    The Department of Children and Families says about 2 percent of applicants are failing the test; another 2 percent are not completing the application process, for reasons unspecified, according to the Tampa Tribune.

    The Tampa Tribune did some simple math and found out how much the governor’s assumptions about poor people going to cost the state:

    Cost of the tests averages about $30. Assuming that 1,000 to 1,500 applicants take the test every month, the state will owe about $28,800-$43,200 monthly in reimbursements to those who test drug-free.

    That compares with roughly $32,200-$48,200 the state may save on one month’s worth of rejected applicants.

    Net savings to the state: $3,400 to $5,000 annually on one month’s worth of rejected applicants. Over 12 months, the money saved on all rejected applicants would add up to $40,800 to $60,000 for a program that state analysts have predicted will cost $178 million this fiscal year.

    • indypendent

      But, but the little wifey-poo will not make those profits if they stopped all this nonsense.

      Do you really want to inflict that much pain on one of those top 2% wealthy Americans? These people have suffered so much already.

  2. Double-dip recession is unlikely

    The latest fad among economic forecasters is to talk about the growing probability of a double-dip recession. They have raised fears that the economy will again go spiralling downward at a point where it has hardly made up any of the ground lost in the last recession. This is indeed a scary prospect. However the data suggest that the double-dip gang is off the mark in raising these fears.

    Before reviewing the evidence it is important to remember who these economic forecasters are. Economic forecasters are not workers like dishwashers and cab drivers who are held accountable for the quality of their work. They can be wrong every day about everything and face little risk to their career prospects.

    Go back to 2006 or 2007 and see what your most widely quoted forecasters had to say about the economy. Almost none of them noticed the $8tn housing bubble that was on the verge of collapsing and wrecking the economy. With very few exceptions, the word from the forecasters was that we had clear skies ahead.

    If you thought that missing the biggest downturn in 80 years would be a strike against your record, then you don’t understand economic forecasting. There is no reason to believe that forecasters are any more knowledgeable about the economy today than they were four or five years ago.

  3. indypendent

    After reading this, you might want to read the Bible and search for the Scripture where Jesus tells his followers to mix their politics with religion.

    You might also want to note the numerous Scriptures about how Jesus felt about money.

    And you might also want to note how many rich people Jesus hung out with – because for the life of me, I cannot find any Scripture where Jesus chose the wealthy over the poor, hungry, sick and the outcasts of society.

  4. Night by night, troops photograph Arlington graves

    Night after night this summer, troops from the Army’s historic Old Guard have left their immaculately pressed dress blues, white gloves and shiny black boots at home to slip into Arlington National Cemetery in T-shirts and flip-flops to photograph each and every grave with an iPhone.

    The sometimes eerie task to photograph more than 219,000 grave markers and the front of more than 43,000 sets of cremated remains in the columbarium is part of the Army’s effort to account for every grave and to update and fully digitize the cemetery’s maps. The Old Guard performs its work at night to escape the summer heat and to avoid interrupting funerals.

    • indypendent

      My one and only trip to Washington DC was when I was 14 years old and my brother had just gotten his drivers license when he turrned 18.

      If you can imagine a 1968 Bright Red Plymouth Fury being driven from Illinois to Washington by a 16 yr old with his mother, two sisters, an aunt and her little 5 yr old boy – then you have taken family trips before, I see…LMAO

      Anyway – I will never forget the time my brother pulled into this underground garage and some old black man was running after us, shouting and waving like we were Bonnie and Clyde on some bank run.

      When my brother stopped the car, this old black man (who was a nice as can be) smiled a big toothy grin and said ‘Sir, you cannot park in the Senators’ Garage.’

      I guess we were so busy having a good time that we never noticed all the shiny black limos in that garage.

      Well, we left that sacred place and found a parking lot nearby. My brother did a great job navigating Washington DC. Our trip was fun and I learned alot.

      But, of course, that was before all the current safety measures Washington DC has had to implement since that time.

      I loved seeing the White House but the memory of Arlington Cemetery is one I will never forget. All those white crosses makes one think about the actual cost of war.

      I am thinking alot about my brother today. It was 4 years ago tonight – just after midnight – that my brother lost his battle with liver cancer. I believe he is in a better place (and he is with his wife that had died 6 years prior) but it is still damn hard to deal with all the what-if’s.

      Life is not fair. And when I see arrogance, ignorance, divisiveness being spewed as something ordained by God – I just want to scream.

      • It was an eye opener to visit DC after 9/11. I had never gone through metal detectors or had guards go through my purse before I could enter one of the museums of the Smithsonian until after 9/11. Security — or airport-like dog and pony shows — were everywhere you went!

        At the same time everyone carried whatever bags / luggage on and off the metro which goes underground close to all monuments, etc. — close enough that a suitcase bomb could do a bunch of damage! Amtrak passengers share a stop with the metro about a block from the White House and again no surveillance of luggage.

        None of the dog and pony show at the airports or in DC ever made me feel safer, just inconvenienced. These dog and pony show measures couldn’t be equated with true safety measures.

      • I’m sorry you hurt, Indy. Life is hard, isn’t it? Then there’s this great memory of your trip that makes you smile. Yes, we have to take the good and bad together and keep trucking. It isn’t always easy.

      • I did a road trip with a friend and her hubby from southern Illinois to DC back in 2000 for a conference. Clinton was still president, but wasn’t there at the time. That was the first time I ever did any sight-seeing while on business, and I wish now that I’d done more. My goal was to make it to The Wall. I met that goal by myself and via the Metro, coming up at the Washington Monument (now cracked). I will never forget my awe. While I didn’t have time, nor had I planned to tour the Smithsonian, I did get to revisit the Lincoln Memorial. Had been there as a small child and vaguely remember it. Saw the Korean War Memorial, too, which is amazing, then left my small gifts at The Wall after getting the rubbings I’d gone for.

        Indy, I wasn’t as young as you were, but it was something I will never forget.

      • indypendent

        Thanks fnord for the kind words – and you’re right – it is hard but we keep on trucking. And my brother and his wife would be the first ones to tell me to do just that!

        wicked – The Wall was not even a thought when I was in Washington DC – but I would like to go someday and see that one also – for very personal reasons.

        Wouldn’t you think with all these monuments to our wars that the elected offiicials would take more caution and deep soul searching before they spew their ‘let’s just bomb them’ mantras?

        Did everyone see where Dick Cheney has written yet another book and came out swinging that he told GWB to bomb Syria in 2007?

        Oh yeah, that is what was missing – a third war. Big eye roll…

  5. Isn’t the position Perry takes to reduce govt spending and for the states to take more responsibility? Really? Two-faced hypocrite, huh!?

    Texas wants U.S. to pay for jailing illegal immigrants

    AUSTIN, Texas — Texas Gov. Rick Perry has asked the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for nearly $350 million to cover the costs incurred detaining illegal immigrants in state prisons and county jails.

    Read more:

    This reminds me of the study that was released recently showing the far-right-wing religious nutjobs are more likely to be tea partiers and that those who are least tolerant of immigrants are also one in the same. They just seem to be full of hate, envy, fear that someone they deem undeserving may get something. Real selfish people is how they appear to me!

    • indypendent

      Homeland Security was a Big Government AGency that was put into existence under George W. Bush.

      But don’t tell any of those TEa party people – because they just HATE Big Government Agencies.

      Well, most of them, they seem to love those government agencies that send those monthly checks made out in their names. But, like fnord pointed out before, these are the people that feel they ‘deserve’ it – And to hell with the next guy.

  6. Asher Bob White

    The best criteria for identifying a Christian is not what they claim but how they live with their neighbors. And the conclusion is … most who claim to be Christian are CINO (Christians In Name Only). And many who do not claim to be Christian are in fact much closer to the expectations of Jesus than those who attend Paul’s churches. In my perception, Perry & Bachmann are CINO and do not follow the things taught by Jesus, e..g., “feed the poor, care for the sick, forgive your enemies, turn the other cheek, seek-out the meek and be humble, or free the prisoners. Religion is one thing and following the teaching of Jesus in something entirely different.

      • indypendent

        I second wicked’s Amen ..

      • Me too! I don’t mind at all being a “me too” on this. 🙂

      • I want to hear Christians call these heathens out. If we expect Muslims to call our their radicals we should also expect Christians to call out the same!

      • indypendent

        I was actually told by a Conservative Christian Republican that Muslims are the only violent ones because they are the jihadists (sp?).

        After this man finished with his ranting, I asked him what do you call an Evangelical Christian that bombs abortion clinics and/or kills abortion doctors.

        Or what about those Christians doing all that killing and violence during the Crusades, Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trials?

        Throughout history – religion has been used as justification for all kinds of violence.

  7. I’m now hearing that we all owe George W. Bush and Ray Nagin — because of their incompetence FEMA and states responses to hurricanes is improved.


    This only reminds me of something I had long ago forgotten — “Brownie, you’re doing a good job!”

    • Guess that we should be thankful to Bush and place all blame on Obama.

      It really is a turned upside down world.

      • indypendent

        I truly believe we are liviing in an upside down world.

        It is really sad when one political party has the audacity to make the 98% Americans to pander to the whims of the 2% weatlhy Americans.

        And then to make it even more pathetic – this same political party has their own religion full of fake Christians who use their God as some kind of blessing on their selfish agenda.

  8. indypendent

    BTW – For all those Tea Party Republicans who hate government so much – all this weather forecasting that has improved our anticipation, making the necessary preparations for all these hurricanes and tornadoes would not be possible without the federal government.

    Hey, why don’t we tell those Tea Party Republicans living on the coasts of the USA they can do without these weather warnings and they can just pull themselves up by thier own bootstraps and hang on for dear life.