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  1. The Evangelicals Engaged In Spiritual Warfare

    An emerging Christian movement that seeks to take dominion over politics, business and culture in preparation for the end times and the return of Jesus, is becoming more of a presence in American politics. The leaders are considered apostles and prophets, gifted by God for this role.

    • indypendent

      Read the link I posted yesterday about the Koch Family – you know the Kochs, don’t you? they’re the money guys behind the Tea Party.

      Then we’ll talk about Nazi Germany followed closely by Fascism

  2. I do think the cartoon in the thread header is accurate for a large number of Americans. Yes, there are the political / news junkies who pay attention every day and know who is running and who isn’t, what each candidate has said, etc. But those who actually cast the deciding votes pay so little attention and sadly cast those votes whether they’re well informed or not.

    Then there is the other large number of Americans who don’t bother to vote at all.

  3. indypendent

    This disturbs me alot – especially the statement that the for-profit prison Corrections Corporation made about it is not wise business practice to deliver a low quality product to the government.

    Since when? Halliburtton and other private contractors routinely gave low quality products and services durign the Iraq War. In fact, several billions of dollars taxpayers paid has never been found – and no body is really looking for all that money.

    BTW – Lamar Alexander – the Republican Senator from Tennessee is heavily involved in this for-profit prison Corrections Corporation.

    Should he be recusing himself from voting on anything that would hand that company any our taxpayer money?

  4. indypendent

    When you hear John McCain or Lindsay Graham or any other Republican pontiifcating about what they would have done about Libya – just read this and see exactly how GWB and these same Republicans ‘handled’ Gaddafi.

    Yeah, something tells me these folks smelled oil and they run like vultures to see if they can suck it up before the other vultures get wind of it.

    • indypendent

      It is creepy though to think Gaddafi kept a scrapbook of Condi (or Leeza which was Gaddafi’s nickname for the beauty queen).

      IIRC – Werent’ portraits of the Bush twin girls found in Saddam Hussein’s palace when that dictator fell?

  5. The fifth day of the “Where Is Paul Ryan” Sit In and Protest started on a humid but pleasant note here in Kenosha. Upon arriving at Paul Ryan’s constituent office, however, the activists found the doors locked and an entire crew of police in and around the building. It took some time to figure out exactly what was going on, but as outlined in the video, it seems that the staff of Paul Ryan’s office, in collusion with the property owner, both filed a formal complaint against the protesters and they are now banned from the building. When asked what the specific complaint was, an officer on the scene would not answer.

    Long story short, the protest will go on outside for the moment. But why is the Congressman bringing in the police to kick a bunch of peaceful and unemployed constituents, that want nothing more than for the representative to schedule a public town hall like he has dozens of times before, out of his office. Is he just tired of them asking? Or is he somehow offended by the their message: that we need real job-creation legislation and not just tax breaks for corporations and billionaires.

    • Here are a few of the comments to this video —

      “So lobbyist that have with an appointment can come in with money but his constituents can’t come in the building…wow that is crazy.”

      “Where are all the GOPiggies this vacation? They were just too happy last year to have teabagger town halls that were sponsored by the Koch Brothers. Can’t take the heat when pissed off liberal Americans are trying to talk to you? COWARDS!”

      “Funny thing is that Rep Ryan is making himself available to anyone who is willing to pay a “cover charge”.­/61454.html

      This is what democracy looks like?”

      “Paul Ryan should speak to you People! You are the TAXPAYERS…….. how and WHEN did the American People become so controlled by their Government??”

      • indypendent

        And let’s not forget that Paul Ryan and other Republicans profess to be against taxes being raised but these same folks want the payroll tax holiday to expire as scheduled at the end of this year.

        Hmm, weren’t these the same folks that brought America to the brink of default just to keep those Bush tax cuts?

        Oh yeah, that’s right, wealthy Americans don’t pay payroll taxes. It’s only t he working class Americans that pay that tax.

        Nevermind – what was I thinking? Republicans do not care about the working class Americans. They prove this each and every day.

      • It seems they’re too stupid to have ever figured out what raising the debt ceiling was all about. Really, really stupid people. I’ve never seen an issue explained more completely or more often and yet they couldn’t / wouldn’t understand it had nothing, zilch, nada to do with anything but money that had already been spent.

        They turned down the deal that would have obligated Congress to reduce spending the most all because it was what President Obama proposed. Their temper tantrums over that proved to many their only agenda is to be against our POTUS.

        The only people who seem more stupid than these GOP idiots are their constituents.

      • indypendent

        Whenever any Tea Party person tells me that we should never spend more than we take in – I ask them if they borrowed money from a bank to buy their home, car or maybe their business and/or expansion of their business.

        I then ask them if they paid off that loan in the year they made the purchase and they respond with a ‘no’ for their answer.

        I then say – well, then, you spent more than you took in – so you do not even follow your own advice – do you?

        That usually shuts them up – for a little while. Until they come up with something hateful about Obama

        So I think you’re right – their hatred of Obama rules their world and these folks just do not think.

      • Every American should be outraged at Paul Ryan hiring police to keep peaceful constituents out of the office our tax dollars pay for. This man serves at the federal level and has a say in what happens to every American. Our tax dollars pay his salary, buy his benefits, pay for his staff and offices.

      • indypendent

        You’re 100% correct fnord. If I did not know we were in America, one might even think this was Germany when the Nazis were in power.

  6. indypendent

    I think President Obama needs to go around the countrry and videotape a message to the American People. He needs to go in front of every crumbling bridge, road, school building or any other infrastructure and all the vacant businesses and he could just say one thing to the camera – Contact your Sen. and Rep. if you want this fixed. And then give their names and their telephone numbers.

    I would do that with Democrats and Republicans alike – put a name with the anger from Americans about how our own country is going to ruins while the wealthy 2% continue getting their tax cuts and ‘corporations’ continue to get their subsidies to outsource American jobs.

    I suspect Obama’s approval ratings would go sky high….

    These town halls are usually just those folks who are actually paying attention to politics. Get the message out on television and get all Americans good and angry.

    Republicans will not only hide from town halls – they might just have hide from their own offices. And then we should dock them pay for every day they are not in their office.

  7. indypendent

    To my way of thinking – what does Obama have to lose by doing this?

    Republicans will never work with Obama to actually fix anything. This is the group that are still so p.o.’d because a black man beat them at their own political game.

  8. indypendent

    Read this (rather lengthy) but very interesting. Notice also the name of a well-known Republican by the name of Phill Gramm. We all remember this man – don’t we?

    • So bring in experts on ponsi schemes, get elected officials to bend the rules… Asshole calls himself a Christian which in my book means someone who strives to emulate Christ-like behavior. This is not Christ-like behavior!

      • indypendent

        It’s my general belief that those who profess the loudest and prays the most beautiful prayer ‘in public’ are usually those who are the furthest things from being true Christians.

        I think the Bible called them by other names……Pharisees – false prophets – money vendors in the Temple, perhaps?

        The Religious Right Republicans have hijacked Christianity and have replaced it with the Worship of the Golden Idol. I’ve got mine and I want yours too!

  9. indypendent

    Interesting tidbit I’ve seen mentioned on some other blogs. I had heard about this death penalty case but I have not done much research – so I cannot comment on it – other than to post this link which obviously is going to be a talking point in Mr. Perry’s campaign to become the GOP nominee and presidential campaign if he is so annointed as the Messiah of the GOP.

    • badbiker

      Todd Willingham was a bad man, a wife beater and abusive father and husband. He was not a murderer. The fire that he supposedly set that killed his three children was not arson, therefore Willingham was not guilty. Many arson experts disagreed with the initial call that the fire was started by arson, yet Perry chose to ignore them, recounting Willingham’s other faults.

      I despise abusive husbands, boyfriends and fathers, but their crimes do not rise to the level of a capital offense.

      There have been 138 people that were sentenced to death that have since been exonerated. One would be one too many. The most recent was the only non-minor, at the time of conviction, member of the West Memphis Three.

      The DP solves nothing. Life in prison without the possibility of parole is a much harsher sentence and allows for correction of errors in conviction.

      It’s time to bring the barbaric practice of killing convicts to an end.

      • indypendent

        I jjust watched Ron Reagan Jr hosting MSNBC Chris Matthews Hardball show tonight.

        Ron was talking to some death penalty supporter that is all for using the death penalty – even on juveniles.

        I do not believe in the death penalty – but not just on moral terms. I also question why the expenditure of millions of dollars to fight the death penalty sentence in the courts for years and years. Isn’t this just a big fat waste of taxpayer dollars.

        I’ve often wondered how I would feel if the victim was one of my kids or grandkids – would I want the death penalty applied to the murderer? I can honestly say – I don’t know. But thank God I have never had to face that particular dilemma.

        But I do know what the Bible tells us to do – and that is to forgive. That is something else I can honestly say I don’t know if I could do that.

        But if you claim to be Christian, then that directive to forgive is in the Bible. But I also remember that God did not give the death penalty to Cain when he killed his broher Abel.

        So is the death penalty a God-given duty to our society to hand out to only certain sinners – as some professing Christians would have us all believe?

        I think Ron Reagan put it quite simply to the death penalty supporter – how many innocent people being executed does it take to justify the death penatlty? Of course, this guy says the ‘other side’ has been trying for years to find one case of an innocent person being executed and when Ron Reagan Jr said that Amnesty International has found 183 (I think that was the number given), of course this guy poo-pooed Amnesty International.

        But I agree with Ron Reagan – without the death penalty applied – not one single innocent person would be executed.

  10. indypendent

    Now here is a twist …..A Republican actually had his staff confiscate video cameras from two Democratic activists at his town hall. The reasoning was that there have been multiple instances of people asking questions not wantiing to be photographed. But if is the reason, then why were no media cameras confiscated?

    But the interesting twist here is this – two Tea Party Activists have jumped on this bandwagon and have actually agreed with the Progressives that this REpublican elected official went too far in confiscating cameras.

    So, being the cynic that I am, I have to ask myself. Are these two Tea Party activists really concerned about Americans having their cameras confiscated by an elected official or are these two Tea Party activists smart enough to read the writing on the wall that the majority of Americans are getting fed up with the Tea Party – and they are tryng to distance themselves from this moron of an GOP elected official?

  11. Astronomers have discovered a planet 4,000 light-years away from Earth that they believe is essentially made of diamonds. It is denser than any other known planet and consists largely of carbon, but its density suggests that the carbon is actually crystalline. However, scientists are still perplexed about how the planet would look close up, though they’re fairly certain it wouldn’t sparkle like the bling we’re familiar with on Earth.

    • indypendent

      I’m willing to take a chance and offer free tickets to all Republicans. We can market this trip as a way to make millions off diamonds.

      But let’s not tell them it is a one-way ticket – that will be just a little secret between friends.

      How many do you think we can ‘con’ into taking this trip?

      • indypendent

        I know, I know……I am dreaming again of a world without the loud noise of disagreeable and downright nasty people.

  12. You think Mother Nature is out of whack?

    Giant Rat Killed in Brooklyn

    No this is not a nightmare: A Brooklyn man killed a three-foot rat with a pitchfork Wednesday—and he says he has seen more. New York Housing Authority worker Jose Rivera said he speared the giant rat several times because it kept moving. Animal control experts said they thought it was a Gambian pouched rat, which are a fairly common pet rat but can grow to three feet. Residents of the public housing building said they have seen huge rats like this before. “Even the cats are afraid of the rats,” said resident Stephanie Davis, 44. “They get together and gang up on the cats.”