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  1. indypendent

    Want to guess what percentage of our Senators and House Congress Critters are millionaires?

  2. Donate today — help keep crazy constitutional.

    • indypendent

      Very funny – but sad to say, there are alot of Republicans who hate Obama so deeply that they will flock to anything – even if it is batshit crazy.

  3. indypendent

    Did you see where Jon Huntsman actually thinks his moderate Republicanism will appeal to the current GOP?

    What say you???

    • I say he will appeal to the moderate and fiscal republicans. It should appeal to them all if they had any sense, but those religious nutjobs don’t have any sense and only see social issues. I think he could be electable, but being the parties nominee is a more difficult hurdle.

      I fully expect the far-right wingnuts to nominate someone who isn’t electable. And all the while they’ll be oblivious to that fact — they think the party needs to move farther to the right and they’ll continue pushing that agenda. The bulk of Americans know a theocracy isn’t a form of government that is desirable and are aware that fiscal issues are of much greater importance than social issues. They aren’t going to get by with making government their church and the U. S. Constitution more closely resemble their Bible.

      • indypendent

        I feel the same way. In fact, Huntsman seems like a very genuinely sincere and nice man. He is certainly no fringe nutjob.

        But I have to wonder if he really thinks the current Far-Right Wingers are going to ever let the GOP nominate him.

        That’s the puzzler to me….

  4. indypendent

    fnord – how is spouse doing?

    • He comes home today! I expect to be busy for a few days, but happy too. He is doing exceedingly well and will get stronger every day that passes. Both knees replaced last Thursday and he flunked the test to go to rehab as an inpatient because he is doing TOO WELL! This morning he walked down the hall to the therapy room, climbed up and then down three steps and walked back to his room. Can you even believe that!? Yesterday he only needed one 5 mg Lortab every six hours to keep comfortable. It’s a fine line being able to do enough but not too much in order to qualify for inpatient care at a rehab hospital. He would have benefited from some intense therapy but we’ll struggle and get him to and from out-patient therapy. 🙂 Insurance rules our health care and they don’t like the paying out part nearly as much as they enjoy the profit-making part!

      • indypendent

        IIRC – didn’t the same sort of thing happen to your mother when she needed therapy?

        Glad to hear he is coming home today…. A little rainy today, but the cooler weather is nice.

        I remember during my lengthy hospital stay they wanted me to do therapy – which was basically walking down the hall, up and down steps, going to bathroom, etc.

        My husband and I decided to just do the therapy part ourselves (but my husband and I are both well versed in the health care field and we have friends in all fields that can help).

        At that point in time – the last thing I wanted was to go inpatient somewhere else.

        But – if you’re consistent with therapy at home – you can get the same results and sometimes even better results because you are where you want to be – at home.

        Good luck…..if you need anything, just let me know – …

      • Yes, my Mother was doing too well and went home with my care. I can do this. The biggest difference I see is that my Mother was half my size. Hubby is roughly twice my size. 😉

      • indypendent

        I know what you mean – the life of the caregiver can be a challenge when the patient is your husband. From dealing with his body size and the mere fact they are males (and I’m sure every woman reading this comment knows what I mean by that) LMAO

        I love my husband of 35 years very much but when he is sick……geesh…….count to 10 and then start again is my motto….

      • One other difference besides the size difference of Mother and Hubby — her place was handicap accessible with a large walk in shower, wide doorways, NO steps…

        But we are home! He navigated the three steps to get into the house like a pro and headed straight to his bed for a well-deserved nap.

        Four days post op from two total knee replacements.

        (shaking head in amazement and admiration)

  5. indypendent

    This Grandma has been going through withdrawal since last Wednesday. My little granddaughter is now in Kindergarten – so she is not with me anymore until 3:30pm when I pick her up at school.

    I still watch the 11-month old grandson – but this house is TOO quiet…..

    • I have 3 school-goers in the morning, then pick them up after school, taking 2 directly home and bringing the other home with me for an hour. The 2 little ones are home with their dad. There’s only been 1 here since the middle of June. I’m getting more and more used to the quiet and the chance to go somewhere ALONE.

      • indypendent

        I’m sure in time, I will enjoy the quiet. But then the 11-mo old grandson will be walking sooner than later (he is attempting currently but not quite got the hang of it yet).

        But I know what you mean about going somewhere alone – I never even attempted to go anywhere during the past 11 months – not with both of them~!

  6. indypendent

    Rick Perry seems to be in the same idealogic sinking boat that our own Governor/Preacher Sam Brownback is in – Perry hates Obama so much that he hates those healthcare exchanges that would help alot of people get health insurance.

    But yet YeeHaw Ricky did not seem to have a problem taking $60 million in federal subsidies to help the state pay for their retirees’ health care costs.

    Wow – just wow. I saw Ben Stein on CBS yesterday doing an opinion about Perry’s economics knowledge. Even Ben Stein (I don’t care personally for this man – and I hate those Dry Eyes commercials he does) came out and said that Perry does not know much about Economics. For one thing, Perry calling Bernanke printing money being a treasonous act was just foolish. But when the economy is in such weak shape, the government has to step in and do something.

    So, if Ben Stein can figure out Economics 101 – why can’t YeeHaw Ricky figure out? I know, I know – Ricky got a D in Economics – but doesn’t he have any of his ‘people’ that can explain this stuff to him? Maybe they’re all too busy drinking that toxic tea that wants the country to default and still manage to keep our AAA credit rating. Unfrickin’ believable.

  7. indypendent

    Very interesting reading about Supreme Court Justice Clarene Thomas and his lovely activist wife – Ginny.

    I thought SCOTUS judges were supposed to be seen as non-partisan?

    • indypendent

      Something tells me the country should have listened closer and believed Anita Hill some 20 years ago.

      But I remember the outright hate and demonization this poor woman received at the hands of so-called ‘godly’ Republicans.

  8. Have either of you–or anyone else–read The Help? I finished it yesterday after a two day reading marathon when I had the minutes to crack open the Kindle. It’s just as good as the reviewers are saying. I plan to see the movie soon, just don’t know when yet.

    • I have read the book. Can you even believe that not very long ago at all that was the way of life? Maybe it still is in the South. And, maybe that’s why so many are so upset with President Obama. It makes me angry and sad all at the same time!

      • I can believe because I remember segregation here in Wichita. I remember asking my dad why the colored people sat in the back of the bus. I thought it was because that’s where they wanted to sit. I thought they went to the schools they went to because those were the schools near where they lived. I remember the two black girls at Girl Scout camp who were in the tent next to us. They were the only ones who only had two in the tent, and I just thought they were lucky. I still have a photo of them, but I don’t remember their names.

        I remember seeing the news during the Watts riots, among others, and the coverage of Selma. I’ve watched a lot of movies that have reminded me of those times. I think that’s why I enjoyed reading The Help. I like to think we’ve come a long way. Not so much as we should have, though. There are still too many racists who are teaching their children to hate.

        At the school where my grandkids attend, whites are the minority. They don’t even notice. They never paid any attention to the fact that the two girls who lived next door to me for a while and that they played with had darker skin. They thought that was just as natural as sunshine.

    • indypendent

      I have not read the book but I have seen the previews of the movie.

      I remember watching another movie about how some of the white women during those dark days before the Civil Rights Acts was signed into law were demonized by their neighbors but especially by their own husbands.

      But what I noticed the most was the fact that these same people professed loudly to b such good church-going Christians.

      KInda sounds familiar to the current Tea Party Republicans that hate Obama so much….

      As for it still being that way – I went to college in Chattanooga Tennessee and graduated in 1975. Although the Civil Rights Act was signed and everyone had the same rights – you would not have guessed it that far South. From what I’ve seen in my lifetime – the further South one goes, the deeper the hatred.

      • indypendent

        Need to clarify – those white women were demonized for even socializing with the blacks (the help) and treating them like fellow human beings.

        BTW – In my fundamental Baptist College – the people from North Carolina were the ones that tried to show me in the Bible that God was talking about the blacks as being the ‘beasts in the field’.

        I thought they were just making a crude joke – but these people were serioius..

        Of course, the people from Georgia were waiting for the South to rise again and this time they will beat those damn Yankees.

        I swear – as I look back now on my days at that college – I am surprised as to how I managed to graduate and not get expelled.

      • Indy, some of the male characters in the book are nicer than the females. Some, not most. The book within the book contains both good and bad stories. Read it if you get the chance.

      • indypendent

        I’ll look for the book to read first and then see the movie. Sometimes the movie does not do justice to the book.

  9. indypendent

    For my two cents worth on why the Far Right hate Obama so much – I think it has more to do with the fact he is biracial because he made history as the first ‘black’ president.

    If you listened carefully to the hateful rhetoric on the Far Right at the time – they would always bring up the fact that Obama is half white.

    IIRC – Glenn Beck even went on Fox News (I think) and talked about Obama having this deep seated hatred towards white people. Beck tried to make it some sort of psycho thing and Obama only hated the white half while he tried to use the black part to his advantage.

    And, I remember growing up, hearing talk about how races should never mix. And to see a mixed couple was quite rare. I was born in 1953. Where we lived in Illinois there were majority of white – but there were alot of blacks on -their side of the city.

    And the feeling was – that dividing line was not to be crossed – and especially if you were crossing that line and dabbling into love or romance – that was strictly taboo.