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  1. Poll: Tea party less popular than Muslims, atheists

    Being a tea party member is no cup of tea.

    According to a recent New York Times/CBS survey, tea party members are less popular than atheists, Muslims, Republicans, Democrats, and 21 other groups. The movement has lost 20 percent of its supporters and gained 40 percent more opponents, according to the poll. Another NYT/CBS poll published earlier this month revealed that the tea party’s unfavorable rating had increased 29 percent since April.

    According to the Times, the tea party is catching up to the Christian Right’s low popularity. Times writers David E. Campbell and Robert D. Putnam present possible justifications for this, stating that the tea party’s mixing of politics and religion simply doesn’t appeal to the majority of Americans. Citing Texas Governor Rick Perry’s prayer rally and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s “lengthy prayers at campaign stops,” the story claims pro-tea party folks are becoming “increasingly out of step with most Americans, even many Republicans.”

    “Yet it is precisely this infusion of religion into politics that most Americans increasingly oppose,” the authors wrote. “While over the last five years Americans have become slightly more conservative economically, they have swung even further in opposition to mingling religion and politics. It thus makes sense that the Tea Party ranks alongside the Christian Right in unpopularity.”

  2. Who has most debt?

    Answer may surprise you —
    Japan takes No. 1 spot, U.S. ranks among top 10 advanced countries

    Here are the 10 developed countries with the most gross debt, compared to GDP, based on the OECD’s projections for 2011:

    1. Japan – 213 percent of GDP
    2. Greece – 157 percent
    3. Italy – 129 percent
    4. Iceland – 121 percent
    5. Ireland – 120 percent
    6. Portugal – 111 percent
    7. United States – 101 percent
    8. Belgium – 101 percent
    9. France – 97 percent
    10. United Kingdom – 89 percent

    • indypendent

      But, but….John McCain pointed to Ireland as being the perfect place to start a business – remember – because of the low corporate tax rate?

      You mean to tell me that John McCain did not know what he was talking about???

  3. I was reading through the headlines and saw where Bank of America is planning job cuts. Anyone want to wager that good honest employees who tried to help the customers will get the axe and the thieves at the top will be given bonuses? Guess you can tell which side I come down on in this bet.

  4. Perry: King of the Know-Nothings

    Liberals called George W. Bush a simpleton, but as Michael Tomasky argues, he was deeply informed compared with Rick Perry, who seems to delight in demonstrating his ignorance.

    Have we really reached the point where reveling in conservative hatreds and revenge fantasies can get a man elected president?

    • indypendent

      Elected President – maybe not. Nominated by the Grand Old Party – You betcha. Wink-wink

      • That is the rub, isn’t it? The one the base nominates is sure not to please the 20% in the middle who decide elections and won’t elect a far-right so-called religious extremist whacko. A theocracy isn’t what rational thinking people are striving for and we can easily see where many of those GOP candidates want to take America.

  5. Freebird1971

    August 19, 2011

    A Kansas man who was among 30 U.S. soldiers who died when a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan will be laid to rest Friday.

    Services for Army helicopter pilot Bryan Nichols will be held at Thomas More Prep-Marian High School in Hays, where Nichols graduated in 1998. The 31-year-old Nichols died when the Chinook chopper was shot down Aug. 6.

    How many more President Obama will it take to stop this horrific waste of our best and brightest?

    • Here’s hoping his loved ones are supported by loving compassion. Too sad for words.

    • indypendent

      That question had been also asked many times of George W. Bush and we were called traitors.

      But at least Obama stopped that policv Bush implemented to never show the flag-draped caskets as they were being taken off the plane.

      Obama changed the policy to ask the family members if they objected, and if no objection, these brave men and women that gave the ultimate sacrifice could be photographed as they were taken off the plane.

      I agree with you 100% that we need to get out of every single war and hellhole we are currently in.

      But try getting that through the Republicans in Congress.

      • If we got out of every hellhole, who would be left in the good ol’ US of A? Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry?

      • Freebird1971

        I too was glad to see the policy changed. Nothing brings home the cost of war more than a picture of a flag draped casket. FWITW I questioned the wars from the get go as did my son,who is a vet,but his feeling was he raised his hand and swore an oath so he did his duty.

  6. indypendent

    I saw a comment on the Opinion Line yesterday about it takes two to make a baby but why does only one have the choice to an abortion.

    My answer is quite simple – the male has the choice to keep it zipped unless he plans to stay with the woman and raise any baby that might be conceived.

    But yet that is one thing I NEVER hear from any of these male Pro-Life Movement leaders – where is the responsibility of the males impregnating these women?

    Here we go again – back to blaming Eve because she tempted Adam to eat the damn apple in the Garden of Eden. Again, I ask, didn’t Adam have a brain with which to think for himself and tell Eve “NO”???

    No, why put half the blame on to males when there are females around to blame?

    And this is a major factor in the current GOP Evangelicals War on Women – it’s all Eve’s, and her female descendants, fault.

  7. Here’s a bit of history on health-care costs and measures that had an effect on them, plus evidence The Affordable Care Act is working! Yep, Obamacare is reducing health-care costs. And it just gets better and better in the future. Repealing something benefiting so many will be very difficult and those who attempt it won’t win any favors from the electorate!

    Recent data published by both the Standard & Poor’s Healthcare Economic Composite Index and the Congressional Budget Office reveal some unusually good news on the Medicare spending front.

    The rapid growth in annual government spending on Medicare is slowing down – and is doing so in rather dramatic fashion.

    • indypendent

      But haven’t you been listening to all the Obama hatin’ Republican Evangelicals that have declared health care being available to all Americans the most evil thing in the world?

      • indypendent

        I dare any of these Evangelicals to show me in the Bible where Jesus demanded cash payment or a valid health insurance card before he healed the sick.

        Evangelical Republicans hijacked the GOP in the same way Corporate Masters hijacked the original Tea Party idea of fiscal responsibiliy (which, I do agree with that concept).

      • WSClark

        Everybody knows that Jesus chased the money-changers out of the Temple because they didn’t take His Discover card.

      • indypendent

        Will – LMAO….

        Between you and Wicked today – I feel better because I got some good laughs…

  8. WSClark



    • I did the front yard the other day. Just thinking about the backyard makes me want to pave it. The only place it’s really bad is close to the house. The rest is fairly short and almost grassless, thanks to spraying for weeds last year. Big or small, it’s too hot to mow.

      Drink lots of water, WS.

  9. WSClark

    Mowing has been done, now I need to do the weed-eating and sweeping.

    Wait! Can’t do weed-eating ‘cuz I ran out of string LAST week and didn’t get any yet. My, my, what a shame! I guess I’ll just have to go to the store.

    Can’t get in the car all sweaty like this, so I certainly need a shower first. Gosh, it might be night-time before I get all that done. I need to remember not to check for gas and pre-mix before I go. I need to save that excuse for next time.

  10. WSClark

    Here’s a question for the female congregation at Pop Blog: It’s campaign season and candidates and potential candidates and wannabe candidates are saying all kinds of things to get attention and raise money. Some of them are vaguely reasonable and others are just way the Hell out there.

    One potential candidate is known for playing real loose and real fast with the facts, distorting issues, taking weird positions and generally just making shit up. The curious thing to me is that she seems to rarely get called on her statements by the so-call liberal media. Further, during her infrequent interviews with journalists, she is allowed to use the most, – what’s the term? – yeah, fucking idiotic twisted logic to defend herself and she gets away with it.

    For example; for 99.72% of the near-rational population a “submissive wife” is one that does what she is told by her husband. For this candidate, “submissive” means “respect.”

    In blunt terms, if I haven’t been blunt enough, there is no way in Hell that anyone, anywhere, can equate submissive and respect. You may be able to be both submissive and respectful, but the terms are far from synonymous. There are morons that can’t remember to feed themselves that know that the two terms are not remotely synonymous. Rufus knows that ‘submissive and respect’ are not synonymous.

    So, the question is; is this “candidate” getting a pass from the media because she is a woman and they don’t want to be seen as beating up on the ‘little lady?’ Is Michele Bachmann the beneficiary of reverse sexism?


    • indypendent

      If we’re talking about the female GOP candidate that has stated the reason she studied to be a tax attorney was because her husband told her to – then we’re also talking about an Evangelical Christian.

      And when I was in the midst of Evangelical Christians – a submissive wife meant just that – the woman was under submission. No questions asked – the man was the head of the household and what he said was law.

      BTW – I had to take a class in Courtship and Marriage at the Fundamental Baptist College I attended. Women were told (not suggested) to always wear a pretty bow in our hair and to never cut our hair, because men loved long hair with a pretty bow. And the woman’s #1 job was to do whatever her husband told her to do and to like it.

      Yes, the media is giving this woman a free pass. The Right-Wing media will adore her and the so-called lamestream media will be seen as vicious and mean if they dare attack her on this issue of being a submissive wife.

      But one question that is always asked of presidential candidates – what will you do with that 3 a.m. call? In Bachmann’s case, maybe that question should be posed to Mr. Bachmann since he is obviously the man of the house?

      And this should be the issue – not the fact that Bachmann seems to think she can transpose the word ‘respect’ with the word ‘submissive’.

      • indypendent

        But in defense of the so-called lamestream media – they should be given a free pass on not pushing this issue too much.

        This female GOP candidate has given the voters so many more of her unique positions on the issues that this submissive wife pales in comparison.

        The winner of the war needs to pick their battles.

      • I was going to argue the respectful/submissive question, but I looked in J.I. Rodale’s The Synonym Finger, and it lists both submissive and obedient as synonyms of respectful. However, submit and obey are not listed as synonyms of respect. Go figure.

        As a female, I would respect my husband, but I would expect respect from him in return. In my book, respect is earned, and it isn’t earned by being submissive. I expect my opinion should have as much weight as a husband’s, be it right or wrong. After all, it’s only an opinion. But I would never live by a husband’s opinion.

        Can you tell why I’m not married? LOL

    • The media, liberal and conservative, ignored the cluelessness of the former governor of Alaska. How dare you think they shouldn’t do the same for the newest member of the clueless right wing?

      • indypendent

        Right you are – but I suspect the conservative media made a calculated choice to ignore the cluelessness,

      • So was the liberal media just being polite? And if so, why is politeness used with females, but not with males? Are we equal or are we not?

        Wish I had a direct line to Gloria Steinem. 😉

      • indypendent

        I would not see it as being polite. I see it as not appearing as if they are ganging up on a woman – just because she is a woman.

        But – you’re right – in the fact that the same question could not asked of male candidates – because there is no doctrine of submissive men that I know of..

    • There was a time I thought women would be better elected officials than men. Yes, I’ll admit to a bit of snobbish superiority. I studied women in our U.S. Senate and found them to be worthy of their office — calm, adult, moral, kind. I found them more respectful.

      Then along came Palin and Bachmann.

      Now I know all women will not make better elected officials. I want clear-headed, rational-thinking, honorable, smart women to be elected. Palin and Bachmann don’t fit any of those standards.

      The only people who imagine those two capable or qualified are equally incapable of rational thoughts and critical thinking skills — intellectual equals of Palin and Bachmann.

    • Something tells me that claiming “just passionate about the issue” is not going to hold up in court if someone–anybody–sued for libel.

      Ah, well. Just goes to show that just because someone can get away with anything in Texas, the rest of the country isn’t necessarily going to ignore it.

      • indypendent

        But this is exactly what the Tea Party Republicans love – the ones doing the finger pointing are the GOP establishment.

        So, in effect, Rick Perry has come out the winner in the PR side of this due to Tea Party folks are always ready to stick it to the GOP establishment

        I suspect the TP’ers hate the GOP establishment second to Obama

        But if this is true, then why did the TP’ers allow Corporate Masters to hijacked their original goal of fiscal responsiblity?

        Just think – these TP’ers are the ones that actually wanted the country to default on its debts and become a Deadbeat. On what planet does a Deadbeat get to claim they’re fiscally responsible?

  11. indypendent

    Did anyone see the Piers Morgan show on CNN when Christine ODonnell left the interview before it was done?

    To be honest with you, I do not like either Piers Morgan or Christine ODonnell but I could not help but notice that ODonnell seems to know how to play that victim card the rest of her GOP women seem to play. Is it the only card in their deck?

    • Why do politicians believe that what they said in the past can’t be brought up again? Christine O’Donnell has made many questionable comments, and now she doesn’t want to talk about them?

      Oh, right, she agreed to an interview with Piers Morgan because she was hawking her BOOK…which more than likely contained references to her past dribble.

      Apparently she’s never heard Proverb 214: 6660: Open mouth, insert foot.

  12. indypendent

    Interesting reading about Michele Bachmann and one of her sources of funding. But why just single out Bachmann for questionable funding sources.

    Our country is being corporatized as we speak and the more money that flows throughout our political system, the more corrupt the people involved.

    Why am I not surprised?

  13. I went to the Alford Library on south Meridian to take back some books, one of them overdue. I take my g-kids to the library every week during the summer, and now that school is in session, I forgot about the book. 😦

    But the library was closed. Furlough Day. I’d seen the sign 2 weeks ago, but had forgotten. Another car drove in as I headed back to mine, and the driver asked if it was closed. I told her, yes, it was furlough day. She made a face and said that was stupid or some such remark. I sweetly told her to take it up with the City.

    Here comes the fun part. As she pulled away, I noticed the Tea Party sticker on the back of her car. I wanted to stop her and remind her that if she wanted lower taxes, she’d have to suck up less work days by employees at the library (city owned) and that they probably weren’t crazy having a day short on their checks. Then I’d ask if she was willing to have all libraries privatized so she could rent each book, different prices at different libraries, of course. That’s what I wanted to do, but I didn’t.

    Oh, and as an author, I don’t get a penny when a book is checked out. In fact, any of my books there were donated…most by me.

    They just don’t have a clue.

  14. indypendent

    Not only does Paul Ryan now charge his constituents in order for them to ask him a question – it seems if he does not like your politics – his office has been told to call the cops.

    Is this really what democracy is all about? If this was happening in some Middle East country, Paul Ryan and his fellow Evangelical Christian Republicans woudl be demonizing the dictator in charge. Oh, where is a mirror when you need one to hold it up to Ryan’s face so he can see the dictator.

  15. indypendent

    Look here and see who has promised to back Rick Perry. My, oh my, it’s Bank of America.

    Excuse me but didn’t this particular Bank just announce they were laying off alot of workers but yet they have money to give to Rick Perry.

    Well, hot damn…….