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  1. Republican for Dummies: A Translation Guide to Right-Wing Talking Points

    — snip —

    What Republicans Say:
    “We want to preserve Medicare for future generations.”

    What Republicans Mean:
    “We want to ensure that the wealthy and their heirs can benefit from more tax breaks, now and in future generations.To adjust for decreased revenue we’ll have to cut government spending, so we’ll pick-pocket from seniors’ Medicare benefits to make our cushy financial cushion.We’ll start by giving seniors a $6,000 voucher to buy private insurance, which is enough to cover the yearly premium for a healthy 40-year-old in 2011, and then eventually wean them off that crutch.

  2. Meet the Super Committee

    The names are all out there: These 12 members of Congress, six Democrats and six Republicans, are now in charge of saving America from fiscal ruin.

    Created under the recently passed debt-limit deal, this so-called “super committee” will look for at least $1.5 trillion in deficit-reduction measures over 10 years. They’ll have until November 23 to draft a proposal, which will see an up-or down vote in Congress within a month after that.

    If the committee deadlocks — if the Republicans and Democrats split on party lines, and no proposal is ever actually proposed — then $1.2 trillion in automatic, across-the-board cuts will be triggered. It’s a solution no one will really like, but the tough politics of spending cuts and possible tax increases could make that outcome more likely than not.

    Here’s what you should know about each of the 12:


  3. indypendent

    This Super Committee is just another can kicked down the road – because we all know this is just a scheme that is set up to fail.

    I still wonder (out loud) why not just let the Tea Party Preacher Boy Perry get into the White House. After the first 6 months, I do believe that revolution will take place – but the target will be the Tea Party themselves.

    Maybe we should bring back the practice of tar and feather the scoundrels that are caught? Wow – does tar ruin perfect coiffed hair?

    • Do you really think anything would be done if Perry or Bachman or Palin or [fill in the blank] get into the WH? We let Dubya run this country into the ground with a lot of whining and nothing else. Many of us on here remember the protests of the 60s and 70s, yet when things are even worse than they were then, we sit on our butts and whine. Yes, I’m guilty, too.

      Maybe we can think of some subversive tactics, like kidnapping everyone under 30 and convincing them that there won’t be a country in ten years if they don’t act now? Because that’s the way it’s headed.

      • indypendent

        I think it is going to take something very drastic to happen to bring about change.

        I agree with you that the ultimate answer is in the younger generation – these are the folks that need to pay attention to what is going on.

        My one hope is that most the younger generations do not have a hangup about all those social issues these Conservative Republicans like to keep around to whip up those votes.

        But if a TP’er gets into office and there are still no jobs , except maybe all minimum wage jobs, I do think there will be an uprising.

        We’ve seen riots in the Middle East and in London in the past few months – it is possible.

        But as I stated before – if something drastic happened (and I think putting in a TP’er in the White House) would be drastic. And if the TP’ers keep on their fake God-ordained mission of making America a Deadbeat – I think that might just be the tipping point.

      • I’m definitely not going to argue with you on this one, indy. 🙂

      • indypendent

        Sorry if I came across argumentative this morning – I have been really distressed in the past week about all this political crap.

        We are generally on the same page about most political issues (like I think most Americans) and I wish with all my heart that our politics stop being so deeply divided – but I don’t see that happening anytime soon – especially with these TP’ers claiming to be for the working class but yet being ruled by billionaire brothers corporate masters.

        Let’s just hope the younger generations are paying attention – I know my twon grown kids are watching and they do not like what they see.

  4. indypendent

    We’ve all heard how the Latino vote is crucial in 2012. This article is interesting reading.


  5. Better start watching what’s going on in Topeka, because this is likely to be a race between Texas and Kansas as to who’s going to be the first and best religious state.

    Kansas seeks $6.6 million federal grant for marriage

    • indypendent

      But didn’t Preacher Sammy just return a bunch of millions to that evil federal government to help provide health care to Americans?

      But yet Preacher Sammy goes to that evil federal government with his greedy hands out for $6.6 million for marriage?

      Wow – why not just tell his fellow fake Christian neanderthals to keep it in their pants and that is the best way to preserve their ‘traditional’ marriages.

      • indypendent

        Or better yet – get that $6.6 million from his fake Christian mega preachers if they are so concerned about marriage.

        This amount would be chump change for this bunch of fake Christians.

      • Yes, yes, one in the same Sammy. Un-frigging-believable, isn’t it?

        First it’s “We don’t want the Feds in our lives!” then it’s “The Feds need to save our marriages!”

        Sammy and Ricky, sittin’ in a tree…

      • indypendent

        Wicked – you’re so funny…..LMAO

        Of course that tree would be the original tree in the Garden of Eden. You know, that’s where all this sin started – with that damn Eve tempting Adam to eat that apple.

        I actually listened to one of these Evangelical fake Christians explaining that women are the cause of all the misery in the world by making Adam eat that damn apple.

        My only question is – didn’t Adam have a brain to say ‘no’ to Eve?

        But then why put the blame on Adam when we can blame Eve and all her descendant females for all the troubles in the world.

        Do you think this twisted logic of Eve being to blame for everything that is wrong has anything to do with the current GOP’s war on women?

    • He turned down money for health care and is asking for money to make sure the state has its nose where it doesn’t belong.

      You know, even if the GOP isn’t successful at making our entire country into a theocracy Brownback will make sure Kansas changes form of government.

      • Most Kansans will cheer him on — ya know since ‘Christianity’ is such a superior religion to those of other theocracies.

        Wait until they begin fighting over which is the correct and true brand of ‘Christianity.’ They’ll be throwing judgments around about everyone and won’t have enough time to reflect personally. I think God will notice.

      • indypendent

        YOu’re exactly right – I have yet see any religion – and especially these Evangelical Christians – to get along with other religions.

        I’ve said this many times – religion is man-made – spritual faith is of God.

        The most divisive thing in the world is religion – and then second is politics. But combined – these two will destroy the world as we know it.

      • Just makes you want to cry, doesn’t it, fnord?

        And my family wonders why I’m either depressed or po’d.

    • I read some of these, then became so confused I thought the top of my head was going to blow off. She’s well beyond a DUH moment. I’ll be the first to say that Dubya needed an Engage Before Opening Mouth button, but Bachmann’s mouth also just keeps going and going and going. I fear for the Bunny.

  6. [snicker]

    Book About Texas Gov. Rick Perry Coming in 2012

    NEW YORK (AP) — Rick Perry has the book world’s attention.

    The Texas governor and recently declared GOP presidential candidate is the subject of new book by James C. Moore, co-author of the anti-George W. Bush best-seller “Bush’s Brain,” and Texas political consultant Jason Stanford.

    Metropolitan Books, an imprint of Henry Holt and Company, announced Tuesday that “Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush” is scheduled for early 2012.

    According to Metropolitan, the authors have “deep contacts with numerous operatives in the Perry campaign” and will present the governor as an “ideologue with scant interest or success in governing.”

    The book’s title comes from remarks Perry made in 2005 after a television interview with a Houston reporter. Perry, who later apologized, said he was unaware the microphone was still on.

    Meanwhile, a book by Perry himself received a sales bump after he announced his candidacy Saturday. The hardcover of “Fed Up!” has moved into the top 400 on Amazon.com and is out of stock until Friday.

    The conservative policy book was released last year. Its foreword is by Newt Gingrich, one of Perry’s rivals for the Republican nomination.

    • indypendent

      Hey, if nothing else – Perry makes a few millions. He’s such a good little capitalist…

      But can’t you hear the demonizing if that had been Obama selling his book?

      • I have a very strong feeling this new book–not written by Perry or endorsed by him in any way–will not be flattering. James Moore, one of the co-authors, was definitely not a Bush fan, so I doubt he’s a Perry supporter either.

      • indypendent

        I wonder how many churchy people will buy the new book thinking it is going to be a lovefest for their newfound Messiah?

      • One can always hope, indy. evil grin

  7. I detest what these so-called evangelicals are doing in god’s name!

    • Don’t they realize that p!ssing God off might bring Armageddon more quickly, but they won’t be headed for where they think all this fake Godliness is going to get them? I’d almost bet money that God is in heaven, laughing himself silly over these pseudo-Christians. At least I hope God has a sense of humor. 😉

      • indypendent

        Personally, I wonder if the reason Texas has the worst drought in history is because Preacher Ricky is so busy praying in public to be the TP darling at the prom, that God finally got his fill of the one with the perfectly coiffed hair.

        Maybe these fake Christians should read what the Bible says about public prayer – Matthew 6:1-5

        I don’t think God takes too kindly to hypocrits who like to put on the dog and pony show.

        Sometimes I like to fantasize about seeing how these fake Evangelical Christians react when they see God and She turns out to be black and lesbian.

        Now that would be sweet karma – LMAO

      • “…when they see God and She turns out to be black and lesbian.”

        I’m not sure they’ll get to go in that direction, and if they don’t, I’d be happy to take a picture for them.

  8. WSClark

    “Can the American economy survive a double dip?”

    Is that a Rick Perry reference? We barely survived one Texas governor and are still paying the bills for that one. Can we survive another Fundy Texan?

    • indypendent


      Perry is different that GWB. He has perfectly coiffed hair. But they still have that down-home folksy snowjob type of talking and they both have that same swagger.

      I know they’re from Texas – but seriously, that swagger makes them look like they have had jock itch ever since junior high school.

      • Perry was a Democrat. Probably before he found God, because you know that all Liberals are heathens.

        I do enjoy my heathness.

        Does he have a history involving cocaine and booze use? And does his real backstory include arranging an abortion for a girlfriend he knocked up?

      • indypendent

        I also heard he worked for Al Gore on one of his campaigns?

        I’m sure this is the moment Ricky found the ‘real’ God and that is when he turned away from his heathen ways.

        Yeah sure, ….

  9. indypendent

    I assume we’ve all heard about the Indiana State Fair tragedy with that stage/tent collapse. But now we learn that nobody know who was in charge of inspecting things like this?

    Yeah, this makes us all want to abolish all those peskly safety regulations that mean government makes us do.

    I am not here to say that each and every regulation is a good one – such as the new Kansas law requiring the janitor’s closet to be a certain size in an abortion clinic – just to name one silly stupid regulation.

    But this tragedy should remind everyone with one working brain cell – we need safety regulations.


    • She’s a train wreck.

      Every time she opens her mouth, she proves that half of her brain either didn’t form before birth or it’s atrophied since then.

      How do people understand her senseless rambling?

  10. Paul Ryan Mulls 2012 Run: Report

    Republican congressman Paul Ryan is strongly considering a 2012 presidential run, according to the Weekly Standard. The magazine claims the Wisconsin representative is on vacation in Colorado to discuss the possible campaign with his family during the congressional recess. He’s also reportedly been in talks with political strategists about the bid. “He’s coming around,” a Republican source close to Ryan reportedly told the publication. Ryan, as the House Budget Committee chairman, has been a powerful voice on conservative economic policy, and he’s stated that he isn’t satisfied with the current crop of GOP candidates, especially when they debate deficit issues.


    • indypendent

      Does anyone know if Paul Ryan is another one of those Evangelicals that always claim God has told them run for political office?

      Maybe Ryan’s direct line has been disconnected from the Great Beyond. Or maybe God has just left his phone off the hook because he is sick and tired of this assholes.

  11. Rove: Perry ‘Not Presidential’

    The George W. Bush and Rick Perry camps have a long history of animosity, but Karl Rove took it to another level Tuesday, slamming Perry for calling Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke’s policies as “almost treasonous.” Rove said Perry’s controversial remark was “not presidential.” “You don’t accuse the chairman of the Federal Reserve of being a traitor to his country, of being guilty of treason,” Rove said on Fox News. “And suggesting that we treat him pretty ugly in Texas.” Critics have suggested that the Texas governor’s statement implied he thought Bernanke should be put to death, because treason is a capital offense. Perry is standing by the comments. “He is passionate about getting federal finances under control,” a spokesman said.


    • Perry has had nothing to do with the good things in Texas, anymore than Dubya did. In fact, Dubya was very rarely seen or heard from during his term as governor. Kinda like he is now…

      Perry has a mouth and a super ego. He’s nothing like Dubya and can do far, far more damage than we every believed possible. As crazy as it sounds, I’d prefer Bachmann would be the chosen Republican on the ticket.

      • I want to believe Americans are smart enough not to fall for any of these idiots lies. I really want to believe that about Americans! But, I live in Kansas so I know about those people who do believe them.

      • indypendent

        Wasn’t the best Texas Governor the Democrat Ann Richards?

  12. Wisconsin voters are headed back to the polls today. This time two Democratic state senators who opposed the plan by Republican Gov. Scott Walker to strip public workers of their collective-bargaining rights are fighting recall elections.

    • Did they recall everybody???

      When is (or was?) the recall vote on Gov. Walker aka Slime? I haven’t been paying close attention. I’ve been trying to NOT go to the doctor for a pulled back muscle, since I’m one of those healthcare leaches, ya know. 😉

      • Uh, leeches, I think that should be. Hey, I was ejumacated in Witchataw, Kansiss. I cain’t be expected to spell corrictlay.

      • Walker has to complete one full year in office before he can be recalled. I do think that is still planned as soon as it is a possibility.

      • indypendent

        As I understand it according to State Constitution, the governor has to be n office for one full year – but there are plans in the works for Walker recall in January 2012.

        He, he…

    • [slapping forehead] I knew that. In fact, when my daughter asked about Walker the other night, I told her that.

  13. Discovered this quote in an email I just received.

    Dennis Kucinich, Letter: “We cannot have a strong economy without a strong manufacturing base. Investments to put Americans back to work by rebuilding our infrastructure would be beneficial for manufacturing.”

    Well, duh! But there’s more and it isn’t all that simple.

  14. indypendent

    Speaking of Paul Ryan – get a load of this crap. Seems Ryan and a few other of his colleagues do not want those town halls that they all seemed to love two years ago (remember when Tea Party Express bus funded by Koch Bros brought all those folks in to disrupt the town halls?)

    Well – now it seems there is a fee to be paid if you dare to ask certain elected officials a question.

    I wonder if this is really what the Founding Fathers had intended?


    • indypendent

      Here’s the Wikipedia article about Paul Ryan. I see he is a Catholic. I also found it interesting that he received Social Security Survivor’s benefits after his father died.

      I’m not saying people should not receive any government benefit they are entitled to – but when that same person is out to destroy the very same Social Security Program that he, himself, received benefits from – should maybe have more compassion for those others who need the same Social SEcurity safety net?

      BTW – I also noticed that Mr. Ryan is married to a tax attorney. Now where have I heard there was another Republican woman who was a tax attorney ??? Let’s see – Michele Bachmann….


    • Here’s what DailyKos has to say about charging to speak to your elected representative —

      “This is the same Paul Ryan who held 17 “health care listening sessions” during the 2009 August recess. Way back then, Ryan latched onto town hall anger in press releases, claiming to “welcome the debate,” and even bragged on TV that “I shattered the attendance record at my town halls” and “my town halls ran about 9- or 8-to-1 against the health care bill.” Now the shoe is on the other foot, so Ryan is avoiding open “listening sessions” with voters who reject his budget ideas.

      That was back when Fox was firing up the GOP’s teahadist base to lambaste health care reform. It made for good TV. But now that there’s public outrage at his proposal to repeal Medicare, he’s decided to avoid the scrutiny of public questioning. It’s hard to blame him. If I wanted to end Medicare, I wouldn’t want to face my constituents either.”


  15. tstb called this afternoon. He sounded great, and Mrs. tstb has earned her wings right here on earth! They don’t have internet at this time but he sure hopes it can happen soon and he can join in again.

    He misses everyone, wanted to know everything. 🙂

    He is blind in one eye and according to him Mrs. tstb puts drops in his good eye that burn like crazy so she must be trying to ruin that good eye. He’s the same wonderful fun happy guy we all know.

    He goes to therapy three times a week. He said one day the therapist asked him to lift his right foot, then asked him to lift his left foot, right foot, left foot… He finally told her if she was gonna make him dance she better damn well turn the music up so he could hear it!

    His family is good, his son who was deployed is home and out of harm’s way. He’s glad he is home so his Mother can argue with him instead of Mrs. tstb.

    Oh, and like us, he has no idea what happened to the world but knows it did turn upside down. He blames it on those single issue voters who believe the most outrageous things. Remember he used to be one and thought democrats were gonna take his guns! Then when he actually studied the issue he found out republicans imposed more limitations on gun owners than democrats. Yep! He had to learn it for himself because the screaming lies from the GOP sounded if not convincing at least scary.

    Anyway, hi and his best to all! He’ll be back!

    • Thanks for the update, fnord! I do think of him often. Glad he’s managed to hang onto his sense of humor. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing him on here again, whenever he can make it.

    • indypendent

      Thanks for the update. I am also happy to hear he is doing so well. He still has his delightful sense of humor – that can be the most potent drug of all to get you through what life throws at you.

      I;m really glad his son is home and safe.