Monday, 8/8/11, Public Square

His village needs him. Our nation does not.

As governor of Texas, Rick Perry has pursued a controversial agenda that would gut Texas’ vaunted public university system in favor of something that more closely resembles a business.  One reason that might explain his hostility toward the system: He didn’t do very well in it.

The future politician did not distinguish himself much in the classroom. While he later became a student leader, he had to get out of academic probation to do so. He rarely earned anything above a C in his courses — earning a C in U.S. History, a D in Shakespeare, and a D in the principles of economics. Perry got a C in gym.  Perry also did poorly on classes within his animal science major. In fall semester 1970, he received a D in veterinary anatomy, an F in a second course on organic chemistry and a C in animal breeding. He did get an A in world military systems and “Improv. of Learning” — his only two As while at A&M.  Take a look at his Texas A & M transcript.


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  1. Win Together or Lose Together

    We mistakenly treated the end of the cold war as a victory that allowed us to put our feet up — when it was actually the onset of one of the greatest challenges we’ve ever faced. We helped to unleash two billion people just like us — in China, India and Eastern Europe. For us to effectively compete and collaborate with them — to maintain the American dream — required studying harder, investing wiser, innovating faster, upgrading our infrastructure quicker and working smarter.

  2. This is long and you’ll be able to skim through some, but it is very well worth reading.

    What Happened to Obama?

    • If you can’t read it at The New York TImes it’s reprinted in its entirety here —

    • The author nailed it. And it hurts to admit we’ve been let down by someone who we thought was willing to do whatever was necessary to fix things. If the first sign wasn’t when the entitlements weren’t what they needed to be, the next was when, without hardly a nay said, he backed down on real health care reform. Yet we still kept hoping. Because isn’t that what he ran on? Hope? Change? We’ve gotten neither. And he could’ve done it.

      • indypendent

        My son told me something interesting when Obama won in 2008. He said that what we really need is Michelle Obama being president.

        When I asked him why – he replied, because she is from South Chicago and those people know how to street fight and win.

        He may have a point…….LMAO

  3. Should Congress really get so much vacation?

    Take a look at their calendar. They are scheduled to be in session for 32 weeks, they have carved out another 10 “constituent weeks” at home in their district. Adds up to 11 weeks of vacation.

    Yes, some probably do spend some or even most of that time at home in their districts, but how many don’t? What’s their annual salary again? And retirement including health care for life? Cushy, huh? And they can’t do anything positive for Americans, ya know, their employers.

  4. indypendent

    I noticed the reporting of up to 30,000 people attended that political prayer rally Perry held on Saturday. As of Friday, the number of reserved tickets was 8,000. I suspect those financiers of Perry’s did not want him to appear weak so do you think alot of buses were gassed up and all churches sent them every man, woman and child (all heterosexuals and white, of course).

    I have no problem with Americans praying for our country because God knows, we need help.

    But this was strictly an Evangelical CHRISTIAN prayer rally.

    What a missed opportunity to try to bring all Americans together – no matter what their religion – in an effort to simply come together as one house undivided.

    But I’ve known alot of Evangelical Christians (hell, I graduated from one of their colleges) and these people do not play well with others.

  5. indypendent

    Read this and take special note of which two Conservative male Congress Critters slapped that hold on this museum….Republicans Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint.

    Tell me again how the GOP has not waged war on women?

    But this museum was using private funds – isn’t that the government interfering in Americans’ lives and I thought that was what Republicans were against. I guess they are only against it when it is a museum dedicated to the history of women and the history is too factual – especially about that woman that advocated for birth control.

    Just why do Conservative Republicans hate birth control so much? I would think they would be all for it – especially when it comes to their mistresses.

  6. indypendent

    Remember the Atlanta School Terachers Cheating Scandal? It seems the scandal is going cross country.

    Thanks GWB – for the unfunded NCLB – I suspect this is a factor in all this nonsense.

    But, I also suspect, Republicans will not blame an unfunded government mandate – let’s just blame the unions. Yeah, that’s right, the unions are to blame.(eyes roll)

  7. indypendent

    I suspect the Tea Party Republicans would read this same article and simply laugh it off as Obama trying to scare everybody so that he can spend more money

    Romney is already blaming Obama for everything. So, what else is new? But the sad truth is, the Tea Party hates Romney about as much as they hate Obama.

    • indypendent

      The Tea Party Republicans are a majority of Evangelicals (which is why they hate the Mormon Romney)

      Like I stated before – Evangelicals do not play well with others. This is very good reason to never put one in power to govern.

    • Using God/Jesus as a political advertisement doesn’t make them a person capable of leading our country, it just makes them a user.

      • indypendent

        I’ve always thought the commandment about not taking God’s name in vain was about these fake Christians using God’s name to justify their own selfish agenda and not cursing.

        And when these preachers are the fake Christians – I believe God will take real displeasure with them.

    • Just goes to show there is NO Separation of Church and State for these people. None. Zero. Nada. Zilch.

      “Follow God the way we say or leave.”

      Houston America, we have a problem.

  8. Texas should return to Mexico where it came from.
    Problem solved.
    You’re welcome.

  9. indypendent

    Gov Rickie has theatened for Texas to secede but he does not follow through on his threat.

    Do you think it is because if Texas secedes, then Gov Rickie could not hold his hands out to that evil government he professes to hate so much in order to balance his huge budget deficit with that stimulus money?

    But, shhh, that is not something to be discussed at Tea Parties. The truth is not always welcome.

  10. indypendent

    Here’s a savings of $5 milllion. I’m still waiting to hear how many millions Speaker Boehner proposes to save by cutting Congress Critters’ pay, pension plan and free health care …..

  11. WSClark

    Go Diana!

    • I need an explanation. Please.

    • WSClark

      Girls, listen to me and be proud of your gender.

      As we speak, a brave 61 year old woman is swimming the Straits of Florida, a distance of 103 miles and she is swimming without a shark cage.

      Her name is Diana Nyad and if she is able to complete this swim, she will be the only person ever to make it. The Straits have been swum before, but by a young Aussie woman using a cage. The last person that nearly made this daunting swim was – Diana Nyad – when she was 28 years old.

      Diana has been a competitive long distance swimmer for a long time. She holds the world’s record for an open water swim without a shark cage of just short of 103 miles, but that was set many years ago. She came out of retirement last year to attempt this one swim – the only one to have defeated her thus far. This is also her last swim.

      So, when da boys talk about the ‘weaker sex’ tell them to go jump in the….. Straits of Florida.

    • Thanks, Will.

      Go, Diana!

  12. States Can Now Opt-Out of No Child Left Behind Provisions

    President Obama and at least some of his Republican challengers have common ground on at least one issue — the need to alter the controversial No Child Left Behind education reform law.

    With more than half of America’s public schools in danger of being labeled “failing” this year, the Obama administration has agreed to grant states waivers from the stringent testing standards required by the No Child Left Behind law, a law that four of the eight announced GOP presidential candidates have also said should be revamped.

    The law, signed by former president George W. Bush in 2002, mandates that 100 percent of elementary and secondary students be proficient in reading and math by 2014, a goal Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said more than 80 percent of schools will not meet. Schools that do not achieve 100 percent proficiency risk losing federal funding.

    “Unfortunately under current law you actually see some states moving closer to a 90 percent failure rate and to me that doesn’t reflect reality. That’s an absolute distortion of the picture,” Duncan said in a conference call today. “To see them all labeled as failures is dishonest. It is demoralizing to teachers and it’s confusing to students and parents.”

    Duncan said the administration wants to focus on how much students and schools improve, not on base test scores.

    “No Child Left Behind treated everybody the same, as interchangeable, and that just doesn’t make any sense to me,” Duncan said.