Thursday, 8/4/11, Public Square


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  1. The Hidden Casualty of the Debt Deal

    Most of the endless rehashing of the debt deal has correctly focused on the fact that corporate interests and Tea Party politics have prevailed again, at the expense of the middle class, children in poverty, students and the elderly. But in understanding the long-term impact of this drawn-out debate, too little attention has been paid to the blow it has dealt to the foundational principles of our democracy.

  2. Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves
    Records offer no clues who was behind mystery company that donated to ‘super PAC’

  3. prairie pond

    That’s a great graphic in the header. Too bad all the Democratic accomplishments seem to be in the past.

    WTF have the Democrats done for working people lately? It seems they are just republican light on most of these working class issues.

    I want my party back. But it seems I have a better chance of raising Ted Kennedy from the dead than bringing back the real Democratic Party.

    • Since I write nothing original, I strive to find good graphics. It’s all I’ve got and I’ve heard ‘go to your strengths’ is a good plan.

    • Asher Bob White

      I’m with you. Are we alone? Can anything substantive challenge the current Dem Party (local, state or national)? KS Dem refuses to organize on the ground, face-to-face. If they did, they might become accountable for something! And they spend all their limited funds on meetings for the staff and leaders. To be “involved” I was told “all you have to do is show-up.” For what? To listen to some staffer/leader tell me what I need to do or how much $ they want? Going Independant; not that it is any answer.

  4. prairie pond

    Thank goodness for Nancy Pelosi. The repukes and wingnuts sure knew what they were doing when they smeared her so effectively so early, even before she was Speaker. One reason to fight for the House is to bring back Speaker Pelosi, the last REAL Speaker. She’s a jewel.

    With all the hacking news, I wonder if they had something on her to make her take impeachment of Shrub off the table. She always had that deer in the headlights look when the subject came up.

    Go Nancy! She’s all that stands between the repukes, Obama, and the complete destruction of our social compact, much less the social safety net.

  5. I like colorful descriptions, especially when they’re so factual!

    “I see Congress more as a bunch of monkeys. High-fiving each other in celebration, having forgotten that mere moments ago they were throwing their own feces.” – Jason Jones

  6. indypendent

    This should be interesting to watch go through our court system.

  7. WSClark

    I hope you all ‘survived’ that thing that blew through here last night. We desperately needed rain, but, like CO too, we need it delivered a little more gently.

    My scorecard: Large tree topped, big branches (six inch) landed by the front door. Large limb crunched neighbor’s fence, would have hit son’s new car if not for chain link intervention. Smaller branches, etc, all over the yard and roof. Momentary power outage. Poor little boy got all kinds of wet running out to roll up his and girlfriends windows. Dad was smarter, already had rolled up windows.

    • I saw it coming, went for some fast food, then came home and watched the show. Daughter who lives 3 blocks away lost part of their fence, and just west of them across Hydraulic there’s a huge tree down, along with power lines. Rumor was that the tree went down on a car.

      Ahhhhhhh, Kansas.

      • WSClark

        My kids still are without power – I’m having house guests for the night here in a few minutes. Rufus will be happy.

      • indypendent

        Did you save some meatloaf for those sandwiches?

      • Our power didn’t go out until this evening when it started flickering on and off a few times. They must be working on the parts of the city where power was lost last night and every once in awhile they affect the power in more places than where they’re working. [shrugs shoulders] I know nothing about the challenges they must be facing in trying to get power back on to every residence. I sure feel sorry for those who are still without it and the workers trying to get it fixed!

        I’m glad your kids are coming over Will!

  8. indypendent

    Rupert Murdoch had better hold on to his money because it seems Sir Paul McCartney is getting involved in that phone hacking scandal.

    Wow – Sir Paul probably has as many billions as Rupert does and Paul is more well liked that Rupert – this is not going to be pretty in the press.

  9. indypendent

    This is something I’ve not heard about yet. Have you heard of this trade agreement and if so, what are your thoughts?

  10. I’m sure this one will have to come down so watch it quickly.