Why Even Have a Congress?

Seems the FAA is in the middle of another Congress budget fiasco.  But,wait, Congress just left for 5 weeks of vacation? 



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  1. Jobs are a real priority, huh?


    Honestly folks, we must fire these idiots!

  2. “If the stalemate continues through Labor Day, the government could lose roughly $1 billion in tax revenues on airline ticket sales.”

    “The House passed a bill last month that would extend F.A.A. financing through Sept. 16 and allow it to continue collecting the ticket tax. Congress has passed 20 such temporary spending bills over the last four years, in part because it has been unable to agree on a larger, long-term authorization of the agency’s budget and capital plans.

    But the House temporary bill also would end $14 million in subsidies that provided commercial airline service to 16 rural airports. The law was written in a way that appeared to single out for closing airports in the states of prominent Senate Democrats, including the majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada.

    Democrats say Republicans are trying to save a few million dollars at the expense of the ticket tax, which would generate roughly $200 million a week.”


  3. Not to worry! No rich person will have their taxes raised! The corporate influence on Washington will strengthen with each tea partier elected! We have once again proof the tea partiers care most about defeating their opponents and absolutely nothing about saving money or jobs.

    America loses $1 billion in tax revenue over a fight to save $14 million in subsidies? Pure genius. Typical GOP fiscal ignorance.

    Every member of Congress will continue to be paid and always enjoy the comfort of a great benefit package for life!

    • indypendent

      What’s a billionin tax revenue when there are partisan idealogy to push when scoring political points?

      And Boehner had the nerve to say Obama was playing politics when Obama pushed for the $4 trillion in cuts debt deal?

      Wow – Republicans lost that $4 trillion in spending cuts and now they are losing $1 billion in tax revenue over this FAA deal.

      Do you think Republicans even know how to add up those numbers? For being so morally superior than the rest of us – these folks are downright stupid.

      Arrogance + ignorance = stupidity.

  4. Some of these ideologues have admitted their bible is Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged.”

    • indypendent

      Alot of these folks also have their own translated version of the Bible.

      It’s the cherry-picked version of the Christian Bible for the Tax-free Country Club Corporate Churches.

      The first Commandment is – Money-Money-Money for ME-ME-ME.

  5. indypendent

    Over on the WE Opinion Line, that tired old GOP talking point about the rich creating jobs is once again front and center.

    this person said that taking from the rich and giving to the poor is ‘redistribution’ .

    WTH…… isn’t taking taxpayer money and giving to the rich ‘redistribtution’ also?

    I’ve said before – if taxpayer money is given to people who actually create American jobs – I am in full support.

    But if taxpayer money is given to people who outsource jobs just to make themselves richer – then I am not in support of that. And I suspect a large majority of Americans would feel the same way.

  6. indypendent

    Everyone with one working brain cell knows that the real crisis in our country is the lack of living-wage jobs.

    Both parties have promised to create jobs. Republicans got into office in 2010 based on their promise of creating jobs and the unemployment rate was going higher and higher.

    So, who thinks that Obama will be successful in jumpstarting job creation while Republicans profess to be the ones to create jobs and, so far, have not done a damn thing? And why should Republicans want to create jobs while Obama is in office? Wouldn’t that be political suicide for their side?

    • So much of our manufacturing base is gone I don’t know where jobs will be created unless we do tackle our crumbling infrastructure. It would make so much sense to pay people to work while getting our infrastructure improved vs paying unemployment benefits, etc. so it probably can’t happen. America and Americans would benefit from another government works program. But what’s good isn’t what happens in Congress nowadays.

      • indypendent

        One new place for jobs would be the alternative energy industry. But we’ve seen how willing these oil-bought republicans are to find alternative energy.

  7. indypendent

    REMINDER – Andreat Mitchell on MSNBC is having exclusive interview with Nancy Pelosi in a few minutes.

    If Nancy was in charge of House, I wonder how she would have handled this FAA debacle?

  8. WSClark

    The lovely Ms. Fnord mentioned Ayn Rand and it is worth noting that many on the Right, Baggers in particular, embrace “Atlas Shrugged” as if it were some ‘Oracle from the Mountaintop.’ I have two things to say:

    One – it is a lousy book. I have read cereal boxes with better plot development and character depth than “Atlas Shrugged.”

    Two – Ayn Rand was fucking nuts. Like so many pseudo-intellectuals from the late Fifties, she was much more hype than talent, more opportunist than philosopher, more hypocrite than true believer.

    Three – she was ugly, too.

    Okay, the last one was a freebie and it was a bit sexist, but Ayn Rand wasn’t just physically unattractive. Her very philosophy “everyone for him or herself” is ugly, and that ugliness showed in her countenance. Maya Angelou isn’t a beauty in the classic sense, but she is a beautiful woman. The differences between Rand and Angelou are obvious.

    • indypendent

      What is frustrating to me is the fact that currently we have these Conservative Republicans who have somehow justified their love of Ayn Rand’s mantra of ‘everyone for him or herself’ by changing the Christian Bible.

      This has – IMHO – made it okay to be greedy and selfish.

      And where in the hell does the Bible say that greed and selfish are two Christian characteristics?

      And please point out to me where Jesus demanded to see a person’s health insurance coverage card or cash payment before he healed the sick?

      And please point out to me where Jesus hated the homosexual and made his/her life hell on earth?

      And please point out to me where Jesus sat and ate himself into oblivion when people around him were starving?

      Talk about taking God’s name in vain – these people use the name of God to justify their own selfish and greedy agenda. God has nothing to do with their motives.

  9. WSClark


    “Lazarus, I need to see your Blue Cross card before we start this. No Blue Cross? You’ll need to get on Medicaid before I can raise you from the dead. What’s that? The Tea Party canceled Medicaid? Well, bud, enjoy your sleep. I gotta get paid, you know!