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  1. I saw a photo like the above, but it was Boehner looking at Obama in the same way, only from the other side. In it, he was frowning. Does he like anyone?

    • I can’t imagine how he has any respect for himself.

      I have heard him speak more often than I wanted to over the last couple of weeks and every time he slurred his words. I really want to know whether he has a speech impediment or is he drunk as it is rumored.

  2. Moonshadow, I was visiting your blog and saw someone in a photo that looks eerily like an ex-relative-in-law. LOL Sure enjoyed the pictures, though. That gymnasium is so like the one in Viola.

  3. Let’s get down to the serious stuff.

    Interesting quote from an equally interesting article:

    Pelosi’s coolness for a package endorsed by the White House is emblematic of the trouble Obama has with the left. The arguments are familiar: he concedes too much; he doesn’t fight for Democratic ideals; he takes the left for granted; he struck a deal that is more popular with independent voters and the bond market than progressives.

    Pelosi’s Gutsy Stand

  4. indypendent

    Does anyone here think Obama might get a primary challenger?

  5. To borrow some Wild West imagery, lawmakers loaded up a stagecoach with school kids a few months ago, spurred the horses, sent them all racing toward a cliff, and, at the last moment, stopped them from flying into a ravine. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, cattle rustlers waltzed in and made off with the herd.

    Do I really need to add something to explain that or put that in perspective?

    Didn’t think so.

    Debt Deal Offers Bleak Salvation for U.S. Economy

    • Looking at video within the above video of Obama, the man has aged at least 10 years in the past 2.

      Oh, yeah, I wanna be Prez so I can look older faster.

      • indypendent

        I was thinking the same thing last Friday when he was on television.

        And then we wonder why anyone with a real desire to govern our nation with a real desire to help solve our problems does not want to run.

        The gray hair is one thing – but the 24/7 hatred is something else.

  6. indypendent

    I wonder if the American people have figured out yet that this new Super Congress has until Thanksgiving to come up with $1.5 trillion in more spending cuts.

    This is now Aug 2nd and the Congress Critters are all going to be sent home for a 5-weeks vacation – which will take us into mid September.

    There are to be 12 Congress Critters appointed to this Super Congress (6 Dems & 6 Repubs) and these are not even appointed yet.

    Exactly how much time will this Super Congress actually have before Thanksgiving to find that $1.5 trillion in cuts?

    So, as I understand this, if the Super Congress does not agree on the required cuts – then everything is on the table and is supposed to be 50% between entitlement and military budgets. and who really thinks any Republican is going to vote to take money away from the military?

    Call me a pessimist – but I just don’t see this new Super Congress thingy working out. Besides that – where is the authority for this Super congress allowed in the Constitution?

    • indypendent

      I also want to ask why Republicans think it is okay to get rid of the payroll tax holiday for working Americans but to fight tooth and nail to keep the Bush tax cuts for the weatlhy?

      The payroll tax holiday is giving a tax cut through the year 2011. Obama wanted an extension of this tax cut but Republicans opposed it.

      but yet Boehner proudly proclaimed that the debt deal had no tax increases in it.


      I guess the payroll tax holiday for working people is nothing these Republicans care about?

      • “I guess the payroll tax holiday for working people is nothing these Republicans care about?”

        Uh, they aren’t working people. Stuffing money in your pocket is not work. And a 5-week vacation? Come on!

      • Translation key: “taxes” is deemed to refer to only “income taxes”, except where the context requires consideration of estate (a/k/a “death”) taxes, and specifically excludes payroll (which, frankly, is just the Employee’s share of FICA and Medicare taxes, or 7.65% of the first $100,000 + in compensation, with Medicare being 2.2% thereof, and 2.2 % over the ceiling), sales. property and excise taxes (so long as the same are paid by those who don’t pay income taxes).

      • indypendent

        All I know is – a payroll tax that is lowered for a year is a better thing than the sanme payroll tax being raised the next year.

        Republicans can use all the semantics they want to defend their absolute devotion to their corporate masters – but ask any working person if they think the payroll tax is a tax – and I’d be willing to bet an overwheming majority would say ‘hell yes, it is a tax’.

    • It’s not a Super Congress. It is a Joint Committee, made up of both Senators and House members, much like the Joint Standing Committee on Intelligence, or for those old enough, the Joint Committee that investigated Watergate. As to its rules, the authority under the Constitution is reserved unto Congress (each house sets its own rules). Similar in concept to the Base Closing Committee.

      IOW, there is nothing not Constitutional here to my mind. If the Committee has authority to bind all of Congress without the opportunity for the Senate and House to debate and vote, then there’s a problem.

      • indypendent

        When this idea first came out – they did call it a Super Congress.

        As for it being a Super Committee – if these 12 people do not agree on the cuts, then there are automatic cuts to take place.

        Which is fine with me – as long as military budget is on the table and according to what has been said – it will be a 50-50 cuts deal.

        but do you honestly think that this will work when I just heard Sen Lindsay Graham say that he will never vote to decrease the miliary budget?

      • indypendent

        This is why the Super Congress term is being used by some people. And this was as of 7/31/11.


  7. Is there an island somewhere that we can buy and all live on? An island not owned by any country or corporation or entity? Do we need to create an island? Maybe on another planet? ‘Cause I’ve had it with this crap.

    • indypendent

      I’m all for letting these Southern States secede – led by Gov Rick Perry. They can take all those red states that routinely receive more federal dollars than they pay into the coffers.

      These red states also routinely rank very poorly on surveys of education, median income, health care, environmental, etc.

      • indypendent

        I’m even willing to let them take the name America – and they can take the debt that GWB and his GOP Gang ran up.

        At the very least, we would get rid of Rick Perry – and that would be a good thing IMHO

      • prairie pond

        Indy, You do know Kansas receives $1.52 for every buck paid to the feds, right?

        It’s not just Southern states, but the welfare states (as opposed to donor states like CA and MA) are generally red states.

      • indypendent

        Prairie Pond – I do know that Kansas is also a Red state that receives more federal dollars than they pay in – but I really do not relish the thought of moving at my old age (too many corporate moves and this was the last one in 1993 – so I am here to stay).

        So, I guess that means Ricky Perry is going to have to take the Southern Red States.

        My hope would be that all Kansas Republicans would choose to move to Texas to be near their flavor of the month candidate – so that would at least be a chance for Kansas to go blue – or at least purple?

    • WSClark

      Funny – I bought Cast Away the other day – one of my favorite movies. I remember thinking as I watched:

      “Don’t do it, Chuck! Kelly has another man and the world is a crazy place! You’re better off with Wilson on a deserted island!”

  8. indypendent

    Have you heard the latest GOP talking point that Obama just wanted to push his debt deal through because of his birthday party tomorrow? It seems these Obama haters think that Obama was wanting a $4 trillion in cuts debt deal just so that he could brag and get those high-fives from his adoring fans.

    I just don’t get it…….Obama haters will find anything – even if they have to ‘make stuff up’.

  9. indypendent

    This GOP talking point started out when Obama first pushed the $4 trillion in cuts deal but that deal wanted to get rid of the Bush tax cuts.

    so I guess these folks who profess to want deep spending cuts did not want $4 trillion in order to save those Bush tax cuts?

    And these are the same folks that did not care if the payroll tax holiday for working people expired?

    wow – just wow..

  10. indypendent

    I just saw a blogger post this – Teabagger: sitting in on a poker game and laying a gun down on the table.

    With that said – just exactly who thinks that either party could come in and change the debt deal that was just passed any time they feel they have the power to do so?

    so what, this was a 10 year deal? Everyone knows that when the rubber hits the road – whenever the next ruling party wants to spend money we don;t have – they are going to spend it.

    Especially for that desired upcoming Holy War if, God forbid, a Rabid Religious Right Republican gets into the White House.

    • indypendent

      Is there someway we can make these fake Christians believe the Rapture has actually taken place and they missed the glorious ascent into Heaven to help God send all those heathens to Hell?

      maybe if these fake Christians think their God did not want them – they will stop using religion as their weapon of choice and actually leave the rest of us alone?

      Now, let’s see, I’ll need someone clever enough to know to place his birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper, even though he was born in Kenya. Then we’ll need that same person to get into the Ivy League schools and rise to tthe highest job in the nation – President.

      Now who am I going to find to pull off this fake Rapture???

      Very heavy sarcasm////

  11. WSClark

    Alternate caption for thread photo…………………….

    Boehner, thinking to himself:

    “I swear to God, Cantor, this would be a hundred thousand times easier without you and your Tea Bagging friends. I shoulda let Barack whip your ass when he threatened to do it, now look what I got. You’re toast, buddy, I know where you sleep!”

    • indypendent

      Sad to say this – but you’re right.

      Boehner and Obama had that grand deal done but Cantor is so wanting to be loved by the Tea Party that he got his flying minions into attack mode.

      So exactly what did the Tea Party – except to show their ass? They did get the debt ceiling forever tied to the deficit – which is not even the problem

      But the Tea Party Freshmen had to make themselves appear morallly superior to everyone else – so why would they want the original $4 trillion in cuts deal? Where would the fun be in that??

      • indypendent

        As for Cantor’s motivation – I suspect he fancies himself as the next Speaker of the House.

  12. indypendent

    Another article about that ‘Super Congress’….I thought Tea Party Republicans were all about transparency and letting ‘We the People’ know what Congress is doing?


  13. WSClark

    Triage – the patient is now still alive, but in critical condition. Doctor Obama did what he had to do to save the patient from certain death. Now that he is breathing and pumping blood on his own, with out help, Dr. Obama can get to work repairing the injuries and healing the patient.

    I hate this Debt/spending deal. I hate the process, I hate (yes!) the Tea Baggers and I am none too fond of the Republicans that let this simple process turning into a giant cluster-fuck with news documentation every inch of the way.

    Now is not the time to turn on Obama – he did what he had to do. Now is the time to push – hard – to get what WE want out of government.

    Look at the numbers, boys and girls. We, the evul libruls, out number the Tea Baggers. We don’t hold rallies while dressed up in costumes and holding signs that are horribly mixspelad, but the number of liberals in the US is significant and we need to be as vocal, as pushy, as demanding as the Baggers.

    Hey, it’s our God damned country, too. The big problem with Liberals is that they tend to be nice people.

    • All right!!!!

      Which corner do you want?

      And whoever said I was nice must’ve been taking drugs.

    • We evul libaruhls do believe people deserve to be treated with dignity — all people, even tea partiers. We also believe in a philosophy which puts people before politics and definitely before profit.

  14. “Does anyone here think Obama might get a primary challenger?”

    No, I think voters memories are extremely short. Oh there are those on both ends who will remember but they aren’t who will decide an election for president. His approval ratings have remained relatively high even at the lowest points, if you match him head to head with any of the GOP candidates he beats them. I also think the devil that you know comes in to play. We all know that no matter how disappointed we are we would have it much worse with any Republican, and we stand the chance of any democrat or independent proving to be worse too.

    • indypendent

      Do you think if a challenger came forward that Obama would ramp up his Liberal side or will there be a nasty fight within the party?

      What if a strong woman was the challenger?

  15. In the House the final vote on the debt ceiling vote was 269 in favor to 161 against. On the GOP side, it was 174 aye to 66 nay. Team Blue, such as it is, could not have been more perfectly divided—it’s almost like the headlines write themselves—with exactly 95 in favor and 95 against. (Three Dems did not vote.)

    A full chart of how each member voted, broken down by party.

  16. indypendent

    I listened as Sen Lindsay Graham lambasted the debt deal that he voted against. His reason was because he refuses to cut any military budget.

    When told by the interviewer that included in the possible defense cuts were also the State Dept, foreign aid and Homeland Security.

    This is when Graham stated that he does not want any foreign aid cut either because the US needs to help these Middle East countries become democracies. He further stated that isn’t it remarkable that now women can drive in these countries.
    Call me cynical, but is he talking about Saudi Arabia lifting the ban against women driving? BTW – that happened because Saudi women dared to drive and I don’t think the fact that our foreign aid had anything to do with their decision to drive a damn car.

    But while listening to Lindsay Graham, he stated that we were missing the greatest opportunity to change the world if we cut any foreign aid. The US was bringing democracy to all these places.

    Again – I have to ask – Saudi Arabia has alot of their own money but it takes US money in order for women to drive?

    And exactly how many Afghan women are driving cars – since we are sending billions of US foreign aid into that country.

    And what about Pakistan – are their women also daring to drive their cars?

    Please, Lindsay, just sit down and STFU if the only contribution you can offer is to spend billions we do not have just so a bunch of Muslim women can drive.

    I just wish Lindsay would be so concerned about the GOP war on American women as he seems to be so concerned about Muslim women and their driving habits.

  17. Robert

    Wicked, I don’t feel nice today either so I’m going to agree with Rick Prikey and his Texas TeaBaggers seceding. I wonder how long it would take for the baggers to beg back in after they blow up a refinery, chemical plant or have a hurricane blow houston off the map? Maybe the answer to that dilemma would come to them in one of Perry’s revivals. Is it these hot days of summer or are we about fed up with this TeaBagger shit?

    • WSClark

      Are we taking a vote? I am in favor of a hurricane blowing Houston off the map. Been there – a hurricane would be a definite improvement.

      Do they get hurricanes in Dallas?

      • indypendent

        No, but a spinoff tornado would do the trick…

      • Will, I have friends near Houston. Liberal friends. Don’t ask why they’re there. Two are former Kansans. No, three are, although I don’t know for sure that the third one is a Liberal. Maybe not. Either way, I’d really appreciate it if they didn’t get blown away, lose their homes, or any other bad thing.

        Thank you. 🙂

    • Robert, I think all those hair products have pickled Perry’s brain.

      I’m simply fed up with all the shit. All of it. Including but not inclusive to the TPers. Could be the heat. Could be a hundred other things.

      • Robert

        Sorry Wicked I got carried away on the hurricane deal. I sure don’t want anything to happen to your friends, Houston or any where else! I hope you watched Keith O. tonight. Gore was on the show and got specific about the tea party. Gore named Koch and Fox Network as compilcate in the birth of the tea party, which is about as blunt as it gets. I can’t say I’ve heard anyone brave enough to speak the words. Maybe if Fox Network was convicted under organized crime laws and shut down this country would have a chance.

  18. indypendent

    Interesting article about Rick Perry’s upcoming Prayer Rally this Saturday Aug 6th. Note that the American Family Association is picking up the $1 million tab for this little get together.

    Just imagine how many jobs that same $1 million would help to create?


    • indypendent

      There was some group trying to block Rick Perry from participating in his Prayer Rally. As I read this article, this group is not complaining about the prayer rally being held – they just do not feel that the Governor should participate in something that excludes non-Christians.

      what I found interesting was the last sentence – 8,000 have signed up to attend this Prayer Rally.

      If you read the first article I posted – 30,000 to 35,000 were expected to attend this rally.

      It will be interesting to see exactly how many people show up. I would think with all those mega churches down in Texas, a mere 8,000 would be a drop in the bucket.


  19. indypendent

    I was channel surfing last night and my ears perked up when I heard some sour-faced looking man (Napolitano?) ranting about how Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are charging us taxpayers rent for their Secret Service agents.

    I found this on Snopes debunking that little tidbit. In fact, it is regulation that taxpayers do pay for the living quarters for Secret Service – but in the case of the Clintons – they have not accepted any money.

    I am trying to find something about Joe Biden charging rent for his Secret Service – if I do find something, I will post it here.


    • indypendent

      This is what I found on Joe Biden charging rent for Secret Servivce. There was nothing on the Snopes website – but from this article, it appears that Biden approached the Secret Service about renting the cottage next door (where his mother lived before she died) since the Secret Service was already renting somewhere else.

      At first they declined, so Biden got another tenant in the cottage. When that tenant vacated, the Secret Service approached him about renting the cottage.

      But – bottoml line – if the regulations state that Secret Service pays the rent for their agents protecting Joe Biden – then why would they care if it is Joe Biden’s cottage?

      But the better question would be – if this had been a Republican making this so-callled sweetheart deal – then all good little Republicans would have been high-fiving each other as to how shrewd of a businessman they were.

      But, then again, Fox News does have the reputation of not exactly tellintg the entire story…..