How Obama plans to lose in 2012

Scene: Oval Office

President meets with advisers . . . .

Obama: “Okay, folks, you know the plan; I don’t want a second term. I want to be the 21st Century’s Jimmy Carter. How do I do that?”

Rahm Emanuel: “First, insult your base, you know the little people that pounded the pavement and raised money and sent in their own pennies for you last time, based on your soaring rhetoric of hope and change. Call them F*****G RETARDS, for instance, tell them they are DIRTY HIPPIES who need to be DRUG TESTED. Don’t be content to simply hang them out to dry on broken campaign promises . . . actively DEMEAN THEM for being the suckers that supported you.

“If a typical American gets a chance to complain that your policies are hurting her, BLAME THE VICTIM by saying something like ‘you just have to buck-up.’ You remember how Carter’s chastizing-Americans-for-their-malaise speech did wonders for sinking his campaign.”

David Plouffe: “Next, surround yourself with exactly the same folks that caused the job loss and economic meltdowns that got you elected . . . in fact, re-hire the same people BUSH DID like Robert Gates, Tim Geithner, and Gen. Petraus, because nothing breeds failure like a past history of failure.

“Bail out the big banks that sunk the economy and put homeowner’s mortgages into default and stunk up everybody’s 401K’s. Do nothing for the victims of the rapacious fat-cats.”

Austan Goolsbee: “Repudiate all your campaign promises, especially if those promises would benefit the broad working class. For instance, the Union Card Check Act that you prominently and proudly supported during the campaign? Seem to forget it, but mention it on Labor Day to remind folks of how you sold them out.

“When the radical right-wing comes at you hammer-and-tongs, give them MORE than what they demand so that the American people can see what a great Compromiser you are. Nothing says WEAKNESS to Americans than having no core values that you must defend. Think of all the great Compromisers in history–Franklin Pierce, Neville Chamberlain, Herbert Hoover–they are all now widely reviled.”

Pete Rouse: “When the Republicans show what vile horrible jerks they are like wanting to cut Grandma’s Social Security so Halliburton can get another no-bid contract, do not call them out on that. Stand up and give a policy speech in which you sound exactly like they do, Social Security must be cut . . . but call it ‘reform’ so that people will also be insulted that you think you can fool them by calling a cut ‘reform.'”

“Also, pay attention to the polls . . . find out what the majority want and do the opposite. For instance, if they want to raise taxes on the rich, agree to never raise taxes on the rich. If they want out of ten-year wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, not only keep them going, but start a new war in Libya.”

Obama: “Thanks, guys, I think I’ve got it. Following your plan, there’s no way I can win in 2012. I just hope the Republicans don’t run Michelle Bachmann against me, or I might not be able to lose . . . “


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27 responses to “How Obama plans to lose in 2012

  1. CapnAmerica

    I tremble for my country when I realize that God is just, and his justice cannot sleep forever . . .

    Thomas Jefferson

  2. Be sure you listen to members of Congress who voted against The Affordable Care Act, and who are making every attempt to undermine the new law and kill Medicare and Medicaid because they get FREE HEALTHCARE FOR LIFE which must mean they know about health care!

    • CapnAmerica

      Correct . . . a lot of what Obama hasn’t been able to do does rest at the doorstep of Congress (closing Gitmo, for instance).

      But Obama asked the American people to lobby Congress to pass a bill.

      Why didn’t he ask the American people to lobby Congress to pass a Health Care bill with a public option? or to pass the FAIR act? or to never cut Social Security?

      It apparently wasn’t important enough . . .

  3. Boehner is talking again.

    Does he always slur his words or is he always drunk?

  4. Sorry. I should have put the above comment on the Public Square. But wherever I put it I still wonder and would like an answer.

    OK, so back on how hard President Obama is working toward not being reelected. Are you going to sit the election out in the fall of 2012? Are you going to find and support someone to run against him at the primary level? Are you going to vote for one of the GOP candidates? Do you think sitting out the election is almost identical to voting for the GOP?

    No matter how bad it is, things can always be worse.

    • CapnAmerica

      Thanks to the supreme idiocy of the Electoral College system that we have in this country, it really doesn’t matter if I vote for Obama or not.

      Kansas will go Republican Red even if their candidate were Darth Vader. Hell, Dick Cheney IS Darth Vader.

      So, it didn’t matter when I voted for him last time nor will it matter if I do or do not vote for him in the future, heigh ho.

      • I, being the eternal optimist, hate it when people say this, that their vote doesn’t count. No matter where you live, if you’re outnumbered, you lose. I saw, first hand, in Jr. High what can happen when people rally behind the underdog. “No one” (the popular kids) believed this guy would win for student council president. We proved them wrong. I think it’s possible in Kansas too. But it won’t be if people keep chanting the mantra of “my vote don’t count”. WE need to MAKE our vote count and you’re not going to do that with a negative attitude.

        Climbing down from my soapbox.

      • What a small world it is!

        I learned a few years later in high school. Two super popular kids who had dated one another a long time and gone through a spectacular break-up a bit earlier in our Junior year ran for pres of our Senior class right after the break-up. It was horrid! Neither had anything other than popularity going for them and both wanted to win only to hurt the other. We were within two weeks of the election and choosing who would represent us during our Senior year based on an emotional break-up and he said/she said.

        I knew the import of representing our Senior class. I went to the principal and asked him if a write-in candidate was allowed. He said, “Yes.” (Looking back I realize he knew even better than me how much a better candidate was needed.) I approached a fellow student I had known since grade school and asked him if he would be willing to serve. I organized a write-in campaign. I spoke to all next-year Seniors by visiting (with permission from the principal) the home room classes. It took a week to visit all the classes (our graduating class numbered 400) and I was excused from my classes to do this. It was truly an uprising of the people and for the people.

        WE THE SENIORS won when our write-in candidate was elected! The two uber-popular kids settled their differences privately and she dropped out early in our Senior year since pregnant girls weren’t allowed to attend school back in those days.

        That was almost 47 years ago. I’ve attended several of our class reunions and it never fails how many remember my campaign and I always receive many many thanks.

  5. Is it possible for democrats to organize and actually hold our elected officials feet to the fire on the level the tea partiers have achieved? They’ve got the GOP trembling in fear. Democrats have never achieved that kind of organized movement in my lifetime, but I’m willing to give it a good try.

    • indypendent

      My friend and I were talking about how disgusted we are with BOTH parties and my friend came up with a suggestion.

      She thinks we should mount a massive grassroots movement for a write-in candidate for 2012. She wanted Mickey Mouse but I offered the name Jesus Gods-son.

      I worried that if we used Mickey Mouse that Disney would be coming after us with a lawsuit in hand. I thought my suggestion might pull in some of those Religious Right Republicans – because how could they possible vote against Jesus?

      My friend and I had a wonderful time laughing and strategizing on how average Americans can really let their voices be heard.

      Oh, BTW , did I mention we were drinking Maugeritas throughout this lunch? so maybe our plan won’t work????

  6. indypendent

    Seriously, if Republicans nominate Bachmann (which I highly doubt) or any of the other GOP candidates that are kissing the Tea Party’s teapot butts, what choice will Independents and moderates (and for that matter, liberals) have come 2012?

    They will have to vote for Obama or it will be 2010 all over again. I think the reason these Tea Party House Republicans got in was because Democrats stayed away from the polls that year.

    Do we really think these folks will stay away and let the TP get even further into power?

    But, alot depends on what happens come this Thanksgiving when this Super Congress is due to come up with those $1.5 trillion in cuts.

    But with this 5-week vacation the Congress Critters will be taking the moment this debt deal gets passed, just exactly how much work do you think this Super Congress will be getting done – especially when the 12 are not even appointed yet.

    I think the Tea Party won this battle (they would disagree) but they will lose the war.

    • CapnAmerica

      “I think the reason these Tea Party House Republicans got in was because Democrats stayed away from the polls that year.”


      We have a winner, folks.

      And one could argue that the Dems stayed away because they weren’t getting anything from this President.

      • indypendent

        While it may be true progressives were not getting what they want from Obama, but look at the outcome of the 2010 elections.

        Moonshadow is right – we all need to vote at every chance we get – if for no other reason than to make a stand for what you believe.

  7. indypendent

    Here is one GOP presidential 2012 candidate that is not kissing the Tea Party’s butts. But this is also the guy who does not have a snowball chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination because Huntsman is a reasonable and sane person and not to mention he is a Mormon.

    The TP/Religious Right will never support Huntsman.,0,2052400.story?track=rss

  8. W.R.Locke

    I’m pretty disgusted by this whole mess. My politics are pretty much centrist but I usually vote Democrat. Obama is making that hard to do and I’m torn about it. On the one hand, I know he has to do what’s best for our country. On the other hand, I’m tired of seeing him fold to the Republicans.
    Polls say over 60% of Americans don’t want the debt ceiling raised. Perhaps it’s time to give these morons what they want.

    • CapnAmerica

      “60% of Americans don’t want the debt ceiling raised.”

      That’s because most Americans think the debt ceiling is a limit on spending.

      It’s not. It only allows gov’t to spend what it already contractually obligated itself to spend.

      Most of the debt — for which the debt ceiling had to be raised — was on spending that Republicans approved of, like TARP and the two wars for instance.

      • W.R.Locke

        Hi Capn,
        Let’s not forget the unfunded Bush tax cuts and Medicare supplement.
        I’m not surprised at the 60% number when you consider how many Americans don’t vote. We seem to be a singularly stupid country.

        Hat tip to you, I always enjoy your posts.
        (an old friend and sometimes opponent)

  9. Hasn’t TARP been paid back for the most part?

    The spending Bush and the Republican Congress authorized for Iraq and Afghanistan PLUS the unfunded drug benefit added to Medicare, at the same time they passed massive tax cuts which benefited the wealthy more than anyone else, are why we’re in such deep debt. And, those are costs that are repeated annually. At least the TARP and the Stimulus funds were one-time expenditures. Yes, it was borrowed money and yes we’re paying interest, but we don’t borrow it again every year like we do war costs and unfunded drug benefits.

    • indypendent

      TARP was needed because once the economy crashed under GWB, the entire economy had to be rebuilt.

      When Obama used the analogy of the Republicans drove the car into the ditch and now they want the keys back – I wanted to scream at Obama that these Republicans did more than run the car into the ditch – they tore up the entire city, state and country – there was no economy.

      Having to spend money to rebuild an entire economy takes alot of money.

      • TARP was the only attempt Bush2 made to save our economy and was passed a few short months before Obama took office. Bush2 pretty much ignored the dismal economy he created and hoped he could make it out of Dodge before the crash. He almost made it — but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.

      • indypendent

        Baby Bush also drew a very distinct line between the fat cats of Wall Street and the working people by demanding the automakers to come to Washington with their hands out for help but the fat cats on Wall Street simply called their request for bail out money to Georgie – on the weekend, no less.

        Wow – talk about phone-in service….

  10. WSClark

    Remember when duh Cons were bitching about TARP, saying it ‘belonged to Obama’ because he supported it and McCain didn’t? It was going to be all Obama’s fault because the Government spent $800 billion and would have nothing to show for it.

    Now, BUSH II gets credit for TARP because all but $20 billion has been paid back, and now the problem is the stimulus bill.

    Well, from my perspective, had BUSH II been a decent man, he would have had TARP and the stimulus bill passed BEFORE he left office and would not have left it up to President Obama to finish the dirty work. The very least he could have done is publicly supported the stimulus, rather than head to Texas for some brush clearing.

    • indypendent

      Bush professed loudly and often that he is a Compassionate Evangelical Christian Conservative – where does that imply he is a decent man?

      Just look at what is driving the current Grand Old Party – fake Christians who think church is having mega campuses with big golden crosses for all to see?

      These places are nothing but Tax-Free Corporate Country Club Churches that have nothing to do with Christianity or the message of following Christ’s teachings.

      When the Bible talks about not taking God’s name in vain – most people associate that with cursing.

      I think it applies to these fake Christians who are only using God’s name to further their own selfish and greedy agendas.

      • The money changers have been welcomed back to the Temple. What was the lesson Jesus taught?

        It always seems hypocritical when I hear these two sentiments expressed by the same person —

        1. It was such a long time ago and times are different today.

        2. Of course the Bible is the inerrant Word of God.

      • indypendent

        Speaking of money vendors being welcomed into the Temple. Does Rick Warren realize that his tweet demonzing people for not paying taxes last week is nothing more than a GOP talking point?

        How dare those people not learn how to use the tax-free code of mega preachers in order to get their millions tax-free.

        Mr. Warren (he is no preacher to me) might do himself a favor and do some research into why half the people do not pay any federal income taxes. Perhaps because they do not make that much in the first place?

        But if that were true, then the GOP talking point would be moot – wouldn’t it? After all, we need to feel sorry for the wealthy (of which Mr. Warren would cetainly be in that group) because the majority of Americans feel these people should forego their Bush tax cut and pay more taxes.

        To him who has been given much, much is required – must not be Mr. Warren’s book of morals.

  11. indypendent

    fnord – Bible Thumpers cherry pick their Bible verses like George W. Bush and Gang cherry picked the intelligence to invade Iraq.

  12. Asher Bob White

    The only way I can vote for Obama, again, is if he is ‘primaried’ by someone who is worthy but also loses such a primary to Obama. If all those voters who Obama has failed save his a** from a worthy opponent, who am I to believe his voters deserve better? And, I’ll never vote for the GOP (Greedy Old Party).
    How about supporting Elizabeth Warren? Female; progressive; and best of all she’s honest and appears to be willing to stick to her principles. She’s been demonstrably trustworthy.
    Obama has fully demonstrated that he is untrustworthy. He vigorously campaigned on principles he will not demand nor advocate. He sold-out his voters. He’s proven he is nothing more than another untrustworthy politician. The voters should have known. That’s where he came from, Harvard Law and the US Senate. Neither is progressive, nor honest.