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  1. Sad when THE Onion becomes so factual! 🙂

    Emergency Team Of 8th-Grade Civics Teachers Dispatched To Washington

    WASHINGTON—With lawmakers still at an impasse over increasing the debt ceiling, a special team of 40 eighth-grade civics teachers was air-dropped into Washington earlier today in a last-ditch effort to teach congressional leaders how the government’s legislative process works. “We started them off with the basics, like the difference between a senator and a representative, and then moved on to more complex concepts, like what a resolution is,” Bozeman, MT social studies teacher Heidi Rossmiller told reporters as all 535 members of Congress copied down the definition of “checks and balances” from a whiteboard in the House chamber. “It’s been a bit of an uphill battle, since most of them seemed to have no real sense of how or why a bill is passed, and Sen. [Harry] Reid [D-NV] had to come up to me during a break and ask, ‘Ms. Rossmiller, what happens if Congress can’t reach a compromise?’ But hopefully it will all start to sink in soon.” At press time, an unruly House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) had noisily stormed out of a lecture on bipartisan cooperation, claiming it was “too hard.”

  2. Happy birthday, 6176! Here’s hoping today is everything that pleases you and the first day of your best year yet!

  3. indypendent

    This is what we are currently fighting about.

    Isn’t it a shame we did not have a Balanced Budget Amendment in place when Reagan blew the deficit sky high and added all that debt?

  4. Saw an add for this on Facebook, and since I liked Alan Grayson’s in-your-face attitude while he was in Washington, I signed the online petition. If you’d like to do the same…

    Petition Against Cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

    • indypendent

      thanks for posting …..

    • Robert

      Wicked, Thanks for the info. I’m finally close to getting Medicare benefits and these corporate politicians what to raise the age limit to 67. I wonder if they have thought much on us early retirees that the corporation figured would start drawing soc. sec. at 65. I don’t think the corporations of America that provide ins. for retirees are going to care for the added expense. I bet some corp’s will end their coverage since most are self insured, regulated by the federal gov. not the KCC., and try and deal with the federal gov. with a complant instead of the KCC.

  5. indypendent

    Is this some of that infamous Compassionate Christian Conservatism that these Tea Party Republicans profess they have which makes them so superior?

    Or is this just an example of what they truly are – deceitful, conniving and if they cannot win fair, they will cheat just so they can win at any cost?

    BTW – Does this remind you of something called Jim Crow??

    • indypendent

      And to think – these are the same folks that call Obama the mobster from Chicago.

      Wow – just – Wow….


    Another example of the comedian being more accurate than the politicians.

  7. indypendent

    This is a guy you may not know, but he has been on Chris Matthew’s Hardball show and this is the guy that hates everything Obama. He is a devout Tea Party Republican and he has also stated several times on television that that does not casre if we go past the defautl date of August 2nd.

    I’ve always said if you want to know someone’s character, look at the way the person treats their spouse and kids.

    Enough said?

    • indypendent

      I wonder if Mr. Walsh has found a room at the C Street Christian house yet? I hear that is a good place for your fellow Christian Family Values politicians to circle the wagons and they will even negotiate a settlement with those women in your life that need to be quieted.

    • Deadbeat Dads know no socio-economic boundaries. And Republicans are the worst of the lot.

      • indypendent

        Even more about this Joe Walsh that I just found…….looks like that non-payment of child support is only the tip of the iceberg of allegations of impropriety in this guy’s past.

        Given the fact Mr. Walsh won his Congressional seat by a slim margin – does he have any power or does he deserve any power to be acting like the bad ass he is now portraying himself to be?

        Seriously, these Tea Party Republicans may be thinking they are winning the battle but they will definitely lose the war.

  8. indypendent

    6176 – you probably already know this – but you share a birthday with a very special lady.

    • Yes, indy, but thanks for calling that to the others’ attention. Other disasters occurring on July 28, other than my being born: WWI officially started in 1914.

      • Because Austria-Hungary decared war on Serbia (the beginning of the main event, so to speak). Now, reminder to self: be sure to read reply before posting…

  9. Budget of the Congressional Progressive Caucus
    Fiscal Year 2012

  10. Bohner has to postpone the vote and twist a few arms a little harder…

    Boehner is no Pelosi!