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  1. prairie pond

    Ok, now that’s funny and I don’t care who ya are!

  2. This is a tiny bit of the misery the children in Congress are willing to inflict on America: If interest rates are raised by a tenth of a percentage point because of a credit-rating downgrade, the annual cost would rise by $500 million.

    Congress: Raise the debt ceiling like you’ve always done! If you need more time to decide how you’ll convince Americans about how serious you are in addressing the nation’s debt do it without incurring more! Then get busy on jobs which will automatically create more revenue.

    • indypendent

      But if they did that, Obama would look good and we cannot have that.

      Just think – if the first black president succeeded – what would come next – a woman president?

      God forbid……….

      I am beginning to suspect that all these rich old white GOP guys were mad because a black man beat them at their own game, but just imagine if a woman (of any color) were to beat them at their own game also?

      I’ve been thinking about this strategy for the past few weeks – because look at the way the rich white guys GOP guys are going after Michele Bachmann.

      I am not a fan of Bachmann and would never vote for her – but she is getting hammered by her own people. Granted this woman says some pretty off the wall stuff – but the GOP white guys who are hammering her also say the same off the wall stuff. So it’s not her politics these rich white guys don’t like – its the fact she is a woman.

      Either way – these rich white guys want us all to return to the good ol’ days where rich white guys are in the White House.

      • indypendent

        The good ol’ days were not so good if you were a minority or a woman. But we were both told to ‘keep your place’.

      • Today’s GOP is a brand new breed of crackpotism.

      • Bush and the GOP very well understood that you can’t spend without raising revenue… which is why they went hog wild with spending while depleting revenue ON PURPOSE. In 2001, the GOP decided it would finally make its bid to ruin the federal government and all the “entitlement” programs they hate so much, shift all power and wealth to the already-wealthy and corporations, etc., all in a mad gambit to avoid the effect of shifting demographics that would take away white majority in the coming few decades. They MASSIVELY cut taxes BEFORE cutting spending for one reason and one reason alone: to manufacture the current debt and deficit problems they are using as their justification for eviscerating the societal safety net.

        The final death blow will come ON PURPOSE when they complete their destruction by making sure America defaults on her debt.

        I honestly think they are this evil!

  3. indypendent

    I just saw where Glen Beck and Pat Robetson are going to be together on The 700 Club.

    In the words of The Church Lady – well, isn’t that special…..

    • indypendent

      I wonder when Pat Robertson is going to tell Glenn he is going to Hell because Beck is a Mormon?

    • Freebird1971

      There is a pair to draw to.

      • indypendent


        Taking God’s name in vain is generally thought to be when one curses using God’s name.

        But I think taking God’s name in vain is more like when two men who proclaim to be speaking for God can stir up so much hate that God is nowhere in sight.

        God gets a bad reputation from men like Beck and Robertson IMHO

  4. “The ‘debate’ we’ve been having? Is that what that noise out of Washington has been? It sounded like an elephant seal trying to f**k a truck.” — Jon Stewart

    Me: Accomplished as much too. 300 million Americans at the mercy of a bunch of childish nincompoops. Well, I would need to subtract the tiny number of uber wealthy whose bidding they’re doing. At least a bunch of us 300 million have realized those who own Congress are running the show. The kids in DC still think they’re relevant.

  5. If these GOP freshmen in the House had even an iota of sense they would realize that 2013 stacks up pretty good for the republicans and they wouldn’t want to ruin America completely. You see there are only ten GOP Senators up for reelection and with few exceptions (Brown, Snowe) they’re from red states and their reelection looks promising. It’s a good chance to take the majority in the Senate. The democrats have over twenty seats up for election.

    Among GOP voters the crazy stances they’ve taken — the Ryan Plan to decimate Medicare — helps them! So they have a good chance of legislating away all these nasty social programs that help the little guys.

    If they were capable of rational critical thinking skills they would raise the debt ceiling like always and practice a tiny bit of patience.

  6. Freebird1971


    WICHITA, Kansas – New legislation has the blind taking to the streets protesting over a proposal to pay them less than everyone else. Blind activists call the bill “insulting.”

    Under current law, employers can petition the labor department to allow them to pay disabled workers based on their actual productivity rather than basing their wages on an hourly rate.

    Advocates for the blind say a clause in the Workforce Investment Act being debated in Washington would make it easier for businesses to continue the practice.

    “That is unjust. That is unequal. That is discrimatory,” said Donna Wood, president of the Kansas chapter of the National Federation of the Blind

    Many advocacy groups for the disabled are in favor of the act, saying it makes it easier for employers to hire disabled workers.

    His office released a statement saying “Senator Roberts has a long history working for those with disabilities. While he appreciates the views of the National Federation of the Blind, he is also hearing from groups who feel differently about this issue. So, before any changes are made, he wants to fully understand the consequences, and will continue to reach out and study it.”

    • Senator Roberts has a long history of saying the right words. He has zero/zilch/nada history in actually accomplishing what his words say.

      • indypendent

        If the Tea Party professes to hate long-term Congress Critters – then why are they supporting Pat Roberts?

        That man has been in office for how long????

        To paraphrase that infamous black New York candidate known for his ‘rent is too damn high’ platform – Roberts has been in office for ‘too damn long’.

    • indypendent

      I’ve got a question for those employers wanting this cheap labor…

      Doesn’t the government already give employers some type of grant or tax break for hiring the handicapped?

      So is this an additional govenrment benefit employers will get for hiring the blind.

      And is it just for the blind??

      • Freebird1971

        To my knowledge they do get tax breaks or some type of compensation and from my experience it is not just for the blind

  7. Judge dismisses suit on federal stem cell research

    A lawsuit that had threatened to end the Obama administration’s funding of embryonic stem cell research was dismissed Wednesday, allowing the U.S. to continue supporting a search for cures to deadly diseases over protests that the work relies on destroyed human embryos.

    • indypendent

      I’ve often wondered why these staunchly pro-life, anti-abortion Republicans think it is okay to throw away unused fertiized eggs from their visit to the fertility clinic but yet feel the need to demonizing stem cell research.

      This is just one of the many views of these people that I do not understand.

      • YOU can’t understand it because it makes absolutely no sense. You have to be a kook who falls for crackpotism to make sense out of nonsense.

      • indypendent

        I love your new word – crackpotism. This fits Republicans in so many ways…

        Did you make it up or did you see it somewhere?

      • I saw it someplace and agreed with you it is a perfect description of today’s GOP. 😉 They aren’t ‘a collective’ any longer. Nope, the crazy have been outdone by the even crazier.

    • indypendent

      Males already have veto rights over impregnating women – they can keep their little tool in its own shed.

      But I have never heard this suggestion from any of these anti-abortion movement male leaders.

      I think it goes back to the old idea that Eve was the one that caused Adam to sin – you know, eating that apple and all.

      I’ve never really gotten into particular line of thinking because if Adam was so smart – then why didn’t he just tell Eve to not eat the damn apple?

      No, in their way of thinking – now man is not accountable for anything he does because he will always blame the woman….

      How convenient – if you’re the neanderthal man – huh?

      • Robert

        Indy, Neanderthal is the word I’ve been thinking lately when it comes to Fox news bubble heads. I just read a comment from some kid who is all P*%$ed off because he has to pay for my social security. I replyed to the whinny little brat that I paid for my parents so he needs to calm down and direct his anger at the people that profiteered off 50yrs of war and high gas prices. I also don’t believe this lie that people are living longer now. Maybe the profiteers are in their mansions, but I sure know quite a few people that didn’t make it to 65.
        This abortion thing is just as neanderthal thinking as cutting stem cell research only us men should have nothing to say on it, but unfortionatly the GOP has used abortion and gun rights for political sabotage. Oh, I also told the idiot to slow down on the fox network viewing.

    • Yet another way for men to attempt to control females.

      Don’t they say rape is all about control? So I’ll say this guy wants to rape a bunch of women.

      • indypendent

        But once Republicans finally redefine rape – then there will be nothing to stand in their way of dragging us all back to the good ol’ days – huh?

        But maybe these neanderthals should check their tool shed and see if it is all is cracked up to be……maybe that is why women revolted so many years ago?

  8. indypendent

    Have you all heard this about this? Seems the motivational film clip for House Republicans was a scene about how crooks planned to go on their upcoming spree..

    I love Ben Affleck’s response – it is to the point but I’m sure these House Republicans did not believe one word about how a middle aged guy could lose his job and then kill himself over that. That guy must have been just one of those lazy government-entitlement-loving leech that just wanted to ruin Republicans.

    a very big eye roll……

    • Oh, thanks for sharing! I love the way Ben Affleck handled that too! High five, Ben!

      • indypendent

        I wish these Republicans would have chosen to watch the scene from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ when the people were making a run on the Bailey Savings and Loan. George Bailey talked to all these people demanding their money back and talked them into helping one another rather than to let Old Man Potter win.

        Can we all remember what happened next? The people all banded together and fought the real enemy – the Old Man Potter who was manipulating the run on the Bailey Savings and Loan from the sidelines.

        wow – wouldn’t it be nice if these corporations and banks who are sitting on trillions in cash and not hiring Americans would make the same choice as those in Bailey Savings and Loan?

        I think it is a real shame we have one political party that encouages these corpoarations and banks to sit on on those trillions rather than to help their fellow Americans (and the country) in this time of desperate need.

        to make me even angrier, these corporations and banks were some of the same ones these taxpayers bailed out. Talk about ungrateful brats.

        We have way too many Old Man Potters and not even George Baileys in the world today.

  9. Now that the CBO has scored both Reid and Boehner’s ‘deals,’ and found that neither was what it was touted, even though they did find the Reid Senate plan reduces the debt by a greater amount than the Boehner House plan does, all the freshmen GOP House members will line up behind Boehner’s plan. They’ll line up (or as Boehner put it: get their asses in line) not because of any fiscal responsibility but because their main goal, the unspoken one we all see and understand, is to do everything in their power to limit President Obama to one term. They proved they don’t care about the debt or Americans when they wouldn’t consider the biggest deal of all but instead demanded Boehner walk away from talks with President Obama. All of their constituents will swallow the lies they tell whole without need of chewing (or thinking) and every one of them will tout their tea party creds.

    • indypendent

      But, but I thought Boehenr was going to rewrite his bill???

      You mean, they are going to now go with the plan that they know will not save as much money as they themselves promised.

      And yet these same buffoons will still try to push their measly little plan through when Boehner could have said yes to the $4 trillion in spending cuts plan that Obama had offered to him about 2 or 3 weeks ago?

      And this is what the Republicans are trying to pass as good leadership?


      • They’ll claim victory and that’s all their constituents will need to believe them. They just want to believe they won.

      • indypendent

        Don’t forget that THEIR God will, of course, put his lilly-white stamp of approval on their hollow victory.

        Please someone pass me a bucket to puke in…..

  10. indypendent

    Speaking of needing to puke…….these mega church preachers are another thing the current GOP has used to their advantage in pushing their agenda.

    I wonder how many millions of tax-free money this Rick Warren has accumulated and he has but one thought on his mind?

    Can I borrow Prairie Pond’s infamous line – Jesus wept.

  11. indypendent

    This maybe exactly what the Republicans want Obama to do? Then they can busy themselves into pushing the impeachment proceedings and then their GOP presidential candidate can go on a campaign of hatred of everything Obama.

    But I think Bill Clinton may be right when he said a few weeks ago that he would tell Obama to use the 14th Amendment.

    One good thing would come out of all this circus – the ones who profess to know their and love their Constitution will be shown to be the ones that know the least about the Constitution. But that has been shown numerous times but their followers don’t seem to get it through their heads – their TP/GOPO leaders are big bags of wind.

    • indypendent

      sorry for typos… using the laptop and this keyboard is much more sensitive than the usual keyboard…

    • Freebird1971

      I have come to the conclusion that the TP/Gop will welcome you with open arms as long as you sit down,shut up,do what you are told. Ain’t gonna happen with this old,fat, white man

      • indypendent

        I have said this before – the old GOP had more moderates than the current TP/GOP and that is what we are seeing as a circus today.

        I believe in the two party system and I feel the GOP is starting to implode before our eyes.

        I do think the Tea Party will continue on their current ‘my way or the highway’ mission and Boehner will end up with alot of angry Tea Party mad hatters.

        And these folks will not care if they destroy the entire Grand Old Party as long as they get their way.

        I happen to think Obama also believes that our current debt problem requires the balanced approach (like I suspect the majority of Americans feel) which is again why I think Tea Party mad hatters are out to bring down Obama at all costs – even if it means the decimation of the GOP.

      • Boehner may end up without a seat next time around, too. He may think he’s pleasing the TPers, but if he was looking at this from where we are, he’d see they aren’t at all pleased.

  12. indypendent

    Remember the television ad of ‘Please Don’t Squeez the Charmin’? The guy that came up with that idea has died.

    IIRC – the actor that played Mr Whipple – Dick Wilson (?) – has also died?

    This was a phenomenal advertising campaign and with some of today’s television ads – we need more creativity and alot less smarmy, snarky marketing crap.

    • indypendent

      And what’s up with these same exact television ads being shown back to back – I mean literally the ad runs and it immediately repeats the same ad,.

      Is this some type of marketing strategy or is it just very annoying…..

  13. WSClark

    I read some criticism of a Democratic Congress Critter, who happens to be Latino, for attending a rally in support of the Dream Act. The criticism was that he should be at work in Congress with this Debt Crisis and all that is going on.

    And, I thought to myself – doin’ what?

    Debating the “Save the Lightbulbs” bill?

    Now, I support the Dream Act, but I can see the opposition, but really, TEA CONS are complaining about a Congressman attending a rally?

    Duh? Tea Party Rallies anyone?

    Now, I am not the sharpest thumbtack on the bulletin board, but I can see just a little – how do they say that – HYPOCRISY in the criticism.


    (I was going to point out that Michele Bachmann is out campaigning and not doing HER job, but that is actually a good thing.)

    • indypendent

      Aw bad biker… took the words right out of mouth about Bachmann missing votes.

      Hey Republicans also demonize those Democratic Congress Critters that get themselves in a sex scandal but I’ve not heard many of these elephants praising Nancy Pelosi for her part in getting that Democrat Rep. Wu from Oregon to resign. You might remember him from his picture – he was the one dressed like Tigger.

      I wonder how many times have Republicans forced their sex-scandal ridden Congress Critters to resign?

      Let me venture a guess………Nada, Zilch, Nano, a big fat ZERO???


    Congressman Jim Cooper (TN-05) will introduce legislation that would stop congressional pay if our country defaults on the national debt. The bill would prohibit members from receiving pay during a default and would not allow for that pay to be recouped retroactively.

    Cooper said, “Failure is not an option. But, if default occurs, another paycheck for congressmen and senators should not be an option either.”

    Cooper is a long time advocate of a bipartisan debt plan that reduces spending, reforms the tax code and puts our country on a sustainable fiscal path. Last week, he sent a letter to Speaker Boehner and Leader Pelosi urging them to allow a vote on the “Gang of Six” bipartisan proposal that would have reduced the debt by almost $4 trillion over the next ten years. Unfortunately, House Leadership has refused to allow a vote on such a proposal.

    Cooper supports and bipartisan approach to the debt ceiling debate and said:

    “Debt and deficits are a bipartisan problem, requiring a bipartisan solution. I am doing everything possible to get Congress to act responsibly by paying its bills on time, reducing the growth of future spending, keeping our interest rates low and strengthening our weak economy. Time is running out.”

    • indypendent

      Finally, someone who thinks like I do. I am glad to hear of this guy’s attempt at some sanity.

      But passing this is another story……..

  15. WSClark

    Just a quick reminder folks – make sure you check your air filter on the furnace and replace it every 30 days or so. Running an AC in heat like this can clog it up quickly, especially if you have pets. Also, check your AC unit outside and make sure it has a good flow of air around it and nothing is blocking the intake vents. Blast it with the garden hose to clear out dust, etc..

    Your AC will run better and more efficiently if you take just a few minutes to check on it.

    You can do all these things about 3:00 AM when it is cooler – it’s headed for 114 today.

    For now, sit back with a iced tea and thank God you don’t have to work outside!

    • I worked outside early yesterday morning, then finished up the job near dark last night. I’ve been out of the house once today, and only because son-in-law ran out of bread for grandkids ‘breakfast and my daughter had forgotten to leave him the car seats.

      A loaf of bread at Checkers was half again higher than at Walmart! Not that I’m complaining about fifty cents, but geez.

      • Robert

        Wicked, Watch that working outside in this heat sometimes this heat will let you know too quickly if you have any health issues. I try to buy bread at the wonder bread store on S 47th if I’m on that side of town. I love that beafsteak rye and it’s high price over Dillons.

      • Freebird1971

        Was the DAV able to help you

    • Freebird1971

      Talked with my son yesterday and he said it is just brutal fighting any type of a fire in this weather.They don’t have the manpower to rotate crews like they should

      • indypendent

        I saw on the night news about that bad fire out near Benton. It sounded brutal on the crew. It’s a shame there is not more manpower.

      • I can only guess what he and his cohorts are experiencing. Hard, dangerous. I hope they’re told often how much we appreciate their sacrifices!

  16. My AC went out last Thursday. Well, halfway out. The fan blade on the condensor outside stopped turning. We managed to keep it running by getting it spinning with a long screwdriver. The repair guy came by on Monday and the first thing he wanted was to see the intake filters. Since I’d put in new when we first turned on the AC back in May, then checked and changed them again on Thursday, not to mention hit the unit with the hose and a brand new nozzle, I knew those two things could be checked off the list. It turned out to be part of the dual capacitor, and it was fixed in a flash. This is one of those times that I’m glad I rent. 😉