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  1. The above really says it all, does it not?

    • Yep. To everyone but the hard-core everything we hear from the Republican Party is sameo sameo. We’ve recognized the amnesia of the hard-core, their ability to have totally forgotten the eight years of bush the lesser and their ability to see something new where nothing new exists.

  2. indypendent

    As we all know, Reagan tripled the deficit and had no trouble getting Congress to raise the debt ceiling each time he asked for it.

    It was reported last week that after Eric Cantor was rudely interrupting Obama during that debt ceiling meeting, Obama made the remark that Reagan did not have go through this. Obama was correct about that.

    I wish Obama would just put his foot down and simply say – no tax revenues on the table – then no deal and let the Aug 2nd date come and go.’

    I think the traditional Republicans (those who are only money-driven) will soon knock off the Social Conservatives and tell them where to shove their social issues.

    Maybe this is what needs to happen? I really think Obama would have a super majority of approval afterwards due to Republicans getting the blame for the default.

    This might also be the best way to show the Social Conservatives the door. Maybe these folks can then go find a new country, relegate the natives to slave status and then say those fancy prayers how they are God’s favorite?

    Hey, it’s happened before.

    • I wish Obama would just put his foot down and simply say – no tax revenues on the table – then no deal and let the Aug 2nd date come and go.’

      I truly believe most of the dire predictions and he can’t do this. But he can use the 14th amendment of the Constitution to protect America and Americans from ruin.

      • indypendent

        When he does that – then Republicans can spin that as Obama is abusing his presidential powers.

        The reason I said that comment is because, IIRC, the Chamber of Commerce folks want the debt ceiling raised. With this in mind, Obama needs to hold their feet to the fire and make them go right up to the midnight hour and make the Republicans sweat.

        The real Republicans – the money ones – do not want to see the default come. Obama has tried being nice with these buffoons and we see how they react.

  3. indypendent

    I have been watching the testimony of Rupert Murdoch and his son James off and on this morning. I missed this event happening but did see this article about it.

    From the testimony I watched, Rupert seems to think it is not his nor his son’s responsibility as to what has happened since their corporation is so large.

    While I can agree with that premise to a point, then perhaps corporations that get that big are the problem?

    I suspect Rupert and James both know more than they are telling.

    But being the cynic I am, I also suspect this pie-throwing stunt might just be a planned event on Murdoch’s part to gain sympathy from some people? Seriously, how did this guy get through security with a pie tin and the supposed shaving cream?

    I still think there is more stuff to come out from this phone hacking scandal in the UK. Those two cops did not resign for ‘no big deal’ – there has to be something deeper.

    And I wonder when all that ‘stuff’ finds its way to the US. When it does – the Republicans might just have something more to worry about their lack of ideas.

    Let investigations begin and let the chips fall where they may.


    • The buck doesn’t stop with them? Hmmmm. Why do every last one of their so-called news outlets think everything that goes wrong is the fault and responsibility of President Obama?

      • indypendent


        Imagine if this was George Soros in the same situation as Rupert. There would be 24/7 coverage on Fox News with unrelenting taunting.

        But since it is Rupert, it is not a big deal, as stated by Doocy and his sidekick.

      • Steve Doocy aka Steve Douchebag, isn’t all that far removed from being a sidekick himself.

        (fnord may feel the need to censor me. If so, so be it.)

  4. indypendent

    Here’s a little chuckle for your day…

    On another blog, I noticed someone said that Rupert Murdoch pulled a ‘Reagan’ today in his testimony before Parliament in which he knows nothing about anything – so therefore, he not to blame.

    I can only hope the UK people do not back down in their investigation into the News Corp empire. I still have to wonder if there was nothing really seriously wrong, then why would the two cops resign?

    • indypendent

      IIRC – The WSJ top guy also resigned suddenly just recently.

      If there is nothing to hide, why all the volungtary resignations?

  5. indypendent

    Bill Clinton has come out with his advice to Obama over the debt ceiling crisis.

    While I understand, and agree with, this 14th Amendment option, I still think Obama should put his foot down and force these Republicans to go to the last minute and then watch their own Grand Old Party splilt right into two pieces. ‘

    And all I can say about that is – good riddance. If these traditional Republicans have not had the gumption to throw out the fake Religious Righties before now, perhaps the implosion of their precious GOP will give them the wherewithall to kick this trash to the curb.


  6. indypendent

    It will be interesting to see who and which groups come out against this recommendation.


  7. I saw that Obama has finally come out as in favor of doing away with DOMA. As we used to say, BDT (’bout damn time).

    • WSClark

      Cons frequently look at ‘disapproval’ numbers for Obama in claiming that a GOP’er is going to win easily in 2012. What they are not considering is that many liberals disapprove of Obama’s performance and gay rights is one of the chief reasons.

      I am not happy with Barack Obama on this topic – you could say that I ‘disapprove’ but that sure a Hell doesn’t mean that I am going to vote for Michele Bachmann or Mitt Romney!

      We need to collectively do more for the gay and lesbian community, but voting for a Con isn’t going to get it done.

      OBAMA 2012

      (WordPress doesn’t recognize all HTML commands – too bad!)

  8. Zippy

    If Obama really, honestly grasps the reality of this situation, he can’t really support the “Gang of Six” plan.. It’s like telling Al Qaeda you can go ahead and nuke Detroit so long as you spare Phoenix, honestly.

    Fourteenth Amendment. Let the bastards challenge in court. It’s the only realistic option at this point.

    P.S. I noticed that Allen West (R, token black insane person) went off on Debbie Wasserman Schulz for daring the state the obvious, that the middle class gets hit in this manufactured disiaster. Left out of Dem discourse: the ongoing crushing of the poor, many of whom used to be middle class.

    Speaking truth to power will have to be soon, direct, loud and blunt. But factual, not just name-calling.

    And if the Tea Party Traitors want a revolution, they had better realize that they won’t control the terms!

    • indypendent

      I saw where Allen West sent a rather nasty email to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz – so we now know exactly what his motivation is in all his ranting. I’ve noticed the Tea Party Republicans seem to worship the bullies in the playground.’