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  1. Love this toon. Great caricatures of them all

  2. You know when a Michelle Bachmann is at the top of the heap, you have problems. She is maybe a couple of brain cells smarter than Palin, but still extremely lacking.

    This is one of those conspiracy theories I’ve heard that kinda sorta makes sense when you put it in perspective of remembering the GOP — party of old white rich men — hates, and disrespects women. Both Bachmann and Palin are an embarrassment to women. Has the GOP elevated these two bimbos to obstruct and block opportunity for other females to run for president who possess the passion and smarts to fill the job well? Do GOP men only want the “dumb blonde” type female running for president so as to cause the public to believe that women cannot do the job?

    • indypendent

      The majority of women are smarter than these old white rich male Repbulblicans want them to be. – and that will be their downfall – again.

      I think that is a major factor in why Sarah Palin is so unpopular – it is the women that voted against her – not the men.

      And Michele Bachmann is just another Sarah Palin – IMHO. Michele has already said some pretty wild stuff.

      But more than that, Michele’s husband is a factor that I think alot of smart women are not going to feel all warm and cozy over.

      This man owns a Christian counseling business that has had gays previously testifying they were cured. This plays well to the Evangelical crowd, but I do not think the majority of Americans believe that being gay is some disease.

      • indypendent

        If the 2010 election was driven by the angry white males – the 2012 election will be driven by women of all colors, religions and all the economic backgrounds starting with middle class on down.

        Those three categories are not exactly the Grand Old Party’s guest list for most of their functions.

      • I agree, Indy! I’ve spoken to women who are more involved and aware because of the GOP’s war on women and families. It has motivated women who weren’t interested before!

      • W.R.Locke

        I hate to be the voice of doom and gloom, but Bachmann worries me. Republicans seem to take a lot of pride in being purposefully stupid. That makes Bachmann a viable candidate in that she’s REALLY stupid and the Republican base is highly motivated. I’m not seeing that motivation on our side.
        I’d hate to have to get used to saying “President Bachmann”.

      • I think she could easily be the GOP nominee. She can’t win against President Obama. I seriously don’t think anyone who passes the GOP litmus test to be nominated can pass the test of being elected.

  3. Without exception each of the GOP contenders tries to outdo the next, with nothing but attacks on our president, while giving us NO NEW IDEAS or SOLUTIONS to fix our many challenges. The anti-science party is a one-trick pony, with nothing but endless tax cuts while we are enjoying the lowest tax rates in 60 years, and can spew nothing but history revision as to the reason for our decline over the past 30 years!

  4. There are links to a few snips of interviews with former President Clinton at the link below:

    Clinton to Obama: Don’t blink on debt-ceiling showdown

    I listened to a couple of the snips and got to thinking about those Clinton years after hearing him speak. When you don’t rewrite history as the GOP does you really can find valuable lessons —

    Clinton submitted a budget that cut the deficit by $500 billion over five years by reducing $255 billion of spending and raising taxes on the wealthiest 1.2% of Americans.

    Republican Congressional leaders launched an aggressive opposition against the bill, claiming that the tax increase would only make matters worse. Republicans were united in this opposition: every Republican in both houses of Congress voted against the proposal.

    It took Vice President Gore’s tie-breaking vote in the Senate to pass the bill.

    In 1995 Republicans demanded drastic cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, education, and the environment as a condition to pass Clinton’s budgets.

    After Clinton vetoed numerous Republican spending bills, Republicans in Congress twice refused to pass temporary spending authorizations, forcing the federal government to shut down.

    This was so unpopular that Republicans got HAMMERED in the next election.

    Today, as in 1995, Republicans are demanding deep cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, education, and the environment.

    Today, as in 1995, Republicans are willing to shut down government by refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

    If they succeed, then as in 1996, they will get hammered in 2012.

  5. Will, this one’s for you. These lovely light paintings were created using long exposure photography and lights affixed to wandering Roomba vacuum cleaner robots. Seriously, art and driving your cats nuts all at the same time. 🙂

  6. Something we’ve long recognized and this op-ed piece details is that “Republicans portray themselves as champions of fiscal responsibility. But as Michael Tomasky argues, they need the debt to push through their radical and unpopular agenda.”

    Why the GOP Loves the Debt

    And so the evidence mounts: In Saint Paul and Columbus and Tallahassee and Madison, as in Washington D.C., we are watching something that is no longer a political party in the normal sense, but a group of cynical highwaymen perpetuating a national crisis and then exploiting that very crisis to try to destroy the public sphere.

    It is the party of debt. It is the party of deficits. It is the party of recession. It is the party of unemployment. It is the party of inequality. And it is the party of middle-class stagnation and slippage.

    It is the party of all these things because it needs these conditions to exist—so that its leaders can scream “Crisis!” But they don’t desire in any meaningful way to fix the crisis. They scream about crisis because what they desire is to use the crisis as an excuse to do things to this country that the hard right has wanted to do for 30 years.

    The cynicism is most rampant in Washington. Once the economy recovers, Barack Obama, whom most people still basically want to see succeed, will be back to a 53 to 55 percent approval rating, and the rage will have no oxygen. And of course he will under those circumstances be reelected. In addition, a less exercised public will be less open to extreme measures aimed at drowning government in the bathtub. So the Republicans have to keep the economy struggling. Unemployment and high deficits provide their only shot at gaining power and dismantling the state. They must rail against both for the sake of their public credibility, but they have to know privately that forcing massive spending cuts in domestic budgets and entitlements has nothing to do with unemployment (except quite possibly making it worse) and even comparatively little to do with deficits.

  7. BACHMANN: The shorthand way of describing to you what quantitative easing is is a license to print money without any value behind it…In the last two years of the Obama administration, if you pull a dollar out of your pocket, you have lost 14 percent of the value of that dollar. That means the federal government has stolen that money from you… They’ve been printing essentially valueless money and flooding it into the money supply. I don’t stand for that. A dollar in 2011 should be the same as a dollar in 1911. A dollar should be worth a dollar.

    Watch it:

    A dollar in 1911 had the same buying power as slightly more than $23 today. Bachmann doesn’t seem to understand that the dollar’s value naturally changes over time and accompanies economic growth — and that’s a good thing. Furthermore, the U.S. experienced inflation even when it was on the gold standard (which ended in 1971). Additionally, gold’s value isn’t fixed and also fluctuates over time.

  8. indypendent

    But I guess those borrowed federal dollars that George W. spent like a drunken sailor were okay though?

    I find it ironic that the Reublicans are demanding $4 trillion in budget cuts and the two wars that GWB started during his 8-yr reign of terror has been esimated at $3.7 trillion and counting.

    I wonder how many Republicans demanding the $4 trillion in cuts were also the ones that applauded GWB and rubber stamped the costs of GWB’s wars?