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  1. Freebird1971

    Interesting tidbit that was sent to me the other day

    On average, homeowners pay around $1.40 per day for a full-time fire dept including salaries & benefits. If you own a smart phone, you pay an average of $3.40 a day for it. That cell phone won’t die FOR YOU, protect your property, save your life, perform CPR or drive you to the hospital in an emergency.

  2. Yes, Bachmann is morally sound, can be trusted, forget anything you’ve ever known and she’ll fill in those blanks for you… Honestly, every republican candidate is a slimy glob of santorum.

    John Quincy Adams Wikipedia Page Edited To Describe Him As A ‘Founding Father’

    • Funny, because I popped over to wiki yesterday to check on JQA’s birthdate and even skimmed through some of it. It hadn’t yet been edited or if it had, any erroneous edits had been eradicated. (I checked my spelling on those ‘e’ words, just in case. LOL I’m just amazed I was able to pull them up from out of the muck and yuck that is my brain, especially before noon!)

  3. Rev. David Barton was Michele Bachmann’s history teacher

    Even in the Religious Right’s pantheon of whacky preachers David Barton is a stand out. That’s probably why Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck like him so much. Michele Bachmann was so impressed with Barton’s line of delusional garbage that she had Barton lecture her House Tea Party Caucus on his peculiar version of American history.

    • indypendent

      These are the same Conservative Religious Right Republicans that are rewriting the Bible to justify their agenda – is rewriting American history to fit their agenda really that much of a stretch?

  4. indypendent

    I just listened to President Obama’s press conference and it was on the bottom of the television screen that we need to cut $4 trillion in the budget.

    Hmm, read this article and see how much the wars since 9/11 have cost us. And I wonder if this total is even counting that $18 billion in cash that GWB sent to Iraq that has not yet been unaccounted for?

    • I listened to it too. I had just finished mowing and was wiped out to the point that sitting and listening was about all I was capable of. 🙂 I thought he did fine, straight forward answers and expectations (all without a teleprompter I might add). I expect the president of the U.S. to be firm and he was. On raising the debt ceiling I appreciated him saying this is money congress has already spent — they took the vacation and they bought the car — and now it’s irresponsible to say they’ve decided they won’t pay the bills. Certainly he made it clear that measures that ensure we don’t spend so freely in the future must be passed and he is willing to make sacrifices, but the stupidity of threatening to not raise the debt ceiling was made crystal clear.

      • I finished mowing yesterday, knowing the temp was going to be higher and I had to go get more gas. We took g-kids to the interactive fountains at Osage park this afternoon. Too hot out there for sane people.

      • I think I proved today that I’m not sane — mowed, went to the grocery store, pet store… When I returned from Boston everything needed to be washed, dusted, vacuumed, cleaned, petted, walked, restocked, and I’m catching up but I didn’t watch forecasts and realize staying in and doing the laundry would have been smarter today.

    • Freebird1971

      All the more reason for us to mind our own damned business

      • Freebird1971

        Should have been posted under indy’s comment ,my bad

      • indypendent

        I agree – Freebird.

        These wars in past 10 years only had one good thing as a result – Bin laden was found and killed. And for that, the man deserved it because he did boast that he was the mastermind behind 9/11.

        Other than that – not much has been accomplished but making a few war profiteers wealthier.

        But I am sitting here thinking of something Bin Laden said that he would do – does anyone else remember when he said he would bankrupt the US?

        Do you think he accomlished his goal?

      • indypendent

        I need to clarify something – I don’t mean the wars helped us to get Bin Laden – I mean we finally used our brains instead of our firepower to get Bin laden.

        Hope that makes my meaning clearer?

  5. indypendent

    Can we have a political campaign without some artist having to send a cease–and-desist order to some candidate?

    In looking through the listing and pictures, I was astonished at how many were against John McCain.

    • Replies from McCain’s staff nearly always said he’d paid the fees to use the music. From what I read and what little I know about music royalties, ownership is often that of the record label, not the artist. Record companies are notoriously greedy and care only about the money. Artists (musicians, songwriters, lyricists) care about who performs it and how their work is used.

      • indypendent

        I really don’t know anything about the music business and royalties, etc. but did find it interesting that McCain seemed to be the repeat offender.

        I was also surprised to see Reagan and Dole in that listing.

        But with all the campaign staffers – shouldn’t someone be an expert on this royalty business?

        Or maybe it’s not the royalties these artists are complaining about? What if the song is so well-connected to their name and this artist completely disagrees with the political use of this song?

        Legally, the artist would not have any right to make them stop – but on ethical or moral reasons – would the artist have the right to tell any politician ‘stop using this song’?

        I am just asking…

      • You’re absolutely correct in thinking someone on every campaign staff should understand laws. And, I think you’re also correct that artists don’t want to be associated with anyone who they disagree with.

      • If they aren’t paying royalties they better stop!

  6. indypendent

    What if we took out the word ‘abortion clinic’ and inserted ‘any company’ in this new law?

    For those Republicans who profess to hate government intrusion with needless regulations businesses, how can they support this law?

    I am personally against abortion but I do not want government forcing women to carry a pregnancy to full term. I just do not believe that is within the government’s role.

    While I am personally against abortion, I do want this procedure legally available rather than what it was like before Roe v Wade. Do we really want to go to those days of ‘out of sight, out of mind’?

  7. Freebird1971


    I think he is getting there because no one in either party has the courage to stand up an say ENOUGH!

    • indypendent

      I was watching one of the political shows on MSNBC and the guest was talking about how the US used a small specialty military trained team – the SEALS – to go in, capture and kill Bil Laden and then got out within a short time period.

      This person (sorry, I don’t remember their name) was talking about the possibility of our future military being more like the SEALS and not have all our ground troops in foreign countries.

      This person then went on to say this approach would certainly cut down on the military costs, our missions could be better defined and our goals might be accomlished more if we did use these specialty units in conjunction with the intelligence work that undoubtedly helped to locate Bin Laden.

      I’ve been thinking about this idea ever since I watched that show and it makes sense.
      And as you say Freebird, we need to mind our own damned business and get our troops home now.

      And if another terrorist thinks he is going to be the second Bin Laden and attack us, our specialty units will seek him out and kill him – case closed.

      But I suspect the military industrial complex would not like this proposal very mucv – not much profit in simply doing what needs to be done without all those bombs, planes, tanks and trucks to be charged to Uncle Sam – who seems to be having a budget problem at the moment.

      What do you think of this proposal – Freebird?

      • Freebird1971

        If you go back to the Cuban Missile Crisis(yes I am old enough to remember it) you will find that JFK’s JCOS were really upset that they couldn’t use all their new toys in an invasion of Cuba. Thankfully for us and the rest of the world JFK got his back up and didn’t cave

        I think your proposal is a sound efficient one..

      • indypendent

        I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis. I wasn’t of legal age to vote at that time but it certainly made an impact on me. Then the Vietnam war impacted me big time.

        I think this is why I am so cynical and skeptical of both parties – and when they want to play their war games with all their war toys – I want to scream!!

    • indypendent

      One more question Freebird – do you think Obama will decide to go his own political course and tell both parties where to shove it if he gets in for a second term?

      Will the polls lately, a large majority of Americans are fed up with both parties. Obama might just be waiting for the time he can relax from all the buttkissing and when he can do what he wants to do in that second term?

      Or do you think Obama is too much of a sausage-maker Congress Critter to actually stand up and tell both sides to shove it?

      • Freebird1971

        I would love to see it from Obama, or any politician for that matter, but have my doubts,after all he is a politician and knows who butters his bread.

  8. The Facebook page, “We survived Bush. You will survive Obama,” has this as their status currently:

    “Pardon me for re-mitigating old business but If I am to understand Republican talking points George W. Bush deserves the credit for Osama Bin Laden’s death, even though he left office 2 years ago, but he deserves none of the blame for putting our economy into the toilet, something he presided over for 8 long years. Is that about the jist of it? What are they going to tell us next, that the world is flat?”

    I say they hit the nail squarely on the head! And, I won’t be at all surprised when we’re told the world is flat by those people who have shown no intelligence.

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  10. Michele Bachmann teaching American History is like Clarence Thomas teaching Judicial Ethics.

    Kimmel Presents ‘Michele Bachmann’s Story Of America’ (VIDEO)

  11. indypendent

    Since Republicans are screaming about our federal massive overspending, do you think these same folks will scream at Boeing to take a hike?